House Call

Once over the winter I really do not grab a little. I'm not renounce to visit the clinic after the terrible event in the hospital (this is what I told the story "At the doctor"). And this time, decided to lie flat to the last. But twisted so much that I cried, nearly fainted from cramps and dialed the emergency number.

It took 20-30 minutes, but nobody came. I have already warmed up in his eyes. I even thought that I could just sit here. I decided to escape from the pain. Passed crouched to the bed and pulled out from under the mattress magazine "Crime". The position of the question mark I started to flip through the publication. I came across an interesting article about the rape of women. I thought that if I suddenly say that you either raped or let such pain remains, then I would choose the rape. And even if it would have had to become a woman, I would have agreed to it.

And suddenly the pain was gone. I am delighted that so.
Just log has a color inset. Especially very immoral woman was depicted on it. She's her tits spreads to the sides and the edge of the vagina can be seen. I looked at her and imagined the pain she experiences and at the same time fun gets from intercourse. I was overwhelmed with emotion. I imagined that I was in her place and I derbanit in all holes and let the circle.

I'm not gay, I have a girlfriend. Just sometimes pulls on something sharp little. My name is Artem. I am 18 years old. And for all my life I never thought of such a depraved.

Greatly excited by reading the article. He undid his pants and pulled out a pussy. And I have it as much as 22 centimeters in length in erection. I began to masturbate.
I thought it would be much more sexy if I get changed into his girl that is feel yourself in the shoes of women.

He passed into the room and took off his pants and cardigan. I figured that the usefulness of the image I need to change clothes and panties. He took off his and put his wife's. Straps strongly shook and left the track. I lowered them a little for convenience while he went to look for tights. I liked the nylon corporal. Always liked these to his wife. It's like a second skin. And I loved them pull and tear. Only for me it is my necks slapped. Probably rapists and such like. I sense tights tear.

All this is put on and put on a robe. He looked at himself in the mirror. And I wondered that very vulgar. And if they make up, something like a whore. But most of all I was struck by the reaction of the organism. My pisyun swelled and began to bulge panties. They again began to press me. But I was more struck by the excitement than pain. Little touched nogtiki tip and wondered to what it has become my firm. It seems even more than usual. It is even possible to see a good couple.

Suddenly the doorbell rang.
- Open up, police!
I panicked and trotted to the door.
"What they found is what I do ?! Is it illegal? Or maybe they're just on the wrong call and arrived by mistake? "

My sharabanka torn from the heap of questions. But either way, but I had to open the door. The calls did not stop not for a minute.

"What if they never go away ?! What if they shut me? "

Calling me unnerved. I was covered with sweat. His forehead glistened.
"And if they do me like this're caught, then what will happen?"
I shrank back into coal. His heart pounded as an institution.
"They are the same as the zone begin to humiliate me and lowered. I saw on TV that they are very much not dolyublivayut homosexuals. But I'm not a fagot !!! Simply dressed as a woman. But how do they explain it? !! What words? "

Although what it I razdergalsya. All the same, the door is thick, they can even now go away, I do not hear, I am here. It's time to relax and freshen up.

- If you are not open, then we'll just have to make the door with the meat!
Oh shit! Yes, they have now also vskroyut. I disgraced the whole house, and the neighbors trumpeted around the world. Karina will be furious. Everything turns out immediately and I do not sdobrovat.
It is urgent that something about it otherwise it will be bad!

Open or drive them angry cry?
- Hey, who's there? I did not cause! This is because SABESa? Leave on for good health! - I said, that is, I said... Even he did not notice how his voice cracked. Infiltrated notes femininity. That's funny! Only dressed in wife's, as he became Baba. Even that was not enough!

From behind the door he heard no response. Maybe they are tired and gone? They are tired of standing in the cold, and they went to another apartment? In any case, I looked through the peephole. It was not fucking seen! Although the pitch dark! I already wanted to move the bolt, but ... just stopped.
Aha !!! I knew it! They want me to dissolve Lohan! Seal the eye gum and think that I'll open it now itself and invite into the house. Certainly not! He drew the bolt all the way, and shouted at them:
- Why I do not see the crack? What are you hiding something?
I was waiting for their repartee, but did not expect that he heard.
- Artem, open. What do you hold me here? Nonsense bear some about the police. Open up ahead, and then you know that I do not like to wait.
Shit, yes there is my wife, and I turned on the bum. As I could zakranit? Is it in fact I could not hear the voice of Kareena from bass-speaking chief of police?

Do nothing - opened.
- I'm sorry, Karen, I took your lipstick and rags. For fun tried, I became ill, fever, diarrhea. I wanted to escape ... - began to make excuses, I descended to the floor head.
But Karina as I realized I was not listening, because no Karina and did not exist !!!
Opposite me were three dark figures in raincoats.
Lit as the last sucker! Here I am queer, you idiot. More than anyone in my life never open !!
And worth watching silently, were tested for strength. Out of the corner of my eye I noticed that one of them peeled off the trio and began to move toward me, I figured that even have time to close the door and draw the bolt but the stranger caught my gesture and not allowed to close the large door. Just now I saw that his hand was covered with scales ....
A person, or rather face was blatantly flattened in a vice from flounder.
How would you like it to be fun, but it was in zapravdu. I was in this are 100% sure, because I managed to pinch myself and it was as an evil bolnovato.

I'm going with the latter forces and asked the chief:
- Who you are? People?
- No, we fish, - the answer was me. - Muzheryby.
I swallowed.
- And who are you? The human female?
I zaernichal.
- In appearance very similar! - Said the one with the right.
I wanted to protest, but central to answer:
- Then we'll fuck you!

And they grabbed me right for lohmy and began to abuse me. Clothes were torn, trying to find the gills. But they found only anal tear.
For a long time it was studied, looked into my eyes.
- Sugoi !!! - I said one of them schupaya my pipirku and trying to egg language.
Then they started to penetrate all together ... I do not know how to describe it was awful !!
In the end they let me in a circle.
Yes - I thought, in the newspaper "Crime" of this not write, except in "Monsters, ghosts, UFOs."

And that they tore me 25-10 minutes right up until the arrival of Karina. And then they were gone, and even nomerochka have left. BITCHES !!
With the advent of Carina and pain returned! I twisted, crushed and thrown. I was like a shabby whore. Valya at the Palacio and squeal. My girlfriend is the question of what happened to me, I did not want to even listen to my version. Just laugh at my view. A laugh was something: torn tights, smeared lipstick, shoes are not on the size (my leg is longer). Neither give nor take - slut!
But I do not like that! I'm not a fagot !!!

P.S. But fantasizing on the topic, I always treacherously rose member.