Tanya toy. Part 2

This is a continuation of the first part. We Dima finally found the time to write.

Has run an unusual adventure in the summer camp, we returned to the city, and everything was as before. Beginning of the school year, all shared their summer impressions, and someone and intimate secrets. My girlfriend Marina, for example, managed to give up her virginity. She was 14 years old in the summer and then she decided to indulge in a real sex.
I envied her, and become thoughtful: it can, and I can not for some reason? Especially because I already tried in the mouth and in the ass. From these thoughts in my sweet ache somewhere in the abdomen, and the eyes of the figure ran classmates.
Only with someone to try? With the guys from the class? No, better than those of the pioneer camp. They will be easier. In the meantime, we must ask Marinka about her feelings.
Marinka proudly told me that she had it at as many as six times, with the same man five years older than her. The first time was painful, but not much, they did it in the attic of a village house, in it he did not finish, and pulled out a member, that she did not become pregnant. Orgasm from fucking she was not, and to caress themselves with him she was shy. In general, I expected to hear from her something more impressive.
Dragged monotonous days passed in September, near the middle of October. Istoml¸nnaya secret desires, I masturbate almost every day and dreamed of continuing sexual experimentation. Where is my recent summer lovers? We had even phones to share ... I was ready to go looking for them or give it to someone else, but it so happened that they found me themselves.
One day, when I returned from school, I was called:
- Tanya! - And after a pause a second voice:
- A toy!
Of course, it was Sasha and Dima. I immediately somewhere failed heart and gasp with excitement. Blushing, on padded feet, I approached them. Somehow I thought that everyone on the street staring at us and know what the three of us will do.
- Hi, can walk? - Sasha asked.
- Let's go to. And where to?
- The park's go. Or to visit Dima ... He is now at home no one - and both looked at me slyly.
- Let's go to the park ... And then to Dima can.
In the park, as soon as we hid from prying eyes, Sasha asked:
- Do you want to spend more of our toy in the summer? - I nodded.
- And thou shalt do what we tell you?
- Well, maybe not everything, but in the summer I loved it ...
- What like? - Dima picked up.
- To be your toy ... - I squeezed out of myself.
- And yet?
- Undress in front of you, giving yourself to touch, to suck you all the ...
- And yet? What do you particularly excited?
- When one me in the ass and another in her mouth! At the same time! And yet, when you licked me.
- Then to start suck us right here.
The place was deserted, Sasha leaned against a tree, unzipped his jacket and dropped his pants to his knees. I, trembling with excitement, sat down in front of him and cautiously approached her lips to his long-standing member with a brilliant drop of at the end. I quickly licked the droplet, and then abruptly and eagerly grabbed mouth head and pushes the tongue and lips. Sasha moaned with pleasure.
- Well, how is she? Do not forgot how? - Dima asked.
- No-r ... Wow! - And it is as if, on the shore, grabbed my head and moved his cock in her mouth. Dima also pulled out his penis and masturbated looking at us. Soon my mouth spurted friend and long-awaited sperm. Needless to say, I absolutely swallowed everything, even licked her head finally, and immediately reached for Dima member who hovered nearby.
- I would not see anyone ... - I thought, but the hot fountain once again filled my mouth. And again, I drank all without dropping a single drop.
- Look like swallows! With pleasure!
- Probably bored? - Then I nodded, without taking the dick out of his mouth. I really missed him and besides terribly wanted to finish. My hand began to wade in panties itself, which have long been wet.
- Take off your pants and masturbate himself. - I released the cock and pulled her panties with stockings below the knee.
- No, really take off! Leave only shoes.
- And we want boobs look too!
In general, they left me only shoes and unbuttoned his shirt, nothing more. My nipples were hard and solid-excitement, and from the cool air. It's good day was not warm in autumn. When they had seen and natrogalis relish, and I came in their hands, they wanted my ass. Still on the street fuck it was cold and we zasobiralis to Dima. My jacket was quite long, almost cloak that prompted the two entertainers on a new idea. It was decided that I will go only in this jacket and shoes, and more to me nothing will happen. I tried to deny it, but I reminded myself that I agreed to be their toy, and perform their desires.
