Girls hit the adventure

Well, I ran into on an adventure! At its lower 90 centimeters ... and not only. And all because of my girlfriend Olka. We sat in my house after uni, drank a glass of the mood. Here Olka found Papa's marine binoculars, and she was curious to see him. The yard, trees, windows ... Oyy! - Olka suddenly screamed. Oh wow?! Naturally I also showed interest, but did not find anything special without binoculars. - Can you imagine a company where the guys next door porn watching on a giant screen! We both laughed loudly. - Cho, like porn? - At itself look? Look, the window. I took a pair of binoculars, but the right window is not immediately found. And sure enough, on the big screen, even with binoculars from a distance we could see the screen clearly fucked. - During fucking give. Even draped curtains do not - I spoke. - Yes they are, I suppose, because in view plunged, they are not up to the windows! - We laughed again - interesting, but they then masturbation will also be

Games in the country

The story of my life is almost entirely true. Slightly I certainly embellished, something nedogovorit, but in general, about how it was. Since childhood, I secretly wanted to caress my ass. These thoughts are constantly swirling in my head but I did not dare to execute them, because he was afraid. It was a shame someone offer it, I humble man. And it so happened that we have an old friend Dima drove me to the cottage. It was years 16.Tam there was no television or radio, the only entertainment was the card. We began to play the fool to desire. First turns guessing the usual desire pokukarekat, jump on one leg. Then Dima put forth to remove pants and run around and smiled. Since this all started. I wanted to show him my ass, I succumbed and lost. Slightly embarrassed pulled his pants with shorts and smiling started jumping around, sticking out his ass back. Dima is clearly amused. I wanted to pull the pants back, but he stopped me with his hand, forbidding it to do. I did not resist

Nememuary 2 (Vovcha)

It is quite peculiar, in my opinion, looks. Short hair, blonde hair, wiry himself constantly matched, something like pruzhinu.Amplua macho, plus bike and fairly unique perspective on life. The dream of the young ladies of 17 and above. My friend Vera says that from such far off rushing unbridled natural sexuality, skin odor, caves and fire. I do not know how much I have not sniffed not smelled anything. Probably not my type of guy. In general, he's just a friend to me. I do something like for him. The trouble is that, changing a circle a few times a year know this all his former, not the former, casual and permanent mistress ladies heart. And as soon as the next pasciya "losing" Vovk at his initiative from the horizon, why things go right (calls, writes, etc.) to me. I-man on his head, responsive, and the ladies happily and do not hesitate from me "free ears"The main thing is not to delve too much, just sit and nod his head with a serious look, otherwise you risk

Role playing with Victor and Olga. Two slaves

Readers obviously remember how I met and started having sex with my teacher Olga and her husband Victor. Going to your we loved to play different games. More than just a slave and masters. Most often was Mr. Victor. I and his wife - slaves. But sometimes, the roles have changed, and one of us became a mistress, however, being in subjection to Victor. Such game is not often, but it happens. I, and Olga, too, liked to obey than to command. The next three stories will be dedicated to these games. Therefore, if among the readers there are those who are not interested in the topic can easily scroll down the page. The rest - welcome. The first story will be devoted to two slaves, that is, me and Ole, who were subordinate to the Victor. One such game, we usually lasts a day. At this time, I ask for leave from their parents under the guise of the fact that another friend's birthday and I from it will go directly to the school. I knew my mother, where she lets her daughter! For this kind

Return. Act 1

RETURN. Act 1. I was born and raised in a small country town in the heart of Russia. Our little family - a father, a prominent man of about forty, the mother of 36 years old and I am a seventeen year old - lived in the city center in a large two-bedroom apartment. Father after the collapse of the Soviet regime plunged into business and provide good family. His mother was a homemaker. I had a great relationship with my parents. I was a quiet boy, a home, a lover of books and talked with the same Tikhonov. School has finished as a solid, with a predominance of fives horoshist enrolled in our university at the Department of Psychology, recently opened. Endemic youth anesthesia me miraculously spared, as a natural disaster. Alcohol - a little beer does not count - not fond of. In short, rodoki me it was a sin to complain. They did not complain, invisible dust particles blown from the ideal of the lapels of my jacket when sent to a solemn ceremony at the University of registration. I

