My dreams cbylis

Hello! I want to tell a story that happened to me recently ... My name is Ivan and I am 15 years, I consider myself bisexual because I was not very lucky with the girls, as soon as I start dating a couple of days here and throw vychityvaya of sex stories that the type of "When his cock was in me, I felt unforgettable feelings" and here I decided at home to try anal sex with toys, in the beginning I fingers, then carrots, cucumbers, but it's not appropriate, and as that time going to the host . shop I saw the candles are well, I think they shall try ...
All I came home from the store, I was lucky there was no one at home) Went to the toilet ... (relieved) Candle lie down in warm water (it has become soft) I'm a little bit rounded end of the candle, let her cool down ... and I began to imagine poke here and there I was very pleased, I thought then that it is bliss and that I was doing during sex, I liked this activity (well, and now sometimes alone sometimes do!) it was very good, up to a point ...
I had dnyuha February 21, but just 23 to 24 February, I with two best friends decided to have me at home zatusit because my parents to the country piled) Bought for three 1.5 liters of vodka, a little snack, came home pour a drink one, two, three, shorter drank a liter for three, I personally was in the shit nazhraty, it seemed to me that I no longer have drunk) began when I was drunk could not keep his secret and spoke what I do with candles, which have I thought in my head, how I want to do this in real life, I want to suck and fucked me !!!
Two friends Dima and Sasha! Dima dick 17, and Sasha about 15!
- Dima said, we went to smoke for 5 minutes and arrive ... While I was thinking what I told them they were both included in shorts and with standing members .....
- Either you do according to what we say, or you will never try it! said Dima
I of course agreed, because really wanted to try it out)
- Sasha called me undress before the goal
So I stood there completely naked with a standing member ... They stood in front of me and Dima told to sit down on my knees (I got)!
- Suck we bitch ragged again shouted Sasha
I took the members of the two hands at the start kissing each the first in the mouth, I took Sasha's cock and tried to swallow completely but centimeters lacked, I was not upset at once took in his mouth a member of Dima, and he was more and I tried it pushed as far as possible in the throat Dima immediately began to moan, Dima took me by the neck and began to stick to your QTY, I was already very difficult prodyhat air into the lungs, I pushed him away and immediately got hum cheek, he realized that I gasped and said that I so suddenly did not do any more! And Sasha came up behind me and said that I went to the bed, lay down on his stomach on the bed and your feet to stay on the floor. Dima had to sit down on the couch to spread her legs, and it turned out that I was right in front of this giant, I immediately began to pursue his greedily suck I was terribly excited!
While I sucked Diemen member, I felt in me that it was included as I understood it was Sashen finger, then a second, then a third, and later he pulled out, spat me in the ass and his cock began to enter slowly head, as the head passed I felt a very strong pain (like point shooting), he started to drive back and forth farther will drive his trunk, approximately about 10 seconds the pain was replaced stoned until my ass razdrachivali I felt like strained Diemen member and straight into my throat shot 4 hot jet of sperm I all eagerly swallowed dolizal his entire trunk, then Dima said that poshol smoking will be back soon ...
Just behind Dima Sasha stood and said that, too, will go to smoke at the same time he told me to stand up with cancer and do not move, waiting for us ... When I got cancer, I felt that something in me emerges from there, I never realized it is sperm, I smeared on his hand and then licked with his hands was so nice to feel someone else's semen in the mouth!
They came minutes after 7 again, the members are and I have had very little strength I could hardly stand on his feet) Now they have changed Dima a 17 inch dick in the ass started to drive faster and faster, but I still became kayfovo suddenly Sasha's cock was in my face I knew I had to suck ....) I swallowed it, sucking, podrachival, licking, and after about three minutes he had finished, and this time he said that I would share with him his own sperm, we kissed passionately, then I told him to transfuse the semen, then he kissed me three minutes, no less .... Sasha resettled after the descent on a chair and watched us Dima changed his position, I lay on the bed his legs slung over his shoulders after he fucked me More about 5 minutes without interruption at a very high speed, I just hung on it I had no more strength to hold on, asshole I was burning flame, and very piercing kayffff)