I, my brother and ...

I never thought that I could tell about the most intimate that happened in my life, carefully concealed from everyone and everything. It happened when I was 18 years old. I must say that I started to masturbate very early, about 12 years - 13. At first it was just a new feeling, and then I began to pose other naked boys, because I went to the pool and saw a lot of boys, men, and of course their members. So there is nothing more exciting, I could not find. Then I and my brother Paul purchased the porn card, and I began to masturbate on them. Then I managed to get a porn movie.
It was a little background to make it clear how it all began.
This porn tape with Paul for the first time we looked together. I got it from his neighbor, his brother called and said that I have a hot video, but will not be able to see the house, because my father was sick and stayed at home. Pasha told me to come. I've been at it an hour later. His house was only a grandmother, but she was in the morning was not good and it was in a small room and watched TV. We Paul closed the door to a large room and turned on the tape.
The sight struck us. Nothing of the sort we have not seen before. I immediately got up member. I was very impressed with the film and did not pay attention to his brother. He, too, all eyes looked like Rasputin fucking what - then a village girl. The film was a feature so fucking except there was an effect. We looked at each other with Paul, stopped the tape and went to smoke.
On the stairs, we decided to share his impressions. I asked him whether his term. He said that he is in full. I told him that I, too, stood up. I asked him to show his cock, and in return I'll show her. He said that the show in the bathroom. We finished smoking, and went into the apartment. My brother, I must say a very attractive boy. 185cm tall, black hair, a member of 19 cm, the athlete. Paul closed the door to the bath and pulled his pants completely. I did the same answer. We are spellbound looking at each other's members. Then our eyes met, and I saw in his eyes Paul's plea. He probably saw the same thing in my eyes. I asked whether it is possible to touch his penis. He destroyed, and I took his penis. He was big and hot. I spent some time on it, so how to do it with his cock. He took my dick too, and when he saw that I did not resist, and began to drive him too, just like me. We were interrupted by footsteps in the corridor. We quickly removed his pants in the economy, and I first came out of the bathroom. Then Paul went out. We waited until the grandmother again lay down and turned on the tape. We are inspected, but no one dared to masturbate in the presence of each other. Next weekend my brother and I went to the station three for a new porn magazine. We did not buy him at three stations, but we managed to get the tape in Khimki. We arrived home and began to watch the tape, but before we look at and 5 minutes later, came home from work my father. Paul decided to stay for the night.
In the evening, when parents went to sleep we kerf cassette. There's a huge black man fucked Frenchwoman. We looked without looking. My penis has long stood, and Paul, too, all reared up. I took off my panties under a blanket, Paul repeated the maneuver. Then I asked him if he would be embarrassed if I Throw Blanket. He said that there will be no more than do the same. We continued watching the movie. I offered to get some sleep or we do not and dosidev to 12. He agreed. We decided to sleep for an hour each in turn. First, I decided to sleep. I closed my eyes and pretended to fall asleep. I really wanted to learn fingering yl Pasha or not. I had to wait a long time I did not exactly breathe fats, and he thought I was asleep. He pulled back the covers and had begun nadrachivat. His cock stood like a chisel. He quickened the pace and began to breathe intermittently. I could not hold back any longer and coughed. He was a little frightened looked at me and saw that I was lying with his eyes open. He was embarrassed. This course of events was not very arranged and decided a little to defuse the situation. I asked him if he had long engaged in this. He lied that now tasted for the first time. I said I did not have anything to be embarrassed and said that I was engaged in masturbation for a year. It is in response to my candor admitted that he Fingering already half a year. We went not hesitate to close, including films each other and started to massage their limbs. We have become distracted from the movie, as on our bed unfolded more exciting spectacle than on the screen. I noticed that Paul observes how I Masturbates, I in turn became brocade, his swollen with excitement member. He asked whether it is possible to repeat what was in the bathroom of his apartment two days ago. I said that you can try. I took his penis in her hand and slowly began to move his body. He, too, I took my penis in his hand and began to masturbate. From this we are even more excited.
At this point of no common sense and speech could not go. We have moved a passion for new experiences and unspent sexual energy.
