Mamin method

In sixth grade, I can hardly be called the soul of the company. Not that I'm on their classmates, hiding during breaks in the school library, or running away from the school immediately after the call, and just tried to not stick out too much. Sit in his class, fooling around with all the breaks, sometimes chasing soccer after school, but despite all of this, over the years I did with anybody seriously and became friends.
I rarely punished for bad behavior, and academic performance as a whole was not bad subjects, the only exception is exercise. "goose" marches, jumping goat climbing on the ropes and all the others like them, methods of compulsory physical development of schoolchildren I saw pure Nazism, and as he could wriggle out of employment. But no, I liked to climb on the ropes. Athletes have been low, with inspiring muscled forty peasant - Alexander Kuznetsov (I think it is not necessary to explain why his nickname was - Pushkin).
At the end of the second quarter we had a mandatory test on the subject matter, but I foolishly skipped. He agreed to put me an estimate for the quarter, but only on the condition that during winter break, I'll go on the four additional sessions. I had nowhere to go and I had to agree.
In the first lesson, but I had three other students from parallel classes, also walk-off. For three hours, we drove Pushkin circles the gym, forced to jump over a goat and in general, was delayed as he could. Finally taking pity on us, he sent us to shower and go home.
The hard her feet, I got to the locker room and quickly got rid of shorts and T-shirts went to the shower. Cool water jets pleasantly caressed my body, helping to get rid of the sweat and tiredness. Rest "prisoners"Quickly opolosnuvshis already returned to the locker room, but I continued to stand under the water, thinking about something pleasant.
I was about to leave when the shower naked Pushkin entered. He went to a nearby standpipe with me and turned on the water. Stealthily, trying not to attract his attention, I looked examined him from head to toe. Previously, I had never seen him naked, and look at it at that - narrow hips, muscular torso and powerful biceps. My eyes rested against my will in his groin. His cock, covered with thick black hair, was not much longer than mine, although much thicker.
At that time I was a virgin and had never kissed a girl. But in dealing with her sex, I was much more experienced. That summer, in the camp, we are with a guy from the squad, even Drach several times to each other member. Once again looking at a member of the sporty, I noticed that he was slightly increased in size. Feeling that my body also became blood rush, I quickly turned off the water and a bullet flew out of the shower. In the evening in bed, I slowly podrachival his penis, posing as Pushkin fucks me in the ass his thick body.
The next session was almost a copy of the first, we just ran around the room, throwing balls and perform various exercises. Several times I have noticed that the athlete throws at me thinking, from which the skin shivers ran pleasant.
After he let go of us, I again stayed in the shower, and three minutes after the last student came out, Alexander went to the shower. He stood beside me and turned on the water. For a while we silently washed by jets of hot water, sometimes touching each other's thighs. When I finally dared to look at his groin, to my surprise, he had already been there all stood. The opened head of his cock with a narrow end, did not differ from the diameter of the trunk, so it looked like a standing member not mushroom, but rather a thick cucumber.
For a while, I was unable to tear his eyes away from this spectacle. Finally I was able to regain his jaw in place and trying not to look sporty in the face, I turned off the water and ran to the locker room.
Almost running to get home, I immediately ran to the bathroom and pulled off his pants with shorts engaged in such a familiar thing. I finished just a couple of movements, wiping with toilet paper their walls with stains, I finally was able to calm down a little.
This evening, I finished two more times, with it the second time I almost got caught. My thirteen year old sister came into my room without knocking, and I barely had time to remove his hand from the penis. I pull the panties did not, and just put on a top sheet, which treacherously betrayed my riser. Rita rummaged in the bookshelf and choosing a book, and silently left the room, leaving lastly another look at my tent sheets.
In recent years, I began to notice that my sister has become a frequently come to me without knocking, trying to guess those moments when I change clothes or getting ready for bed (read Drach). Once, when I was not completely closed the latch in the bath, she went there when I was standing naked in the shower. Not in the least embarrassed she apologized without any regret in his voice and an appraising glance at me from head to toe out.
