Hot Summer

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It was a hot summer, and my friends and I decided to water them with tents to the lake. How to choose and create one. The company selected is not very good. It was five guys and I podrugoi. Since hildren guys nebyli reliable, bolshii of the girls who did not want to water them etimi guys. Well shtozh podelaesh, I would like to very few easy days on the lake water them. Well, we have gathered, took two Tents, food, guys bought wine and vodka. We then had to podrugoi shestnadsat years. I took podrugoi kupalniki, and I dressed in tights, a bra is not put on as it was very hot, put on her panties and shorts covered. I put on sneakers. My breasts have nipples Vtorov size and how slivchiki. When walking time my breasts all the time podprigivala and rubbed in tights. It was perfectly visible from under my nipples tights. I was pleased when the nipples rubbed in tights. But the guys noticed my nipples, they are there podprigivayut. And I'm home about Babe is not thought. And I had no choice but nezamechat guys spying on them. So I went with them, and my friend was behind me.
When we came to the lake Pernod immediately began to collect firewood, put Tents, since it was already evening. The tents we had two, with me podrugoi, and drugoi guys. We lit a fire guys, and I was ready to eat podrugoi chevo realties. The location was perfect, until the lake was dvatsat meters and with drugoi hand was lesochek. There will need to be run when prispichet. When the food was ready they all sat down and began to eat. The guys got a bottle of wine and let n circle. Since the cup Nebula drank from butilki. When vipili got second, third. Then take butilku vodka. I was very kruzhitsa head and my girlfriend really drunk and even began to fall asleep. So guys carried her into the tent. When we returned I was too pyana, but I could still get up and proiti little. I went to the little forest on the needs, it was difficult to ichi, as my legs neochen is kept. And his head was spinning, but I noticed shtoparni steel between the sobo INTO obgavarivat. When I came out of the forest of the village not far from the fire, and the guys came up and sat down around me. One and said, we want to play with you, we are bored. Chevo And you want me to do, I asked. And they say we need your body, I wanted to get up but the guys grabbed my hand and started to keep them so. Then I was thrown to the ground, the ground nailed chetiri Cola took vir¸vku and began to tie his hands. I wanted to shout shtob they do, but someone from the guys in my sweat INTO is stuck and I nemogla bolshii scream. As I noticed was my kupalnik UTB. The guys got it from moei bags. Then he took off with my shorts, legs parted to the side 100 degrees and tied my legs to ostalnoe colas. So I bolshii Nichev could not do, do not yell, do not otbivatsa. But the head worked poorly, as was pyana.
Then guys unfastened my tights and pulled up his head, so removing the Evo could not interfere with the hand. I bolshii Nichev could not see, interpretation chyustvovat INTO somnoi they do. To their eyes appeared my breasts with protruding nipples, but to moei pussy hinder you to reach more panties. Then one guy took a knife and cut. So INTO my panties Nichev not ostalos. Look how thick hair it there, you have to shave them, said one man. He took the knife and began to remove them from the pussy. I hurt, so they began to tear hairs. Then someone took pridmet shaving foam struck my pussy and began to shave. I twitched, but they said if you want shtob you do not cut it, so lezhy peacefully and tugging. So I was lying, and I shaved. Someone took my nipple and began to pull it to the top, then drugoi. Even Bolney was, but they are non-negotiable nor any attention to me. Krichyat nemogla, shevelitsa too. So I lay there, and the guys who just did INTO wanted. When I shaved my pussy began to stroke, to the anus. Reveal pussy lips began to look at pussy. Someone shouted, so she did not have a girl, with Nei can do INTO want. Chi is Paltz steel probiratsa in the vagina, some held my pussy lips stretched to the side, others nipples twitching and someone Paltz got into me stupid. As my body shiver. I chyustvovala the finger penetrated deeper and deeper. But the finger korotkyi dalshe and it could not shove. Tagda Paltz began to turn in hand. I was pleased and fear ischez. Someone all time squeezed my breasts, the nipples twitching, pulling them over. Chyustvovala I like my nipples have become hard, and chest of elasticity. But I could not help Nichev. Paltz ischezli of pussy, somebody took me hips, and under prepodnyal moei popkoi INTO put it. My arms and legs More bolshii stretched and pussy was podnyatoi Visoko at the top. Since the legs were divorced in hand they imagined horoshyi approach to my anus. Now someone nachyal Paltz poke in the ass, but then disappeared. After about a minute I pochyustvovala INTO into my anus INTO the up¸rsa. Someone pushed the INTO, INTO I remember we took daroga bananas. Probably someone like me in the ass zatalknut banana, but he nelez. Then they wetted than my ass. Probably UTB was toothpaste, because the smell was zubnoi paste. And again began zatalkivat banana, but on this beautiful time it became little by little prodvigatsa was Bolney, I started to move zadnitsoi but banana vsyotaki continued his path. His zatalkuli Vsev, well it is not very INTO bolshoi was then neskolko time they twisted and left in the ass. I have it as a number stuck inside. Now they've got down to my pussy, someone kissed again and squeezed his chest. Now they began to fuck me. One fucked and other chest twitched. I bolshii nemogla sderzhatsa and finished. Throughout the body shiver, he vityanul pile chtuku and finished on my stomach. Then podoshol vtoroi third. So probably they walked by me because I was off. I have not Nichev chyustvovala.
