Cases of bygone days

And just because all that will be discussed - the absolute truth, then I am forced to change the names. I do it for the sake of the woman, who is sitting next to me, and in any case is not ready to make public its own name. Let's call it - Jeanne.
I threw on the grounds that after twenty years of marriage, my wife began to treat sex as a business. The formula was as follows: give - give!
At first I did not attach much importance, but also to pay for sex was beneath my dignity. Then she was ready to kill myself for, but the train has left.
Looking back. I dare say that in all my (albeit not very big) years, I've had quite a few relationships. Five - six women.
With Jeanne, I met her friend, with whom I am after a divorce
I had sex. This I begged her husband ... fun? I called her - Kurgan, because of the size of women in ancient times set up on the mounds.
I pray to her I was not going to, but to satisfy her extravagant sexual appetite was ready. Then, on my own, even without fault, we parted. She wanted me to find another man, and that we fuck her "two bow". By profession I am - a musician, but only play solo. And besides, to touch his body - to a man's body? Horror!!!
With Jeanne, we talked about three months later, when I went to the bookstore and saw her. It is still not paying attention to her, the first time I looked closely at her. She was not the mounds.
Pretty cute, wearing a tight skirt and a silk blouse, she wore big breasts and a charming form priests. But because she had an affair with some - the Uzbek - I did not try to persuade her to my side.
I just asked her to get me a book on music, gave his phone number, and was gone.
It took somewhere half a year, and she called.
- Hello! How are you?
- The best. How are you, girl?
- Bad.
- It happened something?
- I broke up with her Uzbek.
- What if?
- Long story. Maybe somehow I tell. A book I got you tomorrow will bring it from Jerusalem. Come and take in the evening. At the same time otvez¸sh me home.
And so it began. Without "encroachments" with my hand and it came in the evening and I drove her home. The only thing she told me is that the Uzbeks did not satisfy her in bed. Find out what is manifested, I did not try.
Here the New Year - it's a mockery of the holiday. Neither the fact that the snow - no rain. And to celebrate - celebrate! Nazhiratsya to snipe - then a week burp. And she calls:" Listen! Tomorrow is New Year. You want to go with me to my brother in a tavern?
- I do not like Russian taverns.
- You listen! We will sit alone, and you will not disturb anyone. Good?
- Nothing good, but okay.
- Arrive with me at ten o'clock. I bought you a suit. So do not dress up. I'll dress.
Came ... Suit - "Hugo Boss". Shirt, tie, shoes. Somewhere under three thousand dollars.
- What are you - crazy?
- What?
- What is Why should you buy me all this?
- No fooling. Undress. I will clothe you.
As if granted she wore on my shirt, and when fastened the last button - knelt, pulled down my pants and swallow cock. I do not like when I do these things. But she sucked that has brought me from the start.
- Cum in my mouth ...
- What's next?
Then there was a restaurant, and pyanaya trash. But we sat in a separate room, and does not interfere with the roar labuhov say and hear what you say.
- You did not consider me slut, for what have I done?
- I think that this went on.
- Yes. Even though I tried to control myself. You have a very tasty sperm.
- And thanks for that. But if you think that only this all will end, it is better not to repeat.
- The end - it depends on you.
- What depends on me?
- I'll try you something to tell.
- Speaking ...
- I do not even know where to start ...
My father - a sailor "trucker". Because I saw him occasionally. She lived with her mother and grandmother - komunistkami. They brought me through the endless responsibilities and penalties. Learning music - Music - Studies. If I'm five minutes late back from school - I will not go into details. Few became easier when I had finished school and entered the conservatory. How easier. I have not ran like mad home, explaining lessons until the evening.
Sexually, I was an absolute ignoramus. True to the 13 years I masturbated every night, but not more. For grandmother said that if before the wedding, I will not stay Tselkov - it would kill me. And she was capable of.
And then I met a souchinitsey which already had a lover. He always met her after school.
how - we chatted, and she said that just sit on this pope, like me - it is a sin ...
I did not understand, and then explained to polar:
- I also virgin.
- And what about your lover?
- Very simple.
- You do not fuck.
- Very much.
- How?
- In the ass like!
- What?!
- What you do not hear? Hearing something you have absolute.
- But I am someone said that it hurts.
- In the beginning - it hurts. Then - less. Then - even less. And then - you can not have without it. I just dureyu on this buzz.
My Ass rastrahana so that sometimes I stuck it in a vibrator, and a member of - dogonku. And you such an asshole - and nothing else! Find yourself (and you're not at all difficult) man, and let him develop your ass.
Nothing to live in suhomyatku!
- And you find yourself.
- Yes. But not at once. That night, the first time I tried to introduce myself mezinets in the ass. I took the time to understand that it needs to be lubricated with saliva. Then, when the sphincter become pliable, I introduced another finger. And one more.
- From the first ever?
- Yes. I started to move them and stroking the clitoris. So as I was finished - I did not finish in life. Then, on the vibrator and I dreamed to dream, I stuck myself a beer bottle almost to the ground.
And ends like crazy.
- And what about the man?
- Was alone. Teacher on the theory. The large recess. Sometimes twice. I went not herself. I feel all the time like a member of the pope.
- That's why you broke up with Uzbek?
- Therefore. And if you think I'm - pervert - I understand.
- I do not think anything. And you do not fuck in the pussy?
- Of course I fuck. But only finish in the ass.
- So girl, will you today to fuck in the ass?
- Do you really agree ?! Yes?!!!
- Only dop¸m wine, and - go ahead.
- No! No! My house is full of wine. Come back!