On the lesson

Hey. I want to tell you one istoriyu.Eto happened when I was in 10th grade. We Lyalya, my classmate has repeatedly had sex. This usually happens after the evening gatherings with wine and playing the guitar in the courtyard or after parties, such as the birth of someone's home. I already felt and experienced male ready to fertilize in the silence of the night thousands of young devushek.Tak here, we sat in the classroom of physics, in the back row in the darkened corner and listened to the old Jew, who taught us physics. It was terribly boring, and we quietly played with Lyalya in the cards, "a fool." This entertainment was not much interesting lectures, but still more suited to us. It was the middle uroka.Vdrug Lala abruptly turned to me and bent down and whispered in my ear that she wanted me. On that, I said that to satisfy her as soon as lessons end, and we'll go domoy.- Your ancestors, he's not at home? - Asked I. 'You do not understand a fool, I want you right seychas.Ya, shaking his finger to his temple, he asked: - A physics we were asked to leave or he will come after me, Lala said I was lazy, and angrily turned away. I began to molest her, asking that she did not take offense, but in response received only rejection. Finally, I tried to ask what she wants, what I would fuck her. It is right in the ear whispered softly to me - fingers, - and eyes pointed to a little Zadran yubochku.Nakonets I have realized what she sought from me. I gently began to move with little white skirt Lyalinov legs, caressing them. Finally, her face lit up a smile of pleasure. She even spread her legs invitingly. And my hand is full hosted between them, stroking the delicate skin of the inner sides of the thighs. She squeezed my hand hips, briefly closing of glaza.Ya pleasure continued to move up, and now the fingers touched the fabric of her panties, or more correctly the strings panties, so small they were. Just stroking her smooth, completely shaved pubis I sank deeper into her panties. At the same time I watched Lyali face, looking like she enjoys taking place, and was afraid of being caught teacher. But everything seems flowed smoothly, and I went on to have reached the clitoris and gently squeezed his thumb and forefinger, feeling he began to harden rapidly. The girl started up in earnest, she closed her eyes, nozzles, and I bit it back to the ground, whispering: - Shshshsh.Lyalya opened her eyes full of languor and gave me a kiss. I said the same thing and continued his reaching fingers of her sexual sponges. There was already so wet, she frantically ran straight to my hand. I wanted to lick her pussy, but instead only got wet fingers and began to lick them. Again Lala delighted, sent me a kiss. She then pointedly tongue licked his lips, and I realized that she also wants to try his hand on the palate. I again put his hand into her panties, and a well-moistened, Lala gave to lick my fingers with their juices. She began slowly, with pleasure to lick and suck my paltsy.Ot what I've seen and felt my cock reared up and bursting pants, trying to break them. But I continued to please his girlfriend. Thrusting his hand once again in her panties, I am deeply introduced his fingers into her pussy and gentle movements began to caress the inside of her vagina. Lala approvingly shook her head, and I saw one of her hand slipped under the desk. I hoped that now she starts to masturbate my dick, but there it was. When my fingers are already on the entire length immersed in Lalin pussy, I felt like she started her hand to caress the clitoris. Inside it all bubbled and seethed, vaginal muscles tightly squeezed my fingers penetrated inside. Letting easy exhalation, Lala came, and easy cramp ran through her body. No one seems to have noticed, and I thought, pulling his hand, he began to sniff her wet from Lyali selections. She opened her beautiful eyes, full of happiness and kissed me on the cheek. Absolute satisfaction shone on her litse.No I also wound up in earnest, and while thinking feverishly how cool his ardor and lower member, felt the light touch of his friend. This Lala stroked him through his pants. Thoughts raced even faster in my head, and I was losing my mind right before our eyes. Lala meanwhile already unzipped his pants and stuck his affectionate handle my pants. I did not know what to do and enjoy while Lala gently wanker dick in shorts, in which the desire to have formed wet pyatno.- him closely, good - with these words, she pushed back her panties, and now my hero stood with head held high directly under the desk, and Lala moving the skin on his trunk, he brings me closer to orgazmu.Ya gritted his teeth so as not to utter a sound, but my girlfriend was getting braver and braver. She did so, I moved away from the desk and bent down, swallowed the penis, much sucked. At the same time she wanker him and caressed yaichki.Moł mind dimmed, and when the teacher voice sounded my name, I stood up. At this moment the bell sounded the end of the lesson. At this point, Lala brought me to the edge of pleasure and recoiling, but continued to masturbate sitting nearby. And I shudder in orgasm and pouring semen jet sitting on the front of girls stood under the amused gaze of classmates, realizing their folly polozheniya.Kakoe time laughed at me, but gradually the story is gone, and then, only the legend went about my sexuality than I used, seducing another "Lyalya".
Author: Glory Pushkin E-mail: eliri@mail.ru.