Curious case. extension

I did not expect that we will engage in anal sex, at least not today. Remembering the feeling that caused Sasha member, being in my ass, I could not help again excited. Girls sometimes Delhi-were your impressions of the first anal experience, but often their stories were filled with negative emotions, which causes a sharp pain on the hasty introduction of a member in the ass unprepared. It's me the most frightened and, taking into account the size of Sasha's body. But no, I did not feel sharp pain, of course, in the beginning it was a little painful, but pretty soon the pain grew into a strong pleasure when testicles knocking on the lips sex, when the head of the penis nezhnenko rubbed on the wall of the vagina.
We have had another twenty-four hours, so I was determined that it was not to stop there. With these thoughts, I turned to the side and tried to sleep.
Reality sharply back to me, opened my eyes, I sat down on the bed. it was already light in the room. It turned out that in my dreams I threw off the blanket and lying completely naked. Sasha was not there. On the bedside table was a bank with grease, I looked at-nyalas study inscriptions on it.
Sasha entered the room and saw what I was hired and, smiling, he said:
- Good morning, Sunshine! How did you sleep?
- Great! Just wonderful! What will you do today?
Instead of answering, he lay near, and we merged in a gentle kiss.
- I would like to repeat yesterday's material, - squinted slyly, pro-I whispered.
- Or maybe for your ass, and so overworked enough? - Sasha looked at me-nya, he was serious.
I stuck out her bottom lip and pretended that pouted. He saw it and smiled, then lay down beside him and, hugged me by the shoulders and said:
- Baby, I'm worried about you. I would like that you feel good with me.
- Sash, and I was so good, I'm probably all thy neighbors alarmed by their cries.
I reached for the passion Sasha, this concern could not cheer me. He pulled me to him and we kissed again. I picked up a pen nezhnenko member, Sasha, meanwhile, put his hand between my legs and began to gently rub the sponge. Parting wider feet, I made them even more accessible for petting. Sasha stood up, still rubbing his left hand klitorchik, shallow dipping his index finger in the already fairly SW-lazhnivshuyusya vagina. While in that position, became a member of the hardening is very affordable for me. I'm not wasting a minute, he picked up a member of the lips. Sasha began to lightly dipped dick in my mouth while I licked the head. I got off the bed and got on my knees, to make it easier to suck, do not forget to put a cushion on them. I walked down the barrel sponges member, not forgetting the testicles, gently slowly plunging one himself in the mouth. Then returned to the head, tongue walking up from the testicles to the bridle. Not-how many minutes I combine caress, lick going from head to frank all sucking cock. Relaxed throat muscles, I tried to quickly push through dick deeper. However, to my surprise, he slipped so sharply that by unusual sensations cock deep in my throat I caught my breath, I coughed and released a member of his mouth. An effort of will suppress the natural reflex and breath, I fearfully looked at Sasha, he sat down in front of me and hugged me. I realized that he NIS How many do not upset my little failure, on the contrary, he was pleased.
- Nothing, - he said, - For the first time normally eventually succeed. He kissed me and went out and the room. I was dissatisfied with the result. "Why rushed?" - I thought - "Fool, I'm ruined!" From these thoughts of frustration in my eyes filled with tears, I sat beside the bed and sobbed. Sasha, passing by the door, saw the tears in my eyes and said:
- What is it, honey?
- Nothing - I said, barely holding back tears.
He put me on the bed.
- Anya, do not worry, no one is on the first try does not work. You just have to practice.
- Do you trust me now?
- Of course I trust! Annie, do not think about it. Nothing terrible has happened. Go and wash better.
I reluctantly got up and poperlas in the bath. After washing, I looked in the mirror. Couple is-scary, slightly swollen and red eyes looking at me. Sasha looked into the bath and asked:
- An 'there you want?
- I do not give up.
Throwing on a robe shoulders, I went into the kitchen.
After a light breakfast, Sasha suggested a walk. Sway in the city for an hour, we turned to the house. From a long walk in tight boots wild legs started to ache. Barely crossed the threshold of the apartment, I first took off with them myself. Sitting down, I start with an effort to rub the calf, foot massage.
- Feet hurt, - Sasha asked.
- Rather than aching, aching, boots to rise close - I said, continuing to massage.
- Who will help you, take off your clothes and pass into the room.
Undress completely, I did not. She lay down on the bed and waited.
Sasha entered the room and sat down and my feet.
- Roll over on your stomach.
I rolled over and he began cautiously, slowly knead my calves and feet. Sasha did it so gently and carefully, I began to softly moan with pleasure. 15 Minutes, he massaged my legs, then without stopping asked:
- Well? Easy?
- Yeah, you're a magician, - I moaned.
I rolled over and sat next to him. Sasha hugged me by the shoulders, when he turned his head to look at me, I kissed him and whispered:
- Thank you!
He smiled and began to gently knead my breasts through the bust. I undid the clasp, and, moving his shoulders got rid of him. Sasha continued to massage my chest, while he kissed her neck. And his tongue had already slipped into the valley between her breasts, then began to tickle the nipple left breast, then licking it, gently biting, sucking on it. The same is done with Sasha right breast. Excitation intensified when he gently pressed on her shoulders made me lie down. The tongue went through the tummy, Sasha slowly took off my panties and began to bud. He nezhnenko sucking lips, the tongue dipped into my vagina, then licked his lips on the outside, nice touching the clitoris. I have felt this a pleasant wave of pleasure, which originated in the lower abdomen, and gradually spreading throughout the body. At the same time Sasha continued to knead my breasts and pinched her nipples. This pressure for a long time I could not stand, but he did not let me finish. Whenever I was close to orgasm, Sasha has slowed the pace of caresses. Repeating so a couple of times and bringing me almost to fury, he reinforced the pressure and I came with a loud groan. Sasha lay down beside me, and in a fit of passion, I dug into his mouth, feeling his spice grease on them. For a while we lay in silence, I could hear only my breath. "So it's time for revenge" - flashed through my head.
