My woman. Eleventh Part. "Henrietta"

I got out of the hot tub and took a towel shelves. He wrapped around him and walked into the locker room. Every time I've been in this house. I felt how powerful hraniteli.Dom was great. Previously, it would be called a palace. Two floors, with a swimming pool. Fifteen rooms. In each of which has a separate living room and a separate toilet with a bathtub. In the yard, there is a landing strip for helicopters.
If you look at the root, the house belongs to my uncle Merofu.
Judging by the documents, the owner of the house, my father. That is to say, the headquarters of the keepers. Which, is in the 58 cities. In those cities where ritary thoroughly entrenched. I changed clothes and went to the main hall.
There, a large round table, sat five chelovek.Otets, Merof uncle, uncle Alexander (representative of the Moscow headquarters of the custodians.), Jean M. (representative of the French headquarters) and pan Shtatik (representative of the Polish Staff).
- Get Merlin - said Uncle Merof, pointing to a chair. I greeted everyone and sat down. It was he who gave me a middle name. When I asked why ?, Merlin because he was English.
Uncle Merof, smiled and said:
- History always harbor the most important facts. Neither Merlin nor King Arthur were not English. Just at that moment, they had to be them. And then, there are some similarities between you.
This conversation more than a decade. Since then, I somehow got used to it.
- What happened - I asked - Is begun?
- Pah - said Uncle Alexander - Pip your tongue.
Father looked at me reproachfully.
- You can say so - said Merof uncle - Anna, fly, somewhere in an hour. Until then, you need to discuss something. .
After exactly 57 minutes, Merof uncle, told me to see the visitor.
When I got up, my uncle Alexander winked at me.
I went out and walked briskly into the courtyard. Uncle Alexander, even the ladies' man. By the way it knows the whole of Russia, but under a different name.
Anna was so to say, a very close friend Merofa uncle.
But he could not have me to blink, alluding to "familiar" Merofa uncle.
The answer, I learned quickly. Exactly, in 59minut and 58 seconds, the helicopter was planted. From it came the beautiful Anna. With brown hair, a stunning figure and a beautiful smile.
Exactly the same smile in "Native"They have, even some common features. But Anna was not the only one. Behind her came out, black-haired, with big blue eyes girl.
That someone was designed flashing eyes.
They came up to me.
I bowed and said:
- Good morning, Mrs. Anna.
She laughed and said:
- Come on - and called my real name, incidentally, also starts with the letter M, and in the Persian style consists of six letters.
I kissed her hand. Then he held out his hand to her interlocutor. He kissed her hand, too.
- And, as a call, princess, that with you? - I asked Anna, his eyes fixed on the blue-eyed.
- Violetta - said Anna - My niece. I decided to show her legendary city.
- Very nice Violetta - I said - I hope you will be interested in us.
She blushed, but did not answer.
- Well, with such a reptile, it will not be bored. Oh, that is, with a guide - Anna said, winking at me.
I have the impression that I was, called it, in order to entertain Violetta. Something, winks at me, all and sundry.
- I ask you to forward - I said, pointing to the house - the road you know, I'll cover your rear.
- Or maybe you want to cover our behinds - Anna said, and laughed.
Twelve years, Anna, was, so to speak, my mentor, that concerned "Books Happiness" and "Secrets of female and male physiology".
We were with her good friends.
She spoke "lessons"When you see a girl, do not be shy and drool. We must be bold and interesting. We need to show your admiration for her beauty, but at the same time, we must not be afraid to touch to this beauty and own it.
At the time, I thought, every keeper must be able, to seduce.
But, recently I came to the conclusion that maybe I did this so that I accidentally?!, Inanna met. But, after that, nothing has changed. And, then, the main goal was not her. But, then who? And, of course, that's for sure, not Violet. A bottoms, were that necessary. I admired the beautiful buttocks of the girls to the main hall.
