Knowledge of the slaves (online version). Chapter 2. The eleventh day - the last

All night I spent tied to the table with his hands and feet. In my ass was a marker that adheres to the outside of my body sticky adhesive tape. The room was light, but I woke up not from the sun but from the terrible pain lash Master on my ass. My head rose from fright, eyes opened wide, and his heart was beating so that kept me from breathing.
- Good morning, Master!
- How's your ass? Does not hurt? - He asked.
- I was fast asleep, it feels good, Boss.
- Normal or good?
- Okay, Boss.
- Well, that's another thing - owner I pinched the buttocks. - I told you how many times that you should be expressed exactly !?
- "Fine" - means "tolerantly"Closer to "OK".
- No! "Fine" - "it means nothing".
- Okay, Boss. I will only be expressed in precise terms.
- Hopefully.
The owner made me free from the ropes. I knelt down and began to rub the scars formed from the ropes on the hands. The master hit me on the hand.
- Do not touch anything without my permission!
I crossed my fingers in front of his face and was about to say the morning prayer. But the owner began to speak before me:
- What you feel in place binding?
- The skin regains consciousness and is scratched, Boss.
- Hmm? But I will not allow her to scratch. Scars will do. Do not touch it, you will make it worse.
- You can say a prayer, Boss?
- Yes.
I began:
Oh, my Lord!
Every minute of my life depends on your decisions.
Every word of what you say is a great value for me.
Each penalty contributes to my teaching.
Each utterance teaches me to live.
I listen to you and respect.
Thee I sacrifice their own interests for the sake of.
I'm free of the burden of taking care of itself, because the only goal for me is to please Thee.
...For I - your slave ...
The owner whip tied around my head and lifted his face up:
- MA-la dec!
He attached a chain to the collar on my neck, I got on all fours, and he took me into the tub. This time the owner lowered my head in the sink and held firmly by the neck.
- Today you umoeshsya and brush your teeth here in this position. Without raising his face above the edges of the shell.
I was very uncomfortable, but I coped with his idea.
- Well done! - Boss praised me and slapped on the ass. - Now Off scotch and pulled out of the priests marker.
I pulled the handle. It was clean.
- Now you write. But today, you do not sit on the toilet. You have to get over it, facing the wall and write standing up.
I stood up, as he had ordered.
- On my command you begin to write.
The owner took the pointer and touched the clitoris. Soon pointer replaced his hand.
- And you and am already wet. Not much, but wet. Well done! You are able to keep themselves always ready - owner pinched my clit, I gained sharply the air and hissed, but he continued. - Well, then, I'll be hitting your pointer pussy, stop peeing. Then, on my command, continue. You understood?
- Yes, Master.
- Then start.
At his command, I let out the first batch of urine. Which was followed by a blow pointers, and I stopped. Boss rubbed clitoris and gave the command to continue. So, I let out urine from himself four times. When I fell to the last drop, the Master pulled me to him by the collar and began to bite his neck while rubbing my crotch pointer. My body inside proschekotalo from rect field. I felt like expanding the vagina, and was ready to accept a member. However, the landlord abruptly pushed me forward:
- Get up in the bath!
I stood in the tub, he turned on the shower, undressed himself and stood beside me. I shampooed his body and play with soap bubbles.
- Show me how you like my stomach - funny Boss said.
I knelt down and hugged the Boss just above the hips and kissed his beautiful belly.
- You love him?
- Love, Master.
- Draw on it anything.
I thoroughly smeared foam on his stomach and drew a flower on it. Goodman is amused. He sat me down so that the water from the shower flowed on my head, and ordered to do blowjob.
It was hard to breathe as the water all the time fell on the nose. But a morning blowjob went perfectly. The owner was satisfied and went to bed to rest. I brought him in bed breakfast. And she put her arms around his legs and waited for him to finish.
As directed by the Master, I shoved in the ass paraffin candle and lay on the bed. He took two more candles, lit them and dripped on my body, from the neck, ending with his feet. Less painful was hit on the chest drops. But the lower the Boss dripping, the harder it was to me. Already below the belt, I shuddered from each droplets all over, and even cried. The owner endlessly repeated:
- Be patient!
At the end of the session on my body were pink spots. The owner shook my frozen drops, tied me, turned on his stomach, picked up by the hair and began to brutally rape.
After the first orgasm He put in my vagina big dildo while he continued to fuck me in the ass. I was so hurt that I waited only eruption of his sperm. But the owner knew I was waiting for this moment, and stretch yourself a treat at the same time making fun of me, he picked up speed, and each time stayed. It was extended for nearly an hour. At the end of Act I was no longer groan forces. My head was lying on his side and stared at the wall. At this point, I absolutely no thought about what is not. I just breathed and sometimes abruptly, from a sharp pain, he cried out. The owner had finished on the left side of my face and forced to lick sperm where'll be able to get language.
He left the room. I sighed with the idea that the time has come where I was waiting. I did not have the strength to even touch the ass. I felt like there extensively. But the feeling was uncomfortable, and I even decided that the presence of the phallus in the pope was much more comfortable than his absence. Now I do not even interfere with a dildo in the vagina. He seemed negligible compared to the violence that I had just experienced. But I was satisfied. Let not orgasm, but this sense of moral and physical satisfaction was much stronger than any orgasm.
I closed my eyes, taking advantage of the absence of the Master. I wanted to sleep ... at least for a minute. I was powerless. My legs were spread apart and tied to the bed.
