Wish Wheels

Now to me it is difficult to say what made me then, a few months ago to accept the offer of my old friends Klaus and Monica come to them on the weekend and take part in their picnic. In fact, at heart I am a man not inclined to communicate. Especially because at the time I had a lot of urgent matters. Nevertheless, I agreed.
Perhaps even then I instinctively felt that I was waiting for some kind of unprecedented incredible adventure. So in fact often the case - the mind is silent, but something inside of you sucking the stomach and relentlessly itchy, suggesting: "Do it, do it necessarily." And, as a rule, you should listen to this here is my inner voice. Are you sure to happen if something like that, as you will later recall with gratitude, if not destiny, then in any case, with interest. It happened in the case of which I want to tell.
Not because there is so nice to talk about themselves things that happened to me at that time. Hikomu not nice if you speak about what you strange subject, and you need to see a psychiatrist ... But in my present case I am of all of this securely guaranteed. I just told all Sagul Clara - my old friend and famous erotic writer, let alone master it in literary adaptations like anonymous stories.
So, already in the middle of the day, thoroughly "drove" on the way your car, I finally arrived at the house where Monika and Klaus lived. The day the heat was still in full swing, however, judging by the hour, and this is undoubtedly the best indicator, soon had to come evening cool.
"How nice that you had the time ... We have already started to worry. Soon all will gather" - Excitedly told my friends mileyshie, leading into the house after I parked the car.
Indeed, very soon, as they come in the evening, we began to taxi cars of other guests. It happened so fast that I only had time to change clothes and share with your, friends, just a couple of words.
Area in front of the house was filled with cars of all brands - the newest. It was the kingdom of nickel, sparkling glass, matte bright surfaces, fanciful and elegant shapes. Not often you see a cluster of objects embodied in metal luxury. Cars of the latest issues - the dream of every man in the street, and the pride of the owners - were kind of a herd, a brilliant rainbow colors and iridescent in the rays of the setting sun.
Guests heading to a vast lawn not far away, where it was supposed to feast on nature. Many of them, I'm covered up, feel confident, and were themselves led by the hand of his ladies, knowing where they need to go. They obviously were frequent guests and Monica Claus, and of course, frequented picnic, to which my friends were great lovers since the early days of our acquaintance.
Very soon my attention was attracted by an unusual car that just stopped in front of the house. This was "Citroen" very old year - probably twenties. The abundance of small forms, angular shape, exquisite luxury finishes, so unusual for modern automobile - all betrayed drove "Citroen" visitor from ancient years, brought back all the familiar and pleasant memories of the heart "great Gatsby"Who with the light hand of Jack Clayton is now permanently entrenched in our lives its unforgettable style ...
I stood at the window a spacious living room, chained to the eye to stop the car. Something caused me to monitor it closely. Something made me feel a burning interest in the proceedings. Just think, because I could not really expect a grandfather that now opens the door with an elegant curved handle and the car will be released as they would put on the mise en scene - Mia Farrow, accompanied by Robert Redford. Of course, this did not happen. Such miracles do not happen, it is known to every child.
But I have to wait for another miracle. Out of the car flew out young woman of twenty-five, slender, with drezkim look dark brown eyes from beneath hooded lashes haughtily. She looked around, her chin resolutely and went to meet the approaching to it to Klaus.
"Who is it?" - S in Sipah keep his interest, I asked standing next to me Monica. She squinted at the exchange, and I caught a spark of mockery flashed on her lips. "This is Sarah - our neighbor"Briefly said Monica, and then still took pity on my curiosity and added: "Sarah lives alone in a villa not far from here. She is lonely and very rich."
- She is a lover of style "retro"? - I said .:
-Yes, it is a real passion. Anyway, one of the passions. Sarah whole collection of such vehicles. And the house in the same style. Oia just obsessed "Gatsby".
- And what else is obsessed with? - I asked playfully, hinting that a little intrigued and wanted to know more.
- If you ask about the men, then I really do not know - Monica smiled. - Whether the man is her passion? Of course, she was lonely, and therefore can not afford much in this regard. But I do not know her inclinations. In any case, every outing she leaves here alone, nobody accompanies. Maybe she's a lesbian, who knows," - Monica giggled at the end.
Ha Actually, I was quite intrigued. Beauty of a young lady, her gorgeous original car, calling, casual demeanor - it could not leave me indifferent. I decided to try his luck ...
The fun started quickly, the benefit of anyone other than me had to get used to a new audience. There were all familiar with for a long time. Yes, and I with sociability never had any problems, so I quickly found a common language with new acquaintances. Gradually getting to know all the new and new people, as we approach the end of the evening, I finally came close to the ultimate goal - to the beautiful Sarah. I was introduced to her, and we were able to talk. Sarah was intelligent, mocking, thin in their judgments. Something in her slightly alarmed. This woman felt some uncontrollable force, ready, it seems, in every moment of escape. She was not feminine. Of course, it was grace, fluidity of movement, it is. But here's the flame that shone in her eyes, tossed with energy over the edge, forcing her lips nervously bent - it spoke about the power of nature, of unbridled emotions that rage in this gorgeous woman.
