As I had forced

(Revelation stories to her husband)
Calls my beauty,
- You'll come soon?
It does not matter, it's a requirement. I'm going home to my beloved after a two-week trip.
We met ... We waited open-close, but it was necessary to put the kids, but they do not come off from me, it does not come off from me my baby. Finally all went to sleep. I closed the bedroom, turned on the porn and waited for his goddess. All the kissing and making sure that the children had gone, she knocked softly. I opened - she went, not made yourself !!!!!!!
I'll describe it and everything will be clear why I adore her so -
Beautiful brunette chic cool hip, round, taut but supple ass teasing. She enjoys spectacular dress, if dress pantsuits - look no tear - front seam of trousers, and usually all (all styles) her pants, clearly separates her womb in two halves - just two big shameful, protruding lips with his shafts at the sides, and vaginal center and clearly separates divinely beautiful seam trousers, drowned in these lips, round the back balls beautiful elevated priests - not tear his eyes.
Today she meets me in white erotic lingerie set, openwork stockings with elastic bands at the waist, the bra "Angelica"From which protrude from the top circles of the nipples, add excitement outlined Lycra shorts - shafts pudendal bulging lips .... .
- Hiking, I loved !!! - I ask,
My baby walks around the room gracefully wagging her hips, she knows how to excite me all these species.
- How do you? You did not hurt anybody, yet I was not.
- How do you say ... no offense, but ... forced.
- I do not understand what you tell me.
- Are you ready to listen? - She asks this question came up to me and bent over the protruding member, fingered handle eggs and licked a drop of speaking at a brown head.
- Yes, I'm ready.
- Exactly !!!
- All lie down together and come tell me! - I demanded drew her to him and kissed her soft lips degradability.
- That was yesterday, I came back a little later than usual from work, stayed - did clean copy of an important contract. I decided to walk through the neighborhood, between the garden and the school. People were not very many, but I was in a good mood and I do not for that did not pay attention.
- I have not even noticed that the two young men went away years not eighteen, but I did not attach any importance. Suddenly, the guys caught me vigorously. one taken by the elbow, but I noticed that the pain is not as neat as it is, but demanding.
- The girl or we'll iznasiluem or you will do everything that we want.
I was shocked ...
- Guys, but why am I?
- We are watching you, you are very beautiful, shapely, by your priests, we could not look away, let us make cancer and exhaustion - we'll let you go.
Late in the evening, maybe they were not kidding with rape. I was tired, no one around, burning eyes of young males, bristling pants in the men's field.
- What could I do, tell me dear?
I thought that really today dressed in a good mood in your favorite skinny trousers, a good mood - the day after you arrive you from a business trip, I started to have days off, from which you and I baldeem when you get down on me as you want and whenever you want. I so love your lust at that time when you just catch me and you have, and then my favorite member pushes me sperm lava and its warm mass hear your vagina and uterus.
- What could I do tell?
You ask this question in a low whisper, and at that time lizhish language of my left nipple, and the right arm fingers - gently tugging at my right nipple, knowing that I depart from these caresses under the heavens. Affectionately switching from right nipple his divine pen on my swollen count, stroking the head. Here poslyunyavil slowly in my mouth and at their fingers and ask:
- and that we count and a swollen head now - about to burst, it is of interest to you ... that excites?
- Yes, go on, and in detail,
- and what to tell ... How I had to suck or holding on to the bench - gave the young huykam peck your favorite cat.
- and tell all detail.
Material panties moved to one side, my fingers stroking the entire gap and the perineum, it is not wet, and full of divine raw slippery mucus, swollen lips shafts and slide under my fingers.
- I see the girl again promiscuous your broken-down hole flowing, you also really like the memories and excite much, huh?
- Yes... . .
you whisper in my ear and still active to lick my nipples and slide on the head, his pen and fingers.
- I am now doing with my cock tell porazvyazanney!
- zadrachivat and slide on tasty prick, and you have climbed nearly five fingers in my pussy, miss?
- Yes, much, much !!!
