In the country

I woke up early Tuesday morning. I looked out the window. The sun was rising, blowing a cool breeze. It was about 19 degrees Celsius. Soon the father woke up, and we went to the country.
As we walked to the train, I noticed that the people in the cottages is almost there. The day passed quickly. It was already 7:00, the weather is wonderful, and I decided to walk along the road. I went out with our street and walked up the rocky road. I thought that soon the sun begins to set. At the top was a clearing in the middle of which a road somewhere far away. The people did not exist. Silence. I turned left and walked along this road. Right meters in 50 cottages could be seen. Suddenly out of the tall grass there was a little boy. I told him:
- "Well, you scared me!"
The boy smiled and went on the road. I immediately gave him a look. He was in some short shorts and sandals. I was in a T-shirt, shorts but I was much more authentic. He, like I was entirely without sun. I immediately guessed that under that sun, he walks long boy, to my surprise, turned out to be sociable. We struck up a conversation
- "What's your name?"
I answered: "My name is Misha".
- "And I am Sasha".
- "Nice to meet you. What are you doing here?"
- "I walk".
- "So do I. And where you have a summer residence?"
- "Villa I far. Father drank a beer, and I went for a walk".
- "And how old are you?"
- "I 6. And you?"
- "I'm 16"
- "Oh-ho-ho! I would have guessed!"
- "And what were you doing in the grass?"
- "Yes, I crept around the giant logs".
- "Show me where it".
- "let's go".
Sasha took me through the thick grass on the meadow, and soon I saw a large tree trunk. Around him was trampled grass. I started the conversation again.
- "Well, Che's so interesting?"
- "Nothing, I just have never seen such a big tree".
- "And let's undress and sunbathe".
- "Yes, I have already stripped. That you have to remove the t-shirt".
- "T-shirt I wanted. I meant to strip to his underpants. You're not shy?"
- "Well no. You, too, is the same boy as I".
- "You rightly pointed out".
Sasha took off his shorts. On it were put on a beautiful little white trunks with pictures Dalmatians. I also stripped to his underpants. For me, too, was wearing swimming trunks, only grayish.
Sasha asked me: "Where we fall down?"
- "Yes anywhere. Let us so walk".
I laid out all the clothes on a tree trunk at the top and looked at Sasha. Sasha stood back to me, staring at the road. My gaze shifted to the ass Sasha. She stuck out from under his trunks and quickly led me into a state of excitement. Again, I continued the conversation.
- "Sasha, and you remove weakly melting?"
- "Swim - cowards?"
- "well yes".
- "What for?"
- "Yes without panties sunbathing much steeper".
To my great surprise, Sasha immediately took off his pants and told me:
- "And you're not filming?"
I also removed the panties. Sasha moment staring at my cock. He asked:
- "And why do you have such a big piska?"
- "Yes, because I have 16 years. When you might be 12-13 years old, you have to be the same".
- "Are you cheating me?"
- "Of course not".
- "Swear mother's heart, and the blood of his father!"
- "I swear!"
- "Now I believe".
Sasha turned back to the road. I stared at his ass. Such a beautiful ass I have never seen. We stood in silence a minute 3. All this time I admired the magnificent perfect booty Sasha. Now I longed to whatever was to fuck Sasha. I said.
- "Sasha, and you lie down on the trunk on his stomach and legs down sves".
Sasha without question vskorapkalsya on the trunk and willingly lay down on the advance spread out my things, and swung his legs. I stood in front of his ass so that my feet were on either side of the trunk. Sasha was quite plump boy. I patted his thighs, legs, buttocks and parted saw his hole expanded to a pretty decent size. Sasha relaxed and did not react to my actions. I asked Sasha:
- "Sasha, who've already had to have sex?"
- "Yes, I will not be fucked!"
- "And why do you have a hole in the pope extended?"
- "This is my neighbor to me every day at noon in the ass sticks puts"
- "And these big sticks?"
- "They are large"
- "Wide?"
- "aha"
- "And when he was the first time in the ass you stick Suva, were you hurt?"
- "Very much. I even cried"
- "But Che did not you tell your parents?"
- "He told me that if I told them anything I say, it would kill me"
- "Sasha, you Accumulate drooling at the mouth"
- "What for?"
- "So it is necessary to"
I spat on his palm and smeared saliva on long-standing member. I then framed by palm mouth Sasha and he spat his salivating on my palm. I rubbed the hole Sasha his own saliva and began to push his dick in his ass. Oh, it was great. Mry member went into Sasha without problems. Sasha groaned a little, but then lay relaxed and calm. Member I entered is not deep. I was sweating heavily and began to shove dick in Sasha is so deep that it was painful. Soon I felt like cumming. I waited until all the sperm merge. I pulled his dick out and Sasha peredrnul it. From a member of the left is another small portion of semen. I carefully smeared it on the hole Sasha. Then a couple more times, I stuck my dick in the ass Sasha. I decided to take a break and 10 minutes sitting on a log, his legs dangling down.
After I sat down on a log near the face of Sasha and swung his legs down. I told Sasha:
- "Sasha, open your mouth".
Sasha opened and I stuck my dick in it. Sasha immediately guessed what I want. Apparently his neighbor also gave him in his mouth. But I did not ask about it, Sasha. Sasha sucked away from me and I pulled out of his mouth his dick.
Immediately after that I put Sasha on the grass on korachki and started fucking him again. I was a bit overdone and Sasha plopped down on his stomach. But that did not stop me finish. I caught his breath and we turned over on its side, but a member of Sasha, I do not pulled. So we were about 5 minutes.
Then we have for a long time lying on the grass. I patted Sasha's ass ... touched him a little tender pussy, sucking it together with small testicles and sometimes kissed him passionately. Sasha also took an interest in my genitals. He touched my relaxed cock. I drove up and down skins. I asked him:
- "Sasha, do you like my ass?"
- "And I made that did not even think".
I have nothing else he did not ask.
Soon it was dark. Flew mosquitoes and we have begun to bite. We got dressed.
- "Well che, Sanya, can we go home? And tomorrow at the same time meet again!"
- "Let's go"
- "So you priydesh tomorrow?"
- "Probably, I will try"
- "Promise me"
- "Okay, I promise"
- "So far, Sanya"
- "While Misha"
But the next day, Sasha did not come in the evening. I waited for him until dark. Well, okay. And so my dream to fuck a young boy with beautiful ass come true. Just a pity that he was not a virgin.