But because such nature and concern men, and they make our hearts tremble. They attract all those who are tired of the monotony of fresh life, who are waiting for something new, nezivedannogo, scorching the soul like fire. The meeting, even if fleeting, with a woman - it's like a fiery spicy "Chile" after boring oatmeal everyday.
Perhaps, Sarah saw something in my eyes, so it is a long time showed an interest in me and kept up the conversation. Long enough that I could touch on the theme "retro" and vintage cars in particular. Following the advice of Carnegie - in a sense, the creator of our modern civilization licorice I spoke to lovely Sarah that most interested her. And this, as you might expect, has borne fruit. I received an invitation to visit her tomorrow to inspect ... a marvelous collection of antiques.
That was all I wanted, that set out to get that evening. To aspire to something more it was ridiculous and meant "to lose face" to himself, and in the eyes of my friends.
Ha next morning I said goodbye to Monika and Klaus, and, riding on the highway, headed for the estate of Sarah. Naturally, I did not tell your friends about where I was going home on the road.
The manor stood, alone, away from the road. Having entered the low stone gate, I saw a large white house and the service around it. All this is reminiscent of a cute rural landscape of the last century with images of French Impressionists.
Sarah took me to the living room, we drank champagne. She was in a long pink nightgown tucked into silver. Sarah seemed hessian doll in his theatrical, pompous dress, and even against the backdrop of a luxurious antique furnishings.
We left the house in a huge steel hangar, where Sarah kept her car exhibits. I tried my best to show more interest in the rich collection, but it is poorly managed. Ha fact, in another time and in another situation, I certainly would have looked at all the details, because I really do not mind to enhance their knowledge about all sorts of things and enjoy the amazing creations of human hands. But right now all my attention was focused on the captivating mistress, with whom I could not take my eyes. All of it and breathed a restrained passion. I thought she looked looks at me, looks over from head to toe. And, I must say that even though I may be, and Richard Gere, but it can boast of the fact that, creating me, nature is absolutely not cheated me with his favorable attention. I hope fills under the interested gaze of Sarah that she now no longer hiding, throwing at me. As it turned out, my hopes were not in vain. Oh, if only I knew what awaited me ahead ...
Immediately, in the hangar, gleaming metal on all sides, Sara ordered for snacks. In a corner, behind a curtain of parachute silk, stood a table, several chairs and a sofa -wide without cushions and pillows a great springboard for the love of fun. Tall black man, naked to the waist, with stirring biceps under the shiny wet skin, bring everything you need. He put the bottle on the table and a different dish, then straightened up and looked at me. Something in his eyes made me wary. His eyes were bloodshot Negro, bull, they betrayed a either a mockery, whether concealed threat, supported by a sense of power. Such views you will surely meet late at night in the dim underground passages. From them, you start something unpleasant ache in the lower abdomen, and you speed up a step, looking through the eyes of a police badge ...
- Do you like my chauffeur? - Pert Sarah asked, nodding at the bleak frozen giant.
I nodded, what am I supposed to do, and she said:
- We are great friends. Maybe you're a little later in this for yourself. His name is Mahmoud, he Equatorial Africa. Child of nature. But how sweet - she exalted exclaimed at the end of Sarah.
I like the fain, I could not share all her delight grim bully. At last, he came out and we were left alone. I will not describe a snack and a drink. You can easily imagine, imagine all the range and quality when revive the memory of any expensive restaurant menu Up-Town. Sarah was is charming. She laughed, examined me, she smiled at me, she put her hand on my knee. Her eyes burned with passion and tenderness. What more could a man wish for.
I kissed her lips and supple responded to my kiss. Looking into each other's eyes, we understand each other and went to the couch, standing behind us.
In an instant I took off my clothes and did not have time to turn to Sarah, she already completely naked, jumped on me, dragging along the wide and promising field of the sofa.
Its flexible and slender body smacked of subtle perfumes, and subtle smell of musk, both from the young animal. And our struggle has been an animal. We did not say a word to each other, our bodies were woven tightly pressed. I felt my cock touched the tip of his wet .scheli between widely rastavlennye Sarah's feet. There, inside it was all much blurred as if I so desired crotch deliberately prepare themselves to take me in his hot bosom. I went into Sarah easy, and we immediately began to move at the same pace we swept passion. Sarah moaned and arched beneath me, I could hear her labored breathing. This went on for several minutes, during which I was overwhelmed with desire, possessing so beautiful, perfect body. Breast lying beneath me shaking to the beat of the women of our movement, my cock with ineffable sweetness served like clockwork to reveal to him the cave.
