Today is Friday and all the talk only about the upcoming drunk. I know how it ends for me.
For all pretty drunk and going home.
- Pretend that you leave - he whispers in my ear. - And then come back.
I do not know, why do not I leave all, and dutifully going back to the office. He is waiting for me sitting on our "bed".
- Drink will be? - I have shakes his head.
- Come to me - he asks.
I walk over to him and asked with a sneer:
- (What do you want?).
- You know ... - and, grabbing the arm, pulls me to him.
I hug his neck and clung to him all over. We kiss for a long time, at this time he takes off my shirt and deftly unbuttoned my bra. Then he breaks away from my lips and begins to caress my nipples. That they, biting, then licking it excites them so that between my legs to become hot, and I start to moan with pleasure. Then he lifts up my short skirt and admires that opens before his eyes. I always shave my pussy and was not wearing panties. He lays down on me "bed", Pushing my legs wide and began to caress my pussy. He licks my clit and around the tongue presses on it. Sensing the approach of orgasm, I dug my nails into his back, but it is only a spur to lick faster. I can not stand, all arches and shout loudly, leaving red welts on his back, but he likes it. Then he raises, and I find myself on the same level with his cock. His cock was already standing, but he says (to please me, suck it). I take one hand from the base of his cock and the other stroked his balls. I begin to lick a member, then take it in your mouth and start to suck, trying to shove a member as far as possible in the mouth. He begins to tremble a little at first, then more and more. I take out a member of his mouth, again I begin to lick it, paying more attention to his balls. Then I shove cock back into his mouth with one hand massaging his balls, and another finger deep into his anus. He publishes a prolonged scream and violently ends up in my mouth. I, swallowing his semen, almost choking, so a lot of it.
- Take rest? Let's have a drink?
All questions answered in the affirmative. We sit, drink and a snack, and drink it with one hand and bites, and another full-hosts in my pussy. Soon I felt that there was wet.
- You're flowed again want?
I do not have time to say anything, he throws me on "bed" and, lifting my feet in one fell swoop is part of me. I'm not hurt, because inside me all wet. Then he bit me, fuck, I came out and began to fondle a member of my pussy, then started again to fuck me. This went on for a few times until I had finished. Then he grabbed me by the hair and pulling his head to the penis shoved it in my mouth, a little fuck me in the mouth, he also finished.
He helped me get dressed and escorted to the house.