Hot summer of Samarkand. Part 1

Some people do not like our summer, hot summer of Samarkand, but for me, this is the most pleasant time of the year. Mountains of fruit and crowds, raznoyazyky crowd and a lot of good bargains and interesting news, girls in light dresses and guys in tight pants, stole evaluating his bulging manhood, compared with mounds of other guys. Summer - the adventure with occasional companions and fellow traveler, while short skirts and white pants, through which we sometimes accidentally touch each other in public transport or queues. If someone is severely hot, you can always take a dip in the river, at the same time become acquainted with fans "cool life"But the most refined pleasure of the summer, it is the evening tea in good company, after a bath in the tea house in Ahat-aka. Me and my friend Tahir every night use hospitality wise elder Akhat. And early in the morning, still full of freshness and singing nightingale night, again the muezzin heralds the beginning of a new day. Summer continues.
But now noon, and I trade on the city market. Trade does not go, and I'm bored I look at myself in the mirror. Generally I'm a happy, thick black mustache, thick black eyebrows converge over the bridge, height 185, athletic build, that's just ... just krupnovat nose and body hair too much, according to my wife. I yearned, my Lola became pregnant and left for two weeks for parents to share this our joy, but I miss her smile, her proximity, moreover, there is no one to cook and bring me Lagman from home and have to settle for the purchase samsa. And now I'm waiting for the merchant to complete pelvis pies will come to my counter, but ... not far stranger flashed a buyer, probably a tourist, probably Russian, but definitely not local. For a foreigner, lunch can be postponed.
He came up and began to look at Turkish pants. Looking at his colorless face, I nearly choked. This is Victor, ensign, once black-and-blue storm our company. After a long time, and I almost forgot the service in Russia, in my mind usually remains only the good things, but then I remembered the bad. Vitek with their friends, gave us, young persons "non-Slavic appearance" unforgettable service. One boy from the Caucasus, a week later, his opidarasili, jumped down from the tower head. Specialist. The Commission decided to: "accident". Another month later, life, crazy and covered with boils, it somewhere removed. Allah kept me in critical situations it is always saved me and prevented them to put me down. Although most young have gone through Vitka and Druganov. All this is seen, but remained silent. Fucked they are very cruel, I always wondered why we call beasts. I did not know a single case of a guy who has visited Uzbek or under some other "a member of the Muslim nationality", Bleeding, I could not get up and crawling with a torn perineum, broken teeth and a broken kidneys. Although, of course, there are among us fools and freaks. But after Vitka-ensign and his cronies guys could not move except when crawling. I loved it to drive through the kicking operation, forced to fight with the other "southerners" and so on. d. then again pass through the system kicks.
- How many?
I said, after multiplying the price of three.
- Well, no dick yourself!
- Expensive?
- Cheap! And the shoes?
I multiplied by five, and gives the answer.
- Go, listen mate, and I'll buy shoes and pants, but I will measure and verify all Cobra is no trust.
- As you wish, zalazte here, dear guest, any size is!
He firmly takes my hand, and I jerked it landed behind the counter. Tough guy, this Vitek, deftly landing on both feet, with a smile, has not changed; interesting color, such as the palm as the back of the hand, and pale pink hair "Mallet-op"And bright. There is exotic!
I zad¸rgivayu curtain dinner!
- I want all the time, which is held in Samarkand, be like the local boys, and not a tourist. Dress me the way you dress, and I'm starting to have fun here at best.
- No problem, duppishka, a shirt with palm trees, Chinese jeans, flip-flops and Iranian ... pants, my countrymen are of the highest quality (in the first place, it is true, at our poverty, the only wealth of Man, is his strong dick Second I need to sell pricey American melting).
Already a week since Lolka went to his mother and my cock felt lunchtime, got up early, she brought me to dinner, and after dinner we gave each other love ... on the head and the trunk was a nice itch (I quietly rubbed his dick through pants); Now to take the stress out of place and how these memories. Victor is now a rich client and, of course, does not recognize me ... and obviously came with money ... and have fun at one hundred percent, probably means a lot of sex with ... What if ... I remembered the feeling of danger of becoming by a fag, a soldier smelled the toilet and my muscles tensed.
