Girl World. (Russia Day)

Girl World. Russia Day - on 12 June.
On this festive day we Sveta already called up, and she said something about the fact that he wanted to invite me to her house. Only now, I do not fully understand where it is. She has said that there is a night with her mother to help keep watch on the watch. We agreed to phone later in the evening.
Night was falling. The sun was almost down to the horizon. And now, my cell phone began to play Fugue by Bach. This is called Light.
- Come, my mother went home. I'm here alone, chat, - said tube.
- Hello, and you tell me the address?
- Write it down. Lenina Street 20, House, - said Light.
- Food.
He began to gather. Odell your favorite white shirt, pants, socks. I took a bit of money on the juice pack and what some sweets. Fed up of tables condom packaging. I turned it over. thought: "take - not to take?". Out of it a little bit in your hands, I put it in his shirt pocket. I'm not hoping to have sex with a girl who just turned 16 years old. But you never know?
Light was a bit of a closed and shy girl. Apparently, the effect that her father was not. Rather, he was, of course. But she never did not see him. The mother had three daughters, and they were all from different men. Even with them lived Sveta's grandmother, who was very fond of a drink in a drunken stupor and make fun of his granddaughters. The atmosphere at home was not very friendly to her youngest dweller their homes. And for this she tried to spend all their free time outside the walls of his apartment. She loved going to visit his girlfriend the few. Little growth figure she did not stand out. Pretty breasts, buttocks tightened, smooth smooth skin and shapely legs. True, it was a little awkward. Impacted its isolation and shyness.
Coming to a stop next to the school, I stopped to buy juice, biscuits and a bottle of beer at the kiosk. The sun had already set, but the sky was still bright. And the dark windows of the school began to sound like empty eye sockets. I began to think that she acted out me, and there was no one. I went into the yard, climbed the stairs to the door. And struck twice in the closed door. I was unsure what my knock was heard.
Suddenly, someone coughed behind. I turned around, and saw that it was her. She was wearing a white blouse, open the navel and blue skirt, opens her slender legs.
- Come, - she said - to watch, there is another entrance.
So we went. On the way, I said that I did not think that she would call. She grinned. I said something about her mother. She said that everything is in order. That mother is gone and will come only in the morning.
We went to school and went upstairs. I asked, and did not watch the first floor. She replied that there is nothing apart from the telly. And the teachers have a computer, a TV and a stereo. So it will not be bored. In a teacher, in addition to all of these reasons, there were two comfortable chairs. When I got out of the package beer, she said she wanted to try. I filled two mugs found in the locker, and we clinked glasses.
After a while, when we have plenty of chop in some wacky toys, listening to all stations and reviewing all the channels, we decided to stay on something one. We have chosen the telly. I wanted to put two chairs side by side, but she refused.
- I want to sit on your lap.
Of course, I was not against it. It was surprisingly easy. We watched some stupid romantic movie, and after a while, all my attention was focused on the Light. His right hand, I put it on her knee, his left arm around her waist. I stroked her belly, stroking her thigh. As if by chance my fingers climbed under her skirt. That my fingers fluttered over her skin, they are a force squeezed her skin. Fingers further and further penetrated under her skirt, sought her mound. She sat in silence, completely surrendering to this affection. With his left hand, I penetrated under her blouse. Caressing her tummy, I penetrated her fingers higher and higher, until it reached her breasts. Fingers ran into her bra. A second later, I undid her bra. And so, while I stroked her nipples and mound. My penis has long stood up and rested on her ass. She was already all wet when she hoarse voice said:
- Let me go, I'll get up.
She stood up and took off her blouse.
- Undress.