So we went. My things were packed in my bag is that Dima kindly offered to convey. Outside, nothing unusual was not much, I'm just afraid that passers-by will pay attention to my bare feet. But it was not far to go, besides the nice breeze chilled my raspal¸nnuyu pussy, which continued to be wetted by the thought that I was almost naked roam the streets. My companions also worried about our trip, and in a deserted alley Dima offered me a while to unbutton and again to show them myself, that I had done, breathless with fear.
That reached. At the entrance I had unbuttoned again and I entered in this form into the apartment.
- Take off your clothes! - Dima hospitality offered, and we all laughed.
- I want a hot shower, once you have me naked through the streets led.
- Come on. And ... can I do with you?
- And I. The three estates.
I already had all the same, and the three of us went to the bathroom. It was really cool to stand between my boys under the warm jets and feel two pairs of hands, walking all over the body. And yet I liked namylitsya and rub against each other. Suddenly the guys about something whispered, then Dima nodded and turned off the water.
- What's wrong? - I asked, realizing that they are up to something again.
- We want you to atone for ... well, as it was then, on the beach.
Then I understood everything they again wanted to help me. Frankly, I also liked when this procedure is its uniqueness and by the fact that she would confirm my complete subordination and my status as a sex toy. And the role of a toy in the years turns me on tremendously.
So, I sat down on his haunches and leaned back against the wall, and the guys froze me. From the excitement and shame I closed my eyes. Who will pour on me. What they do not start?
- What do you mean? Fall out of love? ...
- Tan, when it is, it is difficult to start - explains Dima - so wait a little bit.
- And tell us about it - Sasha said.
- About what? - I was surprised.
- Well, we have to pee on you. Tell me what you really want this.
- Here's another! You do not want - do not write. - And I was going to get up.
- Do not forget that you are our toy! So go ahead, persuade!
To give it! Ask that you pissing! However, this is something there ... And I began hesitantly:
- Urinate on me. I want to feel your urine. Wrote to me on the shoulders, arms and chest ...!
- Well done! Yet!
- Well obossyte as me! I'm yours! I want this! You have such a hot piss! Obossyte me all over, from head to toe. I can get cancer and you obossyte my ass ... - I became the very start it and I began to masturbate.
- Ask to you piss in your mouth.
- Yes Yes! Wrote to me in the mouth, on the cheeks, on the head, where you want! - And I began to turn my head with an open mouth. Then Sasha made it to the first yellow trickle. He approached, and a trickle of burned my right hand, I desperately wanker himself. Here he it went better and he began to pour me all. Now in his urine swim both breasts, abdomen, legs, urine dripping on my hand masturbating. In my nose hit the sharp smell. Then he began to pour my cheeks, but his mouth was closed, I remembered how I almost puked then, in the summer.
- Open your mouth. - I shook my head, and it pissed my hair, and then dried.
- Suck it! - I put her lips smelling urine with a member of the drops at the end. Then he stiffened, and the last trickle appeared in my mouth. Oddly enough, it was not repugnant to me. At this time Dima also matured, and now I have washed the jet on the left side. He thoroughly pissed my neck, so that the water came back, wet hair and then began to write to me on the cheek, and spray flew to Sasha's leg.
- Now I suck! - And he pulled her to him my head, finally poured over his lips and chin.
Then again, we turned on the shower, washed away all urine wiped and moved into the room. Dima turned on the music and the boys made me dance naked in front of them, and they sat side by side on the sofa, watched and jerked off. First they masturbate each themselves, and then began to touch and masturbate each other. After that Dima got cancer on the floor, and Sasha fell in behind him and began to portray that fucks him.
- What about me? - Confused I asked.
- Yeah, she asked for! We thought so.
