No panties

Do you like to go for a walk with your loved ones? and if he will remove before leaving your panties? That's right, climb under the hem and saying nothing will remove and put them in your pocket ... and say we go ... You know how excited when a lady under a thin dress there is nothing? I tried to go with a man on a visit in such a garment? tickle the nerves themselves and those who will notice you on the absence of these elements skimpy clothes? will not be much troubled by indiscreet glances chur thoughtful men who are looking more closely understand what is missing under her dress? We stay at the party? tease men? You see how they are trying to start a conversation with you? drink, something to whisper in your ear, as if by accident and unintentionally snuggle up to you ... and how much they have in the eyes of the awakened sparks desire and passion for you ... and thinking about ... when before you this luxury girl .. . Guess what it would be if I was not close today? how are you feel pretty? let you dance with this handsome? see how he wanted to invite my lady to slow dance ... and in the dim light squeeze you tight to him all without a trace? to feel yourself, feel and put your hand just below the waist ... like checking waist smoothly into such elastic ass ... and squeeze even tighter ... You know it's nice to feel supple and beautiful woman's body, pressing it firmly tight to her ... and gently run your hand to push again on the back ... and hot whisper in your ear that you charm ... and he envies the one who beside you ... clutching tighter ... and feeling how macho shamelessly bulging out of his pants ... and rests in the place where the panties on you now ... no ... and rubs and presses harder ... Your pussy is also going mad? and long so it can tolerate when someone else masculine men are so firmly and closely? and your man sees all this and is just a stone's throw away from you? you will not know who to tease, and who today surrender? right here and now? you start to have all tremble so? very tight and cuddle him, why then shaking so sexy thighs, ass ... No sun experiment is now translate an entirely different direction ... I come, get you, and taking a hard hand to the entrance to the back door and pinning you tight to the wall, I ask: he strongly you filed? and put his hand under your skirt right on the spot where usually there are panties ... and gently pull the pussy all the hand ... Oh, you bitch ... like ... so flowed like him? and even put pressure on the palm pussy ... So I imagine how he puts you right in front of me ... that there is not ... and yet, you still all hand ... and then get mad and push member them your lustful pussy ... so moaned and pressed herself, trying pussy lips clung to him when her skirt so high already bullied ... uh, you're shaking ... Now take myself and the reason they are there for themselves ... like baby? feel like my crazy about you? hold in the palm, and shall lead them? and work, work them like you know how eagerly and passionately ... ... hands and tongue ... I like to see how he looks at you straight up into your mouth? and the head has already opened itself, waiting for when you take it in her mouth? That's my girl, that's how my sunshine ... like shrink testicles? and take a deep deep into his mouth? that the man groaned and insanely fucked your mouth? and running his hand into your hair, I began to ask you ... know how to adapt to the rhythm of the beat when she has all flowed? and a man moans ... and fuck, fuck you in the mouth ... And then you picked up from his knees and turned back to her ... you lifted the hem above the waist bent ... and saying nothing pushed to its full length for you the most eggs ... for themselves and for one who is so much like you at that party ... Oh, you're still and eyes closed ... you imagine it? or me? Well, you and a bitch ... and most dramatically the uterus and much ... And then ... it just like any woman worried about the eternal question: who is to blame? Well, you yourself wanted to ... Well, why, then, bitch? perhaps, in men and women is this question answer is always different.