The third session lasted only an hour, then let go of all the athlete home, leaving room only me and one other guy from junior class. Sending him clean up in the locker room, Pushkin offered to show me some exercises, by which I could quickly improve your fitness. During these exercises, he often came close to me from behind, and sometimes I could even feel his standing member. Helping me on the bar, he supported me with his right hand, running his thumb in the hollow between my buttocks and forefinger massaging me right under the scrotum. From these movements, I almost did not finish right in the pants, not even touching his penis. Forty minutes later, when my cock was ready he is about to explode, he let me go home. I waited for him in the shower for almost fifteen minutes, but he never showed up. , I went home Back in the locker room, I dressed quickly and without meeting the second student. Houses, before the arrival of the sisters, I had homework and double finish.
At the last session, we had to take tests, and time long jump I strongly pulled right thigh muscle. Leaving the rest of the students play basketball, Alexander pomogo me get to the locker room. A doctor in the infirmary was not in that day, all the same holidays, so he offered me a pound muscle. Without hesitation, I agreed.
Athlete asked me to pull tights and when he saw that beneath the long boxers, offered to take them, too, arguing yato they will interfere. Terribly blushing, and with a rapidly beating heart, I pulled the pants to the ankle.
Alexander put me on the bench and said that I leaned on the wall and relaxed. From his first touch to my knee, I started, but then stopped. Hands teacher was warm and surprisingly soft. He started to rub my thigh, slowly climbing higher to the groin. Cramp let me back in the room, but I said nothing about it, trying to get as many new experiences as possible.
Soon grinding steel to be more similar to stroking. Some times back of his hand brushed against my scrotum and penis, which I quickly responded strong erection. Another minute, and I felt that he was touching my genitals are becoming more insistent. When he fully grasped my dick hand, I only cried quietly and then bit his lip. Seeing that I did not let it, after a couple of movements, ... Alexander has replaced his fist mouth, which I finished in fifteen seconds. Without saying a word to me, and trying not to look up, he came out of the locker room.
Our relationship with him lasted about two months. Basically, we had oral sex. A couple of times he tried to enter me from behind, but his cock was still great for me, and he had to be content with only two fingers in my anus.
Over the next year, I changed the seven partners. Most of them were the same teens like me, hungry for sex, but too shy to find a girl for that. So I managed several times to fuck with one of my father's friends. His cock was very thin, and the penetration, even though the length, I felt no pain, only pleasure.
My last male partner turned out to be Andrew, fourteen man, whom I met at the cottage. We were friends with him for almost two summers, but on a more intimate relationship, moved after I once saw some interested glances he throws on my dick in a bath. Andrew did not like when I fucked him in the ass, preferring the mutual blowjob. So soon, our favorite pastime was the position "69". It is in this position, I think we have found and my mother.
I'm not sure that everything was exactly as she never told me about it, but I think that all happened as follows. Andrei and I were in my room, lying in our favorite position. It was about one o'clock, my sister has only recently gone to school, and before the arrival of their parents from work, there were still at least three hours. Soft music from the radio, still was loud enough to drown out the button opens the lock. In the shop where my mother works, cut off electricity and sellers let go home early.
Undressed in the hallway and poised bags on the kitchen, my mother opened the door, looked me in the room. Hooked members each other, Andrei and did not even notice her appearance. Standing for about a minute, my mother gently closed the door, and trying not to make noise quickly left the apartment.
From that day, her attitude towards me, in a sense, has changed. She did not love me less, and began to love me anyway. First of all it touched her casual clothes. At home, she is now only go in coats, which along its length, as I seemed to be even shorter than my sister's gowns. It is not their buttoning buttons, and just over tighten the belt, allowing them to swing open quite often. So my mother, soon there was no underwear, which I had not seen her. Closer to the summer, when it's established hot, she first just stopped wearing underwear, and then changed his robes on a translucent nightgown she wore on her naked body.
It seemed that Mr. my sister or father did not notice her new style. But no, the father noticed. They began to have sex almost every night, sometimes during the day, closing the kitchen and turning on the TV louder. Mom tried not to miss a single case, to hug or kiss me. What has her arms over time have become quite intimate. It is not just hugged me and pressed close to me, ramming his chest and groin vzhimayas to my penis. Naturally, I could not ignore, and even shy at first his risen member. But seeing that the mother does not pay any attention to it, to master quickly, and already he tried to rub it on your body. All my blue entertainment completely flew out of my head. On the street, I noticed now only women and only women.
