Old staircase

Thank walking along Tverskaya. Past rapidly swept cars. It was a normal everyday bustle. He stopped at the underpass, lit a cigarette. Deep protracted, he was basking in the spring sunshine. A little more and the snow come down at all, and it is his favorite time - from the land climbs different greens, chirps and flutters different animals, and in the head with particular force climb different stupid thoughts.
"You will not smoke?" - Suddenly he heard a quiet voice. Glory turned and saw no one at first. Just head down, he saw the girl. In appearance she was about eleven or twelve. On the slender body - worn jeans and something between a jacket and a coat of gray in a large black cage. On his head wore a simple knitted cap. Behind the girls saw the glory of one another - apparently a friend.
- There will be - he handed her a pack "Pall Mall".
- And it is possible the two? - Followed by the traditional question.
- Go ahead, - said Slava, literally devouring young smokers eyes. The girls were completely to his taste - low, slim, pretty: sexy.
He quickly looked around, make sure of the complete absence of interest from passers-by to his conversation with teenagers, quickly, while the girl did not have time to move, he asked:
- Earn want?
- And what to do? - Revived it.
- And you do not realize that a girl can do to a man?
- Nope.
- In the mouth you take? - He asked bluntly. It had nothing to lose.
There was a long pause, then a gesture girl girlfriend beckoned.
- Katya, come here! We had to take her mouth? For money.
Approx Kate also proved pretty. It has a universal type of person, popular with any man. On her head was a black beret that went to its very bright, shoulder-length hair. She was dressed in colorful padded leggings, making her slender legs looked thin as a match, and a typical demi-season jacket with hood and leather inserts on the shoulders. From under his jacket collar warm sweater peeking. Kate studied cautiously and looked at the stranger.
- How is it?
- Shit, how do you explain that? I'll insert into your mouth ... a banana and you are aspirated. And then your friend. It's called a blowjob. Nothing wrong with that, and take a half an hour. And I will for this pyatisotochku ...
Kate thoughtfully puffed out his cheeks, and again, more closely, the man looked. The large green eyes lit devilish twinkle.
- In principle it is possible - she said it is important - only we can not.
It was clear that she was lying.
- And here and to be able to nothing, - said Slava. - I'll tell you what to do.
- Well, then ... in principle, can be - once again repeated the girl.
- That's great - happy man, who himself did not believe that the friend agreed, and in front of him waiting for a heavenly pleasure. - Are you here some secluded place you know? Come on, and then we will understand.
- In fact, you can find - hesitantly admitted the first girl. - We usually smoke there.
- Well, keep!
Ten minutes later, breaking the heavy, creaking door, they entered the porch of the old, yet the pre-revolutionary home. The nose immediately hit the smell of desolation, mold and even something inexpressible, but is found only in the old, abandoned houses. The air was stale and hard.
They were in a spacious hall, pompous marble floors which contrasted sharply with peeling discolored, overgrown dirt and dust walls. The ceilings were very tall - four meters, no less. In some places, they even decorated miraculously preserved ancient moldings. Steps echoed in the room. In the dark corners of the mountain clearly discernible construction waste, household garbage strewn plentifully - dirty rags, cigarette butts, packets of juice and milk, a piece of paper. Eyes quickly become accustomed to the dim light of the prevailing here, and the Glory surprised to discern scattered here and there used condoms the very different degrees of freshness. Some of them seemed to just throw away. Entrance clearly enjoyed popularity.
- And then no one will be? - Doubtfully asked Slava, longingly looking skinny, frail figure girls, even though he knew that there were no guarantees of their privacy can not be.
- By the end of the fourth lesson is unlikely - hesitantly shrugged girl shoot him cigarettes - Natasha.
- If the only way someone zanykal or instead of lessons: - supported her friend Kate. - Okay, let's go.
According spat stairs girls, and behind them a man climbed to the second-floor landing. Thanks filthy, covered with a layer of a century of dust high windows here were significantly lighter than the bottom. In the corner near the boarded-up door massive planks of a former communal apartments were put something like a mattress, the laid a bunch of questionable rags. No doubt it is an improvised bed served to love joys most visitors entrance. Proof of this is the many condoms scattered around. There were many and disposable syringes. In whorls ladder lattice whitened surprisingly clean, but torn women, or rather judging by the size, children's pants. Glory even fancied them coming from the subtle flavor of children's body. And then he introduced what they were doing here with their owner:
He suddenly madly wanted to fuck now both girls, to impose, to string them young, delicate, fragile body on the greedy, insatiable, demanding young flesh, dick. Fell on a dirty mattress, tearing everything baring, freeing from clothes burden coveted young, body milk. Log in to get them fiercely and brusquely, ruthlessly suppressing any resistance. Fight to tear them - one or the other, will drive a member of the most eggs. No, it's deeper! So, to make up their trembling hearts had enough and remembered until the end of days. And fill in, fill them with its warm, viscous, the life-giving sperm. Juicy, abundant, to the eyeballs. To poured from his ears! To splashed from his nostrils! To getting through to the bone!
