Amazing neighbor

My name is Leroy and I want to tell you about the amazing story that happened to me, and that left an indelible mark in my mind. That year I was twenty, I was a student in a foreign city, and I had to rent an apartment, or rather the room. It was convenient and comfortable enough, because apart from me lived in the apartment only the owner, which is often absent, and it turned out that I was living almost always alone in a one-bedroom apartment. For a poor student it was great. I am a typical blonde, not only high, with a large and magnificent breasts, which has always been my main advantage compared to the other. Butt I'm pumped, as an athlete in high school years, she was resilient and strong, and has always been a great desire to have muzhichin around me.

Since I lived alone for a long time, but one day the landlord came and stayed for a long time. We had to communicate, build relationships, but it was not a very sociable person, often closed one and worked. He was well-built, handsome middle-aged man, and I think he was very popular among women, but women he had, I knew it for sure, because we lived on the same housing and such trifles, as a rule, you notice quickly. We rarely spoke unless accidentally encountered in the kitchen, but from time to time have become strange things happen.

Very often he was, hanging around around me, nothing at the same time, not to mention, just sitting in the room and watched me. I watched closely and with great interest, and under this view I was uncomfortable. Man I at that time was not, I broke up with her boyfriend long before settling in the apartment, and there was one, and I did not stop, on the contrary it was much more convenient and comfortable to decide for itself what to do and when.

So gradually we started to talk a little bit, but that communication can not be called normal. We are exchanging phrases that essentially mean nothing, and it was weird. He liked to come to me when I was playing the guitar, it was my passion and hobby. He would sit next to me for a long time and just listened to my game, and did not say anything.

Once he left, and my friend suggested to have fun is no master, and I foolishly agreed. We made a real party across a large apartment, invite friends, and, of course, it ended up drinking, as a result of my so-called friends had broken furniture, little techniques and fled. I'm in a drunken state and was left alone in the morning with tears saw all that was left after a party. And just as the day came to the landlord, and very angry when he saw all the things that happened during his absence. He said that I have to pay for it all, but I had no money, and I could not ask my parents, because she was to blame, and studies did not give time and effort to work. And that night, he said he offers me a great deal, sometimes I will do something in his will, and thus I will pay for the damage. I agreed, because it was nothing more to do, but the other options were not more. We agreed on four desires on his part, and I thought that there is nothing to worry about.
On the same evening, I was sitting in the back room and play the guitar, he came to me, strange and silent, and said it was time to pay for the first request. I agreed, and he said that I would have to continue to play, but first to remove his shirt and bare their beautiful breasts. At first I was scared, but he said he would only look and nothing more. A promise is a promise, and I had to agree. I unbuttoned my shirt, took off her black bra, and my beautiful and lush breasts were free for his eye. The room was cool, her nipples stood, and I was thrilled. And she began to play, so he said nothing. I did not play for a long time, he came over and sat down next to me and told me to go. I played, and he began to stroke my breasts with his hand, first around the nipple, because it began to gently pull at the nipples themselves. I held back because I had nowhere to run, and continued to play. At the first evening ended.

On the second day the same thing happened. He came in the evening and invited me to take off his shirt again and play in front of him with bare breasts. I did what he asked. He came back, sat down and began to stroke my back. That evening, his touch was really nice, and the wave of excitement passed on my back and I could not help myself. He started kissing my back and asked me not to stop. He caressed my lips back, neck caressed language, it was very exciting, but I just continued to do what he told me.

On the third night, he offered simply undress before the goal and lie next to him, and nothing more. I offer it scared me, but he was persistent. He took off his clothes, and his body was very attractive. Strong, sturdy with a big dick, he lay down on my bed and waited for me. I took off her robe, pants, undid her bra and lay completely naked next to him. He did not touch me at first just watched, and then began to stroke his hands my body, it lasted for half an hour. And frankly speaking, I craved that he lashed out at me and became more insistent, but nothing happened. He just got dressed and left. On the fourth day he came to me, and stayed at home, and I was going crazy with excitement and the desire to have sex with him. So it was the next day, he did not talk with me, and just passing by. And in the evening I decided to go for it.
He was sitting at work in my room, completely naked. When I came to him, he got up from his chair, and I could totally see his gorgeous body. He was very handsome, sporty, this handsome, I wanted to be more in his arms. He asked what was wrong, and I have made only a step towards him and kissed him. This kiss was my first time, a passionate wet. He pierced me with his sharp tongue that gently caressed my mouth, he gently held on to my lips, passionately hugging me, and at the same time tearing my clothes. He kissed me hungrily, with all the passion and would quickly be in me. From this kiss I was all wet and strongly excited. He took off my dress and started me on my knees, I first did not understand why, but then he began to caress my pussy. At first he just held on it with his tongue and lips. His touch dispersed wave of pleasure through my body, I moaned. Then he penetrated a little deeper into my mouth and began to pull his tongue my clit. Excitation grew each time I moaned, but he continued to caress my pussy standing in front of me on my knees. I was ready to come, when he parted my legs a bit and began to caress and even my hole with his finger. It was unforgettable, and when once again his tongue went through my clit, I came, groaned loudly and felt my legs weakened by such a pleasure.

