My forbidden lesbian life. Part 2

Since that night we have fun together with Amy often. It seeped into my room almost every night for a new batch of sweet lesbian love. And she started to become a skilled worker in this case! She learned very quickly, and very openly talked about experiments with new things.

When she asked my favorite position, I replied that it was to sit on the girl's face and feeding her her pussy. From the day she came to my room, undressed, I lay down on the bed, and in this position I licked. God, it was so exciting, my vagina proceeded in a matter of seconds. All I had to do is take off his pants and panties, and skillful otliza climb to her younger sister sex.

Amy just loved most position 69, so we spent a lot of time for night eating peaches each other. It was a real paradise.

I think that after a few weeks, mom began to suspect something, not just once, she saw Amy went into my room at night, or come out of it early in the morning. She never said anything, and behaved as before, so we're not really worried about it.

Even if the mother had not seen coming out from my room, they could not help but notice a big change in our behavior. We Amy always had a good relationship, but not like that. We were very caring and loving with the other sisters, and we often can not keep it, and when my mother was around. Amy often with love looked at me during breakfast or in other cases did not need to be an expert to notice that something is going on.

I knew that Amy was in love with me, and, oddly enough, the feeling was mutual. Of course, we will always love each other as sisters, but now this relationship has strengthened, adding romance and physical measurements.

Yes, romantic side was well. We do not just fucked. When there was free time, I took my mother's car. We went to the park, we sat in the cafe, watched a movie together. It was great to walk with her in a place where nobody knew us, so we could hold hands and even kissing in public places. Although it was still risky. Fear that someone familiar sees us, was always in my head.

In addition to visiting my room, for sexual entertainment, Amy began to make love with Andrea. She immediately told about their first meeting, and I was so excited that I grabbed her and fuck right after her little girlfriends. Amy even were sticky from their meeting with Andrea when I began to suck her pussy. Her fingers still smell pussy of his girlfriend, and she was allowed to lick them with a strange flavor other girl that has brought me so much, I just burned!

And one night, Amy's really shocked me. She said that she told Andrea that we make love, and she wanted to meet me. At first I was furious that she had taken such a risky step without consulting first with me. But then I realized that it was a shame and the fear of speaking in me. If Amy asked my thought, I would not have the exact answer. But in the end, why would she ask for advice about a girl, she knew better than anyone else, and I did not know at all?

So the next day when I came home from college, they saw the two of them sitting behind the TV. Mom, as on most days, open until late, and it will not be at nine in the evening. I went to my room, took a shower, dressed in something easy, and then joined them in the living room.

I must admit, Andrea made me a big surprise. Usually I do not like blondes, but this girl was very pleasant. She also had a good figure, not as voluptuous as that of Amy, but is even nothing. Now I understand why my sister sunk to such a sweet candy.

Mi sat, watched TV and talked a little. They did not hesitate to hug and kiss in my presence, from which raged mixed feelings in me. On the one hand, to watch two girls kissing and openly caressed was very sexy. But on the other hand, I do not want to look like a freak, staring at them.

Plus, there was a feeling as if someone had stolen my love. Of course I knew it was silly to be jealous of his sister, but to suppress this feeling was not easy.

When Amy pulled away from the kiss and looked at me, probably I read the emotions on my face. She pointed me to sit next to them on the couch. In the case, I was struck by her invitation, not knowing what to do. Andrea looked at me and smiled openly.

So I got up, walked over to the couch and sat down on his knees in front of them, feeling stupid and nervous but also very excited. Amy seemed to know exactly what she wants. Over the shoulders she pulled me and gave a long wet kiss. I heard close to us, in amazement, thrills breathed Andrea.

Although for the first time for me it was a bit strange to be on the review of the other girls kissing with her sister, but the turn was just fantastic. Soon, nervousness and fear passed, and I am really involved in the kiss, opening his mouth and starting to play with the language of Amy.

Andrea looked wide-eyed. She was not shocked, or jealous, is descended our incestuous act, she was just intrigued. When we finally separated, then both breathless panting.

- Wow, it was very hot - Andrea whispered.

Pulling my shoulder Amy said.

- Now it is.

