Husband kukold

My wife and I decided to have a party before the new year. It drew a lot of friends and acquaintances. We drank, played cards and danced the night away. It was very fun and cool.
My wife has a slightly stocky build and very large breasts. Her hair is burning black and dark skin, so she is very much like a Spaniard than Russian. She was twenty-eight years, all eyes of men throughout the night were glued to her boobs. Pretty drunk, she no longer adhere to the etiquette and led intimate conversations with the guests. Some of them told me what my wife is hot stuff. She tottered awkwardly among the crowd, swinging from side to side with their tits.
After midnight is all pretty get drunk as a pig, people became less and less. Finally, we were only together with Angela. She said she was tired and order in the house will direct tomorrow. I myself wanted to sleep, I said that I will come, only a smoke before bedtime.

Sitting in the room in a chair asleep. I was awakened by the ringing of glasses. I opened my eyes and saw Dennis, he works with my wife in a restaurant. She is the manager, and he was a waiter. The boy nineteen years old, but his height and muscular figure it all twenty-five can be given. For some reason I thought that he went with them.
Denis came to me again, I pretended to be asleep, he stood next to me and decided that I see the tenth dream, walked down the hallway toward my bedroom. I became very interested.
I got up and crept to the room where my wife was sleeping. The door was closed, but the light was on, so I lightly opened it and peered into a small schelochku.
I do not believe my eyes, what I saw ...

Angela slept in his clothes on the bed. Dennis sat next to her and unbutton her blouse. She was dead drunk. Her huge tits were hidden under the bra. The guy pulled a penknife from his pocket and stuck it between them under the fabric of her bra. A deft movement, he cut it from the front. Boob feel freedom and dispersed in different directions.
Angela continued to sleep peacefully. The guy put his arms around her balls with their hands and fingers twirled the one nipple, then the other. He leaned forward and took one of them in his mouth. I was just stunned by the sight. By turns he inserted them into his mouth and sucked like candy.

I wondered, now drop into the room and pull the bugger the collar on the street, and then unscrew his balls. I stood stock-still and could not move. In my pants already grown a huge mound.

- Damn it, what's this happening to me? I was excited by the fact that in my eyes some guy paw my wife? !!!

Left to look into sch¸lku, I stroked his cock in his trousers. Denis got off the bed and began to undress. He turned muscular body and broad chest. When he took off his pants with shorts, I saw his huge priborchik. I have never met such a size. In the eyes of its defined length. He was sticking up, as if he were carved out of stone on the twenty-five centimeters. Denis again climbed onto the bed and began to unbutton his pants my wife. He pulled them down along with the silk panties. Her naked pussy opened before the eyes of Man, he put his hand on her curly hairs and began to stroke. Then she spreads her legs wide and climbed on top Angelou. Play a bit of his prick, the size of a child's fist on her lips sex, slowly began to insert it into the vagina. Centimeter by centimeter, a member began to fall into her juicy hole. The wife did not move, she went to bed drunk in the trash, not even suspecting that her pussy is now walking a stranger dick.

Denis continued to fry her lingering rhythmic movements. It is almost completely out of it, and then it drives the quick jerk on the eggs back. His hands were on her tits and squeezed them tightly. I could see his thick piston when immersed in the vagina drew her labia lips of an interior. And when he pulled back, they are tightly clasped the trunk of his own petals. The sight was simply awesome, Denis slightly slowed his movements, his back arched, and from the mouth of a loud groan.
It was not difficult to guess that the guy finished right in the pussy of my drunken wife. I thought he did not stop there, but I was mistaken. Denis tears with Angela, quickly put on his pants and started to leave. I popped a bullet from the hallway and again umostilsya in a chair, pretending to be asleep. He walked through the living room and out into the street.

I went back to my wife. She went to sleep on his back completely naked. Her legs were wide apart, and the semen flowing from pussy, running thin streams, filling her hole anus. I could not leave things as they are, if tomorrow will see that it now someone is raped at night, there will be trouble. It would kill me if he found out that I had seen and done nothing with her abuser.
It remained to undress and to pretend that I fucked her all night.
I put his penis in her wet cunt and felt at the end of his sperm Denis. Her hole was so hot that he just fell into her pussy full of grease. My body zadrygalos and Angela opening his eyes a little stirred. I gently kissed her.

- Oh, dear !!! Fuck me !!! - Which I did.

Her legs wrapped around my back, a member in this position entered deeply into the vagina. Angela moaned with delight. I almost immediately had finished, my sperm mixed with semen Denis. My wife and I rolled over and fell asleep quickly.
The next day, when I finally woke up, Angela was standing in the kitchen and cook us breakfast.

- Hello, Sonya!! - She told me. Last night it was something incredible!

A month later we learned that she was pregnant. For many years, we did not work to have children. The doctors said that the problem in my semen. They are very much surprised that my wife still came to conceive a child.

- Well, it just wonders !!! - They are bred hands.

I - knew that there are no miracles. And the child is not from me, but from this scum Denis.

Of course resigned from my position, I continued to pretend to be a happy father. Angela really suspected nothing. And I eventually began to appear obsessions. I increasingly wanted to see my wife in another man's arms again.
I wanted to look like her rape and fuck in all holes.
That's how I became a kukold husband.