I felt that I will soon be over, and at that same moment to reduce the vagina muscles, which had realized that Sarah is close to climax. His mouth were heard her hoarse cries, moans, her mad eyes darting from side to side. I began to cum, splashing with sweet flour sperm portion by portion
directly into the hot slot, tight girth of my body with my own arms. At that moment I felt at the same time a lot of pain in his back and shoulder. Opening tightly screwed-up eyes in a moment of pleasure, I saw that Sarah bent, bit me on the shoulder with his sharp teeth. Her hands, which she hugged me, frantically, in a paroxysm of passion tormented my back, which she managed to raspolosovat up blood for a few seconds with their fingernails.
It was all over. Pack of blood upholstery of the sofa, I wearily slumped to one side, and lying next to the noisy dyschaschey Sarah. Sarah in my eyes, too, had finished, but it is a little bit not enough time and she helped himself with his hands at the last moment.
The blood of my scratches and bite of flowing, of course, not very much and soon stopped. I did not expect such a rabid temperament of his new friend. She sat on the couch with a winning smile, looked at me. In the eyes of Sarah, I read not only the traces of the recently experienced pleasure, but I do not understand at that moment the joy of primitive man who has reached a certain point they desired. Sarah smiled at me, but her smile was not a smile caressed by woman. Sarah's lips twisted into a smile, which harbored many mysterious and incomprehensible. We drank a glass of wine, which she poured Sarah took a bottle from the table.
- Lovely - Sarah asked me insinuating voice unusual for her - now that we're finally tasted each other, I propose to play. You probably know this game. I want to be your mistress, and you will be my obedient slave. Do not be afraid, you do know that it's a game.
Of course, who has not heard of such amusements, which sometimes indulge in loving wife in the quiet family bedrooms. I even had to hear about these things from some of his friends. In this pastime, there really is not anything special. Then the partners switch roles, and it gives sexual relations revival. Once I even saw a guide to this kind of sex. So I agreed without much surprise.
Sarah chained every moment of my hand in metal handcuffs and fastened it to a specially as I knew, built-in sofa rings. So I was crucified, absolutely ... helpless on the couch, the former recently witnessed my quick and easy victory. Next was the turn of my feet, which suffered the same fate. I must say that for a man unaccustomed posture and position itself in which it thus turns out, are themselves
a fairly strong test. Not every human psyche can withstand when you lie chained at his hands and feet, unable to manage a ...
Sara pressed her lips to my cock. At first she only moved her tongue over the head, and then gently, gently took his lips, and they began to gradually shift the skin. Her mouth was as hot and humid as the vagina, which I recently had the opportunity to see. Caught in such a wonderful environment, my penis began to gradually rise, taking the desired shape and size. It inspired my lady, her lips began to move faster. She seemed to suck in my cock. He could hear the smacking. Sara cleverly performed plans. Rounded lips, she nasazhivalas mouth on my penis, which was sticking up is now almost perpendicular to the sofa. At first slowly, then faster, as fast a pace frenzied passion, Sarah raised and lowered his head. Her flushed face was hidden from me by falling on his forehead hair.
In short, not a lot of time it took me to finish second. The jet gushed out of me and Sarah, not letting a member out of his mouth, sucked my liquid. My hands by this time thoroughly numb, and so, after waiting a few seconds for decency, I offered a great hostess set me free from the handcuffs. But there it was ...
That's what it seemed, and waited. Sarah got up on the couch to his full height. The long golden curls spilled over her shoulders, mad eyes were angry at the lovely plump lips still frozen drops of my sperm, so the wait is swallowed by it.
-No, - slowly, drawing out the word as if savoring them, as if rolling them with delight in her mouth, the woman said. - No, dear, everything has just begun. All that has been up to this point - only a prelude to the main presentation."
- What do you mean - surprise, but apprehensively, I asked.
- Heschastny you think he is really seriously interested in me as a lover. Fool! With my money, and my appearance to find a hundred men better than you - no problem. What am I some provincial friend. Not imagine yourself Don runan county. This is not for me. You are my slave. I need you at all for another. I am now your mistress and I will rule over you. And you will obey me in everything, and if not, you will be severely punished. Oh, you are still with tears in their eyes asking for my mercy."
I did not know Sarah, to the point where it was transformed. Beautiful face burned inspiration, mad eyes glowed with fire unearthly, surreal passion, the whole look of a woman standing over me was more like a wild Bacchante, violent Pentezileyu, not fashionable lady, which I knew her since last night. In the hands of Sarah, meanwhile, there was a whip, which she took out of the drawer. The whip was thin, very flexible. Woman standing over me, shook them and said: "I need you just like a slave, like an animal, I will torment his delight. Obey me. You now belong to my passions and desires."
