Utkin Adventures in the hospital. Episode 2.

SCENE 2. In the women's ward.

I myself felt ashamed, so everything turned awkwardly. I somehow managed to finish writing and pulled his pants. Ale is a reproach on his face walked over to the sink and demonstratively prispustila their pants below the knees. Opening the tap, she soaked palm and apparently for show (apparently, "so do the good girls") carefully washed her little slit between her legs, looking at me with a sense of the winner: "So what are you - even after using the toilet pussy not wash? We have a kindergarten teacher of all causes, and the boys - especially! Hand wash though, slut! "

I did not notice when the toilet has gone big lass in a white coat and began wiping mop floors. Suddenly, with the words: "The most, or what, piss?" She climbed on to the platform and stood over the toilet, lifted up the hem above the navel. No panties under the robe she was not, and the belly protruded bundle of black hair at the bottom, cheeky eye-catching on the snow-white skin. "Hey, zasranka - why in the House do not go?" - Lass crouched over the toilet bowl and let the noisy stream. I am completely speechless and just spellbound staring between her legs, and Elka, and there was found: "Firstly, we do not zasranka, and secondly, in the House have not yet been laid, we just came here!" - " Oh, you - talkative! And you stared Che, Curly? In, glazishchi something! Needless here kuchkovatsya - wait in the hallway! I need to get out, and they shl¸ndrayut in a quiet hour, "- said the lass aggressively, continuing to write. It seems that for the first time in my life I do not regret that I once took for TEENS. In addition, if the lass learns that this kid was staring at her pussy, then she can beat, there's a healthy kind! Well, unless so honest - me how many years, and she was much ?? !!!

We Eley came out of the closet and it was at this time came for us: I took a young nurse and stole Ale cheerful old lady in a white robe. Going down to the first floor, we went into the women's ward. Just ended a quiet hour, and a dozen women still lay on the bunks. Although a large chamber window was open wide, stuffiness was terrible. All the women were neukrytye only in hospital sweaty shirts. Nurse unnaturally loudly shouted, "Rise, rise! You'll forgive me generously - I to you for a couple of days a child should be - well, absolutely nowhere else! Men generally only we place in the corridors! It's a boy, you really do not hurt him! "-" Oh, how cute - like on a girl! Come here, krasotulya, in the next bed! "- Said the young girl, and jumped out of bed. Among all women, she was wearing one is not the type of coarse hospital shirt, robe and in a totally transparent charm sleeveless and lace.

"Natalia, you're back to the old? Vygon you for such outfits - who will be worse? One mode is for everyone, because you wanted to heal myself! "-" Yes, you are attached, why should I walk like a whore? It's hot and sweaty in your chlamydia, some w is hygiene? "-" Natasha, I understand everything, but you're a child and you do not - you know our bosses? The elder and says "Though one relief grant, immediately begin a mess!" But we have a good hospital! And x-ray and histology, and diagnostics, and what people - well, tell me, girls! Natulechka, you'd better not let me down - I give you two minutes to dressing up, and then - blame yourself! "-" No, well, finally - you can not cowards, kombinashki impossible! Madhouse! And to hell with all this - I give up, Zina already surrendered "- Natalya pulled off her lacy miracle and slipped under the pillow, and left in the middle of the Chamber of beggar:" Holy smoke, but where I slipped my robe? "

In moloduhi I've seen in the waiting room, his stomach was round and Natalia - completely flat, so that the tuft of hair on the pussy stands out and seemed much more. Besides hair was red! Small breasts pert nipples protruding forward scarlet. I already opened his mouth, staring at the bare devushku.V this time in the chamber looked intelligent-looking glasses uncle, and seeing naked Natalia literally dumbfounded. Without any embarrassment, she turned to him Pereda, rested his hands on his hips, "Young man, you are of course looking for a library?" - "What ..? No, I would Katya Semenov! "-" Why did not you knock? You embarrass us "(Natalia theatrically covered tits and wagged his hips!) -" Yes, as a knock - here curtained bed sheet! And I was on a business trip tomorrow, and Kate had just operated on, that's it, to convey the juice! Oh, I'm sorry, oh, I'm sorry! "- Rattled in glasses and blushed. "Your Katya - such svetlenkie, wearing glasses? She is in the seventh ward - the third door down the hall! "- Said one of the girls. "I'm sorry, thank you, once again I'm sorry, that is - sorry, well, in the sense of - I do not like!" - "Oh, bad luck - again zhenatik! - Said Natalia, - yes that's my robe, fell under the bed "She reached under the bed hospital to get a shirt!.

