School Queen

Their parents met two years ago, and a week later got married, and when Lisa's father fucked mother Mickey, then in the next room had roughly Mickey Lisa. Of course, it was their great mystery and a great sex, which is nowhere obligated not native relatives. Lisa had a boyfriend Dean, the most popular guy in school, which at any moment had to pick her up in a limousine to effectively take her to the ball graduates.

Suddenly Lisa entered the room Mickey, and glancing at the girl sat down on her bed. Lisa glared at him.
- What do you need? - Crudely asked Lisa, densely spreading plump lips shine.
- Why so angry? - Mickey asked, indignant tone stepsister.
- The animal, I asked him not so rude - she was outraged.
- You like.
- I've got everything hurts, idiot, and at night I have plans.
- And, sure, Dean.
- Exactly.
- Well, I think this is a good reason to finally try to do it from behind. Although it is a pity that I will not be the first - Mickey said, stroking his cock through the strained pants.

Lisa looked at his hand, and snorting out of the room, leaving his Latin lover alone masturbate on her bed. After half an hour in the car.
- You look so beautiful, - she said Dean kissing his girlfriend on the back seat of the limousine, and bravely wading his rough hand under the hem of her dress. He was ready to deal with an obstacle, but to his pleasant surprise, Lisa was not wearing panties. Lisa did not try it as a stop, and a steadily spread her legs. Dean touched a finger to her crotch, and gently caressed her outer labia. Lisa sighed. And his middle finger brazenly and confidently made his way into the interior. And now he was stroking her wet clit, roughly squeezing it between his fingers. Second hand he had to unzip his pants, in order to release tomivshiysya member. His finger was in her, and he sharply, sometimes they grossly fucked her hole, wetting his brush her juices stronger and stronger. Soon he fucked her with two fingers, depending on how it flows and moans from these caresses.

Charter pull his cock, Dean, the last selfish pulled out of her wet pussy her hand, and deliberately licked his wet fingers. Its juice was bland, but it is enough to enjoy this exotic nectar. Taking the hand of her head, Dean tried to lower it to its protruding member, but was rebuffed by a girl.
- Caress him, - he said.
- Dean, no. On my makeup - she was outraged.
- Come on, girl. Take it in your mouth.
- Dean ...
- Come on, do not argue - Dean said, and again lowered her head to his penis.
- But I implore you, gently. No sudden movements, and do not keep my hair out trying to fuck my mouth. I'm for the hair and make-up laid out a lot of money.
- I promise.

Lisa took his big cock in his hand, and with a minute rubbed it in their pens, kissed his head, leaving a shining trail of lipstick. He barely placed in her mouth and unpleasant to hit the sky when she sucked him. She liked his dick. Big, bouncy and always hungry. This has always deserved to be thoroughly licked her lips plump and juicy, and the most playful language in school. She played with his penis like a toy, then gently covering it bites, then gently leading him on his tongue from juicy egg to the head.

After five minutes in the car.
- You freak out - cried Lisa, holding in one hand a mirror in another paper handkerchief.
- Sorry, I was just forgotten, - said Dean, wiping traces of lipstick from his handkerchief member, and then hiding it in the shorts.
- I asked, - Lisa yelled, wiping his face with sperm potekshuyu that her face splashed her boyfriend.
- Well, now I like who? My make-up. Ugly, hate.
- I told you, I'm sorry.
- You finished me in the face, you bastard. I'm all in the semen. God, even in the eyes fell.
- You look great - Dean said, trying to somehow soften the girl with the face which flowed thick white liquid.
- Get your hands off me. We do not get out of the car until I give myself up, - she said, gently brushing of the sperm from the face.
- Ugly, I finished in my face. I swallow, and could get into the mouth.

Three hours later. Prom in the assembly hall of the school. Part of the evening Lisa simply bored alone. Fool Dean got drunk, and now his friends on the team evacuated him in a closet. A close friend, a real bitch, callously dumped her boyfriend on the day of their release and now sucked from the bartender at the bar, having to give up this "quick" best friend, ex-boyfriend right in the men's locker room of sports class.

Where they took a key from closed tightly school classrooms, Lisa could not understand. Her longing interrupted run down to her history teacher, whose disciples called sadists, for his vehemently program studying history at school. A man of about thirty-five, well-groomed, handsome, mature, always throws contradictory views on his student Lisa, now she looked more relaxed than usual. In other words, the dream of every young nymphet let him fuck her right on his desk.
- You miss Lisa? From what? - Languidly I asked sadist.
- Yes, mister, not a lot.
- In vain. Today you look luxurious. Dress. Makeup. However, as always, - the sadist said, looking at the girl's neck.
- You're lying. But thank you, but hope for the title vanished more on the way here. I flew with the recommendation from the school to the university, and flies with the title.
- Well, all this can be easily corrected - Sadist said.
- What are you speaking about?