For a moment I was taken aback. I did not expect that Amy wants me touched her friend. Andrea looked at me with shining eyes, expectant look on his face.

- Are you sure? - I asked quietly, keeping his eyes on the blond girl.

Andrea smiled shyly and nodded. It was all that I needed. I bent down and touched her soft lips with his. Her hands obkrutilis around me and squeezed tightly. After only a few seconds after the start of our passionate French kiss, one hand it has occupied my big boobs.

Amy approached us and began caressing our backs, while looking like a big sister kisses her lover.

- I want to see how the two of you will make love, - she whispered softly.

I groaned at the request of a mischievous and Amy broke away from Andrea. Looking at the blue eyes of the girl, I asked.

- Are you Andrea? What do you want?

Sexy young girl looked smoldering eyes and breathed on me.

- That you dragged me to his bed.

From this, my pussy twitched severely, so I got up in the left hand grabbed Andrea, to the right, Amy, and dragged them to his room. When we got into it, it was so hot from the perspective of what we can expect that the clothes took off for a couple of seconds.

Being an older and perhaps more experienced, I took the initiative. Andrea put on the bed, she leaned over her tongue began to explore a bit of her body. Andrea Hands were on my huge breasts, squeezing, stretching her, nibbling and sipping hard nipples. Amy was sitting next to us on the bed and just stared large fiery eyes, I make love to her girlfriend.

However, as soon as I sank lower in the beautiful slender body, Andrea, Amy got up and crossed legs over her head. I enthusiastically watched as my younger sister, trickling down his hole on her waiting mouth. When the tongue is a little blonde slipped on the wet patty Amy that she that I groaned in unison. Amy from feeling like eating her juicy pussy, and I'm on this incredible species.

While Andrea licked abundant juices small vagina of my sister, I took her firm breasts. She had a very tiny pink nipples that I have ever seen, and I really liked to suck them into his mouth. Andrea moaned in hot pussy Amy, while I was doing this to her.

I continued my way down until I reached the silky bush. Andrea is easy to spread her legs when I kissed her sweet hump. Her scent was different from Amy and me, but also very enjoyable. I moved between the shapely legs of the girl and started to play with her pretty, small incision. Her pussy lips were much smaller than Amy, but there were red and swollen. When I gently parted them, she saw a little love hole. Many a girl juice flowed out of it, flowed on the perineum, anus wrinkled, soaking in my sheets.
Including its shameless eyes, I touched his tongue to her priest, and did a tongue to the hard path, a small clitoris. Mmmm, it tastes were just wonderful! Andrea moaned with pleasure, and inspired by her reaction, I have several times repeated this action, from what she already curled lust. A moment later, I examined her open a narrow vagina, pushing his tongue hard as I could into it. Andrea Byrd pointless to press on me, trying to get as much as possible the language inward. I really liked to savor this blonde beauty. She had a wonderful taste and eagerness to have more fun language as much as chenille.

When I started to finger her little hard clit while fucking tongue vagina, it took only a few minutes, and, behold, she sprinkles her juices on my face. I end it is quite abundant. Before actually squirting, of course, does not hold, but we are with Amy she surpassed in the two accounts.

I swallowed part of a transparent liquid, but some left on the tongue. Then he rose to his knees, straddled Andrea's body and breathing heavily dragged Amy into his arms. When her sweaty breasts touched mine, I put sticky tongue into her mouth, allowing her to taste the sweet secretions of his girlfriend. Sister excitedly moaned into my mouth as our tongues fought in a bowl of drool and finish Andrea.

When I knelt down between Andrew, I felt like a finger girl exploring the delta between my spread thighs. Soon she found my hot wet pussy and began to rub the clitoris in need. With a groan, mi Amy continued to keep the ruin together while Andrea brings us both to climax. Amy finished with a shout and fell into my arms. I held her until she recovered from orgasmic bliss, and then let her lie on the bed.

Looking at the beautiful face of Andrea, I noticed that it literally was all smeared in juices Amy. When I was about to bend down to clean lick her face, she opened her mouth and sexy tongue pushes invited me. I moaned from such distortions, and moved forward until he straddled her head. As soon as my hot vagina was available to her mouth, and Andrea began to lick me. And by the way, it was also very talented!

