In the backwaters of the Dnieper

In 1964 our family moved from Kiev to Kherson. New city, new friends, new worries, that's only the old problems remain. Cum, literally boiling in my eggs and required output. To exit need new experiences, and where to get them in a new city. Very soon, my new friends suggested: Creek. In Kherson, the left bank of the Dnieper the same low, as in Kiev. This is not a water park or zasrat crap Truhanov island. Until the horizon ocean pristine sand, bushes verboloza and silver poplars. small clearings scattered among this splendor, as if by sun rays in the buff. Hunting for sunbathing has become my hobby for many years.
Hunting is a serious and dangerous. We passed it by the company with the men. There could catch and cool nakostylyat. Do not we approached and meadows with mixed pairs. There could run (very accurately) weighty drin between the shoulder blades. We looked for a girl's company. All my friends had fun: river pebbles (with the first throw) to get to the hairy triangle or in the gap between the thighs This wild game me soon enough. Judge for yourself.
Company youngsters can spend hours lying on his stomach, lifting to the sun is one. the other pink heel. It is necessary to get them on the pebbles back and ass as they screeched to dive into the bushes. Then there is nothing to do here.
"aunts" - Those who are over 30-Tb, lie on your back and arms outstretched legs. Look at pendulous breasts, fattening their bellies, not a fountain. Besides violent pubic hair can not see anything, all the interesting close fattening thighs. It is necessary to get into it with pebbles, like a multi-storey mat is heard that it is impossible to pass. Lyrical mood is gone.
Nice to look at the bride sat up. Feel formed body, neat (not yet broken-down) sex lips caused great excitement and a desire to rush back. Contact stone is easy Matyuk and harboring a towel. And there is nothing to catch more.
Very quickly I became a hunter lone. I was attracted mixed couples. It turns out that watching them alone - the highest pleasure. Memories of this still excite.
Here is a waterbus go he and she. Go, as in kindergarten, tightly holding hands. As they slowly bypass the territory of the beach, his hand several times touches her back, or slightly below. Her hand and repeatedly strikes him on the buttocks. For me this is a sign - Game. After seeing the beach, a couple of dives in the bushes, and I for them. Now the main thing is not to hurry. Having dived into the thicket, a couple long kissing, clenched hands. Then his hands apart and he pulls her to him. At the same time his hand rests on her ass, but she does not reject the hand. Plenty kiss enough, the couple begins to move. As it moves, he repeatedly pressed to her. I can not see the back, but I know that his trousers are ahead of the stake. Finding busy clearing, she gently sprinkles into a fist, he pulls her to him and always kisses. At this time, I look around the clearing and decide: is it worth to come back or will not stand. Finally - the free field found. At first, she chooses a place to bed: on the left side of the field (the sun), closer to the bushes, and certainly without grass. Discarded sandals, she leans over a bag squats on his haunches. This is 1964 - the flowering of mini skirts and super short sundresses. I lay on the sand, and my peg is a demonstration of drin charms. Over time, I got a pair of binoculars. Weak, but quite enough for hunting. Litter spread out and begins the process of changing. Dozens, maybe hundreds of times, I have observed a similar picture. Few come in a swimsuit. For sunbathing lingerie dresses the best. Smacking him on the cheek, she goes to the bushes. At the beginning of the armhole exempt hands. Without removing sundress, byusgalter removed and hung on the branch. This sundress lifts the lower part of the laundry (very excitatory). What would you get out of the upper part of her purse she bends or squats. There are no words, only memories. The upper part is put (without removing sundress) and remove the bottom. I have never seen without changing dress, not taking it. Putting the lower part of a sundress is very inconvenient. The body sweaty, melting roll to roll, but she stubbornly pulls them up. Every time I looked forward to the moment of withdrawal sundress. It's like a lucky shot of the hunter. Apparel fell and here it is the perfect moment: one breast did not hit the cup, melt stuck below the buttocks, all the charm in front of you. such pleasure does not give no porn, it must be seen zhiv¸m. Flexible swaying from side to side, she spins the melting and puts everything in its place. With her gestures did not match any belly dancing. Many years later, in Turkey, showed it to me - a pathetic parody of the dressing on the backwaters. All the women were finishing dressing up one and the same movement: crushes elastic belt and pulled away slightly ahead of melting. Sure, it looks to some there is something better. Then a slight squat and gum in the crotch. All She had changed. Now I have 5 - 7 minutes to change position.