He laid me on the bed, naked and defenseless, zhaluyuschuyu only one that it as soon as possible entered into me. First he kissed my neck, long, gently, I moaned and held his hands over his back, I bent a pleasure, and it was unforgettable. Then he went below and began to fondle my breasts, he first walked the language of the right breast, then on the left, and then began to caress her nipples, tugging at them, biting, and with one hand squeezed the other breast, I all went and asked how soon to take me as possible, because I did not have any strength to endure it. He continued to work my chest, hard, gently he sucked it completely, and he was moaning with pleasure from the work done.

Then he went below and began to caress the language of my navel. It was my erogenous zone, and I did not even know how he could have guessed before. He took on his tongue penetrated inside, it was all so good that I was ready to finish just doing this. But then he suddenly appeared in front of my face, hands spread my legs, and I felt his strong and hard cock entered me strongly, forcefully. It was great and I even cried out in surprise, but with every movement of the body, I started to moan and demanded more, then a wave of pleasure and orgasm sag intercepted my breath. He moved slowly, strong and growing stronger each time, and I was moaning stronger. After a few movements I finished, and screamed with delight. He did not stop, he came out of me, fell down and kissed my pussy passionately and tenderly. Then he came back to me and kissed me, and I could only respond to his movements, because after such an orgasm, I did not know what to do either. He caressed me wherever reach them his hands and his mouth. When I rested a bit after such a strong orgasm, I decided to take the initiative in their hands, and lay down on top of it, the whole of his strong neck, held his tongue over his collarbone, which strongly stood out, and drove me crazy with their reliefs. I got to his nipples and began to nibble on them myself from this agitated even more. My every movement, to give him the pleasure excited, especially me. I licked it all, before it reached the strongest member.

He was strong and hot. I licked the pubis, and heard him groan softly, I'm in no hurry, and did everything slowly and specially decorated. Because I walked language on one side of his cock, I licked like ice cream, and heard how he likes it. I licked his head, gently, gently, and try to get my tongue movements were fast and strong to only excite and not to approach orgasm. Then I wanted to have it completely swallow by the throat, and I took him completely into his mouth and began to make movements the top down, and he began to moan even louder, I did it quickly, accurately, that every movement was given in his moans. His cock with my every movement becomes more and more strong, and it was driving me crazy. I moaned with pleasure itself, but continued to caress him each time more intense. And then I began to feel the strain of his hips as he began to moan louder and stronger. As a result, he came into my mouth, profusely, his sperm was pleasant to the taste. It was unreal pleasure, I felt his cock becoming weaker, softer and it's all in my mouth.
Then I got the idea that I'm not doing not one guy. I stood over him and sat her wet pussy on his face. This act almost brought him crazy, so it was unexpectedly and boldly. I had my pussy right on his lips, his tongue, and he once again skillfully and quickly brought me to orgasm, and again just did not finish itself. He quickly caressed my clit, I finished strongly and vividly, orgasm filled me all, and then I decided to stay on top. A little later, I saw that his cock again and is ready to please me until dawn. I sat down on him, and especially to do it slowly, feeling as he passes me, hard and hot. When his cock was completely in me, I began to make movements that drove the two of us crazy. I jumped on it like a real rider, he groaned, moaned, I, and I felt every time I jump, that orgasm again gets closer and stronger.

It was amazing and unforgettable, very quickly we finished almost simultaneously, strongly and clearly, that we had a long time to come around again to fondle each other and brought to the point of exhaustion. We lay in each other's arms, he caressed my ass hands and said how beautiful I am. Then he did something for me something unexpected, but very pleasant. He turned me on my stomach, and began kissing my back, down below, up to the priests. When he reached her, I shuddered, because until then no one had ever since I caressed. He walked his tongue over my buttocks, gently biting them, and I moaned with pleasure as it was exciting. Then he walked along the strip tongue between the buttocks, spread their arms and began to caress my hole. I groaned, because it was driving me crazy. He ran his tongue around my anus, and then went into his tongue, and there they went on to make great movements that just brought me to the bright pleasure. He was gentle and his every movement was nice and gently.
Then he decided to enter into me, he put me with cancer, and I thought that this would be the normal case. But he decided to try anal sex with me without even voicing it. When I became a cancer, he carefully licked my anus, so there was all wet and gently, and entered me. This was my first experience of anal sex, and at first I was scared, and I was even hurt. But then, with every movement, the excitement in me began to accrue, I began to moan and realized how pleasant it with one hand he pulled up to my clitoris, and while he fucked me in the ass, he fingered my clit, and received a double the fun. I groaned as the last knot, writhing in a wave of pleasure and cum loudly, strongly, and then me and very I finished right in the ass. His orgasm was too strong, that he exhausted lay on the bed, I felt my ass follows their sperm, and this feeling was nice to me, I erased all the towel that was lying next to the bed and lay down beside him.
It was a divine sex, which I will never forget, we were up all night together, sleeping, cuddled, kissed and then again enjoyed each other. Later in the night, when I slept, I suddenly felt that someone had entered me. It was him, and he really wanted to take me sleeping. The pleasure of such an act was unforgettable, I came quickly, and then he came, and decided to finish in my mouth. When he was ready to cum, he quickly left me, and I pick up the success of its members to get a taste of his semen again, and it was unforgettable. The night passed quickly, in this sexual ecstasy. So we lived together for more than a year, then I had to go to another city, but I still have not met the men who would be at least as it reminded me of him. This sex will never forget, it was amazing, unreal and truly unforgettable. It turned out that with him the first time I tried different types of sex, which left an indelible mark on my life. Each night was a real treat and pleasure of unprecedented sex. He was unstoppable in bed, and I loved it.