I have a lot of fantasies. But the one I visited recently with particular intensity) I really like my boss, just to distraction. He is dedicated)
Out of time. All are gone, and we're left all alone. I specifically invented for some urgent business to be alone with you. Well what can I help myself if I have recently prevented from thinking about anything else but you. Standing next to you, breathing in the smell of your perfume, which is mixed with the scent of your skin, look at those beautiful hands, long fingers tapped nervously on the table, you raise your eyes to me, embarrassed smile, as if in some way to blame me. What you said? I can not hear anything, I am sick, I have a fever, and I'm crazy ...
Force yourself to turn away, walk over to the closet and reach for the folder to the very top shelf, I hear your breath behind him, your hand falls on my hand: "Let me help. " This is a touch of hot hands, ah, I feel that my panties already soaked in the head one thought: "I WANT YOU ", Knees give way. Picks me, fly paper, well who they now need. "What happened to you? " I shut up, look up, your lips, so close, even closer, really? ..
First you kiss timidly, as if tasting just mouth contact, a kiss is becoming more demanding, you pulled out a deep groan, passionately, biting each other, want me eating a? .., Pressing closer, I feel your cock is already in full readiness, sticks tight mound of his trousers. Your hands are not idle, my blouse unbuttoned, your fingers have got a cup of my bra to play with the nipples, pinching, pulling at them, they are so hard, you can cut glass)
To break away from my lips, kissing her neck, breasts, biting nipples sucked is compressed lips, down, down, do you know what I want, my dear. Shifted her panties to the side, by swiping your finger on the lips, Spreading them your hand, all glistening with my selections, you enter into me two fingers longer be the clitoris and begin gently stroking, teasing me, your eyes are laughing, her face impish smile, close my eyes, caresses become more gentle start to tickle the clitoris tongue, bite swollen lips with excitement, fuck my hole tongue, oh, a little more and I finish ..
Can you feel it, cling to the lips clit, one finger in the pussy, the second part sharply in the ass, my mouth is broken moan, just a few seconds - and I was shaking a powerful orgasm. You support me until I'll come a little to himself. Now I have to give you pleasure. Pushes you in a leather chair, unbutton pants, take off my pants, here it is, my handsome, gentle kiss on the head, spend palm on the hot trunk, lick like ice cream, handles, gently Tereblya testicles gently sucked into the mouth.
Intermittent breathing, moaning with pleasure, you want to finish, but no sooner. Rising from its knees, well, my appearance, depraved in the extreme, his hair disheveled, naked breasts with protruding nipples, skirt lost its top, lacy panties pushed aside, sit down on the table, lift the leg and bend the knee, well, what do you wait .. jumps rip off her panties, one sharp movement enter into me: "Oh, you little whore, because you like it, uh? " "Yes, more, more .. "
You come out of me, you drive on a wet head crack, gentle pressure on the clitoris, I can no longer tolerate, burning with desire, you try to move forward, but no, you hold me tight, you want to torment. Breathless with passion voice: "You are welcome.. " It sounds like a plea. "Tell me this, ask me. " "I beg you, fuck me, make me come .. " Fast movement throws my legs on his shoulders, now I really like a whore, my hole is completely open to your gaze, rigid rhythmic begin to move. "Faster, stronger, I beg you .. "
So much, even painful, but it's a sweet pain, my lips are broken incoherent moans, my cries are mixed with it, losing all sense of shame, embarrassment, loss of sense of reality, we covers the wave of orgasm at the same time, with a snarl pull out a member, you start spewing sperm on my tummy. Exhausted leans over me, wet kiss. "It was awesome. "
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