Irina - a single woman of 30 years. Despite the chic appearance ... huge breasts, slender legs, tight stomach, pretty face framed by a shock of brown hair, and has not found a life partner. Of course there were suitors, even offers to marry, but neither of which never happened. It was not until in the life of Irina someone who would be able to conquer it and thus bind to itself.
She led a regular life work - the house, sometimes a movie or theater.
Fleeing from loneliness through a variety of devices, the size of which, by the way, impressive. Irina liked it when her genitals and anus have been stretched to the limit, even to pain. That is what gave the strongest satisfaction. Although such actions are gradually led to the fact that the vagina was strongly stretched, and labia stretched and drooped, and, once joked girlfriend in the bath, they were like a rag. Irina then absolutely not offended, she liked the comparison.
So no change and proceeded to her life, but firm, where Irina worked suddenly went bankrupt, and the woman was in a quandary.
Urgently needed to find a job, especially since all the money that was Irina went to buy an apartment, and right now she was stranded. I had to reduce all costs, but it was a temporary measure.
Helped friends. Irina with their help, went to work as a commodity in the shop. store hostess, girl 22 -23 years old, took her as soon as she learned that Irina urgently need a job, and wait for help from anywhere.
- Marina, - she introduced herself, - I hope you do not disappoint me.
The shop selling various clothing, and for training Irina put in sportswear department.
The only requirement was wearing revealing clothing. The skirt was open bare feet as much as possible, the top should be white with no bra.
This situation is not much bothered Irina, and so she went to work the next day. She was wearing a black skirt above the knee and a white blouse made of thick fabric. Thus, it has fulfilled the requirements of the headmistress, which opened to a minimum. Of course, before Irina so not dressed, but she did not think such demands something unusual. In previous work demands were radically opposite, that she was more to their liking. The owner - a gentleman, Irina thought and decided not to argue with her rabotodatelnitse, which, by the way, and she was not averse to show an example of its female employees in relation to their demands.
So, Irina began working in the shop and soon she began to order the goods. With regard to its work boss I was happy, but the appearance seemed to Irina, not quite suit. Of course, the right not to talk about, but also the opinion, that Irina honored every day when coming to work, says a lot.
Irina, of course, very much wanted to please his young boss, but still felt that in his 30 dress more openly, it has no right.
That all changed when Irina made a mistake by ordering the wrong item. Top paid, but from circulation temporarily fell out some money. Irina has been called on the carpet to the boss.
Entering the room, she saw Marina Vladimirovna sitting in a chair and stared at her beautiful legs lying on the table. Marina Vladimirovna smoked.
-Come on, Irina, trust you have not lived, - she said, and looked into the eyes of Irina hard stare brooked no objection, - What would you do, fire you or you want to work?
-I corrected, - Irina was afraid of losing his job and was not ready so all.
Now her fate was in the hands of the young and, as it turned out, a tough boss.
-Correct small, will need to work at my pleasure, - his voice was felt iron - Are you ready to work so that to me it is a pleasure, not a disappointment.
-Ready, - he said Irina barely audible, though she could not understand what tends Marina Vladimirovna. In my head climbed bad thoughts, I do not want there to offer her this girl to meet her mouth.
Of course, Irene had sex with a woman once, but that was long ago and more of despair. Now go to bed with a girl younger than himself was for Irina is simply not possible.
-Well, let's check in practice, disguise for the beginning, I really do not like the way you dress, - with these words, Marina Vladimirovna Irina handed the bundle, which turned out to be a very short pink knitted dress.
Irina took the dress and looked beseechingly at the boss.
-If you have something does not suit, there is a door - and she pointed to the door.
Irina began to undress. She took off her blouse, then her skirt. After he began to pull on her dress, which was clearly not in size. Most Irina was afraid that it would be too short, and will be visible panties. This problem is eliminated ...
-Yes, I almost forgot, panties on you from now on should not be, you're no longer a virgin, to wear shorts.
Marina Vladimirovna enjoyed, forcing Irina remove the pants. When, finally, he dressed Irina, Marina Vladimirovna told her to come closer. She lifted her skirt and began to examine the vagina Irene. Then he reached out and pulled the labia. Irina cried.
-Good hole is large, on the cloth like sex - Marina Vladimirovna laughed. She so wanted a painful sting subordinate.
Irina received a slap on the perineum, and then was released to work. She wanted to express their will and not to obey, but Irina is very well aware that, by allowing only themselves to change clothes, she resigned from her position and even allowed this young girl to touch herself and call on you.
Irina went to the office and began to perform the duties of the seller. Employees immediately drew attention to her appearance and become interconnected winking. Irina was a shame, but to make something of the order across the Marina Vladimirovna, she did not dare.
At the end of the day, Irina came to the boss's office and asked him to give her clothes to change clothes and go home.
-What are you, bitch, just sbrendila. Putting you now I will, and if you're so stupid, you have to change clothes more fun - with these words, Marina Vladimirovna stretched Irina box.
Such boxes Irina saw a sex shop. The dress turned sewn from small pieces of skin at intervals of 2-3 cm. When Irina wore it, it could be said that she is naked. Dress emphasized even more than nudity.
-Can you blame home slut - laughed at her boss.
-I'm not a whore, - Irina tried to resist.
