For porteroy

Black satin leotard with three red stripes - that was
you need to speak to Arthur in the show program. Material brought him
Germany, now it was for a good tailor. This is where friends and
They advised him to go to Stella. Like, and sew it quickly, and do not
repeatedly demonstrated outstanding talent designer, and very good
a ... This last argument seemed to Arthur the most convincing.
Pre-phoned, he came to her on Wednesday evening.
The door was opened by a tall, slender brown-haired. Bizarrely tailored whether
gown, whether successful evening gown of her dignity podchepkivalo
figupy: truly a wasp waist, long legs, her soft thrilling
ppopoptsionalnymi lines shoulders. Dark green light shapfik,
drop down on them, obviously the color of the eyes podbipalsya ochapovatelnoy
hoyayki. Ppoydya room, Aptup saw two other young women, fun
twitter about something. Stella skpylas a moment of heavy dark
poptepoy, otgopazhivayuschey corner of the room, and from there with a stack of vynypnula
fashion journals.
Arthur gesture stopped her:
- It is unlikely that there exists what I needed.
He took out his stuff sports bag and laid on
- That this we would like to build a leotard. And for him - short
cloak like those worn by the heroes of Shakespeare's tragedies.
Arthur immediately felt the curious glances before do not
pay attention to him women.
Stella thoughtfully lit a dark brown pohitosku. Fragrant
thin layers of bluish smoke hung over the table.
- I'm trying to imagine it, - she said slowly, -
but to me it would be desirable to know what you look like without clothes.
Arthur was internally ready for such a turn, even glad
he simply said:
- I can undress, no problem!
And immediately set to work, knowing what effect will produce
to give him the Dutch linen, not to mention the gorgeous figure. Yes,
Arthur was proud of his body, was downright in love with him: slim,
muscular, absolutely no frills, with well-developed torso,
The highly developed muscular legs - his figure was indeed
almost perfect, recalling the proportion of famous antique statues.
The ladies looked at him spellbound. One of them with light
envy Stella looked at, because that's all she gave Arthur
Stella, meanwhile, considered it as an expert examines
thoroughbred horse. She moved a little to the side, meticulously looked
to lean belly Arthur and apparently did not find flaws, delightedly
She clapped her hands.
- Great copy! Simply gorgeous! - singsong
she repeated.
Arthur smiled happily.
- I ask here - Stella pointed porteru. - It is necessary to take your measurements.
Arthur gladly obeyed. Many high mirrors,
porteroy hidden behind, struck him. He seemed to be turned inside
precious crystal, each face of which reflected his perfect
body. Stella carefully slid the matter and proceeded to action. Her
warm tender toes, armed with a measuring tape, fluttered over
Arthur. In the end she sat down in front of him on his haunches and began
measure the volume of his feet. Arthur looked down: on top of the chest Stella
It seemed almost naked. For a moment he imagined that the hand
squeeze and crumple these warm smooth balls ... At this point, Stella
I touched his groin and he involuntarily gasped. Arthur
I felt that the tight narrow melting are it is incredibly tight.
Stella took her hand and slowly lifted her head. Their eyes
We met. Arthur's eyes asked, demanded want. In the eyes of Stella
slight bewilderment gave way to curiosity, then lust. She is
She lowered her head, as if returned to her measurements. Only fingers
it thus become unreasonably long linger on tight
natyanuvsheysya matter heats. They seemed to want to get inside and
to liberate the captive, who himself had almost escaped from his
elegant prison. Arthur imperceptible movements unusually
docile abdominal muscles contributed to this meeting - and it is almost
It took place. Stella Blue nails like a flock of frolicking night
moths fluttered over the flower to blossom, but the gardener decided
otherwise: Stella undid the button of his robe and sat up. Arthur
impulsively hugged her, their lips have merged in a long passionate kiss.
Stella's friends continued as if nothing had happened Twitter, apparently
unaware of what is happening behind the screen.
High chest Stella put her in Arthur's chest and pleasant springs
in time with his breathing. Careful hand of Arthur penetrated under the robe and
I started a bit messy to travel over the hills and hollows of her
well-groomed body.
- You do not fall asleep in there? - Falsely alarmed voice asked
one of her friends.
- No, no - Stella gasped violently for a moment looking up
by Arthur. - I can not guess the optimum length cloak.
Swim Arthur has long strayed away, and the magnificent
Stellini robe was open along the entire length. Minute of intimacy
inexorably approaching. The piquancy of the situation gave her
extraordinary sharpness. What they have in any case did not dare to issue
self noise, but more concerned blood. ... Partly inflamed and
disadvantage position. Now, if in the dressing room was at least squattish
bench ...
For a sixth sense still wary made friends
fall silent, but Arthur and Stella did not notice that their bodies are already intertwined
in close loving embrace. Under tight legs of Arthur barely audible
creaking floorboard, and Stella, closing the palm mouth, hung on his
brawny arms, completely surrendering quietly coasting on it
Arthur is better controlled the situation. he saw the corner of his eye,
both reflected in the mirror, curtain twitched and formed cunt
It appeared someone's long eyelashes. He tried to discreetly cover yourself
Stella and floors swept his robe, but it was impossible:
bathrobe and without a miracle hold on the shoulders of Stella slipped to
her feet. Now they are reflected in all the mirrors, no cover.
Curious friends could view them without interference. Apparently Stella,
also I suspected that watching them. Her face and neck suddenly chiselled
flushed and she froze, allowing, however, Arthur to bring the case before
end. Thinly feeling some stiffness partner, Arthur was also
partially lost fervor, though not lost elegance of movement, continued
their kind of inertia. Now, all his attention was diverted to the fact
what is going on behind the curtain. He even involuntarily stepped back, slipped on
back to her. And suddenly I came across a soft female female zhivot.Stroynoe
body behind the curtain began to move in waves in time with the movements of pair
Suddenly he heard a subtle but extremely hot whisper:
- Bold, bold! Yet!
Arthur glanced at his partner's face. Stella certainly
I noticed nothing: it selflessly, with eyes closed
rocking with him.
Extremely aggravated hearing Arthur again reached
shameless hint:
- Spread a little wider! Enter the finger!
Almost mechanically followed Artur lascivious advice. From
Stella surprise weakly screamed and frantically hammered in strong
hands. Due to the dark green curtains in the corner of the dressing slowly
seemed sensual female profile. Arthur has openly made
their movements, Stella went limp in his arms and did not resist the most
refined his techniques. Movement of Women for porteroy also became
gusty, it is now not always fall into the rhythm, breathing louder,
and her hands through a thick cloth unusually sensually caressing
his back and buttocks. He could not resist, has got his hand behind his back and held
He pressed his hand to his swollen vulva, skillfully stroking it.
A tiny shriek showed him that the woman reached for porteroy
peaks of pleasure before their own. She almost fell upon the whole body
behind Arthur and he even through the thick fabric felt sweet
twitching. They somehow inexplicably inherited by Stella,
which is deeply bent forward, frantically pulled the air, opened
eyes, and only at that moment noticed a meter away from him burning burning
curious gaze of his girlfriend, but to stop coasting pleasure
It has proved unable and, in spite of the afflicted her sense
acute shame, could not keep voluptuous shudder.
...While Stella embarrassment led myself up, not daring
get out from behind the curtains, Arthur slipped out of the dressing room. Hidden
matter the charm of the second partner made it deep
impression. He suggested that the second worse. That's why, when
Stella finally pulled herself together and looked out of the dressing room, she
I saw a broad back Arthur, elegantly entailing girlfriends arm
across the street.