Somewhere at the end of June, my mother got a vacation. She was going to break away from his father in a small village on the shore of the lake, where her mother, our grandmother. Me and my sister, she took with her. To get there we had to train for almost a day. From the train station went after midnight, on the reaching of his compartment, we immediately went to sleep. Mom with her sister on the lower shelves, I'm on top. Regiment in front of me remained empty.
As I walked to the bathroom, the female half of the family settled, and already turned off the light. Making his way to his seat, I noticed on the table a bubble out of tablets. My mother is ill asleep in unfamiliar places, so the holiday always took with him a sleeping pill.
I climbed on my shelf, and for a while looking out the window at flying by night. Sleep did not like digging in my bag, I have learned to light a book and a flashlight. After wandering a bit, along with Harding team in the wilds of the mysterious island, I finally returned to the compartment, and put the book tried to sleep. Shifting the pillow several times, I finally realized that distracts me from the sleep of the ringing of the spoon in a glass standing on the table.
Leaning down from his shelf, I picked up the spoon with two fingers, and gently put it on the table. Climbing back, I casually glanced at the shelf where his mother slept, and then nearly fell off on the floor. My mother was fast asleep on his back, covered sheet only from the waist up. Her naked breasts gleamed invitingly in the darkness, reflecting a faint light from the window. I looked on the shelf sister. She, too, was asleep, turned to the wall.
Showing the utmost caution, that nothing creaked and cracked, I quietly went to the floor and lay still on his haunches beside the sleeping mother. When my breathing calmed down a bit, I'm as close as possible close to the mother body, for the first time so close to seeing a naked female breast.
Even without noticing what I was doing, I reached out and put it on the mother's breast, covering the palm of her left nipple. Her breasts swayed slightly, but she did not even move. The feeling of warmth and softness of hand, I just drove to madness. Member has long stood post, and I'm only a little pushed aside panties, letting it out.
Want to see more, I gently pulled the sheet completely mother, which she was covered. Panties on it was not, and now I could see her thickly overgrown pubis. Deciding to test the idea came into my head, I turned to my sister and lifted her veil. As I thought, she also slept naked. Her little ass looked surprisingly strong, like a boyish, which I already knew a lot about. But now, my mother's body attracted me a lot more, so returning to the place prokryvalo, I went back to it again.
Just to see, I was no longer enough, my hands began eagerly to run on the most intimate parts of her body. Woozy hypnotic, my mother did not notice anything, snoring sweetly. At some point, the sister rolled over, and a few seconds it seemed to me that it is about to wake up, and woke the mother, but she calmed down again.
Quite emboldened, I got on the shelf to his mother, and knelt holding it between her thighs. I leaned forward and my cock was on a bed of her pubic hair. Tightening in the mouth of one of her nipples, I began to play with him tongue, slightly biting teeth. Soon he hardened, and I went into the other. Plenty caressed her breasts, I wanted to still fuck her completely.
Remembering the many stories he had heard from a friend, I tried to push her legs wider mother. When I did it, I lay down on top of her, and leaning on his elbows began to crawl its member embarked on her pussy, not getting inside. A few minutes later, I guess to help yourself by hand, but still nothing came. The head member of a burrow under her outer lips, and then, slipping on the grease abundantly ... slipped on his stomach.
- Try a little, lower ...
From voice sisters, there was in the dark compartment, I literally jumped up with his mother's body, and collapsed on the floor.
- Sorry, I did not mean to scare you.
My sister was sitting on her shelf, legs slightly apart. The veil had dropped from her shoulders, exposing sharp teenage breasts, but she seemed not to notice.
-T ... tt ... you ... - A couple of seconds, it seemed to me that my heart is so over the frozen never clogged, but it did the first thud.
- I say that try to put a piece a little lower. Look, - she threw the veil of Business wider legs apart, his fingers raskrala slot. - Here here.