At this time, a young man in a white coat wheeled into the ward trolley with syringes and drugs and nearly crashed into Natalino highly lifted her ass, "Chumakov - it's you, what-if, Golyakov expose? Good evening, ladies - get ready to shoot up quickly, and then I pressed for time today! Anna Ilinichna in time off, Zotov ill - so that I am today - Figaro, one and a half floors "Most of the women lay down on the bed as usual, many immediately pulled up the hems of shirts!. Some did so shyly, only slightly open piece of the buttocks, while others quietly Headers above the waist. Natalya same, having a total confusion to jump out of bed and get on the hospital shirt, all rolled up the hem of her almost to the neck "? Tolyasha, half what you prefer - left or right"

But the guy seems to so thoroughly accustomed to jokes and deftly chopped women in soft spots. Cursory glance at me, he said: "Lassie - new girl? Relax, you do not have yet in the list! "I take offense at it, and did not for" Lassie ", he did so cool shots. No sooner had the woman's lower hems of shirts, as the guy with the cart was gone.

"No, Natasha, you're crazy! Though he and the nurse, and still a man! Well, are not you ashamed to exhibit! "-" I, too, a man - he is a student at the gynecologist learns ends in two years! And I do not know Tolyashu! I would still stand on ceremony with him !? "-" Baba, and where does the shame - a doctor, he is the doctor, here I am in the consultation so only Simon Aronychu go - so polite, and understands everything, and Ivanov - a gift that a woman - sadist natural and matyukatsya as the boatswain, me too intelligentsia! "-" No, babonki before a stranger guy push the legs - so better to die! Me and my husband and I somehow do not like the light, and to doctors - only to go to women! "-" Well, Larisa - you're a fool! How sore doym¸t and undress in the square, not like in front of a doctor! And in general - is the men test stuff is made from another? Uncultured you! Natalia - do not listen to them, better run to your cadet - promised since before the operation to come! "-" Oh, it's true it's time! Not in this ugliness! "Natalia again stripped naked and pulled the lace his miracle. - "Tan, lend robe, your shorter!" - "Where-f you even shorter, and so there can be seen an ass without panties! Take, if you like - and I give my kombinashku on Saturday? "-" Well said, well - ladies' Natalya quickly make up, navertela to your head is something incredible out of the hair and combs and dashed away!. Gradually they began to gather on the yield and the other women, swearing at the heat and a hospital gown. Many removed his shirt and put on bathrobes directly to the skin. When sitting in front of me a middle-aged woman undressed, I was dumbfounded staring at her breasts, and loudly asked: "Auntie, why do you have only one sisechki?" The woman looked at me in surprise, and suddenly kak-to kindly replied: "And the second the patient was, that's it, and cut off tomorrow, and the second will be cut off! ... But this is nothing - you live without sisechek, here and I will try to live "

The Chamber was empty, but for some reason I wanted to write again strongly, and went to the children's floor. However, the same did not find the stairs and went somewhere else. I wandered down the hall and looked timidly at the doors, but the toilet was not all. Finally, I got a small room in the center of which protruded the toilet. It wrote two boys together, another standing beside. All of them were dressed only in pants, and only the longest over his shoulder was slung pajama jacket. I also fell in and pee without adventure - the toilet was just below my pisyuna, and it was convenient to get into it.
I was about to leave when one of the boys said, "Hey, small, hold the door! Well, Vasek - posorevnuemsya yesterday, who was the first? "-" No, Nick, come on with me and Vasek will judge! "- Said the highest kid. "With you - only podzhopnik, and schelbany will not!" - Said Kolyan. - "Hore - three podzhopnik!"

I propped the door backwards, and Nick Long kid went to the toilet, lowered his pants to his knees, his face turned to us with Vaska and took his hands behind his pisyuny. (I do not understand anything - because the boys had only just pee!) Suddenly, I noticed what they have boys became tremendous - and in fact just been a little if not less of my!

Vasek said, "Attention! Three or four - went to "The boys in unison began to move his hands back and forth along its pisyun why they have grown even more in front! Suddenly, the older boy pisyun shot some white viscous liquid, and began to twitch convulsively. Right behind him shot and Nick, and somehow I felt a very pleasant tingling in the lower abdomen.