Well, shove a finger in my ass, deep ... and I masturbate the ass ...!
- They hollowed you in the ass?
- Why are you asking?
- because I know that seeing your divinely beautiful, round, mouth-watering ass thinking only fight - in the current nahlyupatsya lipped pussy and then stick you deeper into the chocolate hole.
- No, I have demanded, and said that it hurts, they smyakli and steel.
- And it certainly does not hurt, and I missed that you poelozit me well in all holes and ass necessarily still stand tasty memories from the last meeting, well you did it razdrochil gouging and last time !!!
- At that time favorite, you will behave yourself - and I will show you how to feel my dick fuck two, but for this you need to first poelozit me well in all my holes.
I shoved the ring finger to the very depth of his girl anal and rotating it, knead her anus for a meeting with my piston. I speak in a low whisper and kiss on the lips:
- You, my little ass so divine that it is not planting on the eggs and just do not regularly give, just not possible.
- I was afraid before, that you have a big dick, but as you and I began to engage in anal sex on a regular basis, I'm even tasty, comfortable and very pleasant, and do you like anal?
- you did not tell me more.
- I just asked:
- What do you guys and where?
They said in unison: - Let's go out there is a little shop. I dutifully went with them.
The shop was clean in the back of the school park. I sat down, put the bag next. She asked:
- What we stand, we are waiting for you!
They quickly pulled his pants, pants both protruded swollen members.
You looked up from my nipples and put a lip ring on my head, suck and lick with gusto.
I say - continues the story.
- What do you want to hear how I fucked and I sucked.
- about everything in order, start.
- I noticed that the young beautiful guys and one beautiful and the other members with the inflated head. .
I decided not to fiddle chose the first of which was a member of several more with them.
- some tell.
- how are you - fluffy eggs, a large maroon head sticking beautiful blown dick in porn films.
- You saw everything.
- Yes, there was a bright flashlight.
- farther.
- further, he pulled his belt. She took in one hand the eggs, the other covered throbbing cock and how I can start zadrachivat.
- so how do I?
- Yes?
- Anyway, tell me in detail.
- The second man sat down and started gently stroking my breasts and thighs, even kissing in the neck, he slipped on the pants in the crotch. Began to pull and pull my pants - thought that the tear.
... - What could I do, tell me dear?
- What did you do?
- Wait until I tear pants I did not, stood and unbuttoned his pants pulled down to their knees.
- What happened next, and more.
- They fell to their knees on both sides and started kissing me everywhere, I was in a thong - bird.
- You're my baby, as always, stick out your divine charms out. So what?
- The one to whom I wanker, kissing my stomach and crotch, pushing material panties kissing my pussy, paw shameful lips and perineum, the second paw my ass and kissing her, ran tongue deep into halves priests to the anus.
- Remember, you have got wet from this?
- Yes, I was surprised by this, but I zamokrela, I even like a whore has placed wider legs and spread them to the front could lick my lips and the vagina.
- The second hard anal bored my tongue. He, too, turned out I was pleased. I said - no more, let the condom.
The guy behind that quickly took a couple of condoms, and puts me:
- Put it on. I had to put condom on his dick pulsating rampant.
Front threw his jacket and laid it on the bench:
- Kneel down - we will have two of you at the same time.
- This I was not there, but I had to obey.
- Aspirated - the guy said that he was in the front.
- I'm on my knees and leaning on his hands got his head into the mouth with a flourish and began to suck.
Suddenly I felt that both my swollen bosom swollen and cut lips Turned member of his partner. He began rhythmically at a fast pace to peck me dick was long enough, I could hear it in his deep.
He pecked, held me by the waist, as if supporting and saying:
- Look what a cool ass, just a fairy tale !!!
- The second got a taste and would not finished, then I'm leaning with one hand while continuing to suck and lick the swollen head, with his free hand to actively start to masturbate member, fondle testicles. He began to move forward by helping yourself. A hand skewer my mouth on his dignity. I had to actively suck and masturbate.
