My first time in the ass

In our yard there was a noisy one small non-Russian family - a woman of thirty-five, and her son, who was about fifteen years. Where and how they arrived - no one really knew each judge his own. The fact that the boy, her son (Oleg) was moronic child and studied at a boarding school for mentally retarded children. "I Studied" - was loudly said, because he did not go there and doing their own thing. In broad daylight, he hunted for trash cans, although they lived more or less in abundance. Oleg did not know how to speak, as a form of retardation had been running and weightlifting.

One day with his friend Kostya sat in my garage and steeples of backgammon. By the way, we are intelligent men, and we have a family, I still can not understand why we have done IT? And what we did was listen carefully.
Oleg saw us in the garage, ran up to us and began to run in front of our eyes, we nerviruya. We made him remark, but it will only become fun. Then he came to us, took off his pants and began to masturbate his pisyun right before our eyes. We began to call it, to put obscene speech, but that he was not frightened, but rather excited.

- Oleg, get out of here - I cried - and now the police call.
Oleg smiled, laughed and began to show us more than ever a member. He had already nadrochil so that the pepper got up, and soon graduated. Cum soiled threshold of my garage, so I could not stand it, got up, went to Oleg and hit him on the ass. Suddenly this youngster bent me cancer and began to push the buttocks, showing his untouched hole in the ass.

- You that to fuck? - I asked.

Oleg smiled and nodded his head.

Kostya smiled, but my proposal was not approved.

- Do not you see, he's sick in the head - was indignant Kostya.
- So what, but do not tell anyone, because he knows how to say something!
I closed the garage door completely and turned on the light. Oleg's eyes shone with excitement, he was willing to experiment and completely trust us.
- So, take off your pants and shorts completely, - Oleg gave the command - and become cancer.
Oleg mumbled something and shaking hands with excitement began to take off her clothes.
- Kostya, or here, do not be afraid !, - call me mate.
- Well, you chudish - one smiled and walked briskly towards us.

We bent cancer youngster and put him at the table, so it was harder.
I parted his buttocks, and we began to consider his fellow point. It seems so small, but just ask that drove a pair of standing members in it. Pisyun ours, by the way, we have long stood and were fully prepared to fuck Oleg. I was embarrassed just what earlier he did not have sex, but you need as ever to start!

I went to the developmentally disabled boy from behind and became a member of the grope his hole. She was so small that I had not even climbed and polgolovki.
- Give something to grease, and that does not go - I said Kostya and he immediately gave some bottle.
I greased the guy point, and my penis has fallen slightly.
- Oleg, suck, do not!
The boy sat on his knees, took pisyun into his mouth and began to thumb. Making a blowjob he does not know how! Then I took the term force shoved him on the tonsils and abruptly became natrahivat mouth that almost did not finish.
- Turns his back!

The guy turned his back, I began to break out sharply in his point that even did not notice that drove his pisyun. Two hands grabbed his ass and began to fuck Oleg, I could.

- Oh, oh, yes, yes, well done - I wheezed and received a heavenly pleasure. I fucked him something quickly, then slowly, occasionally tapping his buttocks. Oleg is clearly liked, so he gave: "Isł, isł, Uncle!".
I was not ashamed that I fuck invalid, because it is the mutual desire of sex! Me from these words much hornier I obkonchal all points Oleg. Man on the move is not yet sated, as passionately looked at Kostya.
- Let your ass now will pass through it, - said Kostya, and pulled out his pepper.
Kostya vividly stuck dick in the ass, which is well yawned and began to fuck. My sperm gave excellent slip, so did not need additional lubrication.

Oleg pribaldel and perevozbudilsya. Member, he got well, and while his fucked in the ass, he jerked it. Suddenly the guy moaned, shuddered and finished crazy jet.

- Oh, boy ends - Kostya wheezed and began to fuck him in the ass more than ever. During sex could be heard slapping, beating eggs Bones of thigh Oleg.
Then Oleg Kostya put on the floor on all fours like a dog and climbed up on it. Pisyun quickly joined up in the juicy ass, and boldly entered. Kostya fucked ass sometimes took out a member and parted the buttocks, to admire the great fucked with a point.

- See how we natrahalsya his ass - workmate told me - his mother have not pribłt?

I was calm: his mother was a whore still the same! She knows that we have a good fuck, come running to us in the garage and also fills a very mature and seasoned ass!

Kostya stuck dick and put out of the ass, like in porn movies. He is so excited that he struggles endured to prolong the pleasure. His big dick he injected very deeply that the guy was a little painful, but in general, it is nice.

- Oh, boy, yeah, I cum on, on, nnnaaa !!! Kostya last bit of strength, and most deeply stuck in a pepper that I almost broke ass Oleg. His wiry member a few more seconds, pulsing, and took all the warm sperm anus.

- How cool I finished, Kostya said with satisfaction and gave a slap to her lover. Sperm derived from young asses, so Oleg squatted down and offered his hand under the anus, good popukal that sperm flowed to the palm. Sperm were many, just the whole hand! Oleg began to drink it, and licked the remnants of the tongue, sucking each finger, and then made a loud burp.
Oleg pulled clothes, smiled and bullet popped out of the garage. Most likely, it will now be our frequent visitor! Let comes, I will give more of their friends will fuck Sway by insatiable boy. And if you will bring your mother, you'll have a true "group sex". Zagnłm their cancer, even finish. Our pisyuny they bring to multiple orgasms.