Suddenly, with the power to open the door he tossed me aside like a kitten - the toilet broke hefty aunt in a white robe, and stood in front of the boys, hands on hips. The boys froze in confusion with their mouths open and their pisyuny continued to twitch, throwing out portions of starchy white fluid on both pants. Dimensions pisyun diminishing right before our eyes. My aunt was quite young, though, and thick, it is carnivorous looking at caught the boys: "Well, sho - caught, drochuny!" (What else bullies? - Flashed through my mind - no one is fighting!) "How, launder mulberries for you - as well skidavayte pants both! Come syudy! "Both caught the boy under hypnosis meekly gave her pants, and Vasek suddenly cheeky blurted out:" And you che - jealous? "Aunt immediately vmazat kid in the ear with such force that he was thrown to the side and sat down right in standing by wall of a basin of water. "I povystupayu right now, someone - all tear off the eggs, and nothing for me it is not! I'm not Doctor, I - the proletarians! Well, mokrozady - take off your pants until the pile "Trembling and dirty Vasek golozadoy joined the company, but aunt still not appeased:" Here's a hu¸k (she showed her little finger), here takusenky hu¸k! And there too - jerk! How would your Nurse admired, if I have seen! Well that's all climbs syudy - soaping pussy! Your sperm fuck properly clean! "At the corner of the little room a low brick wall has been fenced off a small box, which seems to have filled the buckets. The boys climbed back, and began to diligently wash their pods with soap and water. "This is who does so is washing? But come on, that I whole prick seen - open to all heads, and I myself have so wash you, that will not find "The boys with fear pulled the skin on their pisyun ago and at their ends were bare reddish balls, really similar to the head! . And I did not know what pisyun arranged so interesting - will have to try and imagine!

The aunt took the hose and sent a stream of water directly on washable boys. Those screamed: "Oh, it's cold, you Che doing ?!" - "Perhaps not winter, not zam¸rznesh! Come march into the hallway to the wall - an hour will give the pants, not before "Guys were great - class, probably from the fifth, at the longest in the abdomen already appeared hairs. They cried with one voice: "Nina, Nina - well, it is not necessary in the corridor - we will no longer!" - "Itself know that you will not know where the fuck are you going to go away! Come march, kill masturbators! "- Nina waved at the boys. It had nothing to do, how to cover their pisyuny both hands and go to shame. In the hallway, as luck would have gathered a flock of girls with towels, which saw naked boys, and burst out into her hands, and one of the bottom shouted, "Luda, Masha - run here again assholes are!" I'd quietly slip away, and after two minutes again he lost.

How much do I have walked on the floor, the staircase does not come across. Finally, I decided to ask a passing woman in a white robe, the expression of which face seemed quite good. I had to confess that I was lost, and tell her everything. - "You know what - you're better off in the toilet do not go! - Emphatically said the woman - there is smoke, Nina fights! And indeed it is auxiliary, we are simply throwing back the boys to devchyonki did not hesitate. So - here's a great children's toilet, and they always enjoy it! Once again on the contrary, a little to the left - the stairs! And your house - diagonally, she won! Well, run, baby! "
The ward was only one woman - talked about her "recumbent" She really was lying on the bed and mumbled something unintelligible. I also tried to lie, but he felt a pain in his stomach. Remembering that the third day is not cocoa, I ran to the children's toilet. There, too, was empty. I tried, and over the toilet to get, and sat on the pot, but it was to no avail: as I puffed, nothing came, only stronger stomach ache.

I went back into the room, but on the way I caught Natasha. She had returned from a walk and looked very cheerful "Dimchik, let's go, I'll spend for dinner! And I can not have dinner today, tomorrow the operation! "

Although my grandmother at home all ears buzz as badly fed in the hospital for dinner gave a delicious jelly and pudding, I even forgot about the stomach and ate almost everything. But when he returned to the ward, I was so twisted that even the tears were in his eyes. Natasha noticed this: "Dimchik, are you - are you crying? According to my mother missed? "She had to tell everything about zhivot.-" Well, this trouble is not great! You just have to put an enema! You put ever? Tolyasha come now, and we ask "- The nurse was standing in the doorway:" Utkin, Chumakov - in procedural "-" Dimchik, so you - Utkin? It is possible, I'm going to call duckling "Natasha took off fast transparent shirt, and was about to put on a robe, but suddenly stopped:" Oh, babonki, so this is me now will shave! Well, at least admire the last time my curls! "Clasping his hands behind his back and sticking out his stomach, she walked through the ward Golyakov gait mannequins. The girls laughed, and thick Semyonovna loudly slapped on the bare bottom Natalia: "The child would be ashamed!"

