Anya - 2

- Hello Anya. As a young life?
- Good. Why do not you call?
- As usual, spun, I ran. In addition, if you do not know you want to continue with me acquaintance after that I worked with your mouth.
- And what are you doing? I myself wanted to.
- That is, I was just a tool?
- No, well, why? You liked me, and besides, I had to pay the fare. - Laughing on the other end Anya.
- I would have brought you and the gift. But I liked your gratitude. If you want another ride - safely handle.
- Actually, I'm on this subject and call. My friend and I are going to my cottage, and drag myself to things no desire. So I thought: could you help us?
- With pleasure. But where to go?
- In Volokolamsk.
- Hmm: a long way, but you refuse, I can not. When we go?
- Oh, thank you very much. We were going in the morning, but if you have otvezesh, then when you're comfortable. And: for we will not rust.
- Even so? You're not jealous? You want me to share with a friend.
- Well, no: that is not jealous. But my friend and I did not speak on this subject. I do not know if she wants to.
- Calm down. I quite enough of your gratitude. Even without sex. Such a beautiful girl, I'll take and a simple thank you. Do not think that I am a libertine.
- And you do not think that I no longer have to turn to. Just I like you, and besides, I have to train my throat.
- Then gather. We leave tonight. And you have not even told her friend that we had? I thought the girls are divided into such adventures.
- Today? OK. At what time? No, I do not tell. I do not want to shoot the breeze. Suddenly someone my boyfriend says.
- Clear. Podedu today to seven o'clock in the evening. Be ready.
Before the evening we called up a couple of times. At Anya's friends were some urgent business, and it is in any did not want to go, but in the end Anna prevail upon her, and when seven I came to her house, they were waiting for me at the entrance. I immediately noticed that Ani girlfriend on her head up and looks over. Attracted the attention of her slender figure and long legs. The girl was planing skirt to mid-thigh and a topic that hid a small but absurd chest. Bra was not visible. Beautiful face with big brown eyes, framed by shoulder-length black hair was a bit like a person friends. At Ana was a pink T-shirt with a funny bee and white shorts.
- Good evening, girls.
- Hey, it's Vic. - Introduced a girlfriend Anya. - Vic, this glory.
- Hello - Vick looked a little surly, but still smiled at me.
- Pleased to meet you. Hop. - I said, removing the things the girls in the trunk.

Anya jumped in the front seat without leaving Vick choice, she settled back and off we went. Seeing that Vick is not in the mood, I did not try to connect it to the conversation, talking to Anya on general topics: movies, music. Knowing that Vic does not know our relationship, I struck up a conversation on intimate topics, but at some point began to catch in the rearview mirror interested glances, which gives me the eldest of the passengers.
- Vic, why are you so gloomy? After all, as I understand it, eat rest.
- We tore her date tonight - in a stage whisper said Anna, without giving Vick response time.
- What did you not tell me? If I knew these things, and tomorrow could go. Excuse me, Vic.
- Oh, do not apologize, - she said, however, apologize for judging by the tone of it was for nothing. It saw Anna and giggled.
- Vic is older than me for a couple of years. They have all grown-up, - she told me, laughing, what immediately shlopotal from friend on the head.
- Then you should have said so more than me - I chided Anya. - You eat a couple of weeks, you do not think of her friend.
- Nothing pereryvchik not hurt her, and even so the last few days went with red eyes and all strove to sleep standing up.
- be paused! - I could no longer remain on the sidelines Wick. - I do not know what kind of guy we're lucky, and how do you know it!
I glanced in the rearview mirror and met her gaze. Realizing that blurted out too much, Vic embarrassed and blushed. And Anna contrary as though waiting for this conversation, turned to her.
- And I have nothing to hide! I unlike you do not dwell on his own. I am a young woman and want to broaden their horizons, not you with her all night to spend in the missionary!