- What's your call, my friend? Do you want to try on the Uzbek military uniforms used. y.?
I would have disdained in his place ... but he agreed after a brief hesitation.
- Just in this well-worn uniform, you really will not stand, we can not be wearing new things, I will give it to you for free, in addition to shoes and pants.
I have laid a wide legs (by crowding dick is ready to tear all the obstacles, I felt moisture on the head) and slowly unbutton the buttons on his trousers from the top down. Last hooked. Vitek alert.
- What do you look, you see, I've cut my finger, you help me to unbutton!
He leaned in close and started to unbutton our hands touched, I'm the most, as far as possible, brought them to the bush my abdomen, my cock responded impetus. I point blank look on his once all-powerful, but now bewildered face, my nodules unwittingly begin to walk up and down; my fists clenched, and my dick is already at the limit, in anticipation of sweet revenge. "I'm sure you surrender now facts on my side, and my persistence has never let me down". His pants fell open plaid boxers. Under the cowards loomed penis Vic.
- Come on now I'll help you take off the shirt and I have a good selection of local T-shirts.
At Vitka hebeshnaya T-shirt, I lifted up her thighs clutching his torso up to the counter. My muscles full of blood, and all my thoughts flew away, except for one: "my cock rubs against a member of the night the host of our barracks". I deliberately slowly take off his shirt in order to prolong the buzz, his body tensed and became like steel, he began to struggle, he tried to push me away, but the chest Viti perspiring, he's felt the heat of my groin. When the shirt freed Viti face, I took him by the head and thrust his thumbs into his mouth, and began "pull the cheeks back on his head" (Our army joke), point-blank at him.
His resistance is beginning to subside, and the horror he mumbles in his eyes:
- What are you doing this? I am a tourist, I came to explore the culture, meet new people, I'm not ...
- Of course, you were ... not. But now you're at full test the thrill when you lowered the truth, I'm not going to maim and disfigure you so ... what did you have in the army. But I will teach you our Muslim sexual culture for research and that you probably drove devils here, then you will be easier to meet and interact with local guys.
I could hardly omit his stunned head to the level of his groin. He sat on his haunches.
- So it's you, Babayev !?
- Well, you remember me. Undo me my clothes and slowly, without harshness shoot, then it's even you like it.
Unbuttons his pants in his hand ... his fingers touch your codend ... and here ... my precious handsome blade ... luxurious, proportional, 22cm. Cock from flowing from the sweet languor and by a brief struggle with moisture. Eggs concerned the chin and head stirs curly forelock master life frightened greenhorns. Tru praporskuyu his face on his jeans, skirts, and on his trunk, man ... no signs of life, not even breathing. But here, as in the army, most importantly perseverance and persistence. I took the dick in his hand, poking head in Vitka's lips are tightly compressed.
-You have a choice, comrade lieutenant, or I, or I guys from the neighboring stalls. We blondes now in vogue!
Lips like limp, or parted, or it seemed to me? No, it seemed, it was marvelous soft and thick lips (as Lola!) Walk in my trunk, spreading grease, his arms hanging limply "the seams". I am no longer able to hold back, off his shirt and ambushed him in the mouth, between the tonsils, I had finished. I thought I saw the sky with diamonds, reality vanished in the waves of pleasure. Victor started to choke, but then swallowed everything. I have avenged our guys! Just a pity that so quickly ended. The tremors of bliss on my dick continued, Victor continued to suck his winner, touching at the same time, their uncircumcised pisun through panties. Suddenly Witek got up and moved closer to me, my dick poked into his belly.
- Why are you so vindictive? These laws are not my idea. Then ... I'm not fucked, did not want to let down, you even like me ... but now you are avenged, and we disagree peacefully, right?
- So, Vitek. But you're not everything to me took off, leaving his pants and shoes, and I was hot, shoot!