Probably my shocked and frightened Sarah came to mind, and she immediately decided to crush the nascent rebellion in my mind in the bud. The whip whistled in the air and the whistle ended the rather painful blow to my body. Sarah start to whip me with his whip on the stomach, thighs ... DROP foot it turned me on my stomach, and a hail of blows fell on my buttocks and back. Lovely tormentor was directly above me, legs spread wide, slender, and methodically blows showered me. At the same time, I was able to turn his head and look closely at her face. This thin handsome face was distorted by a paroxysm of passion, and at the same time it was previously unheard me inspiration, desire and willingness to completely surrender his gloomy occupation. As if every blow whip falls on my defenseless body, a great lady herself above all painfully experienced shock and the pain that it brings. She seemed to deliver the very same suffering what she so assiduously and relentlessly exposes me.
I had to make a lot of effort to not immediately start screaming under the blows of the whip of my lady. But my patience lasted long. I began to yell and scream at each stroke, and now our Sarah cries merged into one. This is unexpected for myself, I felt the pain gradually, without passing itself, it begins to turn into some semblance of me never previously experienced pleasure. Hechto dark, unknown by me, incomprehensible, was rolled on me. Gradually, the pain of the whip strikes began to bring my body burning, which grew into heat. Feeling right above a beautiful woman, in a burst of sensual pleasure bichuyuschuyu me empathize with me, feeling the blows of the whip out of her wonderful hands, I began to warm itself slowly. Fully resigned to his fate, I began to experience pleasure. I am reminded of an old lady's wise saying: "If rape is inevitable, and still nothing can be done, relax and try to have fun." That's really never thought that one day he would find myself in a similar situation. My cock began to swell itself, especially since it was kept in a rage. I'm lying on it with his whole body and still tossed on the sofa under the blows rained down on me. Feeling the elasticity and strength of its members, I was very surprised at first. But for a long time I did not have to wonder.
Sarah stopped torturing and I stayed predostavlevnym himself. Looking back, hoping to end his strange torment, that sadistic attack left at least for a time, my new friend, I saw to my horror that is approaching a huge black giant to us. It was the same Mahmud. His face was still as dark and full of determination. What's he going to do, and generally, why is he here? Sarah herself willingly responded to these my unasked question. She jumped from divdna and went to my head. There she squatted, leaned toward me and said: "I have acquainted you with Mahmoud. You did not attach much importance. This is not surprising. After all, my lean Mahmoud was just a servant to you. But actually it is not. Of course, Mahmoud, my servant, but apart from that he is the man who brings happiness into my life. He does what I see you with him could only dream of. To all of you, frail impotent, never ascend to such heights in sex, to which we rise with Mahmoud. What does it matter what I great lady, and he is illiterate black? In love, he will give a hundred points to any of you - vaunted cultural and academic babblers. That's where the power, where passion, where rush and pressure that can make any woman happy. You're just saying that to "Bure and onslaught"And here, in real life, you can do nothing. Here it is - the king. It's even better that he is deaf and dumb. I specifically chose this from many of his colleagues. It is but no one ever tell you about what wonderful pleasures amused his beautiful mistress, and what a great role when he plays."
Mahmoud meantime, though not heard rapturous love-song that he sang hostess gift of time lost. He was one of the wrist flung off his sweat pants ... and opened our eyes a tremendous tool of his power and dominion over the heart of poor Sarah. A member of the Negro was so huge that surpassed all before I've seen. Once, just once in my life have I seen such a member in the photo, advertises condoms. But then I thought it was a montage, and in the life of this, of course, can not be. Member was not just a very thick and very long, he was covered with swellings, veins, swollen as riverbeds, some pimples, bumps. It was naturally full of nature, something that aspire to achieve, giving the bulge and tuberosity dildo in factories.
I looked at this incredible cock and can be said to understand a little Sarah. At the time, our ancestors for centuries fought in the search for the philosopher's stone and afflict themselves moral questions, learning the secrets of gravitation and electricity, ancestors here this hefty hog centuries singing hot African sun nurtured its members by growing giant appendages on that and left all their Vital energy. According to Mahmoud authority efforts of generations of his ancestors were not in vain. Perhaps this was the embodiment of their dreams, is what they desire. What else grandgrand-grandfather, sitting in his thatched hut under the roar of the hippo, dreamed of such a contraption that will Koga something hanging between the legs of his child. My ancestor at this time landed on the bare rock of Plymouth, with the Bible in one hand and a shovel - to another. He founded the city of Hyu York and created "heaven on earth" the vast expanses of the new continent. Where was he to think about the length and configuration of its members and to compare it to a member of the neighbor?