Dima rushed into the next room and brought some cream. They put me back on the bed spread out, pushed and pulled up his legs up. Now my charms are open and accessible. Sasha kissed and sucked my small breasts, then we kissed on the mouth with the tongue, and Dima meanwhile licking my pussy washed. I squirmed with delight and even wider spread his legs. Suddenly I felt his tongue lower right on his ass! He circled around the holes, bringing me a new unprecedented pleasure. And then there's Sasha began to twist his fingers in both my nipple. I howled with delight, and when Dima tongue penetrated my asshole, I just yelled from the buzz.
- Quietly, quietly. - Dima finger smeared with cream and began to insert into my waiting ass. Then he rubbed his penis and began to slowly poke them. Remembering the years of experience, I tried to relax the anus and let Dima himself. Soon he fucked me on the whole length of the penis, and I ran my lips to Sashka body. Well, finally, they are both in me, one in my mouth, the other in the ass, and I shamelessly stretched on his back, I caress your clitoris. How did it all nice, until I ponaslazhdatsya and finish it later, when they have changed.
Here Dimka grabbed me with both hands and moaned and was poured straight into my ass, and then froze, eyes closed.
- Well? Cool? - Asked Sasha.
- Still would! Even better than Oksanka!
Then I felt something like jealousy and looked at the children, not taking a member of his mouth.
- Then we tell, and now me.
Dima came out of me, obt¸r cloth member, his place was taken by Alexander, easily penetrating into greased and sperm cream hole. And Dima sat astride me, so that his cock was right in front of my mouth.
- Now suck and lick it - and I began to suck his dick limp, which had now the light scent of my ass. A right hand I continued to masturbate himself, and soon came, almost simultaneously with Sasha. Then we cleaned up and all three of us lay down to rest on the same couch.
- So for such Oksana? - I asked impatiently.
It soon became clear that these two blockhead met in August with a depraved special called Oksana and now constantly had it in all holes, forgetting about me, about my favorite summer toy. Therefore, they are so long and have not been declared. Oksana, this was divorced and in his 29 years has found itself in a mad craving for 14-16-year-old boys of school age. Meeting with Dima and Sasha was for her first experience of sex with teens, and she was willing to take them at least every day, the benefit she lived alone. And now they have decided to attach me to his fun.
They even did not ask my permission, and just told me to come next Friday at three o'clock in the afternoon on the same place where we met today. On this we parted.
In the evening I very long could not sleep, and all imagined how my boys copulate with an adult woman. After all, they are it is almost like me ... And in the mouth and in the ass ... And the main thing - and even there, where I do not dare to let them in. Do not worry, next time also give myself to them completely, let fuck, I'm no worse than her. Oksana probably experienced this, will have to learn how to fly I do not ... I fell asleep with these thoughts.
On Friday we met and the three of us went straight to Oksana. We opened the slim pretty girl with brown hair below her shoulders. She looked visibly younger than his years, I expect to see an adult aunt painted unattractive, but here ... In general, it is understandable why they sunk it. The boys immediately kissed her on the lips, perhaps because they had long since passed.
- Here, get acquainted! It Oksana is Tanya.
- Come, undress
- Completely? - Dima quipped.
- Can all - Oksana smiled.
- Then we are very Tanya undress. To start. Remember when we told you that it fulfills all our desires.
- Does all-all?
- All-everything! Here, look - here he turned to me, and I froze in shame and excitement.
- Take off everything!
I blushed, but obediently began to undress under three lustful glances. It was especially ashamed of Oksana, still see her for the first time, and immediately find myself in front of her completely naked. When opened my breast, the audience roared with approval. Panties guys pulled themselves from me.
- How lovely! - Oksana whispered. She looked at me with obvious desire. - Come into the room ....
The room they sat on the sofa, Oksana was in the center, between the boys, and began to admire me, and I served their teams.
- Now bend over ... Show me the ass ... Get on all fours ...
- Straighten, raise your hands and circled ...
- Get up to the bridge ...
- Lie down on your back and spread your legs ... Now masturbate himself.
While I masturbated in front of them, the boys took off all my clothes. Clad Oksana was alone.