He straightened up, but looked not so proudly, like ten minutes ago. His white uncircumcised dick was about one-third shorter, though the same thick. He glanced compared us, and on this result his face was even more downcast. The actions of Viti was a change, it is no longer built from a rich ¸barya, he dutifully bent down, took my overshoes, trousers and then melting, anxiously listening to what is happening at the adjacent stalls, my dick was awakened in him the fear. I was just starting to enter into the taste and feel the extraordinary freedom, being naked. When he took off my galoshes, I saw his powerful back and realized I had going to fuck like a man, not like a boy. His hands touched my feet, touched up my legs, I was excited even more than ten minutes ago.
- Vitya, masturbate me by an old friend, maybe I'll let you go then. Reliable leaning his ass up to the counter, he took hold of my dick.
- Let go in an amicable way, I am under the protection of the Russian embassy ... OK, I'll take even more time to suck it into his mouth and all ... we in the calculation, you let me go!
He bent down, picked up my sword and began to walk on my back to the player up and down the brown long and thick trunk with his lips, tongue caressed and sucked the head; sucked, I pulled out and drove slowly over his face, then again took in his mouth. My winner every second-dick started to rise to the navel, then down, then up again and wanted a more serious continuation of this guy.
- You know, Vitek, you're going to leave early. God sent you to me not to let you so I do not masturbate over my dick. We will do differently, I'll fuck you in the ass.
I hoisted it on the counter, Vitek all flushed and became like a drunk:
- Why I'll never fucked then why come here to relax, why come to the market today, finally, why did you get so healthy, it's not fair!
- He clipped and did not prevent him grow, plus the sun, plus, when I was a kid, I always thought about sex and masturbate in the mornings and evenings from the age of five.
- Do you know why I did not fuck you? I wanted to have sex with you on equal terms, I would like to you in the queue, and then I could not afford to wallow with a younger man in rank on an equal footing.
Clasping his master once, I shoved my tongue in his mouth and then began a gradual transition to this male sex, that is, middle fingers to press his point through the panties.
- Trusnyak is contracted and what is left to you, to fuck you now, I will!
Vitek, like a drunken man took off pants, shorts and pulled my dutifully put a cock in her crotch, under the eggs. My horse is tense, taut skin, it has become almost black, before anyone else so did not get up. Vitino economy sagged and drooped limply. Who will have the execution of the once almighty Ensign, pushed on through to black dick. Head slightly parted the hole and began to throb painfully, Victor pulled away from her, his arms around my neck, and did not open. I forgot the excitement Russian language and tried to explain to him in Uzbek, my Muslim approach to sex does not allow me to rape her rude guest. I pushed on his shoulders. Victor kissed me on the neck and began to belittle not motherfuckers him seriously, and rubbed by a dick between his thighs, groaned, began hands glide over my dick, meanwhile, my blade covered with grease its entry point, an extraordinary buzz spread over the entire body, as if I soared. I barely restrained so as not to come from Vitka's hands. Needless to say, the guy was very cunning and nervous, his nervousness promised unusual pleasure.
In the army, I dare not even dream of his ass, on the contrary, in the nightmares I dreamed how he puts me, as I millimeter by millimeter, losing my manhood as his balls covered my eggs are ashamed to look into the eyes of his comrades, because they are already I learned that I became a fagot; and what will happen when they return home, how to look into the eyes of the guys in the mahalla, father and little brother?
