Body check

I stopped the car in front of the hospital building, the stomach sucked treacherously, how I did not want to go, I'm tired of these annual inspections, but if I do not pass another medical examination, and then I get another respite from the army. But today more and have to go for it:
I approached the office, there was no one I could safely go, but I stopped for a moment at the door, and imagined what would happen next, I go she will smile to me flat on duty smile, only in the eyes run up devils, these small and mischievous, smile and It continues, to write something in the card of another patient, or to speak with a nurse. I once again found myself thinking that I love this woman, like her little devils in the eyes, blond hair, pulled back in a bun, like her figure under the white robe, but most of all I like it invisible power over me, I depend on it , it hurts and gets me. I go, it is one now, devils in her eyes just went crazy, she quietly gets up and locks the door behind me.
- "Well, young man, you are ready for inspection? Come behind the screen"
I'm going to undress behind the screen, in the head of any thoughts, no lie, and one persistent " I want this to happen"I do not even know what it is.
She comes up to me, in his arms already rubber gloves, smiles and says: "Wake up to your favorite position" I'm an adult and a strong man, not a small growth, kneel, otklyachivayu ass and pushed her hands. If someone I recently said that I will get pleasure from all this, I would have probably hit, and now I'm on my knees and waiting when she dipped a finger in vaseline, I will introduce it into the rectum. Yes prostate examination happens that way, and there is nothing you can do. Just thinking about what was going to happen a member begins to swell and rise, she saw it, I was terribly embarrassed, but I can not do anything. Today, there is little wrong as usual, it did not examine me, she fucks me with your finger, it brings it deep in my ass and then takes out a squelching sound, and then he introduces her breathing quickens, the second hand she squeezes my ass pats thereon. And I understand that this is what I've been wanting to be completely at the mercy of the woman, stand there on his knees in a ridiculous pose, with his finger in the pope. Strange feelings overwhelmed me, a wave of bliss rolls, I begin to move involuntarily to meet her finger. During all this time we did not say a word, they do not need, we understand each other without words, we are allies, we are playing the same game, and we like it.
It introduces already two fingers, leans over and takes my cock with the other hand, as a standing count. Oddly enough, I do not feel any pain or even discomfort, is only growing sense of pleasure. Now she was kneeling beside me, one hand fucking my ass, and the other, masturbate my dick, I do not know how long it lasts this incredible, silent sex. Hand I climb under her robe, and I understand that there are no shorts, and it all flows. This becomes the last straw, and I begin to frantically finish. Exhausted, I fall and slide off her finger strength enough only for what would turn over on your back and stretch his legs, but the surprise is today still not over it to sit on my face and I was literally drowning in its juice. She frantically crawl over my face and ends up in a matter of seconds. I'm starting to drink its juice, carefully lick all folds. She climbs down with me and go to the desk in his office, a few minutes I was lying motionless in the head porridge, a little ass aches, real life is beginning to return, I get up and get dressed. Oddly enough, I do not feel any shame, as if I got what I wanted for a long time, did not know about it. I walk over to the table, she never stopped, write something in the card says that I should come to her next week for the conclusion, then looks up (devils in them slyly grin) and I realize that our next meeting promises me a lot new interesting and unusual sensations.