Embodiment reality 3

Soon after I went to work in a construction company, I was sent to inspect the construction of our plant in Turkey. Routine work, loneliness and lack of thrills - all this impelled me to the extreme. By mid-summer I managed a good tan and my body demanded ognya.Odnazhdy, returning from work, I finally decided. Cottage house where I lived was near the construction site. The complex was almost built and were only finishing work. It was a warm summer evening. After showering, I began to be engaged in the care of the body. Carefully whole body shaved machine. Lubricate body "milk." Intimate place smeared with aromatic oils. He undid the bag and began to pack. Took a tight white short dress half hips and a sleeveless, which not so long ago bought in a boutique, cream over medium-heeled sandals and my well-worn black wig "square". I took a pre-chilled in the refrigerator a bottle of champagne, a pack of wet wipes and everything is neatly folded in a bag. In the pocket of the bag I put my favorite 18-inch strap which I just recently bought a sex shop. Self once wore white thong and white bra. do not insert anything into the bra for ease of movement has become a construction site across the lighted part of the site. At the ankle foot wore a gold chain. From cosmetics only took brasmatik, shadows, lipstick and powder with a mirror. To make up the nails and the scarlet lacquer, wait until it dries, put on jeans, T-shirt, flip flops and went ulitsu.Bylo about ten in the evening. When he reached the building and made their way through a gap in the fence, I moved to the building. It was dark. Entering the lobby, I turned around, and making sure that no one noticed, walked up the stairs. The building was built as a 26-storey hotel complex. I'm good in it oriented as conducted inspection on the construction. When he reached the 8th floor, I decided to stay here. Passing through the corridor, I went into one of the rooms. Everywhere stood buckets of paint, bags of plaster and inventory. We had to be very careful not to make noise and do not topple. After changing clothes, I walked over to the window openings to apply makeup. I had to tinker, because the lighting was poor, and look like sexy as always, first of all - for yourself. When the handsome, much vozbudilsya.Chlen and bulged at the bottom of a short dress. Looking at it, I felt uncomfortable. Wearing a wig and looked again in the mirror, I convinced that put makeup gently. Throwing things in the bag, I quietly opened a bottle of champagne and greedily drank a few sips. From driving the whole body ached. My aching hole of languor. Now I feel like a woman again. He lit a cigarette and holding a champagne in the other hand, I walked along the corridor. I wanted to just walk on his heels, feeling like rubbing thighs, narrow strapped dress. So, after walking for half an hour and reached the limit of excitement, I went back to the room to take the strap. Picking up his "pretty boy," I went into the corridor and walked into the hall etazha.Medlenno going, I felt like in the ass I have already wet and there is a feeling of heaviness from overstimulation. Stepping into the hall, I began to assess where do I stop. There was a lot of mattresses, boards, boxes and other debris. To build something from the similarity of the bed mattress boxes, I have it all covered with paper. Hall was bathed in moonlight, and I felt uneasy at the thought that I may see somebody. But, having calmed down, I'm still on the 8th floor, I went embodied reality. He drank more champagne and smoked a cigarette, I sat down on the mattress "A little inconvenient" -. I thought, but passion could no longer ostanovit.Zakinuv my legs crossed, I pushed striped thong and began to introduce a finger into the anus itself. Heat waves beginning unroll throughout the body. For two fingers, three ... and my hole was ready to take the strap. Becoming a "cancer", I slowly start to fuck himself. Strap deeper and deeper into me. After some time, I have the full chasing a dildo in his ass. Moans began involuntarily pulled out from the inside. The infamous bed went under me shake. I heard boxes already begun to creak and break, but could not stop through the moans and grunts. Introducing myself into "boy", I felt a hand brush as a member of a flowing lubricant. I felt that I was about to finish ... and then my bed collapsed. There was noise and crackle. It seemed to me - it would hear the entire city, not that protection was obekta.Neobhodimo naff. But I would still reach climax. Rising to his feet, I walked to the end of the hall. Leaning one arm on the back wall to the center of the hall, and the other entering the strap in the ass, I continued my lonely orgy. Moonbeams well lit my tanned body, contrasting well with the white dress. From the buzz before your eyes was blurred hands and nails painfully dug and scraped fresh plaster. I already missed my "boy" and I, in order to fully drive the its size in itself, the most moved away from the wall, prognuv back and sticking up the ass. Trying to quickly bring yourself to orgasm, I am more and more increased the pace, increasingly placing slender tanned legs. However, no I did not could not moan. "God, what am I doing! It is necessary to go ... "- pounded in my golove.No body and arms no longer obey me ... Fucking myself harder and harder, I felt that the end was near. So, I finished ... Biting her lip and holding back a cry, I watched as the sperm abundantly sprinkled on the wall. After enjoying a few seconds a higher high, I began to gather. Stretching strap of ass and pulling her panties, I straightened the dress and povernulas.Metrov ten Ochumelov looked at me three Turks of protection settings on the other side of the hall. As the light of the moon is well lighted my way, and including me, I realized that the situation was critical. We had something delat.Hotite know what happened next: write, be pleased to answer, [email protected], waiting.