Member pants immediately responded to the seductive picture and moved restlessly, hardening and pouring strength.
But the girls have been raised above.
- And then what? - I asked the man, glancing at the dark gap in the wall.
- And this is on the back door. Only it's dark and dirty. We did not Lazimov.
The entrance to the stairs evoked vague anxiety and glory quickly turned away. They reached the landing between floors. High box, gray with dust, low windowsill, the laid crumpled newspapers.
-Here, come, - said Natasha.
Girlfriends habitually sat on the windowsill, pulled hoarded cigarettes. Thank obligingly flicked the lighter. He lit himself. For a while the girls sat in silence, throwing for rapid satellite, scrutiny. Then Kate bent down to a neighbor and something excitedly whispered in her ear. The girls laughed.
Thank listened: all quiet and calm. I looked out the window. Outside the window was ... ragged wall of the neighboring house, almost directly adjacent to their temporary shelter. On this side of the spies could not be afraid. I looked at the girls whispering and flair, instinctively understood: now you can!
Thank lustfully looked at the girls who smoke. Wait for it was no longer possible. He stood directly in front of her friends at thirty centimeters from their mordashek, unbuttoned his jeans belt, his pants. The girls giggled and still whispered in his ear, pretending to notice nothing and paintings tastefully releasing long wisps of smoke. The man pulled the pants with shorts at the ankles. His cock rose and tolstel right before our eyes. With the tip of a transparent drop fell, pulling a long shiny thread. Katya and Natasha giggling stopped and silently watched the proceedings. Even smoking ceased. A serious things happened.
The man wiped his hand habitually member of the tip and pulled the foreskin, exposing the moist crimson head. For a moment he stood, fingering a member until he finally stood up. Glory is still a little jerk and took a step toward Kate. The girl was forced to lean back.
- Masturbate! - I told her man, nodding at his excited unit.
- What? - I did not understand the girl with ill-concealed excitement.
- Take his hand and masturbate - patiently repeated Glory.
Kate looked at her friend, but she only smoked intently, pointedly looking away. Thank leaned forward and his erection appeared only a few centimeters from the face frightened girl. Yes, the view appears suddenly in front of her all over the nature of excited adult male genitalia frightened and fascinated at the same time. As if in a trance, she reached out and gently touched the man's flesh. It was very interesting. Katya has already had to deal with the guys. She was even a couple of times for drunk clumsily made a blowjob, but still remained a little girl. And it was all somehow in passing, is not serious. A guy with an adult for the first time. His cock was markedly different from their peers genitals - he was just huge, it was due to expire juice from it was specific, disturbing smell. By moving the hand back and forth, she did not notice the preserver, firm head was already in her mouth. And it was not clear to her whether she took it into his mouth, whether the man caught the moment and stuck. Looking down, she saw how brilliant men gradually shortened barrel, hiding in her mouth. Mouth suddenly filled with a male member. Densely growing curly pubic hair tickled her funny man's nose.
Slowly moving her hips back and forth, Thank fucked in the mouth sitting in front of him Katya. Kate choked, choked, rolled her eyes, but her lips squeezed and allowed to feed themselves. Natasha tried to dodge it caught passionately hugged and now eagerly kissed her passionately. At first the girl resisted, he tried to escape and unstick myself clinging to her man. But in vain. Soon she stopped twitching and lost who gives her passionately passionately grown cavalier. Kiss the girl did not know how and Glory, penetrating tongue into her mouth, played with the tongue of the child. He wanted polapat Natasha. He took his hand away, compressed and sent to the members in Katie's mouth, sucking his trusting girl. Natasha stopped kissing and a little pushing her man quickly unbuttoned the jacket and the girl, not giving her time to recover, pulled the jeans tucked into muddy pink turtleneck, whipped it up, exposing the desired small body. In the shadows of the porch was white chest Natasha. In the tiny, barely escaping mounds of breasts adorned with two pale pink nipple ideal form.
Natasha whined and tried to free himself from the embrace of a man. Kate just to feel some sort of commotion next door, he released the member who struck a her cheek, leaving the tiny little face girls long wet streak.
- Well, well, do not kick! - Thank hastened to reassure frightened Natasha. - I'll do nothing, just a little touch. If you give me touch myself, I'm still a hundred pay in addition. Agreed?
Natasha really quickly calmed down. "Okay, roll"- She nodded her head, but from the natural hazards still muttered under his breath something awkward type "all suck, break Bed".
- Well, why are you not working? - Jokingly he said to Kate. - What am I paying you money? Come on, let's continue.
The man, heavy and noisy breathing, squeezed standing stake and put his dick in his tight lips child.
- Come on, open up! - Gently, exhausted by lust, he whispered.
Kate shook her head.
- I'm tired - she said petulantly.