Middle finger is pointed at the entrance to the vagina. Seeing that I did not move, she got up from his seat and walked over to the shelf mother.
- Come on, do not be afraid. I will help you.
Still in disbelief, and expecting something of a dirty trick, I climbed back on top of the mother's body.
- That's ... - My sister squeezed my dick a little faded his fist and made several movements up and down. Seeing my puzzled look, she laughed. - Yes, I just saw you do it yourself.
When a member has found its former hardness, it is precise movement sent it into the vagina of our mother, and myself, sat down on his haunches, watching carefully.
For the first time once inside the female body, I was confused by the abundance of sensations received. My cock plunged into a hot well, with velvety walls, literally enveloping it. Male ass compared to this seemed, if not sandpaper, then something very similar. It was simply impossible to restrain, not having to make a pair and movements, I felt that I finish.
- Just do it! - Noticing my skewed face the approaching orgasm, sister grabbed me by the shoulder, pulling off the mother.
My cock popped out of her vagina, watering all around the sperm flows. A few drops fell on her sister.
- Sorry to spoil the thrill, but tomorrow it could guess about what happened. Come on, climb to her, and I'll clean up here.
After waiting for when I will climb on his bookshelf, she pulled out from under the pillow her panties and carefully wiping their mother's body, especially paying attention to her crotch. From where I saw her fingers, wrapped with a cloth dipped into the vagina. Finished with this, she threw on a robe and walked out of the compartment. Her return, I did not wait, he plunged into a deep sleep
In the morning I woke up about twelve, but remained lying, pretending to be asleep. I did not know how to behave, and he feared that the ever betray himself and his mother would understand. Lying on my shelf, I heard she leafs through a magazine and sister embroidered on the rim. From time to time they were talking quietly, trying not to wake me with their votes. Finally, I'm tired of pretending and having decided that come what may. I easily got down from his seat.
- Oh, finally we woke up sleepyhead! - Mom with a smile looking at me. - What are you doing all night?
- Read...
Trying to reduce his gaze from the floor, I found my slippers, and wearing them go to wash. When I returned, my mother had already set the table, and his sister with interest looked out the window. After a quick bite, I got back on my shelf and buried in a book.
Later in the afternoon, seeing that my mother still did not suspect, I moved a little bit, and we even played together in the cards. Sister, behaved as if nothing had happened at night, and I even began to wonder whether all this I did not dream.
The train arrived almost exactly on schedule, and we're not stopping boarded the bus. The trip was about two hours, and then another two kilometers on foot, so we arrived in the village after midnight. Barely reaching the grandmother's house, we immediately scattered on the bed and fell asleep ..
I love to spend the summer in the countryside, fresh air, swimming, with green beds. No one requires you not to leave the yard or to run to the store for bread. Just live and be happy. At first, the truth bothered me how to behave with her sister, but she behaved as usual, so that over time, our relations have become the same as before. Well, maybe a little bit more relaxed and candid.
On the third day, I met a man living two houses away from us, which also came out of the city for the summer. His name was Oleg, and he was a little younger than me. If we met him somewhere six months ago, I would be very interested in his ass for me. But now, much more interesting, I have been his mother's ass.
In the afternoon we ran to swim and sunbathe on the lake, go to the forest to pick berries or played war. In the evenings, we sat on our porch, chatting or playing cards. Sometimes we joined my sister, or other teenagers from the visitors. But more often, we still were together.
It was the first time Oleg showed me a nudist beach. In the morning, we gathered as usual to the forest, but this time he told me to grab the binoculars. I think that we will go to the mountain, which he told me, with her seen twenty kilometers around, but I was wrong. We went out on the highway and about five kilometers walked. All my questions Oleg only smiled enigmatically, and advised me to be patient.
Soon we left the road and moved through the forest. Fifteen minutes later, I felt a growing smell of the water, and in front of the trees shone the smooth surface of the lake. We went ashore and turned to the left. The beach here was much better than the one where we swam near the village. Having three hundred meters, we have buried in the tall, almost two meters high fence. Oleg again went into the forest and went to the old thick pine tree, with rungs nailed to the trunk. He first climbed up and called me with him.
