Summer dream

The next summer was surprisingly hot and people bezvylazno spent near water. What a blissful swim to lie on the warm sand when water droplets roll off and dry up the warm sunshine. I fell asleep quickly.
I woke up from what was cool, soltse was covered with a large storm cloud. Soon the rain was about to begin must, but the time for the last swim was still abound. Climbing up, I began to enter into the water. Cool jet pleasantly refreshes the skin. I think I was the only one who is now bathed. Remaining in a hurry leaving the beach. I was alone. Then why are watering already dried melting? I looked back pulled them off. The water was still pleasant, when she began to reach me from the waist up. Having sailed a little to the side, I froze, enjoying the way for carrying me slowly. Of algae slid, caressing me. It seemed like a mermaid touch me. It was a blissful state came over me and it seemed I had lost track of time, but the first drops of rain brought me from a state of euphoria. I got up and swam to his seat, but when something splashed very close to me. Turning my head, I noticed a charming girl, which like a startled animal tried to hide in the water, whose transparency tells me that she is now in the same way as I do. I did not hide from it, and boldly went to the bank, leaving water as the Morse God, not a little embarrassed not to the extent of his inflated body. I felt the her eyes, and her blond hair did not leave my imagination.
Once out on the beach and not turning to her, I began to wipe, but in the rain it was a futile exercise, delaying the moment when you have to leave the beach. But I did not want to leave. The rain did not start. I reluctantly turned his head and saw that my friend was still sitting motionless and looking at me, afraid to come out. Perhaps it was all frozen. Especially starting the rain did not allow it to warm up. You can not do it this way.
Without hesitation, I dropped the towel and forget to dress and turned to her and stepped back into the water. Again tezhe sensation of coolness, but they still add a touch of excitement. Where I sat the girl was very small and the water barely reached me before ...... (below the waist). Her charming breast was visible through the water and I felt as the water begins to surge that I could not hide, looking at her. Not nearly embarrassed I reached out a hand inviting her to get out of the water. To my surprise she almost smiled put my hand in his hand. It was cold, but very delicate. I pulled it a little for themselves. Her eyes were just in front of my excitement. Her eyes seemed to burn through me. It only turns me on even more. And how could it be otherwise, when I was very close to a charming girl who like me was all so open.
I pulled her back behind him. How beautiful she climbed out of the water. It seemed that the goddess of beauty descended to the ground, which would plunge in these waters. Drops of water ran down from her flowing hair, continuing its way through the fragile shoulders, beautiful breasts, for slim hips, seductive legs and back again to where took its origin. I can not help admiring the beauty of this body, which is common with these drops of water that broke on it like diamonds when suddenly burst through my ray of sunshine lit up the stranger. Oh, how beautiful she was. I wanted to enjoy it forever, but drops that flowed from above reminded himself strong gust. It was time to go and I just squeezed his hand pulled her closer to shore. Still holding my hand, and just covering her breasts with the other hand she got to the shore, looking with horror at his wet clothes. We lost those precious moments before the storm and were now forced to squeeze their belongings, though the good of it was not enough. But the storm was just beginning. We had to take shelter from the rain. The village had to flee far away and I remembered the old barn, which was located on the other side pulling her back. Surprisingly it has made the first tentative steps behind me, still trying to cover their nakedness clothes lump. But I was now well. I was a little excited, naked and pristine rain, which washed away with me all the problems of the big city. Yes, and this stranger who was drilling going behind my eyes, watching them with my popochki. Well, let him look.
That's how I was holding clothes in one hand and the other leading the this hard to get, which is still trying to cover themselves.
And here is the barn. The door slightly ajar. Inside it looks like one. I miss his companion forward, trying to still enjoy it. She's scared, but makes a timid step forward. It is dry, warm and round hay only. How agile kitten she climbs into the middle of the hay, I settle there, and I continue to stand by and watch as she sat down begins to dry your hair. Her whole appearance is pushing to one. I wanted her, wanted, come what may. Now nothing could stop me. We were alone.
I took a step forward on the hay with each step closer to her. Rustle alerted her and she was looking up at me still. She understood. My excitement, my burning eyes gave out, and I do not want to hide their desires.
Step by step I'm getting closer to her. Suddenly she jerked, trying to run away from me, but that I could not afford, and throwing himself at her held her to the grass all over. I sat on top of her, holding her hand, not letting it move. Her chest was between my legs, and a resilient and hard dick lay shivering between her lovely breasts.
I wish, I wish this beautiful body. Now it was mine. Nothing could no longer keep me. Going further and starting to cover her face with kisses, I do not for a moment did not let go of her hands. All her attempts to escape ended in nothing, and her head as she tried to evade my kisses I discovered one thing after the other ear, in which I delight glared. Escape was impossible. Her body beckoned and I unclenched my knee her adorable legs. Here she is. Here it is in the bosom rested my head.