Now, these muscled tensed arms, abdominals cubes and hairy legs, then tense, then relaxed belong to me. I do it motherfuckers, I open it. In his moments of relaxation ringlet, I pushed the end of the thrusts in his hot slot man stiffened, moaned, and the head, meeting resistance, slipped out. Finally, the head is fully seated in its close male hole, and Vitka's ass tightly wrapped around the trunk of my penis. His point, trying to push my horse, but more it is compressed on the basis of the castle, because my head is trimmed blade heavier than the barrel. I cautiously entered my cock on the eggs in the ass master salabonov. The pleasure of a hearty girth of my penis was so large that I get lost in time and began to moan from the buzz. Flashed before me sexy pictures of my childhood, classmate, we Matza of the class at recess at school, a girl with whom I was sitting at the desk, the first day in the army, demobilization, the wedding and finally ... my sweet revenge. The guy was conquered, the tears welled up resentment in his eyes, he tried to escape and almost tears the slippery dick, but I this time with force threw him. For each forward movement of my sword ... in the anus of the enemy, I was ready to pay a lot, but the pleasure of planting and removing the dick in white ass ensign, for that blissful friction along the entire length of my trunk, God gave me a gift, just as I yearned for Lola. Groans northern guest expressed pain and anger. O Allah, then in the army, I had a premonition that you give me revenge!
- Now is not jerking, and that will hurt; I Poimena different now for you.
I carefully turned the guy without taking a slippery grease the end, facing the counter. His ass was worse, the hole immediately grabbed the end stronger. I gave him time to get used to my anus invaded, I enjoyed an unusual production, the burning heat of fire its innards and did only small movements.
- Vitek, you're not the first time, and it seemed to me?
- I am interested in girls, but in the army, I fucked everybody, you know yourself; after the army also planted a couple of times in zhopki black boys, but you gave me ... or rather took just one guy. During the call to military service on medical board, I met with me the guy my call, Azer or Dagestani and invited home. I'm a fool, go, we drank, smoked dope, started watching Vidic and masturbate. Then he threw me and fucked me in the ass. When I asked him the ass, he just laughed and said that the ass does not, but it is such they have the custom, before the urgent need to fuck soprizyvnika service, then the whole service goes smoothly. I wanted to fight, but nonsense relaxed me, and he, in stages once again came over me and fucked this time for a long time and made to crow, to everyone in the house knew that their boy has become a man. His father then dov¸z me to my street and put ten bucks, asking not to be offended, as "a sign they have such-and-so has"...
I gently stroked his thighs and began to shove dick in full length. After two or three cuts, I take it, and again thrust. Vitek groaned.
- Under whom you better?
- Azer fucked me through the condom, such feelings were not even his dick was long, but thin.
- Do you now feel?
- As if I want to crap, but your end will not let me and he rams almost to the liver, it is hot and powerful, I was even pleased that you have here opened, Now fuck me like you want ... now luck is on your side .. . but I am very sorry that you did not opidarasil then ... who knows, maybe then you now have groaned under me, who knows, maybe we'll meet in my territory ... that's what brings leniency to black!
When I re-opened the curtain on the counter, was already getting dark, Vitek was dressed in the Uzbek military commissar in the package I put him as AM everything is new, before waving it over the counter leaned over and kissed my hand on the crotch, my cock replied trigger finger climbed over the cheek.
- Rahmat, Farhad-aka! When you give me my passport?
- First, you framed temporary registration, pozhiv¸sh me a month, and the other, meet my friends and my little brother, but we'll see.
The working day is almost over, all the goods I forwarded to the warehouse, then suddenly sketched Gafur-ment. After collecting all owed Ghafoor, portraying agility, barely exceeded my counter p¸rnul, slyly grinned and lit a cigarette.
- Far and Far? You girls should?
- It is, Gafut aka.
- And I have on girls and boys is worth it!
At the same time gently stroking my hand on the buttocks, the other rubs himself his pants. pidara be killed and cut into pieces, but ... superiors, cop. Selected approval, admiration and sympathy:
- Ghafoor, aka, Tabib said that I must have this ... well, as it ... well SIFID! Yesterday, when I piss on a sprig isryka Tabib-aka and set fire to it, the smoke showed three Arabic letters: " Syn ". " F" and "Jim"And that - the disease.
Gafur with squeamish view stands up and is about to fall over backwards.
- Where are you, Ghafoor, aka?
- All of you here sheep, fuck with all sorts of Russian adventurers, and when the time comes to help his brother, analyzes Rent ... SIFID! Rams freaking!
To be continued...