Apparently it was a continuation of the interrupted skirmishes and girls continued, paying no attention to me. I felt a little out of place, but learned a lot of interesting information, such as that Vick was not a virgin for a year and during that time met with one guy, but her sex life is very stingy with experiments. It was also interesting to learn that Anna has already sucked in the entire school, and it is only nominally virgin. The latter is so brought Anna out of herself that she was ready to throw himself at her friend, but checked herself and stared at the road. However, I decided to intervene, and stopped the car at the curb, turned to the girls.
- I do not want to interfere, but I unwittingly caused the conflict. Vic, we can still come back and you stay home. Your things I'll take, but you can get quite tomorrow itself. If you want, I can even take you tomorrow. You calmly go on a date, and Anya and things will meet you tomorrow in the country. And yet I do not like that you start a quarrel with a joint vacation. How is it that you are such a friend, but at the same time talking about each other such filth?
- Do not pay attention. We constantly because DAC - Anya tried to correct the situation. - But what I would not say I love this vredina. She's like my sister. Forgive me please - she turned to Vick. - You know, I'm not out of malice.
- Come on, I'm used to, you're so hot-tempered, - smiled at her in response to Wick. - I love you too. - She leaned over and kissed Anna on the cheek, and then turned to me. - Our mother just friends with the Institute and we are really like sisters. We grew up together.
- Especially bad as each other vilified, - I said. - Especially in front of strangers.
- Oh, well, what are you stranger - Anna laughed, ignoring the impish chuckle Vicki. - You're my guy.
- Well, I'm your guy, but the situation we were not allowed to. Vick has not got a date.
- Yes, okay, - she said. - All the same part, today, tomorrow. Simple: So it went. Two weeks is not a period.
- And you only have the parents let the whole night? - I asked vyrulivaya on the road and picking up gas. - One on the other end of Moscow with a friend spend the night, the other from a boyfriend. I would be worried about her daughter.
- Why worry? I was seventeen and parents know about our relationship with Igor - Wick said. - But how Anka manage time off from his mother, the life of me I can not imagine. It is her very strict.
- Strict but fair, - said Anna. - She knows I'm not able to stupidity.
I chuckled and she just glared at me. However, I smiled at her and she calmed down.
- But they are not afraid to let go of some, such as now, to the country? - I asked. - And suddenly attack someone, or some more trouble.
- Yes, we are small you think? - Anya broke again. - I can well stand up for himself. Or maybe it's you yourself maniac ?! If I just feared it would not have met you.
Citing last argument, Anna showed me the language and turned away, watching the run past the scenery.
- Only you do not quarrel now - decided to make Vick a peacemaker.
- But what he and his issues? What is coming from. We have good parents and do not worry less than others, but give us freedom. This is normal. - For more than a quietly responded Anya.
- Okay, okay, I will not. In a strange monastery with its regulations do not go - I went back on their word.
Then we rode in silence. I turned on the radio loud, Anja after some time, fell asleep, and Vick looked around, humming something under his breath and to my surprise was more fun than when they met. Probably let off steam and unwind. The road was long, I lowered the window and smoked, when Anya asked to stop at the nearest bushes. Vick scrambled after her, and they were talking and disappeared among the roadside trees.
Back they came back five minutes later, whispering and laughing.
- I'm told that you're spying on me - Anya told the reason for their good mood, slamming the door.
- And I do not spying! - Jokingly I protested. - Just I went out to smoke.
- And now that the train did not come out? You are not interested in Vick? - She just giggled in the back seat, and her friend did not straighten out.
- So just smoked - I tried to get off with a slippery subject.
- So uninteresting - Anya stretched lips, not letting me favors.
- Yes. Interesting to me Vic. You're both very beautiful and lovely - I gave up.
- That's right, and that "smoked" - it is not clear what Anya said, and closed her eyes again.
My eyes also opened wide the contrary. In the mirror I saw that Vic seems to be looking out the window, but her legs apart enough so that I think he could get under her skirt and see the little white panties.
Heart muffled pounding, I looked at Anna. She looked absolutely serene and it seemed that this view is irrelevant. Meanwhile, Vick crawl ass, accidentally kicking up her skirt, and my eyes were opened ever new horizons. When I saw that her panties, right under emerges from under the black cloth triangle of hair, growing wet spot, I had to slow down and switch all the attention on the road, the more compacted the traffic.