As could be seen, no such thought is not overwhelmed my black friend. He resolutely went to the couch and hauled Sarah to her feet, grabbed her arm around her waist. He lightning bent her lower back. I even thought that the woman is now turning point in the waist. But Sarah just blissfully and dutifully sniffed, and then Mahmoud entered her from behind. Just standing on the spot, and, of course, not paying any attention to my presence, he drove his enormous black, shiny skin cast machine anus Sarah. She did not even scream, but I could hardly imagine that a woman can withstand the pressure of such a tool. Sarah seemed immediately went limp and stopped and fell silent flutter limply. Member, like a giant corkscrew screwed in the ass woman, and she had just strained my feet, I saw it on the strained muscles in the thighs and calves. Sarah struggled to hold on to the bar, put it like Mahmoud. However, the fall she still could not, because the gorilla kept one arm around her waist, hugging her. At last, a member came into the ass of Sarah for all their depth. At this point she could not restrain cries. They broke out of her wide-open mouth, and now the cries seemed a wild animal. Sarah yelled, do not hesitate, and her cries were not only pain and anguish. This mainly was a cry of victory, a triumphant cry, the cry of an animal, finally got the long-awaited production.
Mahmoud "to pump" Sara short sharp movements, leaning forward in jerks, vsazhivaya his instrument on the eggs, which are like huge billiard balls, only lacquered sheen, swelled under his belly. The eggs of these, with a spanking every time they struck on the bare buttocks white beauties. It seemed to me that Sarah receives this additional pleasure.
Soon Mahmoud probably tired of standing. He pulled out his penis from the woman squeal and tipped it right on the wide sofa next to me. Sarah is now lying on his back, legs wide apart and his knees pressed to his chest. Somehow it reminded fetal position. Hegr knelt in front of her, and, sniffing loudly, began to drive his phallus alternately in the ass, then in the woman's vagina. Then she began to cry in earnest. It can be seen at this stage Sarah "getting through" to end. She darted to the sofa, but her hands, and the whole body were hard pressed Mahmoud big hands. He would not let the woman move. Member of it, wet with secretions Sarah gleamed like the blade in the sun. He gently and powerfully entered through the open gate before him pleasure. Coming out of the anus, he immediately voznalsya parted pink lips moist vagina. He is - and should be painfully blissful woman scream. He reaches forward, pushing forward the uterus and flattening it, reaching the innermost depths. The movement of his smooth, confident, progressive, inexorable. A woman cries, gasping and choking on his own saliva. But then a member gets out of it only to screw in like a corkscrew in exhausted ring anus. And here repeated the same. Only here it is much more sensitive. Still, the anal canal is not as wide as the vagina. Sarah was already all wet with sweat and her hair was plastered to his forehead. The woman's eyes literally bulged as she screamed with passion. as Mahmoud himself was completely calm and focused. He served as usual for him, and probably your favorite job. The only thing in which he was truly irreplaceable. 'Only the loud puffing and hooded eyes gave it a matter of passion, which he was given and which was, apparently, called to the light.
When he let go of Sarah, after having finished her anus, she collapsed on the sofa next to me. Hashi heads were close now and I could hear her rapid breathing heavy. Sarah shivered, her whole body was covered with sweat, her fever was shaking with excitement. But, despite such a pathetic and shabby appearance, her eyes shone with triumph.
-Well, you've seen what a real man? And so it is necessary to satisfy a woman, and it is necessary to act. A-ah, -vygnulas it all over, and, unable to restrain myself, both launched
hands his crotch inflamed. Hichut not hesitate my presence or the presence of a huge gorilla sniffing woman rummaged in her hands vagina is pulled her clit, launched hand deeper, causing the host with the storm orgasms.
Suddenly, Sarah jumped. At the same time she pulled out a painful moan - she was uncomfortable between her legs and sat on top of me. She sat on my chest and I could feel it flows from the vagina slippery, viscous substance. Thoroughly stain my chest, Sarah leering grin and said: "And now, when you've seen enough of our Mahmoud love games, you have to properly serve me." At the same time Sara pushes the buttocks in the direction of my face. I immediately understood and made a feeble attempt to prevent her wish. But Sarah, catching my desperate look, said:" No really, now you will not uvilnesh. You have to right now with his mouth to clean me all. Of course, Mahmoud thoroughly cleared me just now, but I am very much naspuskala see what I'm wet from him? And you - my slave and must do all that I command you."
With that, Sarah sat their open vagina directly on my face, covering my mouth with a wet vagina. Gouging Negro crotch lust flowed, flowed out of it flows turbid secretion that Sarah let out of themselves throughout intercourse. The woman fidgeted on my face. I began to lick her labia, covered with a film of viscous liquid, slime flowed plentifully into my mouth, and Sara lounging pleasure, saying: "Come on, a slave try. EC whether vylizhesh me well, so that Mahmoud enjoyed learning then, perhaps, will not receive lashes today. Try, I'm very, very dirty. You saw what you did to me, Mahmoud, and in what condition I myself was beneath him."