- Sash - after a pause, I said - lie down on his back.
He turned with interest looking not me.
I unzipped his jeans and pulled them, and then I took off his pants. Ca-tire tool has been in a state of semi-workers. Gently touching his lips to the trunk, I bared head and walked tongue over its entire length. Capturing her lips, I began to slowly suck it, and kept smacking his lips with pleasure. Not deprived of attention shaft of the penis and testicles. Continuing to work actively lips and tongue, I gently massaged the scrotum, lifting her, fingering the testicles. At the moment I pulled away from the penis, and, holding his hand, he looked at Sasha. He looked at me, his face was utter bliss. I looked at him the dignity, he was all wet from my saliva and quite noticeably throbbing in my hand. I continued to suck, already feeling the familiar salty taste in the mouth, a sure sign that my beloved is already on the brink. Adding a sponge in the form of letter "O", I began to actively sit down at the mouth member, Sasha made small amplitude reciprocal motion and it turned out that he fucks like me in the mouth. Podgadat when the next attack will be on his side, I relaxed, leaned forward and member smoothly slipped down my throat! I froze for a moment in this position, getting used to the new sensation, and leaned back. The next attack Sasha I repeated the motion, but tried to hold a member of the throat a little longer. Having decided that, for the first time enough, I again returned to the already familiar to me affection. Then Sasha groaned and leaned back and began to finish. I'm a little slow down patiently waiting for a full ejaculation while continuing sucking movements. Sperm this time there was not much I swallowed it, before he could enjoy its taste. Then carefully he licked the entire length of the penis and licked his lips lay on Sasha. He embraced me, moaning:
- Well you see you do that! Thank you Anya had again gorgeous!
These words were for me the best reward! We relish kissing, I tried to shove his tongue in my mouth, when I succeeded Sasha gently sucking it. It was awesome!
We then turned over and I found myself at the bottom. Sasha slowly spread my legs and started sponges. Mash them a couple of minutes, he began to slowly podrachivat his penis, which in his eyes filling with force. I understood his intentions, and his left hand gently parted lips sex, offering him enter. But Sasha did not go in a hurry, taking advantage of the fact that my bud was open, he clung to his lips and began to lick me, tongue borer vagina. From the same caresses, I very excited, began quietly podmahivat in time with the movements of Sasha's tongue. From this stimulation only increased and I desperately wanted to feel his cock in his burrow. Vagina already humidified, anticipating the sweet penetration.
- Sasha! I can not - I moaned and spread her lips wider.
He smiled, and, having put a head member to the entrance of the vagina and started them a lot-ment clitoris. A sweet torment me a few seconds, which seemed like an eternity, Sasha slightly increase pressure, and a member penetrated slowly into my profusely lubricated vagina. He penetrated me almost the entire length, and slowly backed away. Having done so a few times, Sasha stepped up the speed, strength and depth of penetration. From the abundance of sensations I began to moan loudly, podmahivaya him backwards. Sasha constantly changing speed and depth of penetration, causing me wild bouts of lust. Sometimes it is completely removed from my own body, and immediately sank back pussy reluctantly let go of his dick hot hugs and happy to take back! From the abundance of grease at each submerged vagina was making squishing sounds savory, increasing the already great excitement. Sasha's hand is not stayed in one place, he clapped nezhnenko fingertips on the clitoris, crushed his chest, scratched his tummy ... I already felt at orgasm-approximation. Leisurely Sasha came out of me and stood beside the person. With all the passion I sucked his cock, licking the entire length, clearly feeling the taste of his grease on it ... Licking and sucked dick as it should, I released his mouth. Sasha swung penetrated into my slightly the open pussy and began to fuck really hard, driving a member of the most eggs, but do not forget to change the pace and depth, while not ignoring the chest, belly and clitoris. Member gently slid between the abundance of juices gleaming jaws, pleasant pushing my stenochki a narrow vagina, the head at the same time subtly touches the cervix. I screamed, howled and moaned, no longer restraining himself. In a moment of unusual strength orgasm shook my body! I clearly felt like a vagina gently squeezes my favorite member. Sasha made a few strong attacks, and quickly pulled out a member, began to cum on my face. The semen fell on my slit-ki, on the lips and mouth slightly open. I grabbed erupting member lips and began to passionately suck and lick the barrel head. "Insanely" - flashed through my mind - "I suck cock that was just in me!" Mingling mouth sperm and lubricant uttering an unusual range of taste sensations. Izlivshis, Sasha looked at me, I'm in a fit of unbridled passion and gratitude hugged him so tightly as she could, and our lips have merged in a kiss. Then we just lay there and rested.
- Sasha, it was just great! I thought I would go mad!
He smiled in response. I pulled him back to her, whispering:
- I love you my darling!
- I love you too, Anya!
... Remainder of the day we spent in bed, bringing each other up to an incredible orgasms. Sasha member more than once been in my mouth, and the tongue more than once to make me orgasm skillful caresses ...