A family

A year ago, I went to university, and two weeks later I was approached by a nice guy, very simply and directly I said that I liked him and he wanted to meet with me, and if I do not mind, to meet in the evening .. The guy seemed a nice, but I am most interested in is the frankness with which he spoke, I was even sure that if he wanted to fuck me just this minute, then he would have said, or rather would have insisted on it .. I was interested in it, from the Man I have not had for a long time, I mean not filed, but it dictated my room .. and leave me. Doubt that he would call there was, 18 hours, I began to gather: lain down in the bathroom, smeared maslechkom long underwear chose rather panties outfit and could not choose, so called girlfriend, chatted with her about the dress .. of course we forgot to talk about, but this guy .. discussed fully finished talking, I looked at clock, it was almost 10 pm .. checked in the mobile phone missed calls .. any hints! I waited for a call up

My woman. Eleventh Part. "Henrietta"

I got out of the hot tub and took a towel shelves. He wrapped around him and walked into the locker room. Every time I've been in this house. I felt how powerful hraniteli.Dom was great. Previously, it would be called a palace. Two floors, with a swimming pool. Fifteen rooms. In each of which has a separate living room and a separate toilet with a bathtub. In the yard, there is a landing strip for helicopters. If you look at the root, the house belongs to my uncle Merofu. Judging by the documents, the owner of the house, my father. That is to say, the headquarters of the keepers. Which, is in the 58 cities. In those cities where ritary thoroughly entrenched. I changed clothes and went to the main hall. There, a large round table, sat five chelovek.Otets, Merof uncle, uncle Alexander (representative of the Moscow headquarters of the custodians.), Jean M. (representative of the French headquarters) and pan Shtatik (representative of the Polish Staff). - Get Merlin - said Uncle


I did not want to go to the event, and the work was up to his neck, just missed the point, competitors will eat. And what is the interest to go where you do not know anyone, and wedding - she 30, he was 60. She is a former neighbor of my wife on the landing site Rita. Lenka its last saw when still in the institute years went home for the holidays. Then the way they ran, Rita managed to get married and go somewhere, and then divorce her parents also moved, so that Lena about it either in memory or in spirit. And a half weeks ago, Yves Rocher, shouting: "Lenka" throws us some tall, slender, pretty nice lady and begins to squeeze my wife's arms: "I found out ?! And remember ... ?! "We were familiar with, and I'm angry that his wife buy a gift has to be postponed, and will have to go again, regretting the lost time, leaving for work, leaving her friends in a cafe. Lenka returns late in the evening, flushed with drink terribly pleased. - You've seen what it has

Notes modern Moscow ladies. Part II. Diary of the girl, who had just one shoe in the ce

For a long time I was a student full-time. Heprilichno long. I was a student full-time for five years, and finished with a total of three and a half rate. Then I became a student of the correspondence department. It's not trivial in these figures and calculations vulgar compliance training courses completed years spent at the university. Unfortunately, I can not remember how to determine the effectiveness of (a term from the textbook E. Prokhorov "Introduction to Journalism", Not to be confused with virginity) journalism, but I remember all my life the fact that while I was in full-time university department, I have always had only one shoe in the season. In such seasonal shoes black, as far as I can remember, I rushed from the subway station to the native Borovitskaya faculty with full confidence that late. It was two in the afternoon, and set-off has begun, as they like, ten. Of course, I slept. Given that takes Shohov, set-off is over for sure. Shohov - an excellent


It was the end oseni.Alina was all alone on a dark street, Take frequent short steps and anxiously looking around. - That bastard, she thought, even to the house did not hold, you moron. Aline was already 16 years old. It was a woman of average height, thin but very pretty. She met a man Misha more than six months. They have never been with him since the intimacy Alina either wanted to keep her virginity before the wedding, the conflict took place there was not confident in his feelings for the guy ... and constantly as the conversation turned to the subject of young people. This evening she was walking with her boyfriend and when, once again, we are talking about sex all ended up that Misha turned and walked away, leaving the girl alone. - To hell with you, concerned about the idiot. Guys just need one and hate ... With these thoughts, she went to her entrance, went to the elevator ivdrug felt a blow from behind, before the eyes of all swam and legs were podkashivatsya .. When