Lying prostrate at a woman, I could not help it. I could only obey my pre ... red lady and carefully lick her wet vagina clean. Only then, Ms. jumped off me and asked: "Well as you liked my pisenka? Delicious, is not it?"
I just nodded. It's hard to describe the feeling that possessed me at that moment. Among them were all shades of emotions - rage, humiliation, to the highest pleasure, which I did not even know. Who would have thought that here in this position for a man can find the sweetness?
Hegr meanwhile flopped down in a chair and lit a cigarette. However, he remained completely naked, his body gleaming beads of sweat and it seemed the carcass of some outlandish beast. In the bright light a few lamps shone it all - a huge black monster car passion like polished to a shine. He collapsed in a chair and looked at how Sara trains with me.
At last, a little calmer, Sarah rose from the sofa and said: "Okay, pretty today. I'll leave you here, slave. Tomorrow I'll get you yet." With these words she threw at my prone body blanket, so I do not cold at night, and they, along with the black giant withdrew. Hoch was surprisingly quiet. I'm more worried no one, and I was left to himself. Hikto not entered, only the part of the highway is sometimes heard the distant noise of passing cars. My position was hopeless. I am aware that I am in the hands of a fully Sarah and her deaf-mute lover and now I need to be reconciled, at least temporarily to his fate, and do everything that will order my beautiful, albeit involuntary for me lady. Of course, there was something to think about. I was not prepared for such an eventuality. Expecting an easy love adventure, I got into this mess, in which thought and never fall. As sometimes happens in life.
In the morning I awoke to the fact that Sarah leaned over me. She was again completely naked, and not far away, I saw the figure of a Negro. Sarah smiled kindly and patronizing me.
"Rab, you are now accustomed to his new position?"
I was silent, and then, realizing that she did not wait for an answer, Sarah continued:
- We checked a wonderful night with Mahmoud. He tormented me almost until the morning, and did not give a moment's respite. This was our next night of love. And now we want to continue."
I realized that once again begin the test for me.
- Listen - Sarah bent over me - you have to come to terms with his fate. I'm Rusk you, and you will be free to walk and move around at all. But you know yourself that I should be careful. You it is clear that you continue to be my slave, and should be around all the time and be prepared to unquestioningly carry out their duties. Try to only make some careless movement, I'm not talking about trying to escape - and you'll get a severe punishment. Whip that you tried yesterday - it's not all that is laid up in my arsenal for slaves. Yes to run to you and will not succeed. Mahmoud is much stronger and more agile you, and besides, he's not one stands guard my interests and pleasures. So be careful."
With that, Sarah made a few hand movements, and my handcuffs and chains, fettered my movements, fell. I was physically free.
Sarah told me to kneel down next to the chair, which is located in the Negro, and she crawled on all fours to him and respectfully took it into his mouth opavshuyu flesh. Under her lips she became a member of this terrible fill with blood, swollen and becoming larger in size. And my sensibility leaped at the sight of how this gentle mouth, this delicate white throat take a deeper this huge black phallus.
Sarah sucked it selflessly, a member in and out of her mouth rhythmically, like a piston. Sarah moistened his abundant saliva, he sparkled. At the same time she put her hand between her legs and began to initiate yourself with your fingers.
Looking up for a moment from the penis, she turned to me and commanded: "Well, the slave, you can not see something, I need more weasel. Come on."
I knew right away that he wanted Sarah, looking at her quivering with passion and impatience ass. I crawled to the snow-white ass and buried his face in the cleft between the buttocks. Everything was wet, and I, parting face ass Sarah finally felt the language of her anus. It was too wet and silnorastyanuto. Ring anus was sore, his taste was salty. Trying to stick his tongue as far as possible, I began to climb them straight into the depths of the anus women. Doing that at first it was quite uncomfortable because Sarah constantly twitching all over, convulsively contracting and twitching with pleasure. Every minute of her shaking orgasms, which she undoubtedly lost count long ago. All her attention she pays great Negro member, tory to poke into her mouth and throat. She lived for the moment the sensation member who sucked with delight ...
Before me there was only one problem. I did not know what to do with my poor member, who has been raised many times to no avail. I also really wanted to take a more active part in the game, but now I was not sure that the gorilla Mahmoud wants to share with me a white woman, and she wants Sarah is now given to the one whom she had made her a slave. My tongue tirelessly scurried into the anus sucking Sarah. It was humid and hot.
When at last the Negro had been poured in her mouth woman, and she allowed me to finish licking her ass.
Taken away from her coveted member and blissfully licking, Sarah looked at me, then looked at my phallus, which remained upright and laughed. "Poor thing, because you want to, it is a pity that even look at you. But me you will not get more. Leave this hope, a slave. Well, okay, I promise to think about how to alleviate your situation."