- Now, get up and undress Oksana. And then she left alone.
I hesitantly approached her, and she rose to greet me. She was wearing a beautiful gown, which I had to withdraw from it.
- Well, bolder, do not be shy! - She said, and smiled.
I reached out and slowly untied the belt, and then one by one the buttons unbuttoned. When the robe fell open, they saw that there is nothing underneath it. When I pulls together his shoulders arms, our breasts touched. It gave me a new sense of the unusual.
Now we were all completely naked. Oksana laid out sofa, a bed on top of a sheet, and he will make a great playground for sex. Oksana then dragged a bottle of wine.
- Who wants to drink to an acquaintance?
Drink all want. It was very cool to sit naked and drinking wine. Then Oksana said:
- I'll have a snack with your pipiskami - and after each sip in your mouth took both the boys in turn.
- And you have had it with the girls? - She asked me.
- No - I'm embarrassed.
- And I would like?
- I do not know ... You can try ...
Then she hugged me and began to fondle my breasts. At first hand, and then began kissing and sucking nipples. It was very nice, but at the same time and a little bit awkward because it's all happening in front of our boys. And they looked at us with wide eyes, and then pushed me on my back, spread her legs and then came the most pleasant moment: Oksana and Sasha clung to his lips in my nipples, and Dima began to lick me between the legs. It was indescribable! Three of the mouth at the same time gave me the sweetest pleasure. I am delighted with his mouth wide open, Sasha noticed it moved, bent, and not letting the nipple out of his mouth, pulled the cock to my face. I immediately grabbed it with his lips and began to suck greedily. In addition to this, Dima smeared his finger with my juices and put me in the ass. Then the excitement reached its limit, I froze and sweetly finished with Sasha's cock in his mouth.
After that Oksana lay on her back, Dima fell in between her legs and began to lick her as just licked me. Then he got up, he told me:
- Look! - And I put his penis in her labia. Another moment - and he plunged into Oksana completely, so much so that their pubic hair touched. Then he began to move in it, and the first time I looked at a real sexual act that takes place in front of me. Sasha, too, crawled to her, his cock popped out of my mouth, and plunged into the mouth of Oksana. Five minutes later they swapped: Oksana was on all fours and sucked Dima and Sasha fucked her, pristoivshis behind.
- Boys, take me together! - She moaned, releasing Dima member.
Together they have it, probably more than once fucked: very cleverly so they settled. Dima lay on his back, Oksana sat on his cock and Sasha moistened with saliva her anus, then its already wet cock and slowly began to enter her in the ass. Soon the trio was on the move and puffed with pleasure. Oksana, flattened between the two guys was like a frog, or even a chicken in a skillet. She shook her head and muttered something incoherent:
- Ebite me! Deeper, stronger! .. More! .. Yes! Yes! Relieve me both today possible. Conchita me in the ass! And-and-and ... And pussy! In pussy and ass! .. I love you, my sweet! I want a third dick in her mouth! - And she lowered her head and began kissing passionately with Dima.
Then I realized that there is nothing to be ashamed and began to masturbate, to limit excited by this picture.
- Oh, we have thrown our Tanya. Rise of Dima, he'll polizhet - Oksana saw me. I did so, looming over Dimkinym face ass to the composition. Immediately he ran his tongue over my lips and clitoris. Soon Oksana twitched, moaned and roughly finished, again, muttering something about pussy and ass. After it finished, Sasha, as she had requested, into her ass. The group began to break up, there was one unsatisfied Dima.
- Tanya, act! Suck me, yet worth it - his voice Sasha.
I still did not take into the mouth member, taken from someone else's ass, and tried to protest. But I was reminded again that I myself agreed to be their toy, and had to obey. I took a deep breath, closed her eyes and took in his mouth. But nothing nasty happens, I sucked a little bit and I was removed.
- Now Oksana lick ass! - I turned and obediently leaned over to her just fucked hole. Oksana still sitting on Dima's penis and her anus over his testicles clenched and unclenched. I gently licked - felt the taste of semen. There was a groan Oksanin.
