Overcoming complexes, or as I start to teach first wife to swing

We communicated with her as colleagues, even before the marriage, the girl she had a board in absolutely uncomplexed, topics of conversation, we had a wide variety, including forbidden at the time. We worked in the system of the Ministry of Communications, was 200 kilometers between us, we never planned to meet, the night shift lasts forever, so we are whiling away the time on the clock hanging overhead channel telling each other all sorts of stories.
In the 20 years she had a son from his first marriage, beautiful single woman has always been in game for men. We can not say. that she was a whore, but its nature is required. The terms of her acquaintances was very broad, ranging from "right"To solve problems, ending the relationship for the soul. She willingly told about funny sexy situations in which it got when it was in session (She studied in absentia). that is a part-time students at no cost to talk session. After a time of fellowship, I knew how big a member of her immediate superior, as it put the RAE crustaceans for racks with equipment, why you need a sofa in the battery as sticks cost a diploma for her. In general we talked to people who have never destined to meet. But the Earth is round and terribly small, shorter than once by accident in her town, I showed up to visit her. Lyudmila was a beautiful blonde with huge blue eyes, small breasts and great ass, sensual lips. The night was a success. She was a professional in love. Nothing like I had never experienced before. for she had no inhibitions in bed, some of the things I have just heard, for example, anusling, virtuosic blowjob, anal - dvdtsat five years ago, these things are only included in the practice of lovers. Without going into details, six months later we were married with her. Some details of her life, told by telephone, confirmed, some no, but the fact that we, as it were secretly established the taboo on all the details of her former life.

Over many years of married life I did not have any real reason to suspect her in "leftist". However, based on its fairly successful adventures "left", Which he was never caught, and being in the mind and memory I have given aware that the absence of suspicion of acts or eat the absence of the act itself. Well aware of this in my head began to emerge a variety of situations that could be my wife. Moreover, appreciating her past sexual experience and not enticed by the fact that I am 100 percent satisfying its sekszhelaniya well, adding some episodes of life, which can be different to conjecture.
Over time, these thoughts I began to visit more often. Maybe just a bit become boring everyday marital sex.
I longed to see how between the outstretched legs of my wife would be swaying rhythmically another man's ass. My hints at the possibility of attracting a third partner in flight swept aside, I immediately raised a harsh diagnosis "pervert" with the requirement to receive medical treatment immediately.
I was not reassured. By hook or by crook.
Bath ... Here it is, the right tool ...
For a start was just a trip to the bath room, sauna, swimming pool made a great impression on her. Second stage- I invited a chiropractor, massage therapist, which quickly and easily eliminate all small problems with the crunch of bone and other things that accumulate in the body for 35 years. Lyudmila wore a swimsuit and he was clearly disturbed and masseur and herself.
The next time she went for a massage without the top of the leotard and as I understand it worried over my reaction to it, not what the therapist sees her beautiful breasts. At this time, the therapist did not only medical, but also a general massage, what brought her undoubted pleasure. My reaction was the most correct, I fully supported her half-naked.
Once again I asked the masseur to pay more attention to the lower part of her body, he looked at me and threw on the normal value of the session for another hundred.
Otmassirovav her shoulders and back, he dropped his hands to her panties and said-"This will prevent us". His wife nodded and he gently rolled her panties to her knees, and Luda raised legs helped him to completely remove them.
The first time I saw my wife takes off her panties strange man ... The response was just super, I have come a mighty erection, even ringing in my head went ... Unfortunately I have not seen on everything he wanted ... Toljan (masseur ), only stroked, pinched, she squeezed her buttocks, chest, abdomen. For me, this was not enough, but for his wife - at the time. When Toljan gone, she slowly stood up and looked at me with a strange look, probably defining my attitude to what happened. Again, I painted the desired reaction, said the right words: And she was very pleased, not only from the actions of a masseur, but apparently most of the situation: .. She was obviously excited, because it attacked me right in the pool and a really fucked me. ..
Next time, I decided to hire another massage therapist and has not lost - young guy Ildar understood perfectly what I want, and asked only that I was not present in the massage, and watching the process of the rest of the room through the open door. So I saw the bottom polkl my favorite part of the body, but it was enough. Especially that Palchikov stop I can determine what state is my wife:
After quite some easy general massage his hands became increasingly fall into the hollow between the buttocks, and Luda did not resist, did not strain: Having turned her back and walking up to the entire body of his hand froze on her tonsure pubis and began to do the movements, familiar to every man: . The upper part of her body, I have not seen, but I do know what I was doing the second hand of the masseur: According to a stretched palchikina her feet, I realized chtoey love it: After a while I noticed that the hand Ildala sinking deeper between the thighs of his wife, apparently his fingers had already penetrated into it: I saw the first strained, and then abruptly relaxed and nachadi shake her hips: She obviously had finished! I quietly walked out of the recreation room in the shower and again not tightly closed door: Ildar walked to the door, behind him was a naked Luda to lock the door behind him. Already at the exit Ildar turned and put a hand on his wife's ass pulled her to him and kissed her on the lips. I saw Luda answered him:
Going into the shower she skazala-"What a gentle and long fingers Ildar:" Approaching her, I put my hand on the pubis, which until recently was Ildar hand, I felt under the fingers thick layer of cream to massage, penetrating fingers cherished place I found there the same along with her grease:
-" Rolfing did you"- I grumbled
-"You yourself wanted and he rigged?" - Asked Luda
-"Moreover, I have a surcharge for it"- I said,

To be continued.