Sadist sat closer to the girl, and whispered in her ear.
- Let me fuck you in my office, and I assure that you will receive and the crown, and a great recommendation from me at any university of the country.
Lisa stared at his teacher.
- Do not pretend that you're a virgin - began sadist. - Or do you think I did not notice your feet spaced and no clothes on you when you're sitting in the front row at my lectures. He teases me, devil.
Lisa closed her eyes and thought for a few seconds about the prospects of admission to the university, opened them again, and said, sadist.
- Maybe I just suck you all?
Sadist shook his head.
- No.
- Okay, tell me how, but you must promise me.
- I promise - the sadist said.

After five minutes in the dark sadistic office. Sadist forward missed her and closed the door behind her, turned on a floor lamp that stood on the table in his office. Lisa looked around and decided to delay a little time, said:
- You are cute.
- Shut up, - said the sadist and, taking off his jacket, threw it on the sofa. - Come on, turn around, leaning his hands on the table, and spread your legs.

Lisa pulled gum from his mouth and sticking it on the lamp, the man obeyed. Lifting the hem of her dress, she rested her hands on the table and spread her shapely legs, lay claim to a sadist contemplate her juicy pussy shaved and boldly inviting open it. Seeing her pussy Sadist began to unzip his pants, pulling his busy parallel count. Lisa, decided to do a service to the teacher, put his hand to her pussy, two fingers and spread her labia, opening his eyes narrow hole, which has a little moistened. Sadist came up to her and two fingers stroked her slit, and then put my fingers into it. He wielded them in it, as if looking for the treasure, but instead received only more and more juice, which is already smeared all over his hands.
- I missed it - Sadist said mastrubiruya it has three fingers.
Taking out his big dick out of pants Sadist slowly began to drive head on her pussy, tickling her with his end.
- Techesh like a bitch, - said the sadist.

Lisa sighed. Sadist long he led by a member of her labia, referring to the most secluded corners of her damp crotch a little bit going into it, and eagerly looking at it from above. Then he spread his two hands wider buttocks girls, and beheld wide-open two holes. Grease it with two fingers juices, Sadist natural grease smeared her anal, and after spitting on her, again moistened her ass. Lisa realized that sadist wants to enter her from behind, jerked.
- No, we did not agree - did not have time to say a girl like Sadist thrust into her.
- Hush.
- A-ah, - cried Lisa. - Heck. Painfully.

But the sadist does not listen to her, and moved into her, fucking her virgin crack. Lisa felt like her ass torn because of the thickness and the pressure of his thick and long term. The pain was wild, but at the same time, gradually bringing her pleasure, especially when he touched it with their eggs. A minute later, learn to control your breathing, she had got used to the pain and tried to just get a kick out of how rough it was operating in her lover.

Meanwhile, Sadist all speeded up with the pace, he did not care about the pain of his former pupil, he simply enjoyed while tightly holding his cock her little hole, how eagerly it produces from itself, and admits good-naturedly back. He began pulling her harder and harder, trying to get deeper and deeper, until the eggs are not full of semen in her vyprysnut volcano. And with her feet on the floor does not drip hot juices, which is already running down her legs as the avaricious tears. Closing his eyes Sadist finished. He jerked in convulsions of orgasm, and again poured into it jet. It seemed that all. But cramp repeated again.

Lisa learning breathing, feeling the warm liquid filled her anal. It seems everyone, even more pull cock from her anus. Sadist for a long time did not take out his penis out of it, resulting in breathing in order. When I pulled out a member, then sperm waterfall gushing from her holes back and ran down her pussy and legs. Hlepnuv student on the buttocks, sadist said:
- Everything is free.
Lisa took the starting position and felt the pain of her anus.
- What you promised?
- Yes, come, everything will be.

An hour later, in Lisa's room. Lisa immediately collapsed on his bed without even undressing. The day was very heavy, and much aching ass. And when Mickey entered the room, she was even glad to see him, although she was tired and wild appearance.
- How are you? - He asked, lying across the bed.
- Poor, - said Liza, looking at the ceiling.
- What's wrong? Dean is not pleased?
- He asshole, tomorrow part with him - said Lisa.
- What can I do for you? - Mickey asked.
And Lisa is mechanically spread her legs.
- Lick it to me - she said, still staring at the ceiling.

Mickey should not have to ask twice. Throwing back the hem of her dress, he enthusiastically as a foretaste will caress his girlfriend, but touching in the twilight language of her pussy, he immediately jerked. Looking closely, he saw that she, like her red ass in sperm. And it became obvious that Lisa gave not long ago someone fuck her in the ass. Now it is clear why she was so angry and capricious. He bit his lips and tongue into her crotch, and began as a dog licking the sperm stranger. The language he tried to enter into it as deeply as possible, and his teeth and tries to bite the clitoris and appetizing pink lip.

In the meantime, Mickey patted his hot tongue her anus, trying to make a martyr pleasant, Liza still continued to stare at the ceiling. "And maybe not such a bad day was today," - she thought, wearing a crown on his head.