- You see, she was pleased. Come quicker and smarter! Insert to language. So-so...
- And lick my balls - supported Dima.
When I licked his balls, Oksana jumped from a member, saying that she needs to rest. Then Dima took me by the ears and put his mouth on my dick unsatisfied. He was covered in Oksaninyh juice, and I ordered him to clear language.
- Damn, I have not finished - Dima complained.
- Well finished in her mouth.
- Or maybe in the ass? As Oksanka. Tan, you're much more you want? Generally you it's time for a normal-fuck. I, too, play the virgin! Fuck fuck her in the mouth takes and does not give to see ... Look, how can Oksanka: the front and rear! You will like the most.
Compare with Oksana was the last straw and I softly whispered:
- I agree.
Dima already jumped, and all crowded around me. I guided my defloration Oksana.
First of all, she drove all washed away. Then they put me on his back and spread his legs.
- Lick it to begin with: it will excite her and moisturize - Dima began carefully licking between the legs. Soon I was excited and flowed.
- Now interpose quite a bit, only the head - and his head began to move between wet sponges. It was both pleasant and terrible. Soon I got used to and just shuddered when he poked too deeply.
- Move just like fuck me - she commanded.
Suddenly it that there are forces pushed his ass down. Wet member flew into me, tearing schelochku virgin, and I shrieked.
- Well, everything, everything. Do not yell. Congratulations to you! Dim, slightly moves and come out. Do not think to stop.
Dima half a minute was moving reluctantly left in me. Blood was member. Sasha member of the seen again stood up on end, and he is also a little bit to fuck me already unsealed ... hole.
- Enough with her today. Now fuck me! - Oksana intervened.
And they are again intertwined in sensual tangle. Oksana fucked so, and commercials: I have tried to show their skills. And in the end he made me lick her pussy oozing sperm.
After all this, I questioned Oksana what to do to not fly, and learned a lot of new and useful things for themselves. It turns out that just a week, if all goes well, in the end I can safely, and to me it does not threaten. At that we decided to do: it is the three of us are waiting for next Friday.
After a week I barely waited for the appointed hour and claimed to Oksanka even earlier time already wet with anticipation cowards. Half an hour, we chatted about that, about this, then I said that this week, trying to fuck myself a candle to re-test the penetration of the printed hole.
- I have something better for that candle - slyly said she went to the closet. The next minute she pulled out a dildo pink, which was more than our boys. And then one more, slightly smaller, folded.
- Here! Want to try? - She handed me two.
I pulled off her panties and sat down on the sofa and hesitantly bailiffs little dick to his lips.
- No, first undress! - I quickly slipped off her clothing remnants, lay down, and under her lustful eyes start to insert a member. It was very nice and a little ashamed, and grin in no hurry to undress. Under her leadership, I fucked myself to her eyes. I became more pleasant, when she grabbed both of my fingers nipple. At this moment, the doorbell rang. I abruptly pulled the penis and tried to jump to his feet. It certainly came to guys, not enough yet, that they might see how I fuck myself!
But Oksanka poured me back again and she introduced me to this term.
- Go on! I want them to see it, too. And do not mind! - And I went to open.
Now, right now, they will ... And I like this ... Oh, what if it is not they? The thought I already froze. But they were, now they come into the room, smiling ... I desperately blush with shame.
- Look to what you have brought your toy! Hanging around somewhere, and then it is weak with desire. For herself ready. Come on, go on, do not be shy! - They sat around me and looked over my actions.
- Now take a large - Oksana continued to command. I put a member of the larger, and it is fairly easy to the increased crawled into my hole.
- And now, at the same time! Immediately the two, the second in the ass. Brush the it, you're all wet.
Not immediately, but I was able to drive himself to these two terms. I closed my eyes and fucked yourself already enjoying this. When I opened them, I immediately saw standing over me Dima, who was holding the camera. He photographed me! I fucked myself shamelessly in front of them in her pussy and ass. It's not in my plans, and I again tried to jump. Again, I have kept.
