I was then twenty. The women I knew, but it is quite traditional. About lesbians heard by chance.
One day I was sitting at home in the doorbell rang - on the threshold of my friend since school years Marina, with her slender blonde low. Both drunk. On Marina, I had a purely friendly relationship, and her visit was familiar.
We put music and they danced a slow dance together. Suddenly Marina offered:
-Let's undress - hot. And without waiting for an answer, he pulled over her head dress and stayed in a bathing suit. Then, in the rhythm of the dance she took off her dress with a girlfriend. Tired, they flopped down on the bed.
-Lie down with us. - Proposed Marina.
I lay down on the edge. Marina was lying against the wall - between us Gal. It seemed that she was asleep.
-Beautiful Jackdaw, right?
Saying this, she stroked her friend in the stomach, legs, thighs, totally embarrassed me. I am confused.
Suddenly Marina in one motion moved the bra with breast girlfriend up and I saw two small mound with pink buds on the tops. Marina leaned over them and gently began to caress the tongue. I am excited not a joke. A member of my not fit in tight spaces and millet out.
-Let's undress before the goal, unexpectedly offered Marina
With that, she quickly took off her two piece swimsuit
The first time I saw her naked, and he was embarrassed to undress in front of her. However, I took off all my hard dick straightened.
Suddenly Marina looked at the sleeping Galya
-Do you want I'll take off her panties? Do you like her? Look what her beautiful legs. - Marina panties pulled down a girlfriend, and to my surprise she lifted her hips. Galya had not slept. . . Letting her panties to her knees, Marina began to fondle her crotch.
Then, taking off his pants at all, gently spread her knees and I saw a small, covered with small hairs rosettes.
-I want you to take it with me. - Marina whispered.
I went with trepidation in her lithe body. Galya has published a light groan. My hips began to move, forcing a member of the small sweet hole.
Do not be afraid, it is possible today, - said Marina.
She eagerly looked at us, then began to knead girlfriend chest and the other hand to caress between your legs. Gal moaned loudly, causing even more excited Marina
When I finished, corner of his eye had time only to note that Marina was on the bed, leaning against the wall and watching us from above, slightly apart complete bare legs, desperately masturbating ...
In my twenty-episode I had a strong impression on me, and even then it's much cooler, yet still have the highest excitement in me causes lesbianism and women self-gratification. . . That's the story.