Molesters. Part 3 incestuous

Lustful and lascivious thoughts increasingly occupied our boy. He is now doing a lot of self-satisfaction, remembering their sexual adventures. Eugene, he has not yet seen, and he did not care all that rigmarole. Recently somehow changed his behavior, the parents did not notice anything, once, but lately classmates made fun of him. He comes into the classroom, and he said: "And here came Pasha". Or even rougher, as is common in school children. It is unlikely that any of them really knew what was going on in the boy's life, probably just subconsciously felt a change in the Pasha.
Noticing these things, the student decided to still go, became parents to drop brains. He is generally disliked, but not strongly resisted: Pasha was considered independent, intelligent boy, so listen to his opinion. Yes, to be honest, he always did what he wanted, and he did not want to do - the life of me - not force. Therefore, it was funny to hear from their friends, were considered "steep"That them somewhere will not let parents or something like that. Pasha for his young age could live in grand style, made his affairs, did not like to boast, always knew what he wanted, and that is always sought. Category morality practically did not exist for him, not that he was so bad, no. If doing something forbidden, something he did not do, and if you would like much - I did. Everything depended on the consequences if done its job quietly, without drawing, and it is good. The public transport is never inferior places, climb away but sat himself, but if traveling with my mother or even with someone, then necessarily inferior, so that my mother, praising him, always mentioned that "he was polite, the place is inferior ". And so in all that hotl, it did, people do not do, but adapt uml. Against the background of rough, arrogant and tugovato classmates, he looked more than profitable.
Approaching winter holidays, Pasha's mood improved with each passing day. He flourished in the middle of winter, it all happy. On vacation with his parents he was going to the village to stay with relatives. The only thing he lacks is that its someone fucked. The girls had never been, but he did not like, although there is nothing against them, he had not. On a vacation should definitely with someone "make friends". "Once we go to the village, there is the need to seduce someone"- I think. What is important in this kind of seduction? All the boys in the world ever thought about having sex with the same sex. But because of his boyish pride and prejudice few implement their dreams into reality. So the task of the Pasha, as a seducer, was primarily to convince the partner that everything will remain secret, to convince any means. In addition, the life of one, it is necessary to try everything. Is it blue? What nonsense. Blue - this is grown men living together in the spirit and not digesting women. But Pasha believed marriage required. So it all - love affairs, light boyish pranks.
Passed rapid and cheerful New Year lans family gathered in the village. We went for a week. Pasha, if I wanted to, and could not go, but he somehow thought that simple village boys to seduce easily, and then you can go and everything.
- Mom, take vaseline, my lips become weather-beaten, - thrifty asked Pasha.
We traveled by train four hours laughing and having a good time - New Year, after all. Their stations were met by relatives. Family of three people, as Flank. Mom, dad, son.
- Hello, my name is Anton!
- Hey, I - Pasha!
Boys tightly in a rural shook hands. On the way Pasha learned that Anton - his second cousin on my mother's line. Anton, as well as Pashule was 12 years old. Tall, thin, dark-skinned, he looked like a Pasha. Only his hair was dark, in contrast to the bright flank. Pasha immediately liked the rustic quality factor and the uncomplicated beauty of Anton. He was wearing a dark blue jacket, thick pants, and boots. While the adults decide their affairs, the boys went forward.
- Just good friends! - The head of the village happy family.
- That's good, but I was worried. Now all the holidays together run! - Mom wailed Pasha.
In the evening, in honor of the city visitors staged a noisy outdoor party. The food was simple, but in very large quantities. Adults drank, danced and sang:
"I only from the cold, oh, I May rose, uh, your mother!"
Everyone was drunk and happy, adults, do not hesitate, waving his feet in a stormy dance.
- Let's drink wine - offered his brother Anton.
Pasha was now particularly open-minded, so gladly accepted.
The boys went into the other room, took a snack, a drink and sat down in an adult. For teenage organisms was drunk a lot. Anton drank sometimes with friends, and Pasha - for the first time today drank. So his razvezlo much less Anton, but also reeling. Adults, of course, did not notice this, where there do not stand on their feet. In the morning we all had a headache, all had one misfortune - a hangover. So it was necessary to continue the celebration, joyful and cheerful rustic revelry.