- You what? Again, you forget that you are our toys? Especially still have all withdrawn.
I'm doomed lay back. Oksana and Sasha widely parted my legs, and Dima took another shot.
- So, now sit down with cancer ... now ... Get up ... Sit down on his haunches ...
They filmed me in all positions, which only came to their heads. Finally, and we have started to undress. I wanted only one thing: that in me came alive warm member and not this rubber toy. Closer was Sasha, I just poured it on himself, and he quickly entered and began to move in me. This was spectacular! Dima and photographed it. Then he took me to a member of Sasha's mouth, and finally captured Oksana, I lick two boys head sticking out in front of my face.
Then the guys took me in both pussy and ass, and Oksana pinched my nipples. From this I had a orgasm of unprecedented force, Dima immediately finished in my pussy and Sasha pulled out of my ass dick, I turned and shoved it into his mouth. Soon I had swallowed his sperm.
We rested a bit, and then Oksanka lay down on the couch, lifted her legs up and said:
- Now, all three of you will fulfill my desires. It makes me glad I'm not one came. Boys, lick my feet and toes on his feet, and you, Tanya, lick between my legs.
We are stunned glances stare at her.
- Well, alive! - And she stretched out both her legs to the guys. They hesitantly took their hands, the first Dima decided to kiss her heel, then ran his tongue across the sole, down to the fingers.
- Suck me! Tanya, faster! You need a separate invitation?
The three of us took our places, and Oksana moaned soon vote with pleasure.
- Ltd! How I feel good! Nasty naughty boy! Suck my fingers! Suck on between them! And you, little whore, lick my ass! So ... yes ... Now I paste in both rubber dick!
We are all very excited and tried to fulfill any of its whim. Guys sucking and licking her feet, I fucked her two terms. Naturally, she very soon finished and stopped by pressing in both hands, the two terms in their holes.
- Now ebite me! - And abruptly pulled both terms.
Dima immediately put her his erect dick, and she told me to get up on her knees facing the Dima and began to lick me and suck out the remnants of his semen. It was the bottom, I'm on top, and Oksanka came up with a new idea. Looking up from my pussy, she shouted:
- Sasha, paste it! And you, Dimulya not think cum in me. Cum in her mouth.
Now Sasha fucked me right over Oksaninym face, and I in front of your nose the most watched Dima drives the dick in her insatiable pussy. Oksana moaned and squeezed my breasts, ten minutes later Dimka pulled his dick, grabbed my head, and I opened my mouth wide. A moment - and I am the second time that evening swallow semen. Now Dimkinu. At this point, and Sasha began to move harder, squeezed my buttocks with his hands and finished with me. When he came out, he immediately heard a sucking sound - it Oksanka sucked his dick wet. Then she moved on to me, greedily sucking the cum out of my pussy a second boy. From her nimble tongue, I also finished and exhausted collapsed on her top ...
After that orgasm I was completely satisfied and I wanted to just lie quietly and do nothing. The others were no better, and soon the guys zasobiralis home. When they left, Oksana lay next to me, both of us covered with a blanket, hugged me, and we fell asleep.
...I woke up from what Oksanka, still naked, talking to someone on the phone. And I am speaking in a strange way, looking at me slyly.
- You can try it, she will not mind. You always wanted to quite a young girl, and she's only just turned fourteen! Only with me, I will look at it. Yes, the girl - lovely! And yet ... she likes, when she was humiliated, she likes to obey. In general, more likely, until I have it. Waiting.
... And she again slipped under my blanket.
- You who promised me? - Frightened I whispered.
- One good friend. We often sleep together. You're still not tired?
- Not tired. But still scary.
- You will like the most, do not be afraid. By the way, Tan, and why do you like to obey, to be humiliated?
- I do not know, like and everything. Maybe I'm crazy. My turn-ons all forbidden and shameful. I have as much of it in all the stops.
