Hello. I want to tell the story of my first times. I'm an average guy growth, pretty cute. It happened when I was 17 years old. The yard was autumn and the rain poured down without ceasing to have the time. But suddenly the door someone knocked on the doorstep was a neighbor. It was a woman 27 - 29 years. It turned out that she did not work the TV and can not configure.

I agreed to help her. When we ran to her house they were wet to the strings. She offered me a robe of her husband. And she went into the next room to change clothes. I quickly took off his wet clothes and got into a robe. A few minutes later the hostess seemed to her home called Olga. She was wearing a robe, too, like me. I sat on the floor and set up the TV set. Olga climbed onto the couch and pressed her legs. When I looked in her direction he saw that she was wearing no underwear.

She caught my eye but not even embarrassed unlike me. How many more will take the work she asked. I've already finished. When I finished it rose from the floor but had forgotten that I had worth. Her gaze fell on me from the waist down. I covered his hand and was about to run out of the room. But it is easy to jump barred my way. Do not be ashamed of me. Show me what you have there.

And in the meantime she has untied the belt of my robe. She sat on his lap and opened the robe. From surprise she opened her mouth. She looked at my handsome. At length he 6cm and 27cm in diameter. I'm embarrassed started to close his hands. What immediately I received by the pope. Moving away from the first shock Olga began to drive on the arm member. Then held it to his mouth and the head was immersed in her sweetie mouth.

From new experiences and the inexperience I started to cum into the mouth of a neighbor. Sperm were many, and so when she pulled the sperm flew into her eyes and hair on his chest that she pulled from his robe. When the last semen blow fell on her breasts she got up and went into the shower. I collapsed on the sofa and could not recover. After 10 minutes, Olga returned with a glass of water and handed it to me.

When I took the last sip of the ringing in the ears of all in the eyes darkened and I passed out. When he came to himself he found himself bound. I tried to escape but which did not work. I drew the attention of His moans. The room came Olga. And he cried joyful voice. Hey girls, he came alive. And then he ran into the room 2 more women. One I knew it was Lena's sister Olga. And the second was unknown. Lena plump girl age 25. She was wearing a dress at the knee. When I started to scream that would have let me go then Lena said that if she did not shut up the shorts shove into my mouth.

But I did not even think to stop yelling. Well, he asked for Lena said and pulled off her panties which were immediately turned out to be in my mouth. If you will behave yourself nothing will happen to you, and if you're a bad boy then you will only himself to blame, and hit me on the cheek with his hand. I shook my head in agreement. That's good stranger continued. When she pulled the shorts began to ask questions.

What I had girls I replied that it was not. Did I ever Cooney? I said no. That whore will have to learn all over. She bent down and kissed me passionately. Her tongue reached to my throat I'm already almost suffocated. When she finished sucking the soul out of me I asked how I knew. Then I did not know that she had entered. But he said he understood everything. Well then check. Lena you're still not wearing panties? She showed them in his hand. Then this machine, I think you have to experience! You do not mind all the stranger said.

Lena from these words eyes lit up. She came to my head and said, let's try another mozhesh to say goodbye to his unit. She climbed on the bed stood up over my face, and slowly began to squat. Vysuni language commanded the county. When she touched the vagina of my tongue. I immediately felt like in my mouth that it flows. Come kiss my pussy Lena said. I slowly began to drive language. This lasted for about 10 minutes then she grabbed me by the ears and force began to rub on my face. Then he told to open his mouth and he immediately began to drain it over. When she got off me once said that the machine is good.

I also want to try him in the stranger said. She would not be limited to one panties undressed and all. Unlike pussy Lena she was hairy. She untied my hands on my stomach turned and she went to lay down in front of my face. His hands were immediately tied her friends. So I could only be in between her legs. Let's start already.

I began to lick her Mandu that smelled moch¸y. Lisa I owe my already cramped jaws. When she tired of lying that she untied my hands and turned back on at the back of my cock was standing like a stake. Prior to this, silently standing Olga suddenly began to be indignant and said that she wants to deflower. She went to a member of licked it with relish moistened with saliva. And the beginning of his stuff into itself. Looks at her husband was much smaller than me since he came tight.

After a breakneck jumps Olga fell on my chest and then slowly became slazit with me. The turn of a stranger. After she had finished it said that you can now untie me. Like if you want to finish it will not go anywhere. When I finally turned out to be free I do not want to leave. The girls sat on the floor next to me and took turns sucking. When I finished they caught every drop of sperm and then licked my cock.