Knowledge of the slaves (online version). Chapter 2: Day Three

That night I spent near the battery, tucked his feet under him and his head bowed down. Fortunately, the dream was strong. I woke up before the Lord. Perhaps because it began to freeze. I leaned back against the pack and looked at the sleeping Master. His appearance caused, I have only good feelings. He was like a little tiger cub. I wanted to go to him, hug and stroked on the head. "Well, He is now warm, and I froze" - Flashed through my head and I immediately reached over, put her head down on the battery and looked out the window at the falling snow.
I wanted to get up and catch up, but my hands and feet were tied together behind, and I could not move them. My whole body was fitted by ropes. I began to consider the red stripes - traces of the band. These thoughts are inspired by fantasy to me: "Those who sell the rope to my Boss, he's even could not imagine that they will be bound my body. A woman who I bought clothes pegs, because she, too, could not assume that they will be on my labia. And those who grow bananas and cucumbers, and eggplant, they, too, for sure, and it was not thought that the fruits of their work will be someone in the vagina. Or maybe one of those bananas that the owner makes me wear inside, once stood spider tarantula? .. What a long way past those things, which are now "work" to my Master. I help to translate his imagination into reality, and with it my incarnate.
But sperm bath, I will never accept ... That's impossible. And as much as I wanted to be immured in the wall, and that was just outside my holes ... And for a fantasy I'd even agreed to be a man for a couple of days. Fly to the moon to find a crater the size of the vagina and to stick his dick in it. And to live with consciousness - "Now I had sex, even with the moon". I flew in mind that Master awakening made me wince.
- Good morning, Sir!
- Yeah ... - he said, and went into the bath.
I quietly waited for him to untie me. Upon returning everything went as it should go on the morning schedule. The owner told him to read the prayer. And only after that he will untie me. I read:
Oh, my Lord!
I thank you for what you have.
Thank you that you give me.
Thank you for your support and understanding in the difficult moments for me.
Thank you for your advice and punishment.
Thank you for your wisdom and reasonableness of the decision.
Thank you for what I have is yours.
I listen to you and respect.
Thee I sacrifice their own interests for the sake of.
I'm free of the burden of taking care of itself, because the only goal for me is to please Thee.
...For I - your slave ...
The owner made me free from the ropes and led to the bathroom. He closed the bath plug and turned the tap.
- Get up there! - He ordered the owner, specifying view of the bath.
I got up. He unfastened the chain from my collar and looked at me.
- Right hand to caress the clitoris, and the left - chest!
I fulfilled his wish. But he was watching me.
- Rub on tap!
I leaned against the perineum to the faucet and began to rub.
- Intense! Intense!
- Yes, Master, - I said and continued to rub faster.
- Come on, come on! Work! Do not stop!
As soon as he saw that I was a little tired, so bother me a slap on the ass. My legs more and more closed the water filling the tub. The owner of a little tipped his head back and closed his eyes.
- Enough! - He said and walked out.
I stood waiting for new instructions. The owner returned. His hands were filled with ice.
- Turn back to me!
I turned. The owner began to rub ice on my ass. At first, I was pleased to feel the chill, standing in hot water. But soon the ice I was already hurt. And he rubbed and rubbed, shifting ice from one hand to the other, until the ice is not melted. The owner took me by the shoulders and pressed the icy hands on me, I sat down in the bath. He stretched. Foam has closed my chest. The owner stuck in my mouth banana.
- Suck it!
I took a banana in his hand and began to suck.
- Stand up! - He ordered.
I got up and continued to suck. The owner gave me a free right hand another banana.
- I want to see how you caress yourself!
I was scared sharp change his tone and began to follow the instructions implicitly.
- Stand on your knees!
I knelt down. The owner took a banana out of his mouth, rubbed it on his penis and began to fuck me in the mouth. I get an orgasm by rubbing banana into the vagina, and it was clear from my face. Then the owner told me to stand facing the wall, stood up in the bath, I took a second banana, peel it from the skin and began rubbing it on my clit. Gradually his phallus itself entered into me. I moaned, I was hot and nice. I op¸rlas hands on the wall, Master fucked me and rubbed banana clitoris massaged his chest with the other hand. The sound of my moans increased. Master frictions became more intense. He held me tightly to him. From uncontrolled forces he broke a banana in his hand and fell into the water, but his hand continued to rub my clit. The owner decided that I was too good, and put the dick in the ass. I screamed. His movements were daring He pinching my nipples, and I continued not just moan and scream. After a while the voice died away, but I still continued to moan as well. Between the friction of the clitoris He slapped me and said:
- Like?
I had only to answer:
- Yes, Master!
He picked up speed, and I was very hurt. Soon He pressed me against the wall and finished. We froze and stood in that position perfectly still. They could hear the water flowing and our rapid breathing.
The owner went out to smoke, I was forced to release water from the bathroom and to come into the room. I came into the room, wrapped in a towel. He laid me on the bed and pressed his hands to the body and tied with ropes. A moment later, I was lying on his stomach with panties in her mouth. He sat on my legs at the bottom of the priests and then lit a cigarette. My head was turned to the side, and I looked at his face. He noticed my eyes and began to play with me, then, tugging me by the rope, the plucking of the priest. He pinched me so hard that I was ready for the bruises.
An hour later, he untied and led me into the bath. I lay down, spread her legs, on my clit flowed a stream of water from a faucet. The owner saw my contented expression on his face. He sat on top of me, lifted my head, put his penis in her mouth and forced to do blowjob. I experienced an orgasm after orgasm. I shudder from those pleasant feelings that I experienced. He held the hand of my hair, thereby manipulating the movement of the head. I saw how he was good, he saw how good it was ... me. We looked closely at each other and enjoyed. He ends up in my mouth and face, but continued to move my head more ... We have experienced orgasm after orgasm. It was an incredible pleasure.
The owner of the evening I was again tied with ropes and put on the bed. Lay down on my back, he covered himself with a blanket, put his head on my shoulder and fell asleep. I was so pleased to feel his body on top of itself, especially from the back. It was so warm and well ... I am even afraid to go to sleep! I wanted to enjoy this moment. I looked out the window at the falling snow and thought - as well that we have this night together ... I cried from happiness this beautiful moment and from the heavy boredom that is a good pass, and will only heavy memories that will never allow ourselves to forget ...