A few minutes later, Sarah went out and came back a short time later. She looked pleased. Her eyes were burning. She turned to me: "Well, here, I have already fulfilled its promise. Huzhno same regret and slave. Soon, very soon you will have a friend - a slave. And at a time when it did not want to fuck Mahmoud and his friends, it will be yours. I've already called."
And Sarah, laughing told me that she called my friends and found out that Klaus went on a fishing trip to the north, and Monica is now in his house on the ocean. "That's where we are now and go."
At these words, I trembled with lust. I was overcome some infuriating. Not much ingenuity was necessary to have to unravel the purpose of Sarah. She was inspired by the victory over me, and now decided we add to the number of their slaves even my old friend Monica. Especially since her husband Klaus as luck would have left. I never thought to think that sleep with Monica. This charming young woman has always been known as my venerable wife of my university friend, and in such matters I am scrupulous. On the other hand, how could I ever think that I will slave to an unfamiliar woman, she will fuck with me with her black lover and force me to humbly serve her, lick her, exhaust her giant, I have come to know the whip from her hands ... I was allowed to get dressed and carried along the vintage cars on display in the hangar. "Do you think that is the secret hiding ... in each of these machines?" - With a sense of superiority I asked Sarah.
"In each of them there is a small device. I came up with it myself. After all, you need to get all kinds of pleasure from the fact that is as expensive as a vintage car collection. So, you now see."
With that, Sarah has got one of the cars hit at some lever, and at the same moment I saw that from the driver's seat depth is put out something ... It was a huge plastic dildo, who was in constant motion, ie, He paced back and forth.
"As soon as I sit down behind the wheel and looking for some motor - enthusiastically continued his explanation, Sarah - as the dildo begins its movement. It works on a car engine. I came up with it myself, but it has not left himself backstop, no loopholes. These members are equipped with all of my cars. And besides, they are so long and move with such intensity that I can not drive otherwise than planted by this member. I can not get off it. Spin on such a member here - this is the only way to drive the car."
Sarah confided, and I'm fascinated watching all of this magnificent collection of cars. To think that such a respectable sight - a respectable cars "retro"From them and breathes decency, reliability, almost the last century, and, of course, the young woman behind the wheel of such a car is just a romantic admiration, it is similar to the heroines of old movies still dogollivudovskoy era ... And here, on you. It turns out a wonderful Sarah, wherever she went, and as it did not look respectable from the waist down is always completely wet and razdrochennaya from tormenting her all her plastic penis trip ... God, as soon as it is in such a state manages not to break the traffic rules movement ...
We pogrzilis in "Rolls-Royce" 1923 release, and Sarah sat behind the wheel, and I fit in the back seat between Mahmoud and another his partner, just as dull and silent, so there is no need to describe it. Before you get behind the wheel, Sarah carefully lifted her skirt, so as to sit on
seat bare ass. That she could, no doubt, due to the long training. The car moved off and began to pick up speed. As that, moaning Sarah, sitting behind the wheel, grew louder and longer. I imagined a huge plastic dick goes inside her body, mechanistic goading beautiful interior of a magnificent woman.
Sarah was driving, and yet, in her neck with raised hair, sweat began to flow. He ran down the small drops, and I felt, literally skin feel like a woman is tense as she tries to hold back and not to scream with delight ...
We sped past the sun-scorched land of southern California, dark gray on the edges of the highway ostaltsy, stunted grass on roadsides. The car, driven by a woman hands orgazmiruet, lunging forward, reeling itself on its wheels mile, with lovely Sarah desires ...
After about forty minutes a risky ride we were on the spot. Before us is a wide, almost half a kilometer strip of sand beach stretched the Pacific coast. Has Mahmoud landed right on the beach, under one of the tents, standing alone on a deserted place, and the car with Sarah and another black man turned to the house of Monica.
It took several hours. The sun had not had time to sit down in front of us as the car seemed to Sarah. Nearly
the whole day we were alone with Mahmoud. He did not touch me, just kept a sharp eye to it that I will not run away. Actually, I was absolutely nothing to complain about. NAMA has been left with a huge bag of delicacies, a few bottles of lemonade, a bottle of whiskey, and not some, but most of this Scottish.
At last, the car stopped right next to us. Sarah still sat behind the wheel, all red, sweating from the strain. Poor Monica, flung over her coat was sitting next to her. Huge black man sprawled on the back seat.
Immediately, at first glance, it became clear that the diabolical plan of Sarah embodied life. And perfectly embodied, according to Monica unhappy mind. Ha her face was not. She pushed out of the car, on the road tore off her coat and leaving, thus, completely naked. Monica went bad - probably the Negro from the back tried on with the news. My friend could hardly move their slender legs, and walked toward us now, crouching and inadvertently placing his knees wider. Her face distorted grimace of suffering - not only physical but also moral. Of course, she never expected from his secular familiar such horrible treatment. Give it to them its eyes to his servant, so terrible and mighty nigger, strip, to bring to the beach - who could predpodozhit such treachery from a neighbor ...