While the lips and tongue she worked my pussy, I grabbed her breasts and began to heavily compress them. Just a few minutes I exploded screaming orgasm. After that swept over this weakness, I just fell but the bed next to Andrea.

When I came to myself, the girl clung to me on both sides, harder pressed his soft warm body. Divine feeling. We just lay there for a while enjoying the warmth and intimacy of bodies.

Then the girls excited again and started to pester me. I found myself, when the language was sticky pussy Amy, Andrea studied until the bottom of my more mature vagina his talented tongue.

Later, the two girls were kneeling on the bed, their sexual priests were on the edge of it. I knelt down on the carpet in front of their delicious bottoms and began to play with them pisyami and priests. I was not part of their priests, but artfully caressing their tongue and fingers. The girls seemed to really enjoy, they breathed heavily, every time I touched the small sphincter.

When I was little satisfied with playing with their secret place, then start to sum them to orgasm. I put two fingers in their tight pussy and hard started to fuck them. My tongue switched between their anus, providing extra stimulation. Soon, Andrea did not survive my care and collapsed on the bed. Amy followed her somewhere for a minute.

We hugged lying on the bed, giving at each other loving kisses. It was just great. It seemed that the two girls were very fond of kissing me and see how I kiss their mistresses. We have forgotten over time, so did not see my mother came home. We understood we, when we heard it up the stairs calling us.

All three of the shock froze when her mother knocked on the door, Amy. Receiving no answer, she opened the door and looked in. In unison, all together, we jumped out of bed and rushed to the clothes, but it was too late. Mom knocked on my door.

- Lucy? - I heard my mother asked through the door.

My head raced, trying to think of something to save us from being exposed. If I am silent, my mother sure to look inside. If I say that it is not dressed, she also will go. Indeed, in our family, there were only women, but still very close, so we did not hesitate one another.

Before I decided, my mother opened the door and looked inside. She paused from what I saw. Three naked girls with shiny with sweat bodies, disheveled hair and smeared make-up. Mom looked around all of us look, then stared at me with a raised eyebrow.

- Mom, I can explain - I muttered weakly.

Mom smiled.

- I'm sure you can, sweetie.

Then she looked at Andrea, who seemed to want to shame sink into the ground. Mom smiled politely and handed it to the girl's hand.

- Hi, I'm Carol. Mama Lucy and Amy - she introduced herself.

Despite the uncomfortable position, she shrugged her mother's hand to respond.

- Hi, I'm Andrea.

- Oh, you're a friend of Amy, right? She told me about you - my mother said.

Andrea and Amy nodded in unison.

- Um, I'm sorry for my intrusion, - blame the mother said, - I think the three of you need to freshen up, and I'll go down and prepare something to eat. Andrea, you can stay for dinner if you want.

Andrea nodded.

- Thank you.

- Thank you Mom - I said stupidly, not knowing what else to say.

She looked at me and said.

- Talk to you later, dear, - With these words, turned and left.

Andrea was a little shocked by this experience, so I took her hand and led her into the bathroom. We bathed together until Amy was taking a shower at the bottom.

When I soaped and washed away her slender body, Andrea began to relax.

- Your mother was somehow not very much upset to see us - she said.

- Yeah, we cool mother. Do not worry, you're not in trouble, - I reassured.

From this she smiled, hugged me and kissed me. When we separated, she looked at me with adoring eyes.

- You know, I really liked to do it with you. I hope very soon we will be able to repeat - she said.

Hearing her words, which made me happy, I am very touched.

- Mmmm, at any time favorite - I said - every time the two of you will miss me, do you know where to find me.

We kissed some more, while she caressed my big boobs. Having finished the kiss, she put her arms around my neck and drew him to her.

- I can tell you something to tell? - She whispered in my ear.

- Of course dear, anything - I said quietly.

- As for me, it's so hot you make love with Amy. When she told me, at first I just could not believe it, but this idea has got me so! I'd used to do it with my sister!

- Do you have a sister? She is as beautiful as you are? - I smiled.

She laughed, and then said.

- Yes, she's my older sister. About your age. But she did not learn. It works in the retail trade. And yes, she is the most beautiful girl I know. Of course, after you and Amy. Her name is Karen.