After a while we stood in dense traffic. According to Anya it was a common occurrence due to repair bridges. We do not add comfort factor. If the air blew interior movement, after an hour in traffic our clothes could squeeze out, despite the fact that the sun was already sinking toward the horizon.

Girls, rapidly povyrazhav dissatisfaction, nevertheless we calmed down and began to discuss the upcoming them rest. Vika, it turned out not once been to a garden at the Ani and they had something to discuss. I rarely included in the conversation, talking about their favorite places. Girls also told me a lot about their previous vacation. So quietly flew for another hour in a traffic jam, and then we escaped and after a while Anya already being commanded where swerve to get close to her cottage.

The house stood among the birch trees on the edge of a holiday village. In addition to flowers planted Anya's mother, currant bushes and a couple of apple trees on it do not grow any crops. Anya said that her mother tore a couple of times to plant tomatoes or cucumbers, but the lack of free time forced her to abandon such ploys. At the cottage, the rest of her father, she raided only while on vacation a couple of times and even thought about selling it. Around the house was chopped bath, and even now it was obvious that someone had put in it a lot of effort.
- Stay for the night. It's late, - said Anna uncompromising. - We have Vika prepare to eat, and you Melt bath. It is necessary to wash up, and then plug all sweaty.
I did not argue, helped the girls bring bags into the house, I got hold of the ax in it and went to heat bath.
When all was ready, shirtless I went to the porch, catching Vick there that back to me something to cut. The back was bare. I would quietly retire, but it is clear she heard me, he turned around, covered his chest with a knife hand, screamed, and disappeared into the house. After a while there came leaping girlish laughter, and then seemed to Anna, wrapped in one towel, which came down to mid-thigh.
- I knew you were a perversion - with a laugh she told me.
- Well, who knew you were here naked!
- And nothing naked - seemed out of Wick House, again pulling your topic. In her hands she carried a frying pan with fried potatoes. - Just the whole propotel clothes, and you so long bath stoked that we almost gone crazy.
- First, we eat or swill? - Said Anna. - I would be rinsed, but I'm hungry - no save.
- You can now drenched, eat, and then warm up - I suggested.
- The idea - Anne agreed.
- And I'm not sweating, I do not like. But, mind you, we are the first in the shower! - Vic and hurried to the bath.
- And I already rinsed, - I laughed, following her friends. Anya turned around and showed me the language.
Vick returned in just a few minutes wrapped in a towel, and another on his head flew, winking at me, across the veranda and disappeared into the house. I had no doubts and went after him.
She met me at the threshold, and I fell down to kiss her lips. Having handed over his chest, pulling out a faint moan. Feeling her shortness of breath, he lifted the towel and dipped his fingers into the wet pussy, tongue exploring her mouth. I wanted everything at once, but there was no time. I pulled away from her lips, knelt and kissed even more passionate language revealing a fragrant and juicy shell. She dug her nails into my shoulders and I barely touched her pearls, arched and moaned. In my mouth splashed brackish moisture. I held her down on a chair, kissed her on the lips and walked out to the porch, to meet Anna. That came a minute later as Vic wrapped in a towel, but without the turban on his head. I just finished lay on plates hovering potatoes.
- Faster, all freezes.
Anne, cheerfully smiling, opened in response to only a towel, a couple of seconds, let me enjoy the sight, and, wrapping his, fluttered into the house.
A few minutes later the girls were seated. Both were much more fun, and it is no wonder that one enjoys, the other looking forward to. I, too, was easily and freely. So as a joke and a bottle of wine and dinner was held.
I smoked when I hugged from behind Anya and said softly:
- Come warm up?
- With pleasure, - I turned and stared at her lips. Then he picked up and carried her to the bath.