I suddenly wanted to take his penis in her mouth, as did the French on the screen. I went down to the level of Paul's thighs and kissed his swollen head, then quickly took it into his mouth. Paul at first resisted, but then apparently he liked it, and he even began to move backwards to meet my mouth. For me it was also a new feeling. I naturally never before such was not engaged. his brother was a member of a large and thick. I first moved his tongue over his head, then began to swallow it deeper and deeper. Then I took it out of his mouth and began to drive his tongue over its entire length. Then I began to suck his balls. He liked it very much. He began to finish, and I sent a jet of sperm on his belly. Then he decided to give me pleasure. She started stroking my long-standing member. He did it very gently and carefully. He started slowly, then a little quickened pace. Then he took it into his mouth. It was truly the highest level bliss. He sucked on it for a long time. First he fondled the penis. Then it became a little bite from what I really wound up. Then he began to suck my balls at the same time felt a finger hole in my anus and made his way there. When the finger fully entered it at that - is pressed, while continuing to suck my balls and began to descend. He also sent a stream of sperm on my stomach while continuing to encourage me through the anus.
We went there and began a vacation from experienced sensations. I asked him how he knows how to stimulate the boy through the anus. He said that one day in the bathroom, when he jerked off, decided to try to shove it - or whether in the ass. He smeared his finger with soap and quickly brought him his anus. He took his finger back and forth with the other hand to masturbate his penis. And then he pressed on what - the hillock and felt such pleasure is not experienced ever before. He said that he had finished then it is very abundant.
We are a little rubbed their members and went to bed, thinking that is enough for today impressions. Of course, before we went to sleep, we decided to have a smoke.
In the morning we took each other's word that no one will ever know what happened tonight. And, on reflection, we decided not to engage in more of these. But as the saying goes: to promise not peck crow shit, but as fresh in bulk, so just flies.
The following weekend was scheduled holiday - my mother's birthday. We gathered as usual throughout the relatives. Paul was of course too. We sat at the table a bit, bite, drank to the health of my mother, and went for a walk.
It should be noted that the word walk in such meetings of family, meant to smoke and drink, of course not at his own expense. Money usually we took my older brother Volodya.
We came out of the entrance and a ... usually went first to the store to buy vodka, and then we went to the usual entrance. We're a little vypel, smoked and talked on the previous weekend. Paul said that he can not forget what happened last week. I admitted that I also constantly think about it. We drank a little more, and it became boring to sit and do nothing. Then we decided to go to Danilo, a friend of Paul, and to sit at him (to drink vodka, smoke, watch porn). Danya was at home, he let us with joy because I knew that we did not come empty. We quickly built a table and set up everything and have included a cassette with porn. My cock reacted immediately Pashkin too, I looked at his pants and Dani tried to understand whether he got a member or not. But Danya was sitting in a very wide trousers and I could not understand it. Danya saw this tape for the first time and therefore do not go with us, smoking.
We Paul went to the balcony, and he said he wanted to repeat what was last weekend. I replied that I, too, would not mind, but they were not at home, especially since the apartment was still a boy. But Paul assured me that Danya not tell anyone, and maybe join us. I doubt took a similar news, but I decided to try.
We entered the room and caught a pretty juicy picture. Danya sat masturbate full, not paying any attention to us. He looked at us and blushed a little, but he did not quickly clean up your instrument. I understood it as a hint and took off his pants, too. Paul this turn of events did not expect, or rather he would like, but do not think that will happen so fast. He followed our example, and taking off his pants and sat down on a chair next to Danya.
We began to masturbate slowly. It was obvious that what is happening not only gets us to Paul, but Danya that all eyes stared at the mine, then Pashin member and speeding up the pace. I thought that if it is all gone so far, it is necessary to finish the job. I moved closer to Dana, we were sitting on the same couch, and stretched out his hand to his cock, he pushed my hand and asked what I was doing. I replied that I wanted to touch and masturbate his penis. He protested, but then, after some thought, agreed. I took his penis in her hand and slowly began to masturbate him. Member Danny was less than that of Paul. Paul at this time was attached to my penis and took it into his mouth without ceremony. When Danya saw it, but was dumbfounded. I'm not paying any attention to it, too, quickly he took his cock in her mouth. He resisted just a moment, and then began to move even the pelvis in rhythm to the way I sucked. He obviously liked it and it was evident that he had long wanted to. I sucked his penis is not long, as Danya enough perevozbudilsya and finished in my mouth. It was a surprise for myself, because I had never tried the male sperm. The taste did not disappoint, it was unusual, but not unpleasant, a little tart. I, in turn finished in the mouth to Paul, and he, too, swallowed every last drop. Danja asked that anyone - any of us gave him in his mouth. Since Paul was a member in full combat readiness, Danya started to suck his cock. I taught him how to do it correctly. When Paul began to finish Danya would pull his cock out of his mouth, but I did not let him do it and he swallowed all the sperm.