Praise for a moment.
- Well - he nodded - Rest a bit, and now Natasha pososet.
With these words he gently pulled her Natasha. His lips stuck into his mouth girl, and a big strong hand covered both breasts at once the child. Cuddle her a few minutes, the man seated next to a girl friend. Natasha, with his head and looked sadly at the man and his instrument, proudly sticking out of his fly.
- Well, Natalie, it's time you try this thing.
Thank squeezed at the base member and lifted it to his face girls. He was in no hurry to give it to consider all the details. His heart was pounding furiously. It is necessary, here, to the black of the old entrance stairs embodied his secret fantasies! And once with two little cute baby! Innocent baby inflamed and his huge cock. What could be sexier? And two of these tempting lump, even for money, but satisfy his ardor. Why, for that no money is not a pity!
- Okay, that's enough to look - he decided. - Go! Taste Single male member!
Natasha was quite ceased to want to get the money, taking in his mouth a man's penis, but she could not do anything about it. Which have not be avoided. And Katka won already sucked and like anything. Well, sooner or later:
Thank wide eyes watched as his huge prick slowly disappears in the mouth Natasha. Member entered into it by about a third. Yes, a little solopetka obviously did not know how to suck, only holding a stick in his mouth. girl's body shook shiver. Still feeling the first penetration was delicious! Hips men began to move again, dick slid in the lips nymphet. Natasha is clearly afraid to touch the hands of the male apparatus, so fame with one hand to compress the head of the girl, and the other to guide the barrel. Thick elastic stick is hidden in the baby's mouth, then reappeared, glistening wet. Sonechka, dick man pulled from Natasha. Wet-hot head pressed against his cheek girl, slid to his nose buried in the eyes, the lips, the other eye ... Thank played, leading member of the pale, delicate little face baby. Now the girl's face shone even in the twilight of the entrance.
- Take his hand! - Demanded the man. - Touch ...
Natasha fascinated touched his fingertips to the hot sticky trunk. Glory clenched hand schoolgirl and held her hand to the penis. The girl hesitantly gripped elastic, plump little hand in the trunk. The man forced her to squeeze his hand stronger.
- Do not let go ... Move your hand up and down ... - disposed of it by showing how to do it. - Not so sharply ... That's it. Do not jerk ... Yes, that's right. Good ... more ... more!
The man was breathing heavily and often, lasciviously wagging her hips, and sitting in front of him ... a girl with a mixture of disgust and curiosity awkward wanker his dignity.
Enduring enjoyment no longer had the strength.
- And, shit! - Cried Glory, rescue dick sweet girl's captivity, and taking it into their own hands.
The first long throw momentarily flashed in the air.
Natasha felt that something flies straight into her eyes, she desperately blinked, but a trickle of semen, catching her chin, drew a cheek flooded collar turtleneck and jacket. The second salvo man prudently directed straight into the girl's face so that she again barely had time to cover his eyes. This eruption was enough not only to all nymphets little face was covered with liquid. Kate, with horror and animals curiously watching intersection, suddenly felt the strong man's hand on his head. The man moved toward her. And in the same second viscous trickle hit her right on the lips. Brooks sperm running down his chin, dripping on the black sweater. With persons aspiring minetchitsa hung down whole spermyanaya beard! But Glory saw a little later, but for now he stood ecstatically squeezing teen's head and squeezing the last drop of semen.
Now, the two girlfriends were watered. Thank felt such satisfaction, as though deprived of innocence girls. Although, perhaps, in part because it was. He eagerly examined plastered, filled with sperm faces of children. They were beautiful. Glory with gusto, eagerly, almost physically absorbed eyeful used by children. They parted lips frustrated shortness of breath, which still retained the smell of male flesh. And those pink lips, just worked his huge adult member in these little mouth! The result on the face! Or rather, on their faces.
Girls froze, not daring to move. Only shone in the twilight entrance two pairs of wary eyes shining. And numerous drops and bunches of seed. Kate wanted to say something, but it was noticeable as it prevents the sperm, blind lips.
Finally, the girl barely barely audible voice said:
- Money...
Thank slowly, with obvious regret shoved cock in wet jeans, buttoned his pants. Then, just as slowly he pulled from his pocket a crumpled piece of paper and threw pyatisotennuyu on dark dirty floor. Following in the steps spat flew an opened pack "Pall Mall". One could, of course, and does not pay, but the girls were a fool to make noise, but it was completely useless.
- Well done, girls earned - praised man. - Well, I went. Do not forget to dry off. Till!
Thank stayed still for a moment to observe how stunned girl trying to put himself in order. Kate just smeared semen on her cheeks and chin. Sweater chest was smeared with white streaks. Natasha pulled out from his pocket a little dirty handkerchief and she was able to more or less wipe his face, but a solid portion of the semen dries long groove on the collar of her jacket. Man gleefully imagined girlfriend go in this way on the street, he shook his head and hurried out of the door.