On Thursday in the village bath day. In lans relatives had their own room, which stoked today. In honor of the arrival of guests, everything was special, festive. First, wash the men. Room was small, two or three people. We decided that the first to go boys. Pasha knew it was time to act. Over the past few days they had become friends with Anton, we trust each other. However, it was difficult to predict how this will react village lad. Any tendencies to the blue, he did not show. "And what, in fact, may be the signs?" - Pasha thought. Anton - boy open, kind, not to say that soft, but not harmful. Stupid, he, too, was not, so we can just talk, show all the benefits. However, there was something else .: After all, they - the brothers. Let not the family, but the blood of some one. For Pasha morality was not, and therefore the question is not standing on the contrary was in this something particularly perverse, so sweet. But Anton could not behave predictably. Rape him as Boria, there was nothing, and think - it is stronger, it could only be a voluntary, fraternal trachea. In an extreme case, I have to beg, do not talk to adults, though Anton was not like an informer, why is that?
Pasha put Vaseline in your pocket "For rear lip"- He grinned.
- I am going? - Anton asked cheerfully.
- Ran - hiding the excitement, said Paschke.
The boys were walking along the cleared snow from the track. Pasha tried to remember what he said Bors, in principle, he said then, he thought. So now we must say the same, but in other words, more than adults. Parents, melt the bathhouse and preparing everything went to the feast.
Pasha and Anton went into the dressing room, out of the slits in the bottom of the door went pairs.
- It's great to heat, strong - with knowledge of the matter said Anton.
At first, took off his jacket, then his boots, were in casual clothes. Undressing slowly, without embarrassment. If Pasha is not plotting to seduce his brother, he hardly went to the bath, to bathe naked next to a little boy friend would shy. And nothing. The boys took off his shirt, exposing his chest ... the young men. Anton was stronger Pasha, although not by much. The same baby pacifiers, the same groove on the belly. Soon they were in shorts: Pasha - in his favorite blue Bunch, Anton - in the old gray family shorts. Now had to get rid of them, Anton Pasha turned to his back, bent down, as if it is more convenient and directed shorts. It turned out that his ass was at Anton's groin. When he turned, he saw the boy's treasure in all its glory. Dick second cousin was more him, and eggs as if wider. Of particular significance attached a few black hairs (Pasha pubic hair is somehow less conspicuous.)
- Come steam - cheerfully said bathhouse host.
We went to the steam room, clouds of steam a little boy hiding from each other. Anton suggested hover Pasha, "lie", He speaks. Pasha lay on a long wooden shelf. He felt his ass provocatively waiting for something. Anton took a broom and began to walk around them along the body Pasha. Nothing sexier Pasha and could not imagine it just languished with desire. Anton did not start feeling sorry for beating his brother by the pope.
- Stronger, More! - Pasha groaned with lust.
Soft broom lay on the molester's body, and that, and wanted to beat him harder and harder. His cock stood erect, vicious droplets of sweat ran over his body. Then Pasha began to beat with a broom in the body of his brother. He especially liked to beat the red, as though laughing ass. One, two, one, two.
Napar enough, the boys sat on a shelf. Pasha realized - now or never.
- Anton, listen I have to offer you. - The fun started Pavlik. - I just always wanted to try to have sex with a boy. Just try what it is. But only once, but I'm afraid that I will offer, and the other boy would laugh and tell all parents. Tell me you never wanted?
- Are you gay?
- Yes, no, I'm just wondering, what's the big deal?
- Well, I do not know, all sorts of thoughts come, but I've never done anything like that.
- I suggest to try it, and let it remain between us.
- I agree.
Pasha hugged his brother. Their sticky sweat from the body touched. Chest to chest, a member of a member. Anton lay down and Pasha climbed on him as a girl and started kissing his hot lips. They kissed passionately for a long time and gently. Pasha touched and hugged his brother so passionately, as a professional lover. He kissed his neck and hands at the same time struggling squeezed his fat ass. He sat back on his heels, so that his ass was on Anton's feet. He got up and began gently led her hands over his chest seducer, kissed him in the navel.