Procedural was very brightly lit room with the walls of the trestle beds. Tolia was standing in a corner near a small table and typed syringes: "Come on, undress! In Utkin - smear, you - shaving and enemas "-" Tolyasha, the boy had severe constipation, you tell him too klizmochku not do "Tolia looked at me, then steadily pulled a hand to him and felt his swollen belly:" Yes, without enema can not do! In fact, he had a smear. I have just completed yet injections, and you'll get! Natasha, you're his long lay me on my back, and pour hot water bottle - good "with Natalia We sat on the bed, and I took off his pants, and Natalia robe?. Most of the room was almost empty, except for three narrow couch near the walls of a table standing there, a chair and a glass cabinet with medical drugs. To the left was seen another smaller room with a bathtub in the background and the toilet directly in front of the doorway - the door for some reason did not.

The stomach was sick all the stronger. "Wait, do not lie! - Said Natalia - still the man - he is a man, "she carefully wiped oilcloth, to lay her some diapers that pulled out of the closet, and only then put me on a flat couch!. "A pillow is not here?" I asked. "Oh, bad luck! And now we'll prepare to build a camp! "- Natasha turned my pants and my robe, turned out not great, but much better than no cushion.

Natasha sat down beside him and began to stroke my hand extremely swollen belly. Her strokes were surprisingly pleasant, even my tears dried up. Entered Shreds: "Well you Komsomol, you give - again beggar" - "I give, but not all! Ordered to undress himself, but now unhappy chtoli ?! "-" Move along! Utkin, first I'll smear you - you really have patience, soldier! Kneel down, spread your ass! Natasha - help him, he did not cut one "Shreds stuck me something in the anus, as much by surprise, I cried!. "Well, everything is ready! Now lie down on one side! Perhaps this pear with you enough! "Enema entered gently, the liquid went inside, but when Tolia took a pear, all was to flow back. "Well, what do you squeeze the ass!" I rolled over on his stomach and tried to keep the liquid in itself. The leak has stopped.

Tolia somehow hesitated: "Natasha, look, here I am prepared for everything - and the foam and razor, and you really let herself how something!" - "What - itself?" - Natalia did not understand. "Well - what? Before your operation pubis should be no hair "-" In, the case - so you shave me brezguesh, or what ?! I do this razor in the hands not kept close and did not see - his father, brother and electrical use, you understand? And here the most tender place! "- Natalia blushed with indignation over the body, even white sisechki flushed. "What does brezguesh - I thought you would be uncomfortable, because we are the same age, and in general ... You know that I am a future gynecologist, I have two abortions done, and just this week a dozen different pubes shaved aunts!" - "I know your brother! If you fuck - so pleased, and a little about their zaikn¸shsya women business - but at least about a month, at least about thrush - then face the gate, zapadlo babskie delve into the problems, you see it! How is it you, shy at the gynecologist has managed? "-" How - how? When done, especially not thought, and our faculty - only therapy and gynecology! I came specialization - looking, and do not care what complete bastards, but somehow all the unloved teachers gathered - so I filed for gynecology. And now he got carried away, but was not used before the end. - Okay, lie down on your back a minute, perhaps, "Tolia skillfully he whipped foam and thickly smeared Natalia between the legs. I was lying on the couch and all eyes staring at an unprecedented spectacle, and the nurse, and she was so passionate about, that do not pay any attention to me. Tolia cautiously began a safety razor to shave pubic hair girl from the zeal he even sweat on his forehead. Natalya stood on the elbows and enthusiastically followed the shaving process.

"Natasha, as if that's the folds to hold?" - "Yes, hold much bolder skromnik fucking, do not tear me just nothing there." Shreds towel wiped the last remnants of foam, and I stared between Natalia feet. Hair Now there was no soap, too. But pussy girls I've seen today, this is not like. So what about the childhood, apparently, she joked. Around the wide gap that runs into a girl, pink folds located, an oasis to the edges. At the top, they agreed on some bud. Inside the gap could be seen a couple of folds and various other incomprehensible. The spectacle attracted and frightened at the same time.
Tolia came to me: "Utkin, something you long time lying on the pot is not wanted?" - "Nah!" - "It seems that I underestimated the capacity of your young body! Well - we are now easily add, just hold on too, bro "He quickly put it in my more liquid portion, and finally in my stomach began some wiggling!.

"Well, Natalie - ask on the flank!" Vaselined tip, he deftly drove it in the ass Natalino. From the tip went to the enema hose hanging down on a special hook. "Girl, you look good as well with a tail!" - "Tolyasha - yes you sadist is! Screw the tap, and then quickly pours, I have a complete "-" Be patient, Komsomol - everything according to the instructions, "I have in my stomach grown rougher so that I barely had time to jump up and run to the toilet as" the process has begun. " I think I understand why between the bathroom and toilet doors did not - it would be kicked out anyway! Gradually my belly acquired normal size and stopped rooting.

