Once, pausing at a party with our friends, my wife and I stayed with them for the night. Their son Sascha, male 18 years old, had to stay the night with a friend. We were tipsy and immediately, sitting in the next room and undressed naked, asleep.

I woke up on what someone entered the room. Opening my eyes, I saw Sasha. He stood beside our bed and excitedly looked at my wife Ilona. Not showing woke up, I looked at his wife. She slept, bent at the knees with one leg and lightly tossing it aside. The blanket was put back and a view on her naked body. It was her shaved pussy is clearly visible, which he rested his eyes.

I was excited that she is naked in front of a guy and excites him. I decided to see how it would end.

Sasha, thinking that I was asleep drunk, quietly approached the bed and sat down on the side. Satisfied that I was asleep, he reached out and touched the breast of his wife. Slightly having felt it, he put his hand on her pussy. Wife no signs of life, and that led him to take decisive action. He started his finger caressing her clitoris. After some time his wife, thinking that it's me, without opening his eyes, began to be made towards the hips finger. Sasha looked at me and saw my open eyes and froze. I put a finger to his lips and showed that everything is normal and should remain silent. He hesitated continued to caress my wife. I pulled the leg of his wife in a wider way, even more revealing view of the crotch. Pussy already moistened and glistened in the first rays of dawn.

I showed Sasha that he undressed. He quickly left naked. His cock is already stuck. Sasha sat down again and continued the job. I pushed him over the back of the head close to her pussy, for a better view. He stuck his finger into her pussy and began to move it. Kiska has all flowed. Again, I took his head and pressed his mouth to the perineum. I saw his tongue passes over her labia and clitoris. Hips wife rose to meet him. I reached out a hand to her chest and saw that she was not asleep, and looks that made her bottom. She moaned and looked gratefully at me. Sasha looked up and saw that Ilona woke up. He wanted to pull away, but the woman grabbed her head and pressed it to her pussy. He earned more active language.

- I want to suck, - whispered Ilona.

I sat up. She put her head with his lips and plunged the whole cock in her mouth. So excited she never sucked. I flew from her blowjob and from the appearance as it indulges Sasha. Ilona jerked and started to finish. She was shaking from the orgasm. Sasha drank her juice and enjoyed too.

When the source has dried up, he looked up from the pussy and looked through a crack near his wife. His eyes shone with excitement. I threw a leg over his wife, he sat down face to her feet, spread them more widely and nodded to Sasha. He understood everything and not believing what was happening, got up and brought the head to crack. Pussy invitingly opened, inviting to the action. Sasha spent on the lips, dampening member, and stopped at the entrance.

- Come on - we hear the voice of Ilona and she raised her hips, plunging the head of his penis inside.

Sasha moved forward and plunged full member. There was a blessed breath Sasha and Ilona. They froze and began to move. I watched, fascinated, as the member is immersed in the bosom of his wife. I climbed down from Ilona and pressed a kiss to her lips. We kissed until Sasha fucked her. His balls slapping on her ass. Ilona twisted her hips, bringing him pleasure. He quickened his movements and with a groan came, pouring in, to this day belongs only to me, pussy. Feeling sperm shots Ilona again roughly finished exhausted and stretched out on her legs spread wide bed. Sasha took a member and did not know what to do.

It turned out that all finished, except for me. I raised to my lips a member of his wife and she opened her mouth. I plunged into it and began to fuck himself. Sasha did not lose too, and went to her head. She opened her eyes and saw he was not yet fallen member, took up his hand and began to masturbate him. I took out a member and she took him in the other hand, already wanker me by sending a member of Sasha in her mouth. She gratefully sucked him, giving completely calm down, and switched to the mine. For a long time I could not resist and discharged by firing all together excitement. Not managing to swallow, she took it out of his mouth, and, masturbate, took the remains to the face.

- Well, that boys have sex? - Smiling contentedly, Ilona whispered. - Let's try some other way?

- I'm ready - hastened to reply Sasha.

Of course, I was also not against to give her a new pleasure for her.

- You go to sleep, and I have agreed with Sasha next weekend - I said. - We will fuck you together in the pussy and ass. You agree?

- I look forward to wait for this, - said my beloved wife. - And I will show Sasha, what I can do. He will remember all my life experienced sex with a woman and it is useful to him with his future wife.

Kiss our members, she fell asleep. Sasha spread himself on the floor and fell asleep, too. Falling asleep, I thought as well that friends also were drunk and did not wake up from our noise.

The next morning we gratefully farewell to hosts and went home. All the way, in a taxi, Ilona clung to me. Her hand was on my penis, and her eyes glistened with experienced pleasure and gratitude. As the front was a day off, we came home, he gave sensuality and pleasure.