- Suck me, please - a hoarse voice asked Anton.
- Of course expensive.
Anton swung his legs off the shelf, and the Pasha sat down at the bottom, between his legs. His gaze imagined economy brother. First, he gently began to lick the boy eggs. Kissed crotch, licking. Member Anton in length was a Pashin, but thicker. Therefore Pasha gave special pleasure, slowly push it into his mouth, feeling the skin of the lips pupyrchatuyu walls. He carefully opened the prick and sucked it from all sides.
- That's right, yes! - Moaning with pleasure the boy grabbed the ass Pasha ebatelya hands and leaning, began rhythmically to drive his head up and down. Anton bliss, he did nothing, while Pasha is already sweating from the relentless sucking.
- A-A-A-A-A !!!
Anton pulled out a member of the lustful Pasha, and forcing him to keep his mouth open, sent a thin stream into the throat of his brother.
- So tasty! - Pasha too much. - Anton, I want to fuck you in the ass! Now bring Vaseline, get ready.
Pasha ran to the dressing room with a protruding member, wet hands found the Vaseline, and rushed to pushed into his mouth kid.
When he entered, he saw a picture: Anton was cancer. His head was down almost to the floor, and the ass all Zadran above. Legs brazenly placed in the hand. Ass was wet with sweat and desire.
- Did you want to fuck me in the ass? - Feigned a frightened voice asked Anton-poebosha. - Did you put his dick in my anus, my colon ?!
- Exactly! Right now, you will by a fag!
- So take me!
Pasha's fuck anticipation was in ecstasy, he went to his rural relatives, and with all his strength kicked him in the ass, then he sat down on his haunches, she began to poke the middle finger of his right hand into the hole Anton. Holes are clearly not like a foreign object between the Pasha not sparing poked his finger he was already fully in Anton. Then Paschke began, slowly, carefully, smear Vaseline ass brother. Anointed around the hole itself and even within all handled.
- Relax and move with me, my dear, - Pasha was ready.
A member of the boy so much was that it even turned out to be difficult to straighten, but to cope with his little friend, he put it at a right angle. Then immediately I went sharply in the ass another, inserting through. Pasha surprised that Anton did not even cry out. Yes, what to say - in the village all the guys healthy, including fuck. Pasha moved rhythmically, and Anton, his hands on the wooden floor bath, drove ass to the beat, it's a little moaning, or pain, or pleasure.
Fine spirits attracted by the pungent smell of lust flew around a sweet couple. We looked at the young lads, admired naked and their bodies beautiful. Lace, fun, Pasha noticed them, but to enjoy his brother's body was stronger. Subtly sweet and rang bath undead, scary and passionately of them became.
From ecstasy and inexpressible freedom Anton began grunting and whine. As demoniac laugh mad Pasha. Spirits became more and more places they have not enough to narrow the bathhouse. Pushed to take a closer look at what is happening action, boys had to press.
- Come away! - Pasha frantically laughed, fending off pesky.
Red light came on in his eyes, is that the former Pasha zazhimchivy and moody? He seemed something new to learn and understand.
- Do you feel what I'm bad ?! - Revl he, with all his fucking standing cancer in a small hole in the back.
- Oh, think of it! - This is really a pervert blissed out from the sweet pain.
Blue butterfly with wings nadlomannym irksome fly. Joyful music flowed. Druzhnye pig neatly made caper, dancing in a circle.
- How many of you!
Time seems to have stopped, there was no longer any time or space, only two boys in love and wildly happy being around. Pasha led hands on the back of Anton felt that orgasm is near. Suddenly restless chicken ran, flew, cackled, stupid. The entire building was filled with them already and over the heads of the lovers began to stagnate.
- Cumming !!! - The long-awaited white mass resulted from a member of Pasha.
Suddenly the boys heard a knock at the door.
- Soon you there?
Fussed ... undead hiding. Along and the boys went out, grinning immodestly, to each other.