Climbed onto the branch, I was finally able to see the ultimate goal of our journey. The beach is surrounded by a fence was quite ordinary, with sunbeds, robbing from the sun, a toilet and a small cafeteria. The only exception was the fact that all the campers on the beach were completely naked. Only a few women were in batches of swimwear, bare-chested.
Of course, I heard about nudists, but had never seen them live. From the abundance of naked female bodies of all ages in the eyes dazzled. Men, I just did not notice it. We sat in the tree for nearly five hours, sometimes going down to masturbate, and for dinner have been at home as exemplary kids.
By the end of the week, we would go there again, but somehow it did not work. And on Sunday, my mother called me and my sister to go to the beach with good sand, close to the village. I had no idea what it says it is about that beach, and on top even refused. But my mother I still persuaded.
As we drove on a ride, and then walked down a narrow dirt road, I still had no idea about what we were going to nudisky beach. And I understand this, but when he saw the familiar green fence and a closed metal gate. Before opening the wicket, mom looked at us ...
- Behave naturally, and nothing surprised.
She went forward, and my sister and I trotted after him. When we went to the beach, ... Mom looked back at us, obviously wanting to see our reaction.
Sister froze in place, his mouth slightly open. I also tried to make a surprised face and eyes circling the beach, looked at his mother.
- I have long been told about this place - she smiled. - So I decided to take a look. We're civilized people, and we have nothing to be ashamed of.
Shaking his beach bag, she went closer to the fence, where there were quite a few people. It seemed to me, in spite of his words, it is still a little embarrassed. Finding clean sand, mom pulled out a blanket and spread it. Without looking at me and my sister, she pulled off her sundress, staying in a bathing suit. Having got his hands behind his back, she unbuttoned the top of a bathing suit, and threw it on the sand. Without giving myself time to think, she teased her fingers gum melts, and abruptly pulled them down.
I noticed that when she straightened, her hands, purely instinctively tried to close lower abdomen, but she overcame himself and got his hands spread wide.
- Well, as you your mom ?!
Sister approvingly grunted, and began his own sundress. I quickly pulled off his T-shirt and shorts with shorts. Trying to catch my dick is not reacted on public nudity, I lay down on the blanket belly. Mom and sister, on the other hand lay on his back.
The day was wonderful. I poobvyksya, and after a couple of times went into the water to finish, could be sure that my penis will no longer stand as a telegraph pole. We play ball, swim in disguise, even a little wrestled with my sister. Home we began to gather just when it was getting dark.
After that, we several times went together on this beach. Three times we took a Oleg, and once he went with his mother. Ass she was really excellent.
In early August, my mother's leave, unfortunately, has expired, and we were forced to return. In the train compartment, how to order, again, one place was empty, and my sister and I were looking forward to the night.
At about ten, my mother taking pills lay down to sleep, and my sister and quietly playing cards. Two hours later, when waiting for our mother falls asleep soundly, we started for their entertainment. Without saying a word, my sister and I quickly undressed and pulled the sheet from sleeping naked mother. I immediately climbed on top of her, and a little to rinse her hand between her legs, ensuring lubrication, plunged his penis into her vagina. My sister at the time, began to crawl her crotch at the right hand of our mother, actively caressing her breasts. Four hours later, completely exhausted, we finally left my mother alone. Bring her in order, we got on its shelves and slept.
The city was a terrible heat, the temperature, even at night did not fall below twenty-eight degrees. Immediately upon arrival, we showed the film to take pictures and making pictures showed their father. Among these images are pictures and nudiskogo beach. It seemed that the father is not the droplets they are not surprised, as if he knew in advance that his mother was going to take us to sunbathe naked.
August was hot and suffocating, do not help even a wide-open window. And as a family we have each other no longer ashamed, then quite naturally, soon began to walk around the apartment naked.
The sister never mentioned about the incident on the train, and I soon had my own woman, and sexual interest in my mother fell. Although a few times and then there were situations in which if I was a little pouverennee in itself, would be able to make love to her, but I still have not decided on it.