Crawling along the wire

One summer evening the desire for sex because I got so hot that I had made tremendous audacity. After waiting for when it's completely dark, I went to the window and opened it. Yes ... Fifth floor - no joke. I carefully stood with his feet on the windowsill. Dressed I was in T-shirt and tights. But I decided to get rid of even these pieces of clothing ... Throwing off all together with shorts on the floor, I was completely naked, standing on the windowsill and looked around at the sides. And our house was shaped "T"So right you could see the neighboring windows. Some light was still burning. I chose one of the windows on the lower floor, just on the part of the house, which was at an angle of ninety degrees to the mine. From a nearby window down at a slight angle down a thick cable. Apparently the antenna. According to it, I decided to propolzti.Ostorozhno clutching at him, I hung it on one hand. Naked, I hung at a height of fifteen meters. Thank God, there were no passers-by. The windows may have noticed ... Do not have time, it is necessary to quickly crawl. And I crawled, hand over hand. Cable rocked and vibrated. Hands have already started to get tired, when I crawled to serediny.Vdrug in one of the windows I saw a little girl who was looking straight at me with wide-eyed horror. No joke: naked guy polzshy by cable at the height of the fourth floor. I did not linger, and proceeded further. Finally, crawled to a nearby wall. I found the ledge of the window, for which he could grab. feet stood on the iron grate, which is at the bottom of any window. The apartment was dark. That's good - will not notice ... Slipping his arm out the window, I opened the window and got inside. The room was empty. "Probably asleep in the next ..." - I gingerly began to sneak into the corridor. It was twilight. Then he turned to the right. On the bed she slept. I was lucky - she slept alone. It seems that nobody in the apartment is no longer bylo.Ya crept to her bed on his knees, stroking his cock. I could finish looking at the shoulders, hidden blanket (her face was turned to the window and the bed stood in the middle of the room). But no sooner ... I cautiously crept close range. The woman slept soundly. I slowly pulled the blanket down. Completely I removed it. She slept in a nightgown, which ended just above her knees, revealing further quite pleasant sight of naked women nog.Ya lay nearby. The woman did not wake up, but stirred in his sleep. I gently began to stroke her right between her legs, on her panties, hoping to make her erotic dreams. The woman moaned in his sleep, clasped his feet. I continued to stroke her. The woman inadvertently threw his upper leg slightly forward. Then I went to an even bolder step. I slowly pulled down her panties, revealing a hole her womb."Is it possible to start?" - Heart pounding furiously. I spent the head of the penis in her vagina. For more convenient access threw his leg over it. Finally, slowly I began to enter the penis into the vagina, helping hand to him. The woman moaned even more, beginning to stir in his sleep. I began to reassure her light strokes on his back, put his hands under her nightgown. Member was already inside. ABOUT! There it all blazing! From excitement her walls clenched and unclenched. I even did not have to make bumps - the better not wake ee.Zastyv not very convenient opposites, I began to cut the muscle of his cock, that it increased friction. Beware, no jerks ... All will pass by itself ... Tyazhlov woman sighed and moaned again. Again I felt the spasmodic contraction of the walls of her vagina. Pancake! Yes, this is difficult to sustain ... Compression continued. The frequent-frequent reduction of her wet warm womb. I did not even notice that flowed out of the penis. The first jet hit the inside. Then I pulled it out and the second little girl sprinkled bare thigh. I closed my eyes and waited for a vremya.Kazhetsya, did not wake up. Carefully, I climbed out of her apartment. In the same way, through the window.