I did not want to go to the event, and the work was up to his neck, just missed the point, competitors will eat. And what is the interest to go where you do not know anyone, and wedding - she 30, he was 60. She is a former neighbor of my wife on the landing site Rita. Lenka its last saw when still in the institute years went home for the holidays. Then the way they ran, Rita managed to get married and go somewhere, and then divorce her parents also moved, so that Lena about it either in memory or in spirit. And a half weeks ago, Yves Rocher, shouting: "Lenka" throws us some tall, slender, pretty nice lady and begins to squeeze my wife's arms: "I found out ?! And remember ... ?! "We were familiar with, and I'm angry that his wife buy a gift has to be postponed, and will have to go again, regretting the lost time, leaving for work, leaving her friends in a cafe.
Lenka returns late in the evening, flushed with drink terribly pleased.
- You've seen what it has become! Beauty! And the husband she goat honest, no, was dishonest - Lenka all delighted with the meeting. Well, we know this subject - all men - the goats! Frustrated that the dinner is not ready, I answer in one word, that, first of all, I did not see what it was, secondly, did not notice that she was so beautiful. But Lenka all on the emotions, it is difficult to stop. She cooks dinner and twitters and chirps.
- But she was lucky! She's such a beauty! She arrived only yesterday! Imagine, it is in the south with a normal guy met, he was here, far from our lives, and he proposed to her! They have nine days wedding! So, the neighbors will be! Incidentally, we are invited, with I - witness! She successfully met us, she is nobody here - this is not enough! With work - a blockage, and with the money .... And then have to buy a new dress Lenka - witness, after all, has to fit! And a gift anyhow which is no longer presented. Beauty!
So, we at the wedding. Normal man - bald, but pretty smart sixty stump, which is terribly pleased with his young bride, which, however, does not prevent him to enjoy and witness. Lena, really good in the long-closed dark blue dress with a high slit on the thigh, ending in a silver brooch in leaf form. Under the dress Lenka only stockings, and I was very excited, I love it when she walks without underwear, good figure allows! When Lenka steps widely seen in the cut dresses stocking gum edge, appearing under the brooch. I openly admire his wife, and who is still admired - all the guests to match host events, too, have so-and-Aleko first youth. With their wives. Though lovers be taken, or what, but it Lenka there by Rita, with her drooling elderly witness, and I've been forced to listen to the comments of old matrons, including seated.
Comments by the way, how nice my wife, so, to put it mildly uncomplimentary about the groom, the bride and the converging juices witness. Well, like, that's an old goat, where he picked up the slut, she's out of it all the juice squeeze, bury, and will take all myself! Look how dressed up, but that is not naked! (Bare shoulders, naked back, concealed only lacing corset, chest, open almost to the nipples, and even translucent inserts on the sides of the corset - I think Rita is very erotic in this dress, no, you would think the veil should be put, but I will give my opinion!), won, witness, that modest, look what dress, slit too big, but still ... (by the way, many of these women themselves have incisions about-ho-ho, despite tselyulitnye feet. if only they knew that this skromnyashke no panties, that's when to sing!). The ladies do not know who I am, and try full: and this something (this is the witness), look a peacock, near the already fifteen years is not necessary, and here goes the cock from the witness does not depart! And so on.
And I have to listen to this nonsense, devoid of even the possibility of a drink like a human, so as not to attract too much attention, so as not to be discussed. Brought his wife early witness, after all, I left for work, at the front was not, and arrived in the restaurant, so I have not been submitted, incognito, even "young" does not know me and do not bother these days to meet , I had no time. Throughout the hall I am familiar face just a few people - intersect at some presentations, but I do not even know their names. Even the word spread not with anyone! I have to serve the ladies, giving them snacks and pouring wine. I wait, can not wait until the event is over. No entertainment! That is unless someone steals the bride! Vaughn toastmaster just dance all invited. But who are these starp¸ry ?! And why not to try ?! Although some fun, good restaurant familiar as the back of your hand, there's an kamorochka is, there cleaning lady dresses, first small room with mops and polot¸rom, and in the corner of the door is inconspicuous, wallpaper pasted over, it even when the light is not seen, and if unscrew the bulb ... - checked already!
I wink at his wife, nodding showing the dancers of "young". She understands perfectly. I walk in the room, wait for the "young" will not appear in front of the exit utility rooms, good Lenka leading razomlevshie witness in dance is near, and come to an unsuspecting newlyweds.
- Let me - I have absolutely Muzzy snatches of it, breathless from dancing, the groom and Rita in the first pas turn back to him. Freed from his partner Lena catches bride manages to say something to her, and drags him into the storeroom. I stand with puzzled expression on his face, spreading his hands, as if not understanding, but actually holding back, ready to rush in pursuit, groom and witnesses. It should be odds-four seconds. Checked! With those who are younger, it turned out, and then .... Contain no one had - they woke up just seconds after six.
- The bride was stolen - the cry of Toastmasters brought from the state of stupor groom.
- And where are you watching?
- Yes ... I did it ... looked!
- That look is now - under the cry of the bridegroom, and the hubbub ready to help the guests, I quietly crawled out from the crowd, started to receive a bottle of champagne, orange and a pair of glasses, the ladies do not get bored! For me, no one is paying attention, and I, for a cash prize promises for found the bride and the development of capture plan (you - to you - here, you're in the door, so as not to put the who, that's naive, for it already to Paris to run, you can ), leaving the main exit, go there to smoke, but there is also a trip to the store room.
