Not children's toys. Part 3

They returned as the sun passed away in the afternoon. The fact that they could lose and it can be great to fly, they do not think. They were good together, easily and freely as has never been. Lanka again ran off the trail and picking flowers on the wreath vitalkin and finally doplela it and put it on his head. And take a good look at him polusprosila-poluskazala: - We are now the bride and groom, right?

They Nabes plenty of water, chasing each other, and Kotka picked up plenty of space for all Lankin, and she tried, and finally pulled off his pants, and they just do not get lost in the water until Lanka teased his staff handle, but vsyo still had time to catch them and throw out to the shore. And then I got out to warm up, and lay down naked on the grass, belly up, feet to the shore, slightly parted legs and put up for Kotkino display all its charms. A Kotka hesitate to get out of the water and appear naked in front of her with his vzdryuchennym machine, and she made fun of him and teased him, taking the most improbable poses.

And then they again frenzy teased each other almost to unconsciousness, to madness of some, when the brain has nothing at all and did not realize just want to cuddle up to someone else's naked body and stroking his stroke, stroke ...

And finally, very tired of unusual caresses, they just lay there, hugging and clinging to each other tightly.

Even when they almost came to their temporary camp Lanka suddenly stopped, took Kotka by the hand and said: - You do not tell anyone, right? - Then he pulled her and held, not childishly kissed on the lips.

Continued: Not children's toys. Part 2