Slightly pressed. A bit more. Her body tensed, listening once it enters into it. Only a head caressing her lips, afraid to penetrate further. Several movements ........... and I force into her frozen from that wave of pleasure when I plunged into this hot bosom, which enveloped me, squeezed, sucked me in. There really was too hot and humid. Her body arched. Marigold dug into my hand, it seemed to her lips bite to draw blood. This is a moment of pleasure. The first proximity and such a welcome. It seemed an eternity before I felt shevelnuvshis beneath me she succumbed to meet me. Then again and again, forcing me to move it. The closed eyes in pleasure. I forgot about everything and her hand, which broke away from my capture hugged me from behind attracting even more. I was part of it is not stopping, enjoying every moment, trying to break into it as deeply as possible, trying to break it. It was a crazy jump. Faster, more often deeper. I lost track of time and reality. Only sometimes I could feel her body rolled cramp as she pauses for a moment and the next moment starts again even harder to attract me to him. It could not last long. I have felt a storm at the bottom. After another wave of her I came out of it, he lays back and took her by the hair pulled her toward him, forcing his mouth to take in all that has accumulated in me. The feeling of something unreal washed over me as soon as her soft lips wrapped around the penis, tongue almost licked the trunk and I fell into bliss, feeling one another jet juice ... love break out of me and then these are drunk greedy lips, who are willing to suck me everything.
She continued to suck and lick me, even when there is not a drop in me. It was no longer tear. I needed at least a five-minute break, but also to push her away, I did not dare, feeling the force faster leave me. But she obliznuvshis lay down like a kitten buried in my shoulder.
Maybe I dozed off for a moment, lying here and stroking her shoulder, but I woke up from what I was alone, and her silhouette could be seen at the entrance to our shelter. How beautiful she was, standing in a bright opening, when it's a downpour, and her figure illuminate lazy lightning.
I looked at her, admiring her beautiful nudity and involuntarily, my hand dropped just below and taking dick in his hand I slowly caressed herself, admiring the extraterrestrial beauty. With each movement of the hand member hardened more. Once again, I wanted her. I wanted to be inside her again. Rising from the place I moved toward her. Do not hear me, she could not, but did not turn. The only thing I noticed was her hand that slipped underneath. Taking her hand in his, I brought it to his lips and licked. It was her taste. She and I patted myself. She was waiting for me. She still wanted me, but there was no turning back leaning against the gate continued to look at the rain. Placing his hand on her shoulder, I gently pressed. She dutifully and obediently began to fall lower and lower, kneeling on his elbows, revealing herself to me. I could not believe what I saw. Her mischievous ass bobbing up invitingly was raised, beckoning me to enter it. Procrastination is like death, and I sank to my knees in front of her tongue licked it charm, having a broad sweep of its most girls to the coccyx. Only moan echoed her body. He puts his head to her bosom and I clicked again plunged into this tale of bliss. She would definitely deprive me of reason. I felt like with my every move she strains all in squeezing me in itself, giving new sensations. I wanted it all. Sating her womb, I could not resist licking dipped one finger in her ass that is so enticing invitingly and looked at me. For a moment she froze, but soon went to sit down on me with renewed vigor. Now I felt inside her differently. I felt my head that slid into her bosom. I felt a little more closely. I wanted more and more. And for a moment I came out of her head she sent straight into her ass.
Lubricated head is easily found in and start your dive. My partner froze, feeling her break on the other side and abruptly gave way back, making me just to be in it. What a delight it was. I roared with delight. I tore it, was part of her furiously, and I saw her head lying on hands tossing from side to side. Raindrops fell very close, squirting it slightly cooling the her hot body. It was the contrast of passion and rain. It was a crazy jump, the completion of which is faster and is quickly approaching. ...... And that's the moment when I was holding my breath shot her, filling the body his love juice. She shuddered, stiffened, taking a rest of my strength, that I gave her. The legs did not hold me. I sat down exhausted beside her. On her face, I saw a happy smile of bliss. I was devastated. She leaned leaning back to my feet and stopped. Only the heaving chest when breathing told that she is still alive.
I lost track of time. It seemed it stopped. Thirst tormented me stronger. Just by throwing it in the direction I went. Legs treacherously trembled. I went out into the street. It has become a little darker, but the rain was not going to stop. It seemed he wanted to flood the whole of nature, transforming everything into the mud, with his flow down somewhere. I stood completely naked enjoying the jets of water that flowed over me, her mouth eagerly catching every drop of rain trying to get a drink. How beautiful was that moment. I did not notice anything around. And I did not expect a strong push in the back, which knocked me down. I fell in the mud.
Joy gave way to anger for something that broke this moment of bliss. I rolled over and saw ......... She stood behind me and smiled. Before I could utter a word, she fell to her knees clung to my opavshemu member, took it into his mouth and began to fondle him such pleasure that respond differently, he could not. Rain from above, the dirt beneath me and a wonderful girl caresses me. It was a dream. I did not have time to recover, she straddled me, start your belly dance. What she got up it does not pass. I just accepted and admired her. Jets of water dripping over it. Haze covered it. I do not believe that it is real. I thought that I had no strength, but it worked wonders. Her dance began again to call me the next rush of orgasmic waves. More and more, without stopping. She enjoyed, giving me and it is a delight. Sometimes her hair touched my face when she bent over for another kiss. Her breasts bounced slightly with every movement. The hands she caressed her body, bringing additional sensations themselves. I had only to caress her hips, helping her to climb on me. It was no longer stop. I saw a wave of orgasm rolls at her, but she seemed not to notice it, but on the contrary reinforces his jump trying to get enough of me. "Come on, girl, come on" - I whispered to her. And she gave. That was my limit. Then I could not stand. Feeling this she jumped off me and take the very hand to caress me up my mouth, that would not miss a single drop. And ....... Here's the moment I've been waiting. Once again, the wave has covered me again and I shot it a head start seizing greedily absorb all my juices. I have ceased to feel anything. From rain and bliss I closed my eyes and seems to have lost consciousness.
When I regained consciousness and opened his eyes, it has nowhere to be seen. And only ending rain washed away the ground traces that go far into the distance ..............