She was wearing only a light dressing gown on my shorts, clothes quickly fell off on the floor waiting room, and we embraced, kissing each other, caressing. Anya apparently already badly wondering with excitement, bite and scratch. I turned her to her back against the wall, feeling it otklyachivaet ass, and knowing that it is now ready to surrender to me completely, without any "if" forced her to stretch her hands against the wall and kissed her ass. Anya moaned, sometimes whining while I caressed her anus, bent almost in half, and with his legs apart, so it was easier for me to enter the language in her pussy. Juice it flowed down my chin, ripe breasts fluttered in my hands. What could be more wonderful? Just as it came, crashing to the floor, trembling and sobbing. And I'm not giving her time to recover, he puts his penis to her plump lips. She took it on the machine half, slightly choked. I decided not to become impudent and finger caressing her pussy became relaxed potrahivat girl, waiting until she wakes up.

Outside the window, hid Vika. I like it not to notice.
Anna swallowed a member of the whole, then took out of his mouth and with a smile said, now show me what's what. And show not knowing that this magnificent representation of two viewer, from what I personally was only pleasant.

I sat on a bench, and Anna enthusiastically practiced in deep blowjob. Her soft lips fluttered on my cock, and the neck, nice pulsating, gave me an unforgettable experience. She is a member of swallowing several times as a whole, then he took out of his mouth through time, exposing it to me on display, stained stringy saliva. She admired it so much that I began to fear that bite. Taking her by the hair, I stopped this view, pulling it up to the stop, looked into his eyes and holding his nose with the other hand began to fuck furiously rolling this great head on his penis. Admiring fright, Shiryaev in Anya's eyes. Anya tried to fend off his hands, but I did not pay attention to it, just stood over the kneeling girl to be comfortable, and continued to fuck, feeling her neck more often trembles, and now bitter vomiting whips around my penis through the swollen cheeks. I abruptly pulled out a member, so she could puke. Anya Strava, probably, the whole dinner, while I was washing my dick in the shower.
- Ready? - I asked, as if nothing had happened. And as soon as she lifted her head to put a member of her lips. She looked at me, I podrasteryal your enthusiasm, but still took a cock and shuddered when I put my hand on her head.
- That's right, baby. Do not be angry. Now let's itself.
Anya obediently swallowed whole and member raising his eyes glared at me. Then, grinning triumphantly to me with her eyes, she began to make a real true deep blowjob. It was divine.
I looked up to the window and gaze collided with him prinikshey Vika and smiled at her. She, recoiling at the beginning, so no less uncertainly smiled. I winked at her. And then, feeling the approach of orgasm, he turned his attention to Anna, her hands pushing and forcing it to increase the tempo. She understood everything, and when I tensed swallowed dick whole hand and gently squeezed my balls. I almost lost consciousness.

I sat on the bench, not knowing how it ended up on the feeling and my cock twitches and contracts, still in the throat of my favorite girls. She cheerfully looked at me and I realized that she was not angry, but also on occasion to receive a well-deserved additive will not give up.
She released my cock, when he had already become half.
- On the floor lie, condom - and he slapped me across the face. Smiling.
When I lay on my back she sat on my mouth.
- Lick, bitch.

A girl will go far, I said, breathing with difficulty, and turning the tongue into her dripping cave. Juice flowed down my cheeks, nose numb, got to the eye. Anya moaned, as I panted, breathing in unison with her pussy, her language processing. Girl crawl across my face crotch, closing his eyes and twisting his nipples, and I sometimes managed to catch some air and do not suffocate. However, I still coughed and pushed it with himself when she shivered, brought his legs, pressing my head and filled my mouth with his salty juice. I caught his breath, lying on the floor and looking at blissfully sipped Anya. Vicki could not see outside the window.
- I liked it, - said Anna.
- How do you, or you me?
- All! It was cool.
- I am glad. Thank you.
- And thank you.

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