We entered. Men stood, welcoming Anna. To me, my father, told the house show Violet. Yeah, so, I'm a nurse today. In principle, for such a little girl, I'm ready for anything.
We were on the second floor on the landing.
I looked at her, and did not know where to start. If I'm being aware, I do not know what to do. How to be if Alex? But I quickly found what to say, handing her elbow, I said:
- Please, Miss Violet, let's go look at our kingdom.
She did not move. Resting on the railings, she blushed, looked away.
- Well, all right - I said - Then follow me.
I was very courtesy and chivalry.
From the first floor, to show and tell the whole story of this house.
She was surprised when in the library, she saw a picture of Leonardo da Vinci and Rembrandt (imagine what would happen to her if she had, it was the original).
When we got to my room, she brightened as she saw the computer.
- It's your? - She asked.
" Of course - I thought - Once my room" - But I said aloud.
- Maids, but it enables them to use me.
She frowned and looked at me. I just did not persuade her.
Another pile of rules:
If she builds himself touchy, you need to put it in an unpleasant situation. In that, she would have felt uncomfortable.
What a silly question, whose computer is this?
If I clearly told her who owns the room.
She approached him and asked:
- Can they use?
- It is possible - I said - if cautiously.
Violetta, again blushed. Two - nil in my favor. She sat on the swivel chair. And she looked at me.
I have not turned away. Another rule:
Do not take your eyes first, you need to withstand the sight of a girl if she will take the first eye, it is a good sign.
She sat for a few seconds and turned away. Ha, I'm not blinking can sit for about five minutes. Found with whom to compete. Violetta, straightened her hair. Oops, another plus.
There are such things as signs. Girls and guys, send these signs subconsciously. She turned away, it's okay. However, adjusting her hair, she motioned that I was sympathetic to her.
- You need a computer now? - I asked.
- Yes, - she said - if possible - she added, and broke off, waiting for my Clip Available.
I turned a deaf ear and said:
- Please, I hope you know how to turn?
She looked away, blushing.
I left the room. Too me. Build of a virgin. In all my hard life (smile), I was only eight girls virgins. Others have already been "enlightened" someone. Her perfume, as well as beauty, desire stirred in me. I, the discharge was necessary.
I pulled his shabby phone model NokiaN72. It is necessary to get already new, but I have something used to it.
We were like two war, and passed through fire and water. We understand each other perfectly. I sent an SMS with the text "I'll be there, we go faster".
I went down to the library. There was, more than a thousand books.
I walked up to the statue of Apollo, which was a powerful press, but of course not my powerful (smile). I clicked on the bottom three media simultaneously. Behind the statue, ten paces, the regiment moved with crappy books. Behind it was a secret room.
I went in, closing the "Door" and the hall, walked to the red and the only door. Accumulated lock code, the type of sim sim open. And the door opened.
Blind room was furnished, very cozy.
TV, cable TV, a bed with a water mattress.
A huge mirror on one side .... the other is the mirror in one direction only. I could see the library, but I could see no one.
I saw a slender, brown-haired girl walked up to the statue and did the same as me. A few seconds and is already in the room. I went up to her and wanted to embrace. She put her hands on my chest and weakly resisted.
- He showed her the house? - She asked.
- Yes - I said - She's in my room, fiddling with the computer.
Henrietta looked at me, her, black, magic eyes and walked over to the mirror. Form maid was sitting on her figure seductively.
I went to her and embraced her, her head resting on her shoulder.
- Bear, are you jealous?
She moved her shoulders, as if throwing me. I stroked her belly and kissing her neck.
- Excited and remember me?
I think I have already said, as far as the girls developed intuition, and sometimes, as it is accurate.
I turned her around to face him. Her black eyes, made me melt into them. I've wanted it, not because-that was excited Violetta. And, because the was excited Henrietta.
I did not want to simply discharge.
I wanted this lovely, lovely maid. That was a goddess.
Well, at least for that moment.
She felt it. His tiny fingers stroked my eyebrows.