I was quite blissfully sat on the toilet, squeezing out the remnants. Suddenly, Natalia jumped from the cot and polusognutom a hobbled up to me: "Duckling, let him quickly, I can not anymore!" - "And I'm not even all!" - "Well, have patience, a little, then dokakaesh, and then I'm on the floor done! "Reluctantly, I gave way. Before I could get up, as Natalia was sitting on the toilet and cocoa loudly: "Oh, boy, well, go away - a shame after all! Shreds, then you do not have a door, or what? "-" The door we specifically removed, the women themselves were asked to! That bump on the forehead, then do not have time to run ... Well, I just, you no longer need - go to the wards to extinguish the light! And you, Utkin, if that - help a girl, you're all the same guy! No fluff, Natalie! "-" Oh, to hell! Go have come on! "
Shreds left, Natasha finished their job, washed the bath, put me in it and clumsily bathed with soap and water. "Duckling, nevozrazhaesh if I join you?" - She climbed into the tub, plunged and stood up, holding a washcloth and staring at her belly: "Listen, these feelings, as if the two naked! Well, Duckling - like I was a little girl, without hairs "Once again, I carefully examined her pussy and said:" Similar, but not much - nothing sticks out in young girls from the liquor, and you - there is so much "Natalia too! I looked at her quite protruding labia: "Yes, you, is, big connoisseur" She lay down in the bath and blissfully stretched "Duckling, lie on top of sandwiches, and the closely!" Lying in a warm bath with a naked girl was so nice, I involuntarily closed his eyes, his face buried in women's breasts. "Oh, and cock-then you have a tv¸rdenky!" - I felt her hand on his pipiske his, and it was very nice. "I'm always at home with my brother bathed, the water a long time it was warm to everyone! So - mom and dad, and I'm Igor! And when he was in sixth grade hefty vymahal, it has not placed together - first he was washing me, and then I have it! His father just died then, my mother was crying all the time, so we do everything and do! Her samo¸ had to bathe several times, this was a weak, ill more than a month! Now Igor in aviauchilitse, and I have you see - the kidneys, "Of course, I've heard that there are kidney within us that muck from the blood taken and urine thrown away, but now I saw before me only beautiful ass gets out of the bath girl. "Opa, came - and they do not have towels, or what? Okay, let's go to the House of SO, and wipe it! "

We picked up a constricted gown and pants and went directly to the ward beggar, unwittingly leaving a wet trail. The corridor was nearly empty, and we immediately noticed an elderly man, leaning against the wall and held his heart. He called Natalia: "Girl, where's procedural?" Without any embarrassed his naked view, Natalia suggested: "Come on, we have otved¸m, but generally it is the female floor!" - "I know, but we have closed and a sign hanging and I feel bad at all! "We took the man by the arm and led him, and he continued to moan, not paying any attention to the naked girl. On the way we caught up and grabbed the man Shreds: "Natalia, you'll dress ever?" - "No, look how boring - you're going for a long time my morale to read? Better towels hung in the procedure - I should wipe something or how ?! "

In our ward women although already ready for bed, but still not sleeping, and talking quietly. It was very hot, some even took off the shirt.

"Girls, let you sleep, or what? Zhmurtes, I turn on the light! Look even as I Tolyasha fool, just like a child! And tomorrow will be too late, take me away from you! Only now, only once! "- Natasha turned on the light and began to dance in the ward, high kicking up his legs. "You know, this is something there!" - Kate said thoughtfully, scratching his chest with a large brown nipples. "And in my opinion, as one of shame: tomboy - not tomboy, do not understand it!" - Said Semyonovna, a large middle-aged woman. She lay on her back, legs bent at the knees, causing her shirt got off almost to the navel. The hair on her pussy was little more than some on the head, even cracks could be seen between the legs.

"Athas, girls, Tolyasha coming!" - Natalia immediately turned off the light and jumped into his bed. Everyone froze. A moment later the curtain really cracked open and the nurse looked into the dark room, and then quietly left. I did not notice how he fell asleep.

I had a very strange dream. Right above me there was a naked girl - Ale, with whom we met in the waiting room. Her legs were wide apart, between them stuck pisyun - exactly the same as mine, and scrotum with testicles. She looked at me with mournful eyes showing between her legs and kept repeating: "You are not considered, Dima! I am the same as you, Dima! "So, everything falls into the usual places. Despite the huge amount of new impressions, I slept that night sweet-sweet.

(To be continued)

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