Timur and his team I. Part 10. New tests

This story is based on real events, although some changes have been made regarding the site of action, its participants and the duration of time. And, of course, for effect, made some literary correction.
The shower had a lot of people. All the cabins were occupied, some had two or three people, men and women. All washed, who themselves, who help others, rubbed bare behinds, perineum and other parts tela.- better Let's go to the sauna - suggested Diana.- I would, nevertheless, be washed away - said Timur.On felt content his intestines, gradually accumulates in the abdomen, irresistibly pressing a little naruzhu.- Well, then, I'll see you, - Lera and Diana, in turn, smacking it with his cheek, udalilis.On was at the center of the shower. From the farthest cabin tempted familiar to him Dennis. A boy sitting on his haunches, ass filled with water and then splashing the contents out. The mixture was washed freely under the big grill in the middle of the booth. Timur waited Denis finished and immediately took his place. The boy, smiling, nodded and ran to Timur was waiting for him at the door, mustachioed man. Timur sat down and started the procedure. From the first it came out as a stream of sperm that he had just climbed eye on his forehead. It would be enough to fill a quart jar. Timur again began to fill themselves with water. Sitting on his haunches, he saw in front of the booth to clean the man and woman. They were forty years. Holding the man's penis, beside him, was quite a little girl and watched Timur. The girl was just a child that says, no boobs or pussy. She was completely naked, covered only the head of her baby funny pigtails. Noticing that Timur is also looking at her, she tugged the man's penis, and looked questioningly at him, with his free hand pointing to Timur. The man looked at Timur, then nodded to the girl, and she went to him. Staying a step away from his stall she also squatted down and pointed to the seed is washed off, said thin golosochkom: - This is milk? - Timur puzzled nodded silently Mom says that milk must not be discarded. It is useful. She even complains when I can not swallow everything, - informed him devchushka.Timur looked at the imaginary mother, she, as if nothing had happened continued mytsya.- How old are you? - I said Timur, releasing, in front of the girls, the next stream, mixed with sperm, vody.- six, - said the girl - that is seven, my birthday today. Would you like to be my guest? Mom said that I myself should invite guests - then, finally, they came Devochkin mama.- What Masha, find yourself a friend? - She turned to her daughter. She got to her feet and nodded his head I Polina - mother reached out Timuru.Timur, meanwhile, has released the latest jet and getting up, with still polunapryazhennym member, returned the greeting Poliny.- Timur.- Come on our holiday - mother said - registered a third room. After half an hour. Well - well, - she said in a tone of Timur, but was not at all sure that govorit.Posle Shura, he had changed his mind about the issues of communication with young girls, but age Masha in doubt. However, he did not show vidu.- That's good, but we still have yet to be competition for follow-up, - said Polina.- I'll see you darling, - said Masha, and, grasping the handles, right in the head kissed member not had time come round, Timur. Both udalilis.Timur scratched his head and went in search of a towel. Vytershis, he wrapped a towel around his waist to cover centimeter by three prominent fleshy ring outside the rectum. This was a consequence of his exercise with a horse. It happened every time since his anal orgiy.Voydya into the hall, he found that there are going full swing some competition. In the center of the site was a long bench, from which, like mushrooms, grow in a number of different sized, shiny with grease dildos, only about ten. At the beginning of the bench just sticking dildos children's sizes, but by the end, gradually increasing in size, dildos were very impressive size. The most recent was the size of a ripe zucchini. Around the bench the action takes place. Lined up in a row, five women, of different ages, in turn, is placed on dildos. One of them Timur knew it was the first Asian competition. It is time, I tried to ride dildos, somewhere in the middle of the bench. Evidently, she failed, as there was a room aplodismentami.- We still have two players - announced the sun. She still led program - someone will have to challenge the bench remained Asians and another young woman with a long braid, a sort of rustic beauty?. Both participants shook golovami.- Then continue to the next etape.Timur came closer to see the details. Village, meanwhile, throwing his legs over the bench, perching on a regular dildos. That was the size of a loaf of doctoral sausage. Village, moving backwards, beginning the penetration. Each dildos was painted with horizontal, blue and yellow stripes, each two centimeters wide. Timur watched as the Village plunged to fifth poloski.- ten centimeters to the sixth issue - announced Solntse.Derevenskuyu changed Asians. She tried to sit on the sausage, but a few seconds later, waving his hand, sdalas.- We determined the eventual winner - announced Solntse.Timur surprise word "possible"But did continue nablyudenie.