Anne and Jeanne learned in the last class. Both tall, slender girl with a beautiful figure. If not for a different hair color - Anya was a blonde, a brunette and Jeanne - they would be mistaken for twins. Both girls played sports, and not nonsense like running or jumping in length. Jeanne engaged Sambo and Anya - karate. This time they did not come in handy ... once tried to rape her friends in the park late at night the company of five or six youths. Looks like this was far from the first such adventure.
Fragile girls showed what they were able to teach the teachers failed rapists ... scattered throughout the park, and the leader of the girls caught a long time and beaten in the balls down. Especially trying to Jeanne ... not so long ago, my mother's friend raped by a gang of scoundrels like. But most importantly, what is agreed and Anne Jeanne ... they were lesbians and lovers.
First on the subject I spoke Jeanne, a more resolute.
-Look, Anya. I went on the Internet to BDCM sites.
-They also like me - the girl nodded.
They then rested lovemaking apartment Ani, whose parents were in the country. Jeanne raised herself on her elbow, and said ...
-Listen, my dear, why do not we get your seksrabami?
-Why do we need these goats? - Anya pouted.
-What men? - Jeanne asked. - Women, girls!
-And what do you suggest? - I stared at her friend Anya. She liked the idea, already flared at the bottom, it was worth only imagine naked helpless victim.
-I think that we girls should not be interested in ...
-But why?! - Surprised Anya
-Where we have fun? Well, now spring, then summer, then? We're not always able to meet like this.
Today, lucky, your ancestors drove off to the country. And then again the whole week at the corners to hide? - We see Jeanne has long thought about it, because I said smoothly, without hesitation ... - We need to pick up such that there was a single, independent and had their own apartment.
-You know, I think so ... - Take the habit to suck finger Anya, she always did when she thought.
Jeanne, that this habit mistress is incredibly excited and grabbed her arm ...
-Stop immediately! Not now! Say, who is that?
-This is my mother's friend, her name is Svetlana, she was manager of a large company selling something. My husband is not, constant lover either. I heard recently how mom on the phone with someone to discuss it. Or do not want to start or too pink. She has a four-room apartment in our neighborhood. A parents are in some town in the area.
-Very good! - Jeanne was delighted. - She will go over. Only we have to act very cautiously, vyplyvem everything out and only the memory will remain of us.
The girls were preparing for quite a while longer. While buy everything you need for a sex shop - girls were well off, pocket money given little, do not ask the same of the mother, they say, on the vibrator needs money - until the victim found out schedule until waited for the right moment ... then they that -What went wrong, then Svetlana somewhere to go or if there were guests.
But, finally ... everything coincided parents Jeanne left for a vacation in Europe, Anya - for three days to the country, Svetlana was left alone for the weekend. Taking a bag of cooked things, the girls went on to share.


Svetlana lived on the third floor, we knew the girls in the four-room apartment. The girls came to the correct door, looked at each other and Anya, standing in front of a peephole, pressed the call button. Behind the door, the sound of footsteps and a woman's voice said ...
-Who's there? And it's you, Anya ...
The door opened and a woman appeared on the threshold of twenty-eight or thirty, with her long hair below the ass, in floor-length dark blue coat. The girls immediately went forward, pushing deeper into the corridor mistress. Anya said with a smile ...
-Svetlana, from us to you ma-vermillion conversation ...
And immediately struck in the throat. Stunned by a woman clutching the neck, but then Joan, slamming the door, twisted her arms behind her back, and Anja inserted into the mouth gag-prepared ahead of time in the form of a ball on a string, deftly tying at the back. Svetlana tried to escape, but received some very painful blows subsided. Jeanne fastened handcuffs on her wrists, and clutching the hair, dragged him into the living room. Grabbing the bag, Anya went after him, urging captive kicks. There, leaving the captive on the carpet, they visited the apartment. As expected, there was no one. Well Svetlana Nikolaevna, meanwhile, struggled to his feet, to solve the eternal Russian question ... what to do? To his own surprise, except for the fear of the girls and their intentions, she felt more and excitement, it's definitely like ... However, it only managed to that stand. Looking around the apartment the girl met in the living room, push Svetlana Nikolayevna knocking back on the floor.
-Jeanne, until you take off the chandelier, and I'll take care of hair that bitch, - said Anna.