That give me a break from the excitement, but not on the fondling. Continuing to lie on their sides lick my left nipple, and the right-subtly subtly and gently pinching as the string, it is possible to die of pleasure, I simultaneously at this time naslyunyavlennymi abundantly fingers flared circular hole priests. Already two fingers to the ground inside and gyrating, anus ring for more than a soft and degradability for administration and caresses.
- Say porazvyazannee he wants my girl?
- You know, sit on your dick, and then let you fuck me in the ass.
- What happened next?
- Farther. That's what was behind the actively pecked and pecked my CIMS, and then began to moan and moo like heifers. I heard inside, the momentum - he finished.
- And then suddenly, while I was distracted and relaxed in my mouth gushing sperm mass. I had to swallow semen taste it was like when you drink your beer, a little specific and slightly bitter.
At this point, my baby again put the ring of his lips on my head.
- Do you want me to you also poured into his mouth?
- None of your cute little thing I first napolzuyus enough, as she want! And you will obey me in everything !!!
- Yes favorite !!!!
My girl is raised and sit on my face, this requirement - lick in position - you below, I lick the swollen hanging shameful lips, my way between the clitoris and gently stroked on his tongue, isolation love running down my cheeks, and the smell of momentum through the brain is given to the hardening of stone in the penis. In this position, my girl herself can adjust the force pressing on his genitals ...
Here she enjoyed and moves his goddess of the member. I thought just wants to put his squelching pussy on my swollen member of caresses, no. She continues to sexually harass me and suits me "Kiss on the fly".
I'll tell you in detail, perhaps someone would like to do well.
I lay on my back on the couch or on the floor on a blanket, a member of a stake sticking out and waiting for the girl. Baby on top, with her legs spread, current and mangled, swollen by a pussy, lowered slowly, as if his ischya lipped sink head, concerns the head, puts it a little soft in the swollen lips. Then the baby is lifted and at this time his lips slide and release full head. Ideal turns out that this kiss, kiss me, my girl, but the kisses of his mouth divine Kitties, current, beautiful razdrochennoy charming pussy, from which I am delighted and I will be cheering for life ...
So it increases the amplitude. Going down and getting up, kissing, while I do not squelching ambush themselves on my dick for the most eggs, as many of their pressing. This is a very sensitive after the kiss on the fly to feel that even the eggs are ready vskolznut inside pussy lips.
For a complete sexual comfort - you need to see. Impressions and feelings are increased many times.
Nahlyupavshis baby to lie on the back throws his legs in this position anal and vagina look at me with a desire to quickly get my number. She likes to joke at this position:
- What we stand, we are waiting for someone?
And then in a whisper, languidly:
- Ambush me anal !!!!
I gently, the head is still big for her small holes, starting to enter abundantly lubricating saliva.
- You feel good?
- Yes, well, you can more deeply!
In this position, too, a lot of impressions, you can see how you fuck in the ass favorite, it is visible to the current Turned and swollen pussy, visible belly and nipples huge breasts, and closed her eyes languid pleasure. The speed and depth of frictions increase. I get down with great pleasure into anal sex, baby sometimes get requests for a second and deflate on her chest and tummy. I obey the wishes of his Queen ...
- Honey, you know blow my ass more often, I really enjoyed it and want more, so you're sure pecked me in the ass when you want, on a regular basis ...
- And if you want more impressions dear, let's go together, one at rest and there you can have me how and when you want, all your desires will be fulfilled and lust, lust is sweet, from which I bastard as a woman ...
We are embracing lying and resting on the enjoyment.
- I liked to listen to dear?
- Yes!!!
- And now the fun: me except you, my dear I will not be fucked all my holes razdalblivaesh only you and I are all nafantazirovala, knowing that you love to listen to is on the brink.
- I love you very much and worship, so all your fantasies ready to listen and to talk.
- My Goddess, I love you very much, my girl ...
- Favorite!!!
- My favorite !!!
We're leaving in flight vzaimosliyaniya bodies, feelings, shower ...