- Declares a set of five seats in the second semi-final - continued Sun - the winner will be determined by the results of the two semi-finals. Serve individual zayavki.Razdalsya signal. Timur a little closer, to enjoy the spectacle expected. The second signal announced the completion otbora.- We have a sufficient number of applications. Wait choice kompyutera.I here Timur jumped in surprise, his wristband to vibrate. For a while he did not understand what was going on, but seeing that the site, but two mature women, came modest-looking young man, he immediately realized that this competition is not only for women. Damn "a computer"Apparently, somehow sensing the presence of his bracelet, again I pushed him on public display. Timur was nothing left to do but to take a step to the other participants. He stood at the end of ocheredi.- Where another party? - Asked into the microphone Solntse.- I replaced! - Raising his hand, he said, standing in the audience muzhchina.- It is your right - Sun announced. - So, where is our fifth member comes to light, the crowd came another little girl. Seeing her, the hall enthusiastically cheered and began to vigorously applaud, it seems there is good znali.- Oh Tomochka! ... Come on, honey. - Said Solntse.I Tomochka went straight to Timur. Oh, what was that girl! Though, on the appearance she was not more than twelve years, it was kind of a very shapely, with pronounced, and quite wide hips, and just gorgeous, though not very big breasts. Between her legs was quite a wide skylight, where discernible, outstanding outward like the petals of roses, her lips sex. She was very slender and somehow very feminine and elegant. The picture of her unearthly beauty complement the gorgeous, long hair, pinned on his temples with gold pins and flowing up to the priests. Her face, too, was very nice, but at the same time, not childish, arrogant. She knew what effect makes her appearance on others. The girl took a seat at the Timurom.- So you mean, Tom's name. - Decided to ask Timur.- Who the fuck, he is calling - Tom snapped. He stunned Timur turned back to remind skame.- rules of the game - again entered the Sun - each participant, in turn, passes the bench from the beginning, until able to clothe a next obstacle. Winner of the best results on the sum of the two semi-finals of the winner. So we began! The hall burst into applause, cheering first contestant. They had one of two mature women. Pushing his fat legs it, effortlessly, completely absorbed the first dildos. It was replaced by a second, slightly less fat woman, and also, without much effort, he repeated the achievement predecessor. There was all the young skromnyagi. He was five years younger than Timur and all, some pale. He planted his feet and began to sit on the first dildos. He plunged into his ass by three-quarters. Obviously, it was enough to continue the fight, as he gave way to satisfaction smiling Timuru.Timur threw, still hanging on the hips, a towel and went to the first obstacle. After the exercises the horse, he did not even feel like dildos fully immersed in his ass. He tears and felt his hole. Ring still sticks out, but no pain was not. His place immediately, took Tom. Rising legs on the bench, as its height would not allow her to stand on the floor and holding her hands over the next dildos, Tom, a little example, immediately plunged dildos up his ass."In giving!" - Only thought Timur.Konkurs lasted, they, changing, dildos reached number four, which was quite a decent size - twenty-five centimeters in length, and about four diagonally. Former dildos Timur fully absorbed, as well as Tomina ass, but others began to pass quietly, stopping somewhere in the middle. But it was enough to pass the level. Both aunts saddled with the third from the fourth dildos, but the young man, a little poelozit, threw up his hands and walked away. Timur, and then Tom again entirely driven off the next obstacle. Hall applauded periodically. There was a turn of the fifth dildos, one that looked like a doctor's sausage. The first woman became, was it arranged, but after a few seconds, gave up - only the very end, painted in white color, slightly sunk into her vagina, which apparently was not enough. The second woman suffered the fate of the first. She did not even try to fight, only a few examples of dildos and then sdalas.Timur left to deal with Toma. He again took up a position out of it, a little backwards on dildos he began to squat. He was the one, though tight, but without too much trouble, the problem was the length of the dildos, he realized that if neither he nor Tom will not be able to ride the next, then the winner will be determined by the absorption length of the previous dildos. He managed to shove almost two treti.- Twenty-six centimeters at the fifth, - he announced Solntse.Timur tears, giving way to her opponent. Tom habitually sat on the bench and sat down on kolbasu.- Sixteen pyatom.Timur to understand that everything will be solved in the next stage. Another was dildos minimum thickness member horse, but in contrast to that, he was a solid, albeit covered smazkoy.- anyone will be challenging - did not know Solntse.Timur asked again, what it means and why I zapnulsya.- will - suddenly announced Tom, and came to the bench immediately pointed to the seventh samotyk.Tot was just great, a centimeter thicker shestogo.