When it woke up in the morning my hands and feet were still bound, in the ass was a banana, but podomnoi Nichev debts. I was myself than what is covered, but nemogla see as the tights was still zadranoi top. BR someone podoshol, untied the hands and feet. I got up, but was sick ass straightened tights. My stomach and chest were wet, the boys were finishing me probably all. I began to get out of the ass Bona, well more INTO end Bona was not immersed in an ass. I learned it, and cried, was Bolney. BR approached the other guys, and a friend stayed in Tents. She Nichev could not do, but did not want to do Nichev, because she was afraid of boys. One and says izkupaisya go, we are still with you is unfinished. I went to the little forest pereodetsa. Although they have seen me naked, but still nemogla I to them in pereodevatsa kupalnik. When dressed went kupatsa, leotards took him, as was his need pomit. Izkupalas, pomila tights and came back and hung to dry tights and began to prepare to eat the guys. But all the time my guys touched, then his chest missing, then kagda I cant enough for pussy. When everything was ready to become there. When the guys went kupatsa ate, and I podrugoi ostalas the tents, we had everything put in order. When we brought everything in order, and we went podrugoi kupatsa. It prkrasno in the water, we swam for a long time. Then one of the guys pulled under with water on my kupalnik, I was left without panties. But my friend, too, shouted, ev also pulled her panties and began to climb up to the pussy. But she vibezhala to the shore and ran into the tent, the guys behind Nei not pursued, there dressed and did not want to offer large kupatsa. Vishli guys out of the water and began to call me. I Nichev ostovatsya not water them like them. I vishla and they grabbed me by the hand and led him to the Tents. On the ground put odealo, was removed from the chest moei bra. I was left completely bare, put me on his back. The two held hands and kept the other two legs. They parted my legs to the side, oh what an pizdyscha, someone said. I looked up look, and Adin guy pododit to moei pussy in the hands holding bolshoi cucumber, he brings it to the moei pussy and began zatalkivat inside. I even eye nalob vilezli. I began to scream, wanted virvatsa, but they held fast all the time and pushed him inside ... until agurets not stopped. Bolshii he was gone, I even recommend pokazyvatsa steel in his eyes. Then it began to turn in the inside, a little scroll backwards and again per¸t and twist. I felt so good, my head went round the whole body beginning d¸rgatsa in spasms. I bolshii no holding, pushing cucumber I ran. More slightly and I had finished, and again hung up.
When I woke up it was covered with a blanket, when I looked in the direction vtoroi Tents she saw how veselitsa guys with moei podrugoi. They fuck her every hole. She krychala and interpretation moaned. To me they were not paying attention today. I stood up, his legs kept me bad. I went to the lake and became bare kupatsa as kupalnik where the guys Delhi. When I finished kupatsa guys were already tired, and my girlfriend was lying like a demon consciousness. Very much ustaloi it seemed. I covered her with a blanket, put on the tights, UTB only clothes that stayed with me. Yes kaneshno, it was still shopty, but I did not put on her, and lay down beside podrugoi. So we went to sleep.
In the morning already had sabiratsa Domo, but here Our projects guys were not satisfied. They came up with another gadast. I was told to shove in her pussy condom napolnenyi bodoyu and so water them Domo. For etovo put me on his back, rastegnul tights and spread her legs to the side. They took the condom, and it rezvernuli Paltz zatsunuli in pussy. Then one guy drinking water from a glass and then his mouth blew water into my condom kotoryi stuck in my pussy. It seemed as if Shap inflated, but the water is not air, it is Jitka. So he shot five times. I pouted at the bottom there, Goat INTO's about to burst. But the guys tied condom and left in his pussy, then buttoned tights and I wore shorts. She got up and took a step as the interpretation kachatsa water began and I grabbed his hands svoei pizdoi. Guys started smeyatsa and I took her hands. Then nachili collect things, but to me all the time it was difficult to walk. But I presposobilas began to get used to it. On the way I tried to Domo pomenshe prigat as legs bent over his knees. It was pleasant. When I came Domo immediately went to the bathroom and blaming this beautiful condom with water. Thus ended my swimming at the lake. With the guys I met yet, but that's another story. Valnet