You're standing in front of me. Nothing to say. You like there was nothing to say, nothing to remember. For you it was just a game. but you are lost, and have not learned to love. Your game has begun with the first meeting, from the very first sight, forever chained me to you. What for? What those happy moments spent together, what are you afraid remember now.
Last day with you. Beside. Your eyes, formerly blue, now the cast and the greyness bezrazlichiem.Na face clearly loomed indifference.
Last time I looked at you. Lyubimuyu.Lovila every move of your beautiful eyelashes, sexual gub.Ya all in you love. I did not play.
Hearts are filled with fear and neuverennostyu.Ya not want you to say these words to accept in the game. This fabulous and such realnoy.Ne wanted to hear these words, shrapnel pierced my heart.
But you did not care. You told them. You priznalas.V one moment you destroy the world, that I was trying to build for tebya.Lyubov shattered. Happiness can not come back. And it makes no sense. It was ghostly. Like you.
We can not be saved. And you're running. At the moment you get scared, and then ... let go. You're broke. You do not mind. Me.
Of my love. My devotion. You do not nuzhno.Ty used to being alone. and it's all a game. She zkonchitsya. Coming Soon ... The door closed behind you. The cold enveloped the body. I will love you. Ever.
I settled on a fluffy carpet. I feel good and warm. And it is not scary. and it does not hurt. I close my eyes. A small black dot starts to approach. First, it breaks, and then fades. And disappears. As my life.