- They are you so thick and black as tar.
- A good comparison - I said, smiling.
She began stroking my lips.
- A silicone lip at me? - I asked
- They you chubby, Mimulus.
- And the eyes? - I asked
- Eyes, you have a good - she said - but it is clear that smart or rather experienced. No - she frowned - More precisely, they have you Bishops.
Oh, woman's intuition. I bow before you.
I reached for her lips. She stretched her lips to mine.
Our lips joined in a passionate kiss.
With your right hand, I stroked her hair and gently massaged the place where the eye is the brain. When she opens her eyes (they are now, it closed), it will be in such a state of relaxation in which, it could not be kissing the other. With his left hand, I held her beautiful, little ass. With her lips, I switched to the neck. For a fraction of a second. She stood before the blast furnace in the costume of Eve.
Henrietta, undoing the buttons of my shirt. He pushed me on the water mattress.
Playing with hair on my chest. She began to bite my nipples.
With his free hand, she stroked the mound under trousers.
For a few seconds, and she pulls my pants, and then by cowards.
Using your fingertips, stroking my dick. Then, it's nice squeezing my balls. She tongue licked her head. Saliva on the tip of the tongue, it is, in a circular motion, caressing the bridle. Move your head down on top of the trunk. And at some point, a member disappeared into her mouth.
She slowly moving his head, made a circular motion.
- Careful kitty, - I said - I want to finish.
- Stop - she said.
And I exploded. Me shaking. She stuck to the head, sucked every drop. Continuing to massage the eggs she laid her head on my chest. I stroked her lovely hair.
- How is your study? - I asked
- Okay - she said - not so scary as I thought.
- Well, you see - I said - get a diploma, I will build you one of his father's companies.
- I do not know - she said - A father will take me? I'm still a maid.
I kissed her forehead and said:
- Who do you think spoke to the rector of your enrollment.
Her eyes widened. I kissed her again, but this time on the lips.
- You dyed your hair?
She let her eyes.
- I thought you had not noticed.
- Oo - I said - I notice a lot of things.
At Henrietta, before it was highlighting.
If the girl being married or if she has a boyfriend, and at the same time, her hair in "plumelet". So, it is not satisfied in your partner. And when a girl makes the highlights, it happens on a subconscious level. That is, it gives a sign, other males. And it is in such times, a girl more talkative with strangers.
But, there is one but! If a girl, she asked permission from her boyfriend, then she did it only for him. Henriette, in her boyfriend did not ask. And when another male, female suits, hair painted in a solid color.
With me, it has never not do highlights (he praises - no praise).
We somehow did not notice that the member stood and stands firm. Her massage, failed completely. She sat on me and let myself in my count.
Inside it was crowded, but it is warm and humid. She began to move me. Put your hands on my chest. She moved her hips up and down.
I felt the edges of her vagina, so it was her close.
I stroked her tiny breasts. Teasing nipple. Her breathing quickened. Movement accelerated. Painfully squeezing my chest, she writhed and moaned. Trembling, she covered her body. She did not lay me. I could feel her breath on his neck. She slipped from me, clinging to me. I covered her and noticed that she had fallen asleep.
I gently vstal.Chlen, I still stood. But I decided not to touch Henrietta, let him sleep. He dressed and went into the kitchen.
He went to Aunt Lena, put it in your pocket of ten dollars. Said to work another hour for two, Henrietta tired, let him rest.
The housekeeper winked at me. I winked back.
"Oh, God - I thought - that habit, contagious" - Now I began to wink. I went up to the second floor. On the way to his bedroom. I thought to which also belongs to the type of Violetta. There are several types of women. The most common are:
A mother.
The woman's daughter.
There are certain signs by which you can determine who is in front of you. Also, there is a certain test by which, as it is possible to determine what type of woman belongs. Defining who is in front of you. We must act in accordance with, typecasting women.
Here now and check who is Violetta +.
To be continued...
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