Sarah was behind, and customized waddling Monica whip, which I had the day before to try himself. poor little body was already riddled. Monica saw me, her eyes lit up for a second nadezhdoi for help and deliverance. But then she saw the grinning face of Mahmoud, and understood everything ...
By order of Sarah, Mahmoud took the newcomer immediately. He placed, or rather even threw. Monica on the sand beach and took it back. While he tortured his new victim, she made plaintive cries. But Mahmoud, of course, this is not sought. And he achieved his goal. Postelennuyu screaming pleas for mercy were replaced at first quiet, then loud cries of lust, and then - an animal howl of pleasure. Simple orgasm was not enough for Sarah and her servants. The necessity was fully pay his victim in "their faith"Ie dotrahat woman who is standing on all fours between them shrank, like a harmonica, flattened under the pressure of two huge gleaming black in the sun bodies
and boil every second passion, drilled two huge glittering members inflates in rhythm to it on both sides. When both men were released Monica and she helplessly fell to the side, on the sand, Sarah approached her. She looked at me, her eyes narrowed. "Well, my servant, and now has come and it's your turn to experience their share of enjoyment You've long been waiting for this. Well, start."
I do not know what to do. On the one hand I found it impossible to commit such an act of betrayal po.otnosheniyu to his friend Klaus and his wife vaschastnoy, trapped in front of me in a similar situation. But the fact that during the active time, I was forced to watch as a naked Monica fucked on all fours, two Negro, and how it ends up under them, made me forget their high until the moral principles.
I went to prostrate on the sand and Monica went to her, put his swollen member has long been in a wet mess of her vagina. Monica just moaned softly. Fuck it was easy. My cock, longing 'for the past day on the full satisfaction, it is easy, like clockwork, I was a pounded and the wide-open mouth as possible genital pore of my old friend. Gradually Monica came out of her half-forgotten, and opened his eyes, saw just above a mine face distorted with passion. She moaned louder, and I knew by the tone of her sound, she, overcoming fatigue, began again to feel pleasure. While we merged in the ecstasy of mutual feelings, I feel the attentive eyes standing around ... Sarah and her servants. When we finally broke orgasms, and I was about to get up, I heard the commanding voice of Sarah: "Not in a hurry. It is not over."
Lovely hostess stood over us, so that we are lying in the sand, caught between her legs rastavlennye. And they rose up above us, a great lady began to write directly to our outstretched body. Hot stream of urine flooded us with Monica. We were under the scorching stream and urine of our new hostess mixed with our sweat ...
Ironically, all this made a lasting impression on me. Feeling the desire was born in me again, and I felt like a member of my stronger and turns into a pole, ready to re-pierce and pierce. To my surprise, in a shiver of desire and voluptuously staring eyes, I realized that about the same rush of excitement and experiences Monica, lying under me.
After all it was not difficult to make me numb ately, kneeling, licking vagina and ass Sarah. And Monica - sucking members of both blacks and also lick their anus. It has not even have had to urge. We are both of a gotovnostyo crawled to their owners. Monica embarrassed once when Sarah told her to break away from the blacks and serve herself. Monica hesitated for a second, but at the sight of the lash raised la Discarding all doubts and humbly crawled to Sarah. That, legs spread on the sand, was waiting for his newfound slave. It is in this position, and they began to photograph Mah Mood, which Sarah got a nod from the camera. After all this, Monica photographed in all positions on the beach. I lust after watching her, posing before the lens, it spreads on the beach, as the spreads her legs wide open vagina as invitingly puts forward his tanned bare chest. She smiled at this, and I realized that the period of confusion had passed, and now she felt the sweetness Monica games in which it was dragged. Now she wanted to sdergat everything as it wants Sarah. Now she understood and accepted his new mistress. By the way, Sarah explained that this is not done just for fun, and spe cially in order to have a documented positive confirmation of what has happened. Ha case Monica suddenly changes his mind to participate in the new games for it, in the hands of Sarah always be photos that she could blackmail Monica, threatening to show them to her husband, Claus.
So it was seriously thought out, and the baby Monica was left no chance to retreat. However, there was still me, but the time I did not go to the expense. After that evening, Sarah again beat them. whip me while I licked her sore crotch, I felt such a blissful feeling that there would be any good for are now not trade their large molding slavery at the feet of a beautiful and voluptuous be auto- Tocoi mistress ... I was her soul mate.
When a few days later we returned to Thrash rezhya, Monica herself asked to sit behind the wheel of the car who Starin. And all the way we watched as she selflessly ends directly at the wheel, as the outstretched legs on the pedals, nalezaet itself to creep into her plastic dick like moaning and drool ... Sarah landed us both at home and Monica Claus. On the open windows of the second floor, we realized that Klaus had returned from his fishing.