It is necessary to lay down at their feet, it is the most comfortable position for viewing continue. Sexual intercourse was not interesting to me. His naked ass covers everything. The only worthy of a moment when he slips off her. Deployed sponge, water droplets on the hair, pink bud anal - shine. After a moment, the legs are lowered and the picture disappears. I'm always waiting for love games. they were engaged in "hymen" or in "dangerous" days.
First, he gently stroked her shoulder. Then the hand goes to the rope on her neck. Short stroking and untied the knot. Now hand rhythmically stroking the spine and the other pulls the knot. Couple kissing in the back of the rope and divorced in hand. No resistance, only blissful relaxation. Gradually the hand down to the bottom. When lying on the abdomen, between the spine and the elastic pant there is a gap. In this slot, first penetrating fingers, then his hand. As soon as his hand falls under the gum, it starts to move in the back. With every movement of her melting down lower and lower. But they go crazy on the thighs and perineum. At this point, ass and legs raised slightly divorced. Inspired, he jumps up and removes them completely. There also are flying and his swimming trunks. As I wanted to, what would I have been a member of the same large and standing. Now, after many years of living, I'm dreaming again about this. He swung falls on it, but it was not there. Her legs pressed tightly together. All attempts to push them in vain. He was disappointed, I am satisfied - game. After some inquiries tight crevice between the buttocks, he pushes his feet and lay down on her. After a few seconds, her legs slightly parted, letting his instrument to his crotch. He now realizes that e: Do not be. It is a few kisses on her neck, and his ass starts to rhythmic movements. Initially, nothing is visible. Her ass is lowered, the legs are tight, the only visible movement of his instrument. Minutes 3-4, It begins to disassemble. Barely noticeable, but her ass is starting to rise. A little more and push the legs. I can see very well how his trunk slides along her jaw, lips swollen. They are no longer pale coffee, and red-brown and shiny. Sometimes seen pale pink skin inside. This is when he tries to push his trunk inside her. Today it is not allowed. He was hard, tears sperm eggs into pieces, he begins to stop. I do not know how, but she feels this moment. Light deflection and head rests on the anal bud. One - two of His movement and discharge occurs. Sometimes, richly oiled head falls into her body. Exhausted he fell beside her. She just picked up her purse and ran into the bushes .... When the couple left, I found in the bushes maiden handkerchiefs or napkins with wet spots. Every time I had a desire to squeeze the spots to the member and to add his sperm. That I did not do, afraid to pick up an infection. I just gently smelled fresh sperm and female perineum.
Most often, he clamped his hand and went to head next. While he was resting with his eyes closed, she (usually) makes the following motion:
Even more legs apart and raised the ass by swiping your finger on the anal bud to the pubis. If the fingers of glistening moisture, some have tried it on the tongue. All this time I was able to enjoy the most intimate thing a young woman.
If you remember, I was watching on the backwaters, not enough computer memory. I saw in the bushes Mom teaches daughter to remove the sand from the perineum. He is seen as a father with his son twisting trunks. Father playfully flips son cockerel, and he throws his hand his instrument. Son is embarrassed and blushing, and my father gently presses it to himself and makes several reciprocating movements fist. Usual business intercourse in water face to face. Much more interesting - face-to-back, with knees pressed to his chest partner. Plenty of room for imagination give bathing dogs. Grown men running around in the shallows, constantly stumbling. After each of their fall is the top dog (it does not matter to a man or woman). I am seen as a bunch of guys having fun with Tiny (4-5 person). But I have never heard or seen violence. Kherson city small, drown instantly.
Here's erotic life was spent in the backwaters of the glorious Dnieper River. As there now, I do not know.