It was the end oseni.Alina was all alone on a dark street, Take frequent short steps and anxiously looking around.
- That bastard, she thought, even to the house did not hold, you moron.
Aline was already 16 years old. It was a woman of average height, thin but very pretty. She met a man Misha more than six months. They have never been with him since the intimacy Alina either wanted to keep her virginity before the wedding, the conflict took place there was not confident in his feelings for the guy ... and constantly as the conversation turned to the subject of young people. This evening she was walking with her boyfriend and when, once again, we are talking about sex all ended up that Misha turned and walked away, leaving the girl alone.
- To hell with you, concerned about the idiot. Guys just need one and hate ...
With these thoughts, she went to her entrance, went to the elevator ivdrug felt a blow from behind, before the eyes of all swam and legs were podkashivatsya ..
When she woke up head ached badly, she could not understand what happened. In his eyes shone a bright light. She saw nothing but him. Stand too did not work. Alina gradually began to understand that it is tied to any chair, something like gynecological. And she realized that is completely naked.
She could not believe that this was happening to her. It's a dream, she thought, a bad dream. Only here could not manage to wake up.
Suddenly something came a man's voice:
- And, look, I woke up ... This is a good girl play the virgin ... Right now we'll play ...
From these words Alina clenched vnutri.Ona started screaming and tried to break free from the shackles but suddenly her electric shock. Where in the hand.
- Well ka not jerk thing, the atoms get such a charge that vylezut.A eyes can shout as much as ... you in anyway no one can hear ...
The girl began to cry softly.
- what you need? she asked.
- I want you to remove the film. You will be in the lead role ..
Indeed Alina could see a video camera on a tripod aimed at her. Nearby stood a spotlight. It was kind of a room without windows. On the wall next to it hung various whips, faloimetator veschi.A and the like from a dark corner came the voice.
- Well start ... he said, and the dark shadow began to approach the girl.
He was a man in a leather suit, leather mask. He was all in black leather. in the groin area on the suit he had a zipper. It was fastened. Alina thought with horror that it was not for long.
He walked over and turned on the camera. Then he went down on all fours and crawled to bezaschitnoy victim. in such a situation it is not seen him, and it scared her even more. Suddenly, the head of the creature emerged from its spaced legs. She flinched in surprise. From under the mask looked at her crazy eyes. on the mask were also holes for the nose and mouth. He began to sniff the crotch of the girl. First, the vagina and then the ass. Alina felt his hot breath. Her sphincter convulsively compressed.
- Do not you washed today?
Alina could not vspoimnit this. All her thoughts were mixed.
- Answer Bitch, washed? !! he shouted again, and the girl electric shock.
- No I do not know, she managed through the pain.
- Do not washed ... You Mom did not say that after using the toilet decent girls should wash your pussy and ass .. you have to be punished for this ...
He enjoyed its scent is not washed ass. From cracks appeared language. After a moment, she felt it on her maiden pussy. He walked around Clitheroe on genital lips, and went on her ass. Long tongue penetrated her ass, licking all the folds of the sphincter. She even began to like it.
- Sweet ass ...
Then he got up, took two clothespins and pinned to excite nipples girl. From her lips broke moan.
- Wait, this is just the beginning ...
He took two more pegs and fastened them to the breast skin around the armpits, then his ears, arms, generally after a while the body was Okoko two dozen pegs. All of them brought nagging pain.
He liked to see how she suffers. her tears and groans vozbuzhdali.On pressed a button on the chair and stands, which are attachment legs girls become razvorachivatsya.Kogda legs were spread so much that on Alina screamed in pain mechanism stopped. It offers a wonderful view: rosy pussy so neat. Pubic hairs were stubby. And anal ring lured and attracted to him.
In his hands, there was a tube with nakonechnikom.On put a tip to the anus girls began to enter. while staring into her eyes so as not to Propus any instant it seemed that stradaniy.Aline ass right now broken.
When the probe went into hiding centimeters by 8 he opened the faucet and the hose went hot water. Alina screamed and squirmed in his chair. The water burned her from the inside and filled, filled her straight kishku.Devochka roared loudly and asked to stop. A man meanwhile unzipped and pulled out his impressive size of his penis and began to masturbate. She saw it all, and her eyes filled with terror. Scarecrow thickness of his unit. His fingers could hardly grasp the tool.
Belly Alina began to inflate the amount of water. He turned off the water, came up, abruptly pulled the tip of the priests and stuck the cork. tube was thicker at the tip, so we had to push it follows that it voshla.Razdalsya shriek girls.
Alina lay all sweaty, in tears, with legs spread apart to the limit and inflated belly. it was shaking from boli.nekotorye clothespins because sweat jumped off and lay on the floor. A pervert stood by and admired this painting.
- And now We turn your virgin pussy ..., Monster said.
He took the gag stuffed in her mouth. Now it could be heard bellowing only girl. Then he picked up a member, put a big red head to her narrow pussy. He began to drive them pulling moment .. Then put a cock and gently pressed. The girl moaned. After all, at any water movement within it gives her a hell of a pain. And the man at the same it knew. He put more time and became a member of the dent. When the head was inside, he abruptly drove it to its full length. Here Alina lost consciousness, and man fucked until finished her bloody pussy ...
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