As soon as I closed my eyes, I entered the room owner.
- Today night blowjob session will be held at us in a special way.
- Well, Master, - he said the voice exhausted me.
The owner came closer, and I saw in his hands and a cup of tea.
- Raised his head! I'll drink you.
I immediately guessed - I have to endure to the limit, and then write. And what will "toilet with obstacles". I drank three cups of water and stopped. I felt bad, and I asked the owner to wait a bit. At that he refused:
- Or you will drink, or before going to bed repeat what I did to you just that! This is in addition to the other penalties!
I was frightened and went to drink water. My throat became smaller, I was trying to stretch time. The master hit me on the back.
- What are you - an animal? Maybe you're still here I will start to lap up the language? Well normally drink! As it is man! .. As it is my slave! Would see now, my friends, would be a shame! Learn! You must be the best! Drink it fast!
I drank all the water, which was in the kettle. The owner came out, I put her head to one side. I was wrong on the amount of water you drink. Belly swollen. I just wanted to sleep. I closed her eyes again, as the owner returned. He lay down beside me.
- I'll rest, and you lie like that! Dildo does not interfere?
- No, Master. I got used already.
- Well, well ... so Lie.
The owner of something thought, nearly asleep. But suddenly he began to fidget on the pillow.
- And the pillow so wet?
- I do not know...
- You do not know? And I think, you know!
- I do not know, Master, - whispered hoarsely tired I am.
- While I fucked you, you grabbed her teeth.
The owner pulled out from under my pillow and put it under his head. Yes, and I took the blanket, which I lay. Now, only a sheet remained under me. The owner sat back and looked into my eyes.
- Terpenes?
- I suffer, Boss.
- Want to write at least a little - say. And I'll take care of it when you go to the toilet.
- Okay, Boss.
He pinched me clothespin language.
- I'm going to rest. You too can relax.
- Yeah - I tried to say.
The owner of the evening put me on the table face down. He took me by the head and thrust his dick in his mouth.
- Here in this way you will make a blowjob today. So will shove a member of your throat in Maxim. Try.
At first, I imagine it can hardly imagine. Since I am very sensitive, it seemed to me that any movement and drags me to vomit. But the owner did everything neatly. About fifteen minutes, and the phallus head was in my throat. Surprisingly, I was able to relax and learn to do deep blowjob. A little more cautious movements Boss, and the process has begun in full swing. I liked the owner and was pleased. There was even a desire to swallow him whole. As the vagina during sex, there is unfulfilled desire - partner shove a whole, and this time I wanted to swallow his dick, and then at least his own. It was hard to breathe, but to fondle a member of the Master was a pleasure. I then swallowing it, caressed from the base to the tip, sucking testicles. I got enormous pleasure, Master, too. He came in my mouth. I completely swallowed all the sperm.
Today is the first time I read the Boss prayer right in the bathroom:
Oh, my Lord! You are a cult to me.
I will lift thee on the throne of my life.
I gave you. I give you my time.
My life is in your hands.
I - Your property.
My pleasure derive from your pleasure.
My desires are not contrary to your desires.
I live to serve you.
My body belongs to you.
...For I - your slave ...
We went to bed. I burst into tears. I could not accept the fact that the next day I will not be here. What is the last night we spend together. I tried to hold back the tears, I did not want him to hear my cry. But he could not hold back his emotions and began to sob.
He hugged me, but said nothing. He wanted me to distract from the sad thoughts, put his hand to the vagina. He hurt me, he pinched me in different places. But now, all the pain profit invisible. As if it was not quite it. Or I was ready to endure everything, just to stay with him.
But half an hour later I fell asleep.
I've always had a hard time sleeping, snoring landlord. I wake up at night and the next to him did not fall with a blanket. And he slept ... always slept soundly and quickly fell asleep. And just last night I slept very soundly.
Before leaving owner whipped me with a rubber hose.
After each whipping I somehow special loved him, especially some warm feelings for him felt. And I've always been grateful. But this is not always spoken.
But this time the owner flogged me, and I grabbed his free hand, hugged her tightly. It was as if He smacks me, and in Him I see the protection and care.
Then I got up, barely restraining the tears from his eyes, and said unto him "Thank you".
The owner smiled and looked at my face. I could not cry. But it is like. And I endured. I could not hurt Master.
I was hard to part with him. However, before leaving me there was a feeling that I say goodbye to him briefly. What we'll see you soon. This facilitated my suffering.
And I love him. With all its advantages and disadvantages. I love such as He is. And all that is in Him, everything - the best!
And gave herself to him ... with all my kindness, affection, tenderness and credulity.
"Rab, satisfied with their situation doubly slave, because it is not one of his body in slavery, but also his soul".
English writer Edmund Burke.
Simply call a man a strange than to understand it. Few people understand why I am living, and why this has become. I myself this question I can not answer. I can not hold that facet of his knowledge, the line that gave me the first step - the first thought of the passion, which I find all the charm of his life. Not happiness pain. Not in the joy of happiness. Happiness - know yourself and not give obstacle to the development of their souls.
My happiness lies in the happiness of my Master. And I'm ready ... to do everything for the sake of his happiness.
I love Him, appreciate and respect.
...For I am the one that took freedom through slavery ...
...For I am the one who obeys, but power hungry ...
...For I am the one who wants to live, but thinking about death ...
...I wrote this book with tears and a heavy heart ...
Dedicated to my former master.
F. Narvasadata