Suddenly Oksanka lit some idea. She darted to the closet and pulled out a bunch of rags. Soon I was dressed up in red stockings, red Oksaniny shoes with high heels and in a transparent robe, through which it was perfectly clear. It turned out that this dress is not covered my body, but rather even exhibited his show. After that, she gathered my hair in two pigtails on the sides, saying that because I'm still looks more like an innocent and seductive at the same time the girl.
During these preparations took about half an hour later the doorbell rang. I shuddered, cringed and hunted looked at Oksana.
- No! - I whispered - Do not open, I'm afraid!
- Here's another! Now you vyebut in every hole, and I'll look at it - and went to open.
I covered his head with a blanket and with trembling waited for me to fuck a grown man, not my age. Both steps ... enter the room. Male voice:
- Well, where's your sweet girl?
- It is no longer mine, but yours ... On this evening. Now we have it izvlech¸m. And you undress now.
clothes rustling, scuffling, and then they went somewhere, probably in the shower. Here again are. They came up to me and then abruptly tore off my blanket. Near Oksana was completely naked man with a rearing member. A member was much more than that of boys.
- Here it is, look! The best juvenile slut named Tanya toy. It performs any whim, but lost her virginity just a week ago, on this very spot. Before that summer she always gave herself in the ass on the line four boys, they sucked, swallowed semen, and even allowed them to urinate on himself. And she loves to obey.
From this introduction, I became all crimson with shame and familiar searing pleasure. I think I even blushed chest. A Oksanka commanded me in the same way as it has recently done guys. I moved apart and lifted up her legs in front of them, twisted their nipples masturbating ... Finally Gregory (that was his name) broke down and kissed me on the lips. His hands roamed over my breasts, abdomen, pubis. Oksana put my hand on his dick, and I began gently stroking it. Then he leaned back and forcefully pulled my head to his protruding member, so that the head slapped me on the lips.
- Take it in your mouth, girl!
First I licked his cock and gently sniffed it. The scent was subtle, almost like boys, only more clearly smelled ... male ... now I understand it. I took it into his mouth and showed all that they have learned with the boys. Gregory looked at me and enjoyed. Then he grabbed me with both hands, both tail and began rhythmically stick my head on the penis. It excited him even more, and he continued the same, dragging me back and forth behind the ears. He had already learned that with me you can do anything.
- Now saddle me! - And he pulled my head through a transparent cloak.
I sat astride it and gently lifted her wet pussy with excitement to his huge protruding stick. Another moment - and here I go down, feeling as widely apart the walls of my vagina young. Yes, this is not something that the boys, is the amount of ... Is it in the ass and I will have today? .. A little bit painful, but it's nice! Little effort - and now it's all in me. I stopped getting used to new sensations. His hands grabbed my hips and pulled up ... and down again ... I moaned loudly and Oksana smiled:
- Well, do you like that, little whore? I told you.
Grisha, meanwhile, moved in me the entire length of the member, I moaned incessantly, my head hanging limply beginning, I felt the approach of orgasm. But the whole buzz broke nasty Oksana:
-Wait, do not let her finish! Come out of it. Now let's ass. You should try all of her holes.
I, despite my protests, turned on his back, with his legs up, and now a thick dick crawls into my narrow ass. Yeah, well, that his smeared ... So, in my head ... Then he jerked forward, and I screamed in pain:
- Whoa, slow down! Let me get used to.
Gregory stopped, Oksana began to rub my clit, it was so nice that I soon pulled herself to her Grisha. For his balls and belly touched me. A pause, and then he fuck me in the ass, a fourteen-year schoolgirl, and I squeals from the buzz. Yes, now I am a real whore and I love it! I damn, I love it when I fuck and love it when look at it! I screamed it out loud, and Oksanka masturbate my clitoris.
When I was ready to come, Oksana grabbed my nipple with his lips, Grisha grabbed second, and then I already arc arched all, then grabbed their legs and arms, and almost fainted from surging orgasm. Immediately right in my ass cumshot Grisha struggling squeezing my hands.
...Home Grisha took me in his car and finally forced again to suck him.