Unhappy prisoner moaned in protest, but received a resounding slap in the face, broke off. Taking a few prepared ahead of time ver¸vochek, she began to weave braid. Now she wore a short haircut, but before the seventh grade braided tresses, almost forgotten after a few agility training back. Meanwhile, Jeanne brought a ladder and began to shoot the chandelier, releasing the hook. Most Svetlana Nikolayevna hated not her helpless situation and a lack of understanding of what it expects. However, when Jeanne became fit to hook a rope to a prisoner became gradually reach. From this it is even more excited and just flowed.
-Everything is ready, - said Anna, admiring oblique.
-No, not all! - Replied Jeanne. - A kinoshka?
From bulky bags three video cameras were removed ... two girls, and a third they borrowed. Tinker, they found them in opposite corners of the room, next to a stack of piled blank tapes. "It seems to be preparing for a long action"- I thought Svetlana and quietly to herself voluptuously sighed. On the third camera Jeanne went to the bathroom. Then the girls stripped naked and wearing masks, Anya - mask in the form of a cat, and Jeanne - devils. Svetlana Nikolayevna hauled to his knees and lifted his shoulders robe, revealing a small shapely full breasts, brown nipples crowned hemisphere. Bra captive under the robe had. To remove the robe, had to open the handcuffs. Svetlana tried to escape, but the girls were ready for it ... followed by two hits and hl¸stkih doomed prisoner froze. She was brought to the table and put the chest on the table. Legs lit and tied to the legs, spreading as widely as possible, the hand also lit, and pulled the rope under the table.
Anya looked the case of their hands and a satisfied nod, turn on the camera. Pulling out of the bag semihvostuyu whip and a whip, she went to prostrate on the table and Svetlana Nikolayevna, playing ... whip, he said ...
-So, Svetlana, start our ...
-What more Svetlana ?! - Screamed Jeanne, killing Anya. - There's no Svetlana. I see a lustful bitch! - She squeezed his hand between the legs captive. - Mama dear !! Yes it is all wet! It drags on it! - Jeanne abruptly pulled off her panties, revealing the wet juices from the slot.
-I see you it's horrible creature like - somehow ominous voice sounded in the guise of Ani - let's see how you like this lesson. So bitch from you just need besprekoslov-ing obedience ... I repeat ... unquestioning obedience ... Absolute submission ...
At the same time Anna began ohazhivat captive whip. Light, oglazhivaet blows soon gave way to more weighty, turned into stinging, and then intersecting. Hips, Butt and back were covered with red stripes, in some places the blows split the skin and the blood came. The woman writhed on the table, as far as it allowed the rope. But gradually, through the pain and pleasure stood out suddenly for girls captive shook the strongest orgasm.
Jeanne was ready. Wearing special Didlo on the belts, it is one blow came into the slot, expiring juices, so that lubrication is not required. Anya is, putting the whip, sat on the table in the face of the prisoner, legs wide apart, and, freeing her mouth from a gag Svetlana, told ...
-Come lick, tvaryuka!
With some growling woman pierced tongue to move up the pussy. Almost immediately Anya flowed. Svetlana was operating language in the vagina, clitoris occasionally biting teeth. From overwhelmed her senses, Anna was ready to scream and bit her arm to draw blood. Finally both of them shook orgasms. Almost fainted Anna Jeanne had to push to the side ...
-Fuck off, you have to clean the penis.
Captive turned her face away. Then came an Anya grabbed the whip and hissed ...
-Shut her fall! - In spite of the resistance of the ball he took his place in the mouth. - You, blyadina that said only that !!?
Unquestioning obedience! What about you?! Twenty blows !!
And, ignoring the pleading moo, he caused the strongest twenty lashes, so that the back and crossed the ass purple stripes. But with increased pain and pleasure, finish strong orgasm.
-That same bitch, - said the prisoner had been watching Jeanne. - The stronger b¸sh, the more ends. Can it somehow differently punished?
However, Svetlana Nikolayevna is enough and that, because it implicitly took the phallus in her mouth and licked it thoroughly.
Meanwhile, Anne has changed the cartridge chamber and announced ...
-The first stage is completed. Follow hydrotherapy !!


Woman calmed down a bit alarmed again ... what else came up with these little devils? In the mouth instead of the usual ball stuck short phallus on the straps, the ends of which buttoned at the back. On the neck of a prisoner dressed steel collar with a variety of rings, one of which is the front fastened the leash. On hands and feet put wide leather bracelets, hands, loose them, and fastened to a belt at the waist, a retinue of steel rings. Legs joined a small chain.