- According to your description should be a terrific girl. I'd like to meet her someday. But if you were with me serious and really want to make love to her, then maybe she should say it. Unless of course she likes girls.

Andrea looked doubtfully at me.

- Well, I do know that it is not a Man. The last guy she was about a year ago. But as she and the girls are not found. At least I do not know about. I'm afraid if I share my feelings, but she refuses and hate me.

I pulled slender blonde in his arms and kissed. Then he said.

- She's your sister, dear. I think she'll understand. Especially if she's a lesbian. I'm not saying that she agreed to sleep with you. But surely that is not exactly hate for your sincere feelings.

Andrea smiled and nodded.

- Thank you, - she said.

After a shower, we dried her, dressed and went down to my mom and Amy. When we walked into the kitchen, my younger sister threw herself into the arms of his pretty blonde girlfriend. Andrea blushed when Amy did it right in front of his mother. Mom just smiled and shook his head at them.

We sat down and had dinner together, talking and joking. It was a lot of fun and when Andrea zasobiralas have to leave, I told her that I am very happy how easy it is mother perceives a situation.

She gave Amy a French kiss, kiss me goodbye, and even on the cheek goodbye to her mother and then left.

When the door closed, Amy turned and looked at us with shining eyes.

- Is not she wonderful? - Enthusiastically said his sister.

My mother and I laughed in unison.

Later, we relaxed in the living room. Then the mother looked at us.

- Well, how long it's going on between you two?

We looked at each other with Amy and I shrugged.

- Somewhere in a few weeks.

- I'm so sorry Mom - Amy blurted out - it's my fault. I wanted to Lucy taught me how to be a girl, so we could be together, Andrea.

- Amy, do not need excuses - I said to my sister - I think Mom understands. The truth moms?

- Oo am I? - Mom said and looked at me with a frown, - well, maybe yes, maybe not. You have two adults, and I'm sure that you know what you do most people think wrong.

- We know moms - I said - but we do not agree. Amy and I are very fond of each other and understand it well. But we can stop if you tell us you command. Or, at least, will not make it in your house.

- And then you'll do it in some damn bedraggled place? - My mother's head, - I'm not going because of that kick out with daughters at home.

Amy looked at her mother.

- This means that we are allowed to you? - She asked hopefully.

- It means that I do not want it coming out of our house, - she said.

For a while we were silent, each lost in their minds.

Then my mother spoke again.

- I know that I can not get you all to stop. You are adults and have the right to their own decisions. And even if they promise will make you more is not done, then you'll just lie and sneak do it behind my back. And I do not want this. Therefore, it seems I have no choice but to resolve.

- Oh, Mom, you're the best! - Amy exclaimed and rushed to where my mother was sitting. It is lodging in her lap, her arms around his neck and held her tightly. Mom patted Amy on the back and smiled.

- It's okay, honey.

I stood up and sat down next to them on the couch. After kissing his mother on the cheek, I said.

- Thank you for your understanding mothers. You're really cool.

Amy looked at me with twinkling eyes and if for instinct I leaned over and kissed her. She sighed and opened her lips almost immediately. Our tongues danced slowly, completely oblivious to the fact that his mother was sitting next to us, watching the French kiss their daughters.

We have for some time continued to do this until the mother's hand stroking our backs watching us. Then she patted the backs saying.

- Hey, you two, that's enough for now. Your old mother is tired and wants to rest. Please remove all here before going to bed, okay?

With that, she pushed Amy from his knees, kissed us goodnight and headed upstairs to his room.

- Wow, - he said Amy slid into my arms - I can not believe that we got up this right in front of my mother, and she looked at it all. How is it hot!

- Yes, that's exactly - I agreed - but we must be careful not to be forgotten much to his mother. I do not want that she regretted her decision.

Amy frowned and nodded.

- Yes, and so it allowed us a lot. You do not need to sit on her neck.

- Well, pipsqueak, what do you say? Do you want to sleep tonight in my room? - I asked seductively.

- Mmmm - Amy mumbled excitedly, and then insert the tongue in my mouth answering the question.

Continued: My lesbian life is prohibited. Part 1