I began to undress. Her gaze slid over me, as if she wanted to remember my whole life. I took off my shirt, hung it neatly on a chair, took off his pants. And my dick broke loose. Sixteen in length and up to seven centimeters in diamtre. She looked at my cock half-closed eyes and quickened breathing. I took out a condom shirt, and began his business-like dress. Leisurely. It is all the time did not take her eyes off her my penis. Wearing a condom, I approached her. I hugged her, and put on the table. She leaned her elbows on the table top and is widely spread her legs. I grabbed their hands on bent and put his penis in her vulva. A second later, I began to enter into it. It was cool! Her pussy was very narrow for my penis. That was a thrill! She was all wet, and the member does not meet any resistance. Going the full length and immediately started moving back. She wrapped her legs my body and light moan escaped from her breast. I started to fuck her with force, almost pulling out a member of her vagina and pounding his back with force. Her moans grew louder and louder. After a while she began to growl, not moaning. Her eyes were closed for a long time. I have quite a long time kept the same rhythm, and was almost completely covered with sweat. She gave me everything, as his ability to move his body to me for a meeting. This could continue for a long time. I started to increase the tempo. All the more and more I fucked her. She was almost screaming, growling somehow not natural voice. And in a moment I had finished. She lay on her back, and I almost fell for it. How we were, I do not remember. Her legs still bowed my body. She unclasped them, releasing me from his embrace. I came out of it, took off the condom and tied a knot. Then I checked - whether it is a whole. All the while she was lying on her back and drove her hands over her pussy. I looked at her and realized she wanted more!
I have this picture of a member stood up again. I took out of the box and put a second gum.
I walked over to her. Hands grabbed her legs and entered her again. She gasped. She opened her eyes and smiled. This time I was moving slowly. Measured will drive his cock to its full length. That was great. Member of moving back and forth in her narrow hole. Again she groaned under the beat of my movements. Times, I pulled out his penis and began to move half of small amplitude in her pussy. I watched as my cock moved apart her pussy, her lips encircled my dick. When I came out of it, her lips slightly was delayed, if not want to let my dick. It was beautiful, it fascinates me. And I began to again speed up your pace. Again the light began to growl and scream in his ecstasy.
But I did not want to just stop. I slowly began to slow his pace. I stopped. He rose and turned her back to him. She put her hands on the edge of the table and arched her back. She tried to make it nice, but I did not notice it. I thought about was what would again enter into it. At that moment, I had thought. Fuck her in the ass .... Apparently, she was not a virgin, but about the ass, I was convinced that there still was no one there. One hand massaged her buttocks, the other pressed to the small of the back, causing it to bend back stronger. His hands gripped her tighter and put his head in her anus and began to enter force. She screamed, but did not start kicking. Even once I began to sit down on my cock. Member liberally lubricated with grease it quite easily entered her ass. First the head, then the thickest part of my penis. Finally, my cock was completely in her anus. I heard her quiet weeping. For some reason, I liked it. And I started to move. I fucked her with a force that is not afraid to hurt her. On the contrary, I would like, what would it hurt her. She wept, then growled, then he screamed. I did not know whether my cock gives her pleasure or pain. I think it was painful and pleasant.
I fucked her ass for a long time. She stopped crying, but howled softly and podmahivala me. I stopped. Without leaving her ass, I pulled her along. I wanted to sit on a chair and that she sat on top of me. Quietly we got to the nearest chair. I slowly began to sit down and she with me. Light is something quietly muttered. Apparently, she was afraid to sit on top. I almost sat down and forcefully pulled her over. My cock literally burst into her ass. She gasped and began to cry again. I asked:
- Are you hurt?
She turned her head and nodded. Tears welling from her eyes. But she still continued to sit on my cock.
I started to raise and lower it in their hands. I fucked her in the ass, and looked like she was crying. Her tears brought incomprehensible to me a pleasant feeling. I flew into her ass again and lifted her light body. After a while I held her close and finished. We sat so long. Fuck her ass gave her little joy. She stood up, her knees were shaking. She kept her hand on his ass.
- Did you like it? - She asked softly.
- Yes, really, - I replied.
She smiled:
- You know, I liked it, too. Come with me and help me be washed away.
We spoofing and washed. She said that the ass has never been fucked. And I do not think it can be so sweet and painful at the same time. What aggravates the pain feeling of bliss.
The first rays of the sun have alarmed us. I said that I'd better go now, while everyone is asleep. She agreed. And early in the morning I got out of school, which has become over the watch to me almost native scrolling in his mind all that had happened to me.
We Sveta has called up several times, but never met.