- recall that in the case of making a call you have to repeat the achievement of a rival, and in the case of your refusal, an opponent, to win, you need to overcome at least three polosy.Timur not going to give up. And he saw that Devochkin ass was extended to the limit already in the previous obstacle and, therefore, nodded, confirming the continued participation. The room is silent. First, how to challenge, I went to Tom. A moment later, Timur realized that the girl in store in store secret weapon - it was arranged on dildos her vagina! Timur saw Tom, his eyes closed, slowly began to sit down on a giant dildos. First disappeared the white end, and then the first band, the second - a little girl froze, but then again continued to move - and this is the third band also vanished into the vagina - six centimeters on the seventh - solemnly announced Solntse.Zal exulted. Timur went to the bench and helped the girl get down. It was clear that this record it was not easy - her legs were shaking, and rolled across the face of sweat, even arrogance was gone from her litsa.- Thank you, - he said Tom clinging arms about his neck Timur and sliding on it at pol.Timur started by touching this small, but highly developed body. Tom, swaying, stepped aside, and he was happy. At first he thought that this idea is useless. End dildos ran into his anus and did not want to move on. Timur thought then, as his rival, got both feet on the bench, and the most relaxed ring anus, letting the outside of the colon. He felt that the passage began to succumb. Overcoming a dull pain from resulting microscopic tears, he drove himself to the giant. Having overcome the first obstacle, dildos rushed into the depths. Timur Legs tired from the strain he he just sat on this count, plunging it into an almost half the length. It seemed to him that ass up in the seventh arbuz.- Eighteen! - Leading cried - we have a winner on the basis of two semifinals Hall seething!. Timur realized that he is the winner, but then he discovered that alone can not get down from his perch. The sun, catching his confused look, then it all ponyala.- Men, help our winner - she turned to the crowd zalu.Iz popped up a few people, and caught him under the arms and under the legs are bent slowly to pick up. From ass to squelching, I broke dildos. Putting Timur on his feet, retired assistant. Hall continued aplodirovat.- winner, get your priz.Iz darkness made barmaid Lena in her hands was a giant dildo. The toy was just a feast for the eyes - about thirty sentiment in length and a little thicker "doctoral sausage", The phallus was made out of a transparent, flexible material .... Timur took the prize. He felt how the soft and at the same time strong enough to hold the shape. This phallus could submerge even more narrow than himself, opening one at a time just changed the form, and then, having got inside, filling all space - almost like a living. Nearby was still standing rival Timur. She was no longer a self-confident look. Timur, not without satisfaction, said that she was looking at him with enthusiasm and without anger. But it was obvious that she was upset his porazheniem.- Under the terms of the game I have to offer to the winner to go to a club record and try to win our super prize - a free membership in the club for one month, - he announced Solntse.Timur looked back on the bench. Sun points to the most recent dildos in the middle of which was painted red line. Apparently it was the previous record! Timur immediately without hesitation refused - dildos was as thick as his leg. He could not even imagine the size of the pizdischi or asses, which established the rekord.- In this case, declare the contest over. But we have a special order for you, for the participant who has achieved the best result among men - turned leading to Timur. - Special order in the studio, - announced the Sun, as if they were on "Field of Dreams".From The depths of the hall, with much fanfare, in the light of a small rolled throne on which, in the crown, like a fairy-tale princesses, sat his friend out of the shower - Masha. For the car were her throne roditeli.- We have a holiday today - continued sun. - Masha came of age, and to become a full member of the club, must undergo a rite of passage. Masha's parents decided that the cross will be a man who has shown the best result in the immediate competition. Get your prize! - Applied sun, roofing felts to Timur, or to the parents beaming devochki.- In this case, I would like to give the prize for my opponent to contest - and handed Timur dildo stunned Tome - so be honest - concluded on.- It your right! - Summed up the sun - and now, once again dancing. Do not forget that your pair invite no sleduet.Zaigrala music. People reached out to the site and approached them Solntse.- Meet, and can follow to a place of ritual. - Everyone nodded, she udalilas.Timur was left alone with his potential goddaughter, her parents and Toma, who, holding two hands a gift Timur, was still standing ryadom.- You see how everything turned out great, - said the mother, - so that means , fifteen minutes come, the third registered. Do you know where it is - I know - suddenly said, standing next Toma.- Come together - stepped into the conversation dad Masha, - you're my daughter Karina? - He asked Tomu.- Yes, and you dad Dennis, I know you, - Tom said. Timur thought that kid from playing rooms also named Denis Denisom.- too will come. - Bunch udalilas.- need a drink! - I decided to Timur. Tom nodded, and they both went to the bar.
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