We got into the shower, rinse, and we went home with Paul because already late for half an hour.
Coming home, we realized that we could stay at least another two hours. Our were in good condition and did not pay attention to the time. Volodya said that we are also a little drunk and began to hint at it, but no one was able to understand his allusions. When it began to diverge, and it was about 22:00, we were able to prevail upon Paul, his mother, that he was my guest for 2 days. Since the holidays she had almost immediately agreed. All had left, and my parents went to sleep fairly quickly.
We Paul always slept in the same bed, and I must say that it is good, because our it did not cause any suspicion. We went to Paul and pretended they were very tired and fell asleep. When we were absolutely sure that my mother did not get up to the bathroom, I turned on the tape with porn.
We have quietly pulled back the covers, they took off pants and began to masturbate. We saw the scene where the woman lay with a man jack while sucking each other. We decided to try the same thing. I was on top, and below me, Paul. We both sucked each other, and it was very nice and new. We're a little masturbate members and decided that we should try that - something hot.
I took a clothespin and pinched his nipple. He said it was quite nice, then I pinched his other nipple and began stroking his dick and suck it. I licked his cock, then egg, then a little belly and pubic area, then again passed on to its members. It is at this time a little pressed on clothespins, tugged them and literally 2 minutes he came very abundant. I sent a jet of sperm on it and then licked it with every last drop.
He then proceeded to my penis. He also pinched my nipples. I must say that it does not hurt so much as pleasant. There is a languor over the whole body, and when the Pasha began to suck my penis and masturbate him this languor multiplied several times. I began to finish too quickly enough. Paul semen smeared all over my stomach, and then licked it all.
We decided to get some rest and have a smoke. On the balcony, I asked him if he told anyone about our adventures - ever. He replied that he was silent as a fish. I also said that no one talked about it.
We finished smoking, and went back to bed. We decided to go a little further than just suck each other member. He persuaded me to stretch our little anuses tongues and fingers, and then try to fuck in the ass. At first I did not agree, but then I thought, why - do not try.
I spread her legs and lifted them. He started with one hand to fondle my penis and a finger of the other hand began to penetrate into my anus. It had not happened. Then he leaned into my anus with his mouth and began to smack and licking tongue. Ring anus subjects, then he quickly went into my finger, then hooked up the second, third. Pashin member has long stood. When used to stretch the anus, Pasha gently began to enter into me as a member. At first, we did not succeed, but from this failure even more wanted it. Pasha tried to enter into me again. His swollen head touched my anus, ring tightened reflexively, but then under mild pressure from members of his subjects.
Slowly at first he was led by a member of my ass. I pierced a sharp pain, but then I got used to the anus to his cock and I began to have fun. He, too, apparently, enjoyed, and more than I do. He came straight to me, that I was not very happy, but I did not say anything. His cock began to fall, the excitement has passed, it is up to the end poured into me, and only then pulled out a member.
Then I put him on his knees, and he began to suck my cock. From the little he sucked on and then turned to me, her lovely ass. I started to stick it on his handsome. He moaned a little, and I warned him that he did not cry for the first time. He began to strain the anal sphincter, but I did not give up. As soon as he could no longer keep the muscles, I quickly introduced a member until the end, for the most eggs. I enjoyed it very much: balls banging on the buttocks of my brother, his narrow gut each time is better adapted to my cock, she was tight and this feeling was very cool. I also finished it. My cock began to fall, and I pulled him out of Paul. We strongly enough got tired, and had a lot of experience .... We went to bed.
The next day we met with Paul to go to the dam for a swim. Danya decided to go with us. We went to the dam to swim and have decided that it will be possible to do this in the bushes when we change :. But this is a continuation of our history. Maybe someday I'm going with the forces and print continuation but not today, already it dawns ::.
(Please ignore the error and some incorrect phrases statement. I'm not a professional writer).