Nememuary 2 (Vovcha)

It is quite peculiar, in my opinion, looks. Short hair, blonde hair, wiry himself constantly matched, something like pruzhinu.Amplua macho, plus bike and fairly unique perspective on life. The dream of the young ladies of 17 and above. My friend Vera says that from such far off rushing unbridled natural sexuality, skin odor, caves and fire. I do not know how much I have not sniffed not smelled anything. Probably not my type of guy. In general, he's just a friend to me. I do something like for him. The trouble is that, changing a circle a few times a year know this all his former, not the former, casual and permanent mistress ladies heart. And as soon as the next pasciya "losing" Vovk at his initiative from the horizon, why things go right (calls, writes, etc.) to me. I-man on his head, responsive, and the ladies happily and do not hesitate from me "free ears"The main thing is not to delve too much, just sit and nod his head with a serious look, otherwise you risk to get sore like spontaneous brain explosion. Right now the only one sitting in front of and squelching nosom.O Vovkinom respect to its women I know enough, but this case is quite heavy.
Yesterday Vovk called at seven in the evening and asked Olenka (the name of the unhappy) to call for him to work, and then go to the club. Overjoyed call cute, Olka on the wings of love and his "SUV" He raced to the other end of the city, scoring on a warm evening with your family. Once in the club, Vovk planted lady behind the desk and went to talk with friends. Olenka sat at a table in the company of coffee before six in the morning. Vovk whole time drinking beer, talked to people, and, horror of horrors !, playing billiards with some big-nosed girl with a fifth the size of the breast. When I asked why Olga did not spit on such leisure, looked at me with round eyes with a silent question: "THROW Vovk ??? WHAT IS IT LIKE?????" Hmm ...
When the club closed, Vovk Olga commanded regal gesture to warm up the car, and he, they say, is now suitable. So Olga sat in the car for another forty minutes. Vova appeared arm in arm with nosatenkoy and flopped down with her into the back seat.
- Come to me - he said, paying little attention to the indignant glances being thrown in the rearview mirror. Romantic evening, slowly but surely, was covered with shaggy place.
Tumbled to his home Vovk took beer from the refrigerator and sat down in a chair, seated nosed into his lap. Olga modestly sat down on the couch opposite him and pretended to be keen on watching TV. Thoughts swirled heap, a thorn in the chest brewing resentment, but self-esteem gone somewhere, so instead of having to leave, Olga continued to stare hard into the box. When she deigned to turn his head, setting in a chair so strikingly different that Olga had to hold the jaw with his knee, so she was not too loudly banged on the floor.
Nosatenkaya girl with a fifth the size of the chest, sitting at Vova in his legs, made him a blowjob. Olga began and backed toward the door. Vovk raised his head.
- Where are you going? Come here.
She myalas the doorway and realized that can not leave.
- Hustler.
Swallowing the insult, Olga posemenila the call. Vovk abruptly dismissed nosatenkuyu, rose from his chair, and swept them both into bed. Olga knocked over on his back, tore off her clothes, threw her legs on his shoulders, and slowly began to fuck. Nosatenkaya perched nearby, he began to nibble on Olga's nipples and stroking the body. Olga was terribly ashamed and at the same time enjoyable. In the end, her dream to sleep with Vovka realized, even if such is not the standard way. Vova pulled out and turned her to him.
- Do mouth ..
She caught the barrel mouth and began to rhythmically move his head, Vovk stroked her hair, and nosatenkaya fell in behind and began to caress the tongue clitoris, occasionally running his fingers inside of Olga. She moaned with pleasure. Then Vova began to have them back, going in one direction and then the other. Nosatenkaya finished first and collapsed next to a choking Olga, still stroking of the breast. Vovk accelerated, and soon Olga lay moaning. Nosatelkaya intercepted Vovkin member mouth just in time ...
Olga picked up the clothes and went to the bathroom. After showering, she quietly looked out into the corridor. From the room heard the laughter. Pohvatali shoes and jacket, ran out into the street. Now she was ashamed of her stifled resentment. Still, if her beloved Vovk understand now?
Well Vovchu hell knows, but I personally do not understand, but regularly nodding in time vskhlipyvaniyam.V eventually each person needs to talk to sometimes ....