The bus (2)

The bus terrible crush, which is only in our public transport. Tolkuchka and bumpy road almost ot hardened me with a girl. It was summer and we had light clothes. I felt my cock starts to harden and rests on the buttocks of a stranger. How not to try anything I can not help myself. From start to blush with shame, but I can not move away.
Suddenly I notice that the girl casually begins to step on his feet, moving his buttocks, thus arousing me even more. When you attempt to move away from it even for a bit, she clung to me even stronger, and I was intrigued. Al pushed and turned to face each other. Member rested her in the stomach with such force that the pants and look to burst at the seams.
Elastic impressive size chest pressed against me and sways like a pendulum. Cheeks flushed girl, feel her hot breath. She raised her eyes, brilliant and fogged by him, I understood everything, and whispered in her ear: "You're lovely". e looking down, she said: "You really like me too" and put her head on my chest, quietly touching cool lips.
- What's your name?
- Lena.
I kissed her behind the ear, it is barely audible moan.
- I can not - I whisper to her.
Silently she unbuttoned my pants, slipped my hand and crawled under heat. Al clenched even more, her fingers clutching the girl and fondled my penis. She was excited to the limit and, apparently, forgot everything, the stranger groaned after a few seconds, a wave of cramps swept over her. And then out of my penis, as a firefighter with a hose, pulled a sticky spray - I finished ...