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Hello everybody! Who are interested in the topic of incest want to tell how I fucked your mother.
I just knocked 14 dnyuha me in November, I like all the boys certainly have suffered from masturbation and thoughts were mostly about fucking. There were of course a group sex, but to be honest I'm not a big buzz felt. When you approach the third or fourth to obkonchennoy drunken whore, fuck her like a robot, then Rzeszow with boys and heaped praise on her, and he comes home and masturbate, imagining how sweet pussy lick clean as tuck her, and she asked: "let me fuck nice, but I feel so good "But what do I thought this only happens in the story until one day just after dnyuhu I broke my leg.
This is where the fun began. I live in a small town with her mother, sister, she is 6 years older and is now studying at the Institute of lives in the regional center, my father was killed in a car accident when I was 10 years old. Mother greatly grieved, my sister and I have experienced it, too difficult, but with time the pain was gone, life went on as usual.
So I'm sitting in a trauma, his mother arrives: "What happened is that yes se". The doctor examined and said that the fracture is not dangerous, was put in plaster and took me home. The first day asleep, a second TV set, friends came, mother took sick on me care. I did not get up, she told me podsunet basin - I MSRP until I was impatient to take a shit. I tell her: "Mom me of course I is not comfortable, but I want to shit"Of course my son, what's uncomfortable, she said cocoa bowl, I'll take the mother of all. Do nothing - something like shit even wiped his ass barely barely, his mother made then comes and says my son would have to wash you because you 3 days is not washed, but still let me pokakal mokrenkaya you wipe cloth. I myself have already started to itch - the eggs were sweaty and dirty ass, but I told you that my mother I'm not small, I wipe myself, and she says you're always a little for me - there is nothing to be ashamed of, let me bring warm water.
I even began to wonder how she would wash me and I did not resist any longer. Mother brought a bowl, put it on a chair and began to take off my shirt. Then prispustila pants, but my dick was visible not sat down on the bed and says: "I quietly so as not to disturb your leg", Began to rub me. She was in a blue lab coat and I was admiring how breasts are moving right under my nose. She stroked me slowly, I was just in a rush right foot whining stopped, I thought only of his mother's tits.
She slowly began to wipe me about my dick, and then he stood up but not slowly, but got up quickly I had no time to think, and he was standing like a stick. Mother even pulled down her arm, and I say, what do you want me as though your son, but I'm the same guy. You gladisch me he stood up. She looked at me and said, well, I stroked my I'm you, and he got it ok you have adult. I'll go, and it will fall.
To me that is found, and I say, he will not fall until I masturbate: "Yes mom - the girls I have and I like all the boys masturbate, and so what". "how is that?" - He surprised his mother, "Do not you know that it is bad for the body, we must endure, then marry and naebeshsya heartily". "It is easy to say, and then hand two times and so good!". "And often do you masturbate?". "so 2-3 times a day, and then a break has turned out so he is".
While we chatted dick stood like a cast and then I ohuel mother says: "and you want me to help you? let me caress you, you Well my home - I have to take care of you. I even shut my eyes: "which he grew up, son".
I feel she started to suck my dick slowly at first, then more and more deeply licks head. "you suck your segment son?". "no mother". "I feel so good, let's let". It is deeper and eggs me stroking, then began to lick them, and his hand dick obdrachivat, "as a good mother, I want to touch your boobs"And I begin to touch her breasts, and she became even more swallow, "Yes, yes ... a little mother"And I finished it right in the mouth.
She was drunk and looking up and smiling, "you feel good?". "I'm just over the moon!". "I also want to kiss you, show me your pussy". She stood up and took off her robe: under it nebylo anything and I saw what secretly dreamed. My mother was not tall slightly plump woman with breasts probably 4 size, long hair fell on most chest. "I hesitate, it is a sin". "then suck is not a sin, and to watch and kissing sin? come to me".
She lay down beside me and began to kiss her breasts, then her nipples sucked like a little hand and climbed on her thighs. She is moaning, threw her head back, and I have a hand in the ass and pussy fingers. I already burned like it hot! It will shrink as the hand, I let her pussy rubbing it already beginning to howl: "Yes son, so let's rub mommy!" my dick got hard again, I say "Mothers sit on my face I want to lick you"She stood up and sat down. What a thrill - the smell of a clean pussy, I began to lick her clit kissing also did not forget to take it into his mouth and began to suck, and it rubs against me is placed on the person as the dick. "Let Dima, Dima how well". I have my hand slipped 3 fingers, and the ass and kiss her fingers back and forth "so let's give bob"And then a shudder all! and from the pussy was still wet. "I finished Dima, thank you just the best! Your dad never did, and I wanted so much, and your mom wants huek again".
"Yes, I want you to plant". "well, I'll sit down with you and will do everything". She spread her legs a little wider and sat on me, took my penis and began to type. How's hot inside, and she began to pump me, "how do you son?"I touched her breasts and moaned with pleasure, she ebala me faster and faster, "and ... well ... how well"- She screamed. "It's so big, you feel my uterus?". "Yes mom". "and even more" and I began to cum right into her, she felt, and began to squeeze the muscles in the pussy and I became more pleasant. She climbed down and start again, or rather suck suck residues. That's what I was shaking all the buzz "Yes Mom, yes! ..."