-What are you to contradict me, whore? Your kind of speaks for itself. Avail! - Marina Vladimirovna subordinate pushed out the door.
Coming out of the shop, Irina went to the basement of the neighboring house, and decided to wait until there is darkness, to as little as possible to the people saw her shame. She sat on the thrown by someone a chair and leaned his head against the wall. From the eyes streamed tears ....
Irina could not even imagine that Marina Vladimirovna saw everything and just that and waited.
Within an hour, the door to the basement decoction, and two guys went to years to 20. They ran into Irina.
-And here is our prize! - Said one of them and grabbed Irina's hair. - Let's just fight or to mock?
-You said that - drop through the floor, and all captured on video. And then you'll fuck. To get the camera.
-I beg you do not, - Irina tried to escape.
Having received a resounding slap in the face, she stopped fighting.
-Will you do that will order get off a little blood, - said one of her tormentors, grabbed by the hair and threw back her head.
The second turn on the camera and filmed what was happening.
From a conversation Irina realized that the first name was Andrew, and the second of Lech.
Andrew held her by the hair and looked straight into his eyes.
-bitch, open your mouth - he threw his head back as far as possible women.
Irina did not dare to resist and opened her mouth, as she ordered. Andrew juicy spit in her mouth and began to laugh. Irina wanted to spit his saliva, but that she did not work, had to swallow. She even could not imagine that it can handle so, but what scared her more than anything, is the fact that the event has caused excitement.
Andrew, meanwhile, began to paw her. Roughly pulling the labia to the limit and squeezing them.
-Blyadine like! It flowed! - Andrew raised his wet hand and wiped it on the woman's face.
Irina had a taste of their own secretions on the lips. She had a feeling that between her dirty feet. It owns the smell was disgusting.
Andrew turned to Irina and roughly entered into the anus. The tool he was decent, but when Irene was useful practice with a vibrator. There was no pain, despite the lack of lubrication. Camera Irina had not noticed.
Andrew fucked her for ten minutes, and then forced to take the soiled cock in her mouth. Irina had to lick and swallow the shit covering member. It was disgusting, but there was no choice. After Andrew violently ended her mouth.
-Eat, creature, your shit with gravy - he took pleasure in humiliating the woman.
Now, Andrew took the camera and Lech began to entertain.
He undressed the woman, then demanded lipstick. Irina gave him her lipstick, and Lech began to decorate her body with obscenities. After admiring a moment his work, he took Irene by the hair and started fooling on the floor.
This attitude has led to the fact that in five minutes Irina was covered in dirt basement, and her hair looked like a dirty brush. Through the mud shone obscene inscriptions.
-We, dirty pig, I'll clearly show who you really are - not less Lech Andrew liked to humiliate the woman. - Make a mouth tube and suck.
He put it on the floor, threw his head back and began to insert his penis into his mouth. Eggs and then beat Irina's face. Lech held her head and brutally fucked in the mouth. After some time, he also finished, and Irina and swallowed his semen. Then she licked ass Lehi.
She was pushed to the floor, the dress took with them.
-The next time you will not wander through the cellars, blyadina! - And then they were gone.
A couple of hours Irina ventured to look out into the street. For a long time already it was night. She cautiously came out and keeping to the shadows made her way through the city. She managed to reach the house unnoticed, but there was a car in front of the porch, and pass just was not possible.
Irina plucked up courage and went to the door to the staircase. When she was about to dial the code of the car came a familiar voice ...
-You're very becoming your outfit! - It was the Marina, - Get in the car.
Irina obeyed.
-Where have you wandered so long, I got tired of waiting.
-Let me go, I was very bad.
-Spread your legs damn. - It seemed that Marina Vladimirovna did not even hear.
Irina opened her legs, and Marina Vladimirovna touched treacherously wet vagina. Irina that she did not expect, but what happened to her has caused a storm of feelings that are transformed into great excitement. She was grateful for the rapists that they did not cause her any physical harm and even almost did not hurt. Plus we made reality its most intimate fantasies, which Irina does not even recognized.
-Yes you taschishsya goat! Now do that and I was dragged - Marina Vladimirovna spread her legs and pulled her hair Irina to her naked and apparently long been thirsty pleasures vagina. Girl almost immediately came, Irina only had time to lick her pussy tender and slightly irritate the clitoris. The face of Irina was completely filled secretions Marina Vladimirovna.
-Come tomorrow what you want, you redeemed your guilt. Record what you do, I leave myself a bit too excited by such things. No one that today has been apart from us to you and does not recognize the two performers. Agree?
-Yes. - Irina was in seventh heaven. We lower it to order, and no one will know once about it. She could not even imagine such a denouement. It originated a new wave of excitement.
Marina Vladimirovna gently kissed her on the lips.
-Sorry, Irina, sometimes getting furious by his quirk. I hope I'm not mistaken, you are allowing yourself to humiliate so much. I watched you and I thought, what kind of attitude you like.
Irina went silent.
At home, she has experienced the strongest orgasm in my life today scrolling adventure in his head.

The next day, Irina came to the shop very early and the first thing done by selecting the most lovely dress with a large cut in front, almost to the navel, and a very short skirt. She put it on and went into the office of the boss.
-Marina, I beg you to let me go to work in a similar dress. - Irina ran her hand over the body. - Yesterday, with your help, I opened myself this.
Marina Vladimirovna mischievous smile ....