Lenka already turned off the light in the harvest (done, not forgotten!), But just in case I unscrews the light bulb turn on the floor - better safe than sorry, and we sit in the dark. Even before the first search engine looked in the dressing room (we heard about it on the creak of a door opening, careful steps, separated from us thin plywood partition, then the sound of the impact, and the mat - it worked my cock and mops - and nothing to hang where do not ask! ), the ladies have time to drink a glass of champagne and nearly ruined everything, sniffing and grunting with suppressed laughter. The room chair, which sits Rita and dilapidated chair squeaking by Lenka. I perched on the bokovuhe chair is better to sit than stand, and less risk to pour champagne ladies or dirty orange.
- What are you fellows, guys! - Rita is already a little drunk and obviously happy adventure - I was there with boredom sdyhaet!
- Of course, you would be faster in the marriage bed - the wedding night! - Lenka also has hit the bottle, they both laugh, joke with alcohol twice funnier. I poured them champagne and more under the "do you remember? ", "do you remember? "I think about his. displays Lenkin languid, drunken voice of thinking me:
- And he even worth it?
- Well, my friend, as you say - drunk ladies did not hesitate to me, maybe because it's dark, even pitch dark, - It is necessary to once a week, no more, and then, very fond of, when I hand ... .
- Well, why would you need an old tree stump? Do not you want to?
- Yes, it takes any of my whim, in my mouth looks, job, he said, do not settle - money and so lacking, saw a dress I ordered in France, although I will stay normal! And it ?! How do you say you want, of course, but for now, and different toys, and hands on that - again girlfriend laugh - and you that, because she had never tried?
- Why, tried, but it's better with a man! - Lenkina hand in the darkness falls on my pants. Its obviously give birth to such talk.
- This, despite what a man!
- And you will die of boredom! Do you often come to us - In this context, the proposal is more than ambiguous, but Rita takes the game:
- With toys?! - And they laugh again.
My cock is already Lenka in her hand, she squeezes hard trunk, she is excited, so laugh it out hoarse. I'm, afraid to move, so as not to give out what is going on in the dark. What is happening is fascinating, Lenka squeezes my penis is literally feet from the face of the unsuspecting friend. A leg, I feel the warmth related to foot shoulder and chest Rita, and it also can not initiate. Lenka, apparently thinking the same, continuing to slide down the barrel fingers, she bends over, and I feel the moist heat of her mouth on my head. For a while she sucks me in silence, swallowing stronger and stronger. Before Rita, now it seems to be up, why suddenly stopped girlfriend and somehow strange snorting and twitching rhythmically why my hip. It puts a wine glass on the floor, you can hear it rang against the concrete, and gently pull the vacant arm over me, wanting to test his guess. It stretches gently, quietly, trying not to frighten us, but I understand what it does by the way of my thigh pulls back her arm and pressed over his chest. Lenka apparently also felt the movement, and as soon as Rita's hand touches it, quickly catches her hand and squeezes his on my penis, continuing to rhythmic movements. For some time they drochat together Ritkino breathing becomes intermittent.
Wife weakens the hand, but the hand of the girlfriend continues to perform simple movements. Excited to not be her friend Lena pulls closer to the member:
- Come on ... well - and I suddenly felt at the head of the dense ring of the lips of the bride. She sucks in a different way, not as a wife, she slowly pulled tight lips on the penis, letting it all into his mouth until he rests his lips to my crotch, then also slowly back. Lenka vengeance helps her language processing, the released trunk. I run a hand under a corset wedding dress and squeezing the chest. This is torture, they are changed alternately, and Lena felt that I was going to explode, it gives the first jet of a friend, but she felt that she is ready to drink all selects and licks deciduous member. Then kissing girlfriend on the lips, and gruffly tells me:
- There champagne left? We need to drink brotherhood!
I spill remnants of champagne on the outstretched glasses, leaving little in the bottle itself. We blindly tychas in the dark, intersecting arms, drink, and I kiss just two, scented with champagne and sperm, hugging their hips. Then they giggle on the dipstick, wipe each other dresses (still shed a little!) And suddenly Ritka says:
- Just do not tell anyone!
And we answered, in unison, as if by agreement:
- So we do not see anything - and the women laugh again. Their laughter attracted searchers who are satisfied that they will receive the promised prize.
- Here they are here - again is heard the creak of the door, steps, and mate, but already reserved again worked a mop. Lena for me, and I understand that it is better to hide, hides behind the chair. Opens the door, and in the doorway there is the figure of the groom:
- There you are! Oh, you Wives! Come on, be aware that you are doing here ?! - He produces them, with two wine glasses and an empty bottle of champagne, kisses his wife (as he does not feel the smell of sperm), and I see his hand runs, stroking, from the waist thigh of my wife. He'll understand that there are no shorts, but I do not mind, let obaldeete bit! I will still worry about the recent feeling of tightly compressed lips ringlet his young wife at his penis. I'm screwed into the bulb turn on the light, shake, and go out to the main entrance. They merge with smokers, discussing the search for a bride (I said that it is out there !, No, I said it!), Silently smoking only guy with a fresh black eye - it looks like the trace of my hut, experiencing, perhaps, that could find the first! In general, the evening was a success!