With words... "These bitches should only walk on his knees!" Svetlana on their knees and dragged him into the bathroom. They dragged her into the bathroom. Jeanne lathered and shaved hair carefully in the abdomen, denouncing Svetlana for what had not done so before. Do not resist, Jeanne punched her a couple of times. Then Anya rinsed crotch, unplug the shower head and tried to shove a hose into the anus of the prisoner. She moaned in protest and tried to pull away. Then Joan began to lash the whip, trying to get on the perineum. Svetlana became desperate twitch, but Anya held her tight ...
-Endure problyad! You did not listen and now punished. And remember for the future ... the slightest disobedience will be severely punished.
So, pray do not pray, and you will be punished.
Finally, after fifty strong shocks, Jeanne moved. Now a prisoner meekly allowed to put himself on his knees, inserts himself into the anus hose twenty centimeters and turn it on full blast. With delight the girls looked like inflated belly Svetlana. But soon I had to pull the hose out of your ass woman and let her relieve. And twice more captive had to rush to the toilet. Spray on the bathroom floor of her water is forced to lick the tongue. As usual, Svetlana balked at first, but after twenty-five lashes strong cheerfully began to lick, crawl nose. With a feeling of deep satisfaction Jeanne turned off the camcorder. Personnel turned out great, especially where Svetlana after the first enema hose licks and Anya tells her, urging clacking whip ...
-Careful, careful zasranka! The better lick, the faster start up on a push!
Back in the living room rug made captive, fueled by selective abuse, whip and whip. In the middle of the living room Svetlana paused exhausted, and friends began to prepare for the next act of the play. After removing the gag, Anya asked ...
-Hey, bitch! Where have you got vibrators? Is this not to have such a whore, but would not have found the vibrator.
Tired voice she explained in any closet and a shelf to look for them, and then tried to sit up. Jeanne was indignant ...
-And who do you, bitch, allowed up ?! Lying, snake !!
Grabbing the rope, she began to whip the prisoner. Anya ran her friend pushed ...
-Dura !! For the second hour of the night !!! Or wanted to fly home to her screeching away? !! Mouth first shut it! And then luptsuy to your health!
-Sorry friend! Well, a little heated ...
-And you, reptile, - Anne turned to Svetlana, - for it to be answered brutally ... Not now, later. And now I bring vibrators and we will prepare you.
-Girls, do not, please ... - begged the woman.
-Girls?! - Joan's eyes narrowed and his hand with a flourish imprinted on her face and slap on poly string of words to the beat. -
Remember, with-a-bitch, when you address to us, you have to have Ms. !! - Weighed three more slap, Jeanne straightened. - You all right? Repeat, snake !!
-I'm all clear ... Madam, - Svetlana confirmed.
And it was immediately shuddered ... whip to swing slammed into her chest.
-This is for cool down! - Jeanne said.
Then Annie came back with a big box.
-I brought up? - She glanced at the bright red face captive. - Here she as toys ... Well, we will look later, but for now zaym¸msya our bitch.
Jeanne brought a stick of a mop, put her across the legs near the knees and carefully tied to not move. Then his legs bent and tied to the hips. Bracelets on the hands uncoupled from the belt and fastened to the anklets .... One piece of rope tied to a stick, the other - to the Spit and the two pieces - to the rope that hung to the ceiling hook. Anya shoved into her mouth gag Svetlana - a phallus on the strap and secure it at the nape. Then girlfriend vibrators do. Different sizes and different thicknesses. Choosing a medium-sized, Jeanne soaked in the juices of his captive.
- What a washed-damn we got - she said Ana. - Just on my mug I was, but already flowing from it as from a broken tap.
And I tried to stick it into the anus. But virgin ass did not want to start up. Then Jeanne put her finger and began to twist it. Svetlana immediately finished off an unprecedented sensation. And Jeanne still crawl there finger, then removing, inserting it. Then he added one more, then - the third and fourth. Convinced that ass designed Jeanne put a vibrator, and now he went in without any problems. Following Anna put the biggest and fattest vibrator in pussy and include both. The feeling within two working vibrators stunned Svetlana, she already closed her eyes and did not understand why the surrounding darkness. Did Anya tied to her eyes. Then the girl pulled the rope and raised captive in the air. In parting, Anya said ...
-Fu, you're tired of